[00:00:23] <exiledjedi> All right, welcome to Meeting 17 people.
[00:00:59] <exiledjedi> We will start with the old articles.
[00:01:24] <exiledjedi> People are here, right?
[00:01:54] <WookieeWinterz> aye
[00:02:08] <exiledjedi> Anyone else?
[00:02:08] <Ayrehead02> Indeed
[00:02:30] <exiledjedi>
[00:02:35] <exiledjedi>
[00:02:39] <Cade> Ahoy.
[00:02:55] <WookieeWinterz> that sounds mine lolo
[00:03:15] <Cade> Kill.
[00:03:15] <WookieeWinterz> it is
[00:03:25] <Ayrehead02> Kill
[00:03:35] <exiledjedi> Kill
[00:03:40] <WookieeWinterz> well EJ's worries
[00:03:48] <WookieeWinterz> what do you mean check?
[00:03:58] <Cade> We're not going to sit here while you fix it.
[00:04:18] <WookieeWinterz> shush
[00:04:19] <WookieeWinterz> Kill
[00:04:20] <Cade> You've had two meetings to do so.
[00:04:39] <exiledjedi> Lan Fellov killed.
[00:04:53] <exiledjedi>
[00:05:00] <exiledjedi>
[00:05:14] <Cade> Kill as well.
[00:05:17] <exiledjedi> Kill
[00:05:37] <Ayrehead02> Kill
[00:06:03] <Cade> Preem, Winterz?
[00:06:29] <WookieeWinterz> Kill
[00:06:38] <WookieeWinterz> 3 votes are enough though
[00:06:48] <exiledjedi> Lan Tundi killed.
[00:07:06] <exiledjedi>
[00:07:10] <Cade> Did we skip Keldooine?
[00:07:23] <Cade> Yeah, we should still go over those, EJ :P
[00:07:29] <WookieeWinterz> which?
[00:07:33] <exiledjedi> Keldooine?
[00:07:45] <Cade> The ones in the old articles that have been fixed
[00:07:46] <WookieeWinterz> there are ones missing from the agenda?
[00:07:57] <Cade> Wait.
[00:08:07] <Cade> o_O
[00:08:15] <exiledjedi> Keldooine was fixed.
[00:08:15] <Cade> The fuck am I looking at 16?
[00:08:22] <exiledjedi> Probably
[00:08:25] <Cade> Weird.
[00:08:30] <Cade> Proceed.
[00:08:39] <exiledjedi>
[00:08:44] <exiledjedi>
[00:08:53] <Cade> Kill as well.
[00:09:01] <exiledjedi> Kill
[00:09:09] <CorellianPremier> yep, kill
[00:09:22] <Ayrehead02> Kill
[00:09:49] <exiledjedi> Lesser Galam killed.
[00:10:18] <exiledjedi> All right, now on to the new articles.
[00:10:33] <exiledjedi>
[00:10:46] <dogma> sorry, here now
[00:11:00] <Cade> Flerd.
[00:11:00] <exiledjedi> It needed an update, but I believe it is fixed.
[00:11:08] <IFYLOFD> I am here as an impartial and handsome observer
[00:11:12] <Cade> hah
[00:11:15] <Cade> Keep, EJ
[00:11:19] <exiledjedi> Keep
[00:11:22] <Ayrehead02> Keep
[00:11:26] <dogma> Keep
[00:11:31] <Ayrehead02> Had to add some stuff about ice creams
[00:11:39] <CorellianPremier> keep
[00:11:45] <exiledjedi> Atomically aerated cream kept.
[00:12:06] <exiledjedi>
[00:12:19] <Cade> Bacon
[00:12:22] <WookieeWinterz> nomnomnomnomnom
[00:12:26] <Cade> Good lord that image is disturbing
[00:12:34] <dogma> Is the Bacon AT-AT needed?
[00:12:39] <exiledjedi> There was a bunch of largely irrelevant information with broken referencing, but it has been excised.
[00:12:48] <WookieeWinterz> it seems it has been "saved"
[00:12:55] <exiledjedi> dogma: I would support that.
[00:12:58] <WookieeWinterz> Keep
[00:13:11] <Cade> Yeah, I'm thinking the image is unnecessary
[00:13:11] <dogma> Keep if we kill the AT AT
[00:13:12] <CorellianPremier> Yeah, without all the BTS stuff its superfluous
[00:13:13] <Ayrehead02> Keep
[00:13:16] <exiledjedi> *Getting rid of it.
[00:13:25] <WookieeWinterz> I find the image iconic
[00:13:35] <dogma> Wonder if they ate the AT AT after :P
[00:13:36] <Ayrehead02> RIP bacon ATAT
[00:13:43] <Cade> Removed
[00:13:45] <exiledjedi> Keep
[00:13:48] <Cade> Keep
[00:13:53] <exiledjedi> Bacon kept.
