2013-09-22T01:59:55  <exiledjedi> Welcome to EduCorps meeting number two...
2013-09-22T02:00:01  <ecks> `nicks
2013-09-22T02:00:04  <ecks> !nicks
2013-09-22T02:00:04  <delta> away, Cade|Mobile, CC7567, ChanServ, delta, dogma, ecks, exiledjedi, MasterFred, Supreme_Emperor, and Toprawa
2013-09-22T02:00:07  <Cade|Mobile> Just in time.
2013-09-22T02:00:25  <Supreme_Emperor> small turnout
2013-09-22T02:00:45  <exiledjedi> The first thing I would like to do is give a brief overview of the things left from last meeting:
2013-09-22T02:01:16  <exiledjedi> In case anyone missed it, MJ added the EC rules and resposbilities from this CT: to the EC/CAN pages.
2013-09-22T02:01:42  <exiledjedi> But none of the SH threads really went anywhere...
2013-09-22T02:01:55  <Toprawa> In other words, if you're an exclusive EC, you now have a responsibility to review and attend meetings.
2013-09-22T02:02:06  <exiledjedi> And someone still needs to write the Bylaws page.
2013-09-22T02:02:12  <Toprawa> I can put the Bylaws page together
2013-09-22T02:02:15  * ecks continues slacking mode
2013-09-22T02:02:16  <Toprawa> Meant to do that last time but forgot
2013-09-22T02:02:46  <exiledjedi> Next, I was hoping to discuss whether we want to be able to remove CAs that are well over 250 words without having to wait for the next meeting.
2013-09-22T02:02:50  <dogma> I am back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2013-09-22T02:02:55  <ecks> yay
2013-09-22T02:02:59  <dogma> sorry- continue
2013-09-22T02:03:00  <Toprawa> I think this is a good idea.
2013-09-22T02:03:08  <Toprawa> On GAN, for example, we have a max limit of 3,000 words.
2013-09-22T02:03:11  * dogma nods in agreement
2013-09-22T02:03:17  <exiledjedi> Like with
2013-09-22T02:03:17  <Toprawa> Everything above that goes to FAN automatically
2013-09-22T02:03:25  <CC7567> would this be for CAs that are currently over 250?
2013-09-22T02:03:31  <ecks> huh
2013-09-22T02:03:41  <ecks> didn't we remove that
2013-09-22T02:03:44  <Toprawa> Wow.
2013-09-22T02:03:49  <Toprawa> That article is in desperate need of subsectioning
2013-09-22T02:03:50  <ecks> 17. …counting the introduction and "Behind the scenes" material, be at least 250 words long (not including captions, quotes, or headers, etc). Alternatively, a good article cannot exceed 1000 words. Articles that do so should be nominated for Featured status.
2013-09-22T02:03:54  <ecks> (for GAN)
2013-09-22T02:03:59  *** Cade|Batman <Cade|Batman!> has joined #wookieepedia-educorps
2013-09-22T02:04:01  <CC7567> hahaha that is WAY over 250
2013-09-22T02:04:03  *** Cade|Batman is now known as Cade
2013-09-22T02:04:06  <ecks> I think we lowered the upper limit to 1,000 in a CT not too long ago
2013-09-22T02:04:10  <Supreme_Emperor> better cut out some words XD
2013-09-22T02:04:17  <Toprawa> oh, yeah
2013-09-22T02:04:19  <Toprawa> we might have
2013-09-22T02:04:21  <Toprawa> I forget :P
2013-09-22T02:04:25  <Cade> I'm guessing it's Galactic Solution Industries?
2013-09-22T02:04:27  <Supreme_Emperor> think you did
2013-09-22T02:04:30  <Supreme_Emperor> yep
2013-09-22T02:04:32  <ecks> wtf am I looking at, that's like FA-length
2013-09-22T02:04:38  <MasterFred> ^
2013-09-22T02:04:43  * Cade grins impishly
2013-09-22T02:04:45  *** Cade|Mobile <Cade|Mobile!~Cade_Calr@wookieepedia/Cade-Calrayn> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
2013-09-22T02:04:47  <exiledjedi> Anyway, I think that leaving these articles as CAs in between meetings will only slow down our meetings...
2013-09-22T02:04:48  <Toprawa> Cade
2013-09-22T02:04:49  *** Cade|Mob_ <Cade|Mob_!~Cade_Calr@wookieepedia/Cade-Calrayn> has joined #wookieepedia-educorps
2013-09-22T02:04:49  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Cade|Mob_
2013-09-22T02:04:52  <dogma> so many redlinks..............
2013-09-22T02:04:52  <Toprawa> Get your garbage OUT MAH FACE
2013-09-22T02:04:53  <ecks> I remember Holocron
2013-09-22T02:04:58  *** Cade|Mob_ <Cade|Mob_!~Cade_Calr@wookieepedia/Cade-Calrayn> has quit IRC (Client Quit)
2013-09-22T02:05:04  <Cade> It was TOR, not me
2013-09-22T02:05:15  <dogma> Shush, let EJ speak
2013-09-22T02:05:34  <exiledjedi> So, what do people think?
