[00:00:24] <dogma> TIS TIME
[00:00:27] <Supreme_Emperor> Pretty good, you?
[00:00:27] <CorellianPremier> Let's kick it off.
[00:00:31] <Supreme_Emperor> You good to host it?
[00:00:40] <CorellianPremier> Well sure, I scheduled it.
[00:00:46] <Supreme_Emperor> Alright :)
[00:00:46] <CorellianPremier> Fisrt off: Balderdash
[00:00:59] <CorellianPremier>
[00:01:23] <CorellianPremier> Looks like it hasn't been hit yet
[00:01:33] <dogma> Kill it
[00:01:38] <Supreme_Emperor> Kill
[00:01:42] <Supreme_Emperor> EJ also votes kill
[00:01:56] <CorellianPremier> Yep, kill
[00:02:39] <CorellianPremier> Okay, Balderdash killed.
[00:03:10] <CorellianPremier> NExt up, Dex
[00:03:11] <CorellianPremier> s
[00:03:15] <CorellianPremier> Dex's Double
[00:03:17] <CorellianPremier>
[00:03:42] <CorellianPremier> Also not updated yet
[00:03:47] <Supreme_Emperor> Kill
[00:03:52] <Supreme_Emperor> EJ votes kill
[00:04:07] <dogma> pew pew
[00:04:19] <CorellianPremier> Cade, you awake?
[00:04:43] <CorellianPremier> Ex-ter-me-nate
[00:04:58] <Cade> Was fighting something
[00:05:00] <Cade> Kill
[00:05:12] <CorellianPremier> Ha, of course
[00:05:20] <CorellianPremier> Okay, Dex's Double killed
[00:05:31] <dogma> Cade was fighting Dex's Double
[00:05:32] <CorellianPremier> Thirdly,
[00:05:43] <CorellianPremier> This one HAS been fixed
[00:06:12] <Supreme_Emperor> Keep
[00:06:22] <Supreme_Emperor> EJ also votes keep, but notes another sentence could be added to the intro
[00:06:43] <Cade> Keep
[00:06:46] <dogma> keep
[00:06:51] <CorellianPremier> Yep. keep
[00:07:12] <CorellianPremier> ImpComm kept
[00:07:46] <CorellianPremier> Fourthly,     Imperial Academy of Yinchorr.
[00:07:52] <CorellianPremier> Which has already been merged.
[00:08:07] <Supreme_Emperor> Kill it
[00:08:09] <Cade> Kill
[00:08:11] <dogma> auto-kill
[00:08:27] <CorellianPremier> Uh yep, kill.
[00:08:39] <CorellianPremier> Imperial Academy, formally killed.
[00:08:43] <CorellianPremier> And on to the new stuff!
[00:09:05] <CorellianPremier> Blasted Asteroid
[00:09:06] <CorellianPremier>
[00:09:27] <dogma> probe that asteroid
[00:09:55] <Supreme_Emperor> Probe
[00:10:00] <Supreme_Emperor> EJ votes probe
[00:10:05] <CorellianPremier> Yep, probe.
[00:10:18] <CorellianPremier> But wait, the source hasn't hit wide release yet
[00:11:17] <CorellianPremier> I mean, technically. It was put out on a limited basis. Like a Beta test
[00:12:14] <CorellianPremier> would that count?
[00:12:32] <dogma> eh, still probe it
[00:12:41] <Supreme_Emperor> Yeah, probe it
[00:12:52] <Supreme_Emperor> Maybe a copy can be found online
[00:13:06] <dogma> no point waiting for a second release that might not happen
[00:13:13] <CorellianPremier> ...okay. Blasted Asteroid probed.
[00:13:30] <CorellianPremier>
[00:13:43] <CorellianPremier> Says it has been fixed.
[00:14:03] <Supreme_Emperor> Spare
[00:14:08] <Supreme_Emperor> EJ votes spare
[00:14:12] <CorellianPremier> Spare
[00:14:25] <dogma> how is that a pudding ? 0.0
[00:14:29] <dogma> And spare
[00:15:33] <CorellianPremier> Energy pudding spared.
[00:15:53] <CorellianPremier>
[00:16:18] <CorellianPremier> Update needed for one Lon Shevu?
[00:16:47] <Supreme_Emperor> probe
[00:16:49] <CorellianPremier> I'm voting probe.
[00:16:52] <Supreme_Emperor> EJ votes probe
[00:17:06] <dogma> probe
[00:18:27] <CorellianPremier> Okay, Incident Commander to be probed.
[00:18:45] <CorellianPremier> Next up:
[00:19:16] <CorellianPremier> Good luck with that update
[00:19:26] <Supreme_Emperor> Probe
[00:19:40] <CorellianPremier> Yep. Probe.
[00:19:41] <dogma> probe
[00:20:36] <CorellianPremier> Anyone else?
[00:21:15] <CorellianPremier> PTB-625 to be probed
[00:21:23] <Supreme_Emperor> EJ voted probe
[00:21:46] <CorellianPremier>
[00:21:54] <CorellianPremier> Which is apparently found in Star Tours
[00:22:16] <Supreme_Emperor> Probe
[00:22:29] <CorellianPremier> Gonna have to say probe.
[00:22:30] <Supreme_Emperor> EJ votes probe
[00:22:48] <dogma> probe
[00:24:16] <CorellianPremier> Analyst to be probed.
[00:24:39] <CorellianPremier>
[00:24:52] <CorellianPremier> Needs cross-referenced with other biochemicals
[00:25:31] <Supreme_Emperor> Probe it
[00:25:35] <Supreme_Emperor> EJ also votes probe
[00:25:42] <CorellianPremier> Yep, probe
[00:26:00] <dogma> probe
[00:26:13] <Cade> Probe, and dogma, that's dehydrated pudding.
[00:26:34] <dogma> sounds yummy
[00:26:43] <CorellianPremier> Okay, chemical probed
[00:26:59] <CorellianPremier>
[00:27:33] <CorellianPremier> Wait, source has only been out for a week. We can't probe it yet
[00:27:39] <Supreme_Emperor> Spare for now, the source hasn't been out for a month
[00:27:41] <Supreme_Emperor> EJ also votes spare
[00:27:55] <dogma> spare then
[00:28:31] <Cade> Spare
[00:28:53] <CorellianPremier> Okay, pike to be spared.
[00:28:56] <CorellianPremier> And last one:
[00:29:07] <CorellianPremier>
[00:29:27] <Supreme_Emperor> Probe
[00:29:36] <Cade> Probe
[00:29:41] <CorellianPremier> Yep, probe
[00:30:00] <dogma> probe
[00:30:12] <CorellianPremier> Okay, Z to be probed.
[00:30:21] <CorellianPremier> That concludes are reviews; anything else?
[00:30:45] <Supreme_Emperor> Nothing from me
[00:30:59] <dogma> We need to assign paperwork and meeting scheduling
[00:31:10] <CorellianPremier> According to the handy guide, I'm on paperwork...
[00:31:19] <CorellianPremier> Aaand Mr. dogma will be scheduling.
[00:31:31] <CorellianPremier> Which I'll have to get to tomorrow.
[00:31:44] <dogma> cool
[00:31:47] <dogma> night all
[00:31:51] <Supreme_Emperor> Night dogma
[00:31:56] <Supreme_Emperor> Enjoy the wintery storm weather
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