[00:13:56] <dogma> Keep
[00:14:14] <dogma> wait, sec
[00:14:16] <CorellianPremier> Okay, keep
[00:14:21] <dogma> What is that listen to this article thing?
[00:14:34] <WookieeWinterz> ?
[00:14:43] <Cade> They're only on a few articles
[00:14:51] <Cade> It's usually Naru trying to talk in a British accent
[00:14:54] <dogma> What are they for? :/
[00:15:01] <exiledjedi> What, Winterz?
[00:15:23] <WookieeWinterz> nvm, thought dogma was asking for that
[00:15:56] <dogma> ew, lets kill that bacon thing
[00:15:57] <exiledjedi> I'd support removing the spoken article stuff, but that is a discussion for the whole site.
[00:15:59] <dogma> *listen
[00:16:02] <dogma> kk
[00:16:11] <Cade> Okay, let's continue.
[00:16:18] <exiledjedi>
[00:16:23] <exiledjedi> Needs an update.
[00:16:25] <exiledjedi> Probe.
[00:16:34] <Ayrehead02> Probe
[00:16:36] <dogma> Probe-idtyprobe
[00:16:40] <Cade> Probe
[00:16:45] <CorellianPremier> Definitely probe
[00:17:15] <exiledjedi> Balderdash probed.
[00:17:36] <exiledjedi>
[00:17:47] <dogma> Probe too
[00:18:00] <WookieeWinterz> Indeed, probe
[00:18:14] <exiledjedi> Probe
[00:18:26] <WookieeWinterz> Supreme_Emperor, mooooove
[00:18:27] <Cade> Probe.
[00:18:27] <CorellianPremier> probe it
[00:18:30] <exiledjedi> The Facebook post is gone, the BTS needs an update saying that the show was not released, and the food never really appeared on the show, so the appearances section is incorrect. 
[00:18:33] <Ayrehead02> Probe. Not sad at all that that show got canceled
[00:18:34] <dogma> I actually wanted to see detours....
[00:18:46] <exiledjedi> Dex's Double probed.
[00:18:49] <dogma> Detours > Rebels
[00:19:03] <exiledjedi>
[00:19:26] <Ayrehead02> This ones way over now I had to split it after adding about mubasa sauce
[00:19:32] <WookieeWinterz> Kill
[00:19:37] <Ayrehead02> Kill
[00:19:42] <Cade> Leave it
[00:19:44] <WookieeWinterz> ehrm
[00:19:47] <exiledjedi> Well, we can't technically kill it.
[00:19:52] <dogma> wouldn't it be probe?
[00:19:55] <WookieeWinterz> ehehehe
[00:20:03] <Cade> As it's being brought to status, we can and should leave it be.
[00:20:08] <dogma> Also, we could just leave it till it passes GAN
[00:20:11] <exiledjedi> Spare
[00:20:16] <Ayrehead02> Actually leaving it is probably better
[00:20:18] <Cade> That's what's happening to the Battle of Corellia article.
[00:20:24] <Ayrehead02> Spare
[00:20:27] <dogma> Spare
[00:20:29] <Cade> Spare.
[00:20:35] <CorellianPremier> Okay, spare
[00:20:52] <exiledjedi> Mubasa hock spared.
[00:21:13] <exiledjedi>
[00:21:16] <dogma> Heh. Tentacle birds
[00:21:22] <exiledjedi> Cade removed the extrapolation.
[00:21:23] <Cade> I just got that one.
[00:21:25] <Cade> Keep.
[00:21:28] <exiledjedi> Keep
[00:21:38] <exiledjedi> *Spare
[00:21:40] <CorellianPremier> Keep
[00:21:41] <dogma> Keep then
[00:21:45] <WookieeWinterz> Keep
[00:21:48] <WookieeWinterz> Spare yes
[00:21:50] <Ayrehead02> Spare
[00:21:56] <dogma> Same thing :P
[00:22:01] <WookieeWinterz> nein
[00:22:09] <dogma> shush
[00:22:15] <exiledjedi> Pelemaxian spared.
[00:22:26] <exiledjedi>
[00:22:39] <dogma> so many references
[00:22:40] <exiledjedi> Ayrehead removed the coordinates from the body.
[00:22:59] <WookieeWinterz> spare
[00:23:39] <dogma> BtS isn't fully sourced
[00:23:39] <Cade> Spare
[00:23:54] <Cade> One sec.
[00:24:07] <exiledjedi> Okay
[00:24:17] <CorellianPremier> Spare
[00:24:24] <Ayrehead02> Does it actually need referencing at all?
[00:24:29] <WookieeWinterz> nope
[00:24:50] <Cade> I'm clearing out a lot of the referencing
[00:24:51] <CorellianPremier> The BTS or the whole thing?