2013-09-22T02:05:40  <Toprawa> Wait
2013-09-22T02:05:43  *** Cade <Cade!> has quit IRC (Changing host)
2013-09-22T02:05:43  *** Cade <Cade!~Cade_Calr@wookieepedia/Cade-Calrayn> has joined #wookieepedia-educorps
2013-09-22T02:05:43  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Cade
2013-09-22T02:05:46  <exiledjedi> What?
2013-09-22T02:05:48  <Cade> ?
2013-09-22T02:05:49  <Toprawa> I have a question.
2013-09-22T02:06:05  <Toprawa> Is this for CAs that originally passed under 250 words but have since expanded to more than 250 words?
2013-09-22T02:06:12  <CC7567> yeah, that was my question as well
2013-09-22T02:06:15  <exiledjedi> Yeah.
2013-09-22T02:06:20  <Toprawa> Ok
2013-09-22T02:06:21  <Toprawa> hmm
2013-09-22T02:06:34  <Cade> CC, you haven't heard my idea, have you?
2013-09-22T02:06:39  <CC7567> no
2013-09-22T02:06:41  <CC7567> what is it?
2013-09-22T02:06:42  <Cade> Tope might have.
2013-09-22T02:06:57  <Toprawa> I did, and I didn't get a chance to respond to you
2013-09-22T02:06:59  <Toprawa> I was working
2013-09-22T02:07:00  <Cade> Oh, wait, it's not for CA's, but for CANs.
2013-09-22T02:07:00  <MasterFred> And this is asking that they go straight to the GAN if they pass 250 words after becoming a CAN?
2013-09-22T02:07:07  <Cade> Ignore me for the moment.
2013-09-22T02:07:14  <exiledjedi> We can't really make them all GAs since they likely need a good review.
2013-09-22T02:07:34  <MasterFred> I'm confused.
2013-09-22T02:07:35  <Cade> I'd say do the same thing we're doing for the 1,000+word GAs.
2013-09-22T02:07:41  <Toprawa> Ok, let's stay on topic here
2013-09-22T02:07:41  <dogma> we should notify the original nominator if we kick them out
2013-09-22T02:07:43  <Toprawa> One thing at a time.
2013-09-22T02:07:44  <CC7567> we're currently talking about CAs, right? not CANs?
2013-09-22T02:07:48  <CC7567> YO PEOPLE
2013-09-22T02:07:51  <CC7567> NUFF WITH THE CANS
2013-09-22T02:07:51  <dogma> yes
2013-09-22T02:07:53  <Toprawa> Firs topic is about CA.
2013-09-22T02:07:56  <Toprawa> CAs*
2013-09-22T02:07:58  <exiledjedi> We are talking about CAs, not CANs
2013-09-22T02:07:58  <Cade> Yes. Ignore what I was talking about, listen to EJ.
2013-09-22T02:08:05  * exiledjedi pounds gavel.
2013-09-22T02:08:18  <Cade> That was my hand!
2013-09-22T02:08:19  * dogma pounds Cade with the gavel
2013-09-22T02:08:22  <Toprawa> I don't think we have a word limit for existing GAs.
2013-09-22T02:08:30  <Supreme_Emperor> could always drop a message on the nominators talk page, assuming there still here saying it's over and such and that they should take it to GAN
2013-09-22T02:08:32  <Toprawa> Or maybe we do, nevermind
2013-09-22T02:08:35  <CC7567> no, there isn't
2013-09-22T02:08:37  <exiledjedi> What do we want to do about the CAs over 250 words?
2013-09-22T02:08:40  <Toprawa> "Alternatively, a good article cannot exceed 1000 words. Articles that do so should be nominated for Featured status. "
2013-09-22T02:08:47  <Toprawa> I think that's intended for GANs, though ^
2013-09-22T02:08:49  <CC7567> yeah
2013-09-22T02:08:52  <CC7567> we don't remove GAs over 1,000
2013-09-22T02:08:55  <Toprawa> Right
2013-09-22T02:08:58  <CC7567> we just encourage people to take them to the FAN page
2013-09-22T02:09:01  <Toprawa> I don't mind if we don't remove CAs, then
2013-09-22T02:09:06  <Toprawa> We can encourage users, as CC says
2013-09-22T02:09:07  <Cade>
2013-09-22T02:09:09  <CC7567> ^
2013-09-22T02:09:12  <dogma> I say we give the nominator a message, and kick it to hell
2013-09-22T02:09:17  <Cade> It's like that SH.
2013-09-22T02:09:19  <MasterFred> Ah, I am no longer confused. :D
2013-09-22T02:09:21  <MasterFred> I agree with CC
2013-09-22T02:09:34  <Cade> We're not stripping status from the large GAs, we're just asking the writers to FAN them.