[00:24:57] <WookieeWinterz> it is pointless because they're from the same source
[00:25:00] <WookieeWinterz> the Bts
[00:25:01] <dogma> BTS
[00:25:09] <CorellianPremier> Nope
[00:25:29] <Ayrehead02> It could all be done as a single reference
[00:25:39] <Cade> I'm in the process of doing so
[00:25:45] <Ayrehead02> coolio
[00:25:50] <WookieeWinterz> the double references I hope, Cade?
[00:26:03] <WookieeWinterz> if the nominator wants to use pages he's free to do so
[00:26:49] <Cade> Cleared.
[00:27:05] <exiledjedi> That seems a little overkill.
[00:27:15] <Cade> That's all that's needed.
[00:27:24] <dogma> So pretty now Cade :P
[00:27:32] <Ayrehead02> Indeed spare
[00:27:36] <dogma> Spare
[00:27:55] <Cade> Spare.
[00:28:05] <exiledjedi> Spare
[00:28:09] <Cade> Almost all of those references were to a pair of pages, plus the credits.
[00:28:12] <WookieeWinterz> hmm
[00:28:48] <Cade> Spared, then
[00:29:00] <dogma> Imagine that kind of sourcing on Revan :P
[00:29:05] <exiledjedi> NO
[00:29:07] <dogma> 1645613132165413 + references
[00:29:14] <exiledjedi> Phalanx Route spared
[00:29:15] <Cade> ^_^
[00:29:36] <exiledjedi>
[00:29:40] <exiledjedi> Update needed.
[00:29:53] <dogma> Anyone know what kind?
[00:29:55] <Cade> I think the source is that Twitter post in the Development
[00:30:08] <WookieeWinterz> that's a CAN?
[00:30:09] <WookieeWinterz> ugh
[00:30:18] <Cade> Looks like there was also a Rebel Commando game that was competing with it
[00:30:19] <CorellianPremier> Development info surfaced from an ex-LA employee
[00:30:46] <Ayrehead02> Is that the third reference?
[00:31:07] <exiledjedi> Probe for the update/redlink.
[00:31:08] <Cade> Probe.
[00:31:09] <CorellianPremier> Is it worth an article, though? Sounds like at the time RebComm was only an idea
[00:31:26] <CorellianPremier> Probe. It's almost done.
[00:31:32] <Ayrehead02> Probe
[00:31:34] <Cade> No article necessary, but expansion.
[00:31:39] <dogma> Probe
[00:31:51] <exiledjedi> SW Imp Com probed.
[00:32:06] <exiledjedi>
[00:32:12] <exiledjedi> Merge/update needed
[00:32:14] <Cade> So, yeah
[00:32:17] <Ayrehead02> Probe
[00:32:23] <Cade> Imp Handbook confirms that they're the same
[00:32:25] <Cade> No probe
[00:32:32] <Cade> I'll just merge it tonight
[00:32:32] <exiledjedi> No probe?
[00:32:50] <Cade> Or... wait.
[00:33:10] <exiledjedi> This thing will have so much changed it will at least need another review.
[00:33:31] <Cade> Actually, probe it, and with the merge, the CA status will transfer to the larger article
[00:33:32] <CorellianPremier> It's been done before, merging a status article.
[00:33:39] <Cade> Which will be then stripped at next meeting.
[00:33:55] <Cade> So yeah, probe
[00:33:55] <WookieeWinterz> but the other one isn't a status article
[00:34:08] <exiledjedi> I call it the unofficial Galactic Solutions Industries clause.
[00:34:12] <Cade> Winterz; It's what we do with merging status articles.
[00:34:23] <Cade> Look at Operation Firestorm and the Battle of Corellia.
[00:35:04] <dogma> Probe then I guess
[00:35:04] <WookieeWinterz> Operation Firestorm was a status article
[00:35:07] <Cade> is a GA, despite having never gone through the process.
[00:35:20] <WookieeWinterz> alrighty
[00:35:24] <WookieeWinterz> probe
[00:35:27] <Cade> We probe this, then strip the status at next meeting when it's been merged and the status transferred.
[00:35:30] <WookieeWinterz> and a note about merging
[00:35:38] <exiledjedi> Probe
[00:35:46] <Supreme|mobile> Probe
[00:35:51] <CorellianPremier> yep, proge
[00:35:54] <CorellianPremier> *probe
[00:36:14] <exiledjedi> Imperial Academy of Yinchorr probed.
[00:36:33] <exiledjedi> Now for meeting duties.
[00:37:23] <exiledjedi> Corellian Premier is on scheduling.
[00:37:36] <exiledjedi> 501st dogma is on paperwork.
[00:37:48] <exiledjedi> Thanks for coming.
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