2013-09-22T02:10:02  <Cade> However, I'm not sure when I'll be able to get GSI to the FAN page :P
2013-09-22T02:10:08  <CC7567> I'd say that the rule is fine as it is right now
2013-09-22T02:10:09  <exiledjedi> In'ts there a point where an article becomes too big though?
2013-09-22T02:10:15  <dogma> What about that TOR nom? we can't just leave it....
2013-09-22T02:10:16  <exiledjedi> *Isn't
2013-09-22T02:10:35  <MasterFred> Well, that one would be removed simply due to lack of quality. :P
2013-09-22T02:10:39  <Cade> >_<
2013-09-22T02:10:43  <dogma> true
2013-09-22T02:10:48  <MasterFred> After going through a redux or whatever. :P
2013-09-22T02:10:49  * Cade pounds Fred and dogma with the gavel
2013-09-22T02:11:01  <Toprawa> EJ, did you have a suggested word limit in mind?
2013-09-22T02:11:02  <MasterFred> So
2013-09-22T02:11:07  <MasterFred> ^
2013-09-22T02:11:25  <exiledjedi> I was thinking of about three hundred...
2013-09-22T02:11:32  <Cade> That sounds good
2013-09-22T02:11:39  * dogma agrees
2013-09-22T02:11:43  <exiledjedi> Those we could just kick out....
2013-09-22T02:11:45  <MasterFred> So, what happens when they pass 300?
2013-09-22T02:11:50  <MasterFred> oh
2013-09-22T02:11:53  <Toprawa> I just think it's impractical, since you can't force someone to nominate something.
2013-09-22T02:11:55  <dogma> WE KILL THEM
2013-09-22T02:11:57  <Toprawa> What if they don't want to nominate it?
2013-09-22T02:11:57  <MasterFred> As in remove status?
2013-09-22T02:11:59  <Supreme_Emperor> drop a message on the nominators talk page
2013-09-22T02:12:01  <Cade> However, all of those will require intros
2013-09-22T02:12:13  <Toprawa> You're going to put something on the GAN page without a nominator to monitor it?
2013-09-22T02:12:16  <Supreme_Emperor> if they do nothing, it loses status, assuming nobody else "adopts" it
2013-09-22T02:12:32  <dogma> we should give the nominator a month (or less) to nom it
2013-09-22T02:12:33  <exiledjedi> I never suggested to put anything on the GAN page....
2013-09-22T02:12:37  <Toprawa> That doesn't make sense to me.
2013-09-22T02:12:39  <MasterFred> Actually, I find this ok with CAs.
2013-09-22T02:12:47  <Toprawa> Because then you're cross-pollinating the GAN and CAN pages.
2013-09-22T02:12:47  <MasterFred> CAs dont' require intros.
2013-09-22T02:13:03  <Cade> Frd: if they're over 200, they do
2013-09-22T02:13:07  <exiledjedi> Technically no article over 250 words can be a CA....
2013-09-22T02:13:12  <MasterFred> Cade pls
2013-09-22T02:13:18  <MasterFred> I'm fixing to explain something. :P
2013-09-22T02:13:33  <exiledjedi> Go ahead Fred.
2013-09-22T02:13:47  <exiledjedi> What do you want to explain?
2013-09-22T02:13:53  <MasterFred> We can drop a message on the nominators talk page. If they don't want to nominate it and no one adopts it, if it has no intro, can it not be considered low quality?
2013-09-22T02:14:04  <Cade> ^^
2013-09-22T02:14:04  <MasterFred> If it is over 200, by policy, it requires an intro.
2013-09-22T02:14:15  <MasterFred> So those could be removed, correct?
2013-09-22T02:14:20  <dogma> What if it is over 250 with an intro?
2013-09-22T02:14:31  <MasterFred> Then I would say keep CA status.
2013-09-22T02:14:38  <MasterFred> Unless someone GANs it.
2013-09-22T02:14:44  <exiledjedi> This isn't about article over 200 words without an intro, it's about article over 250 that are CAs.
2013-09-22T02:14:46  <Toprawa> We don't kill existing GAs that go over 1,000 words just because no one wants to take them to FAN; I think it's impractical to kill CAs for the same reason.
2013-09-22T02:14:56  <CC7567> per Tope
2013-09-22T02:15:15  <MasterFred> EJ: Yes, I'm talking about a CAN that has no intro that grows to over 250.
2013-09-22T02:15:19  <MasterFred> *CA
2013-09-22T02:15:27  <Cade> Yeah, I'd have to agree. Though there are extremes, like GSI, that can be killed.
2013-09-22T02:15:40  <exiledjedi> Ok, that's fine with me.
2013-09-22T02:15:54  <exiledjedi> Any other comment?
2013-09-22T02:15:59  <MasterFred> But if it has an intro, then it meets site standards and should stay a CA unless someone GANs it.
2013-09-22T02:16:01  <CC7567> so just to clarify, what's the decision?
2013-09-22T02:16:01  <MasterFred> Just my opinion.
2013-09-22T02:16:07  <CC7567> or what are we voting on?
2013-09-22T02:16:10  <CC7567> I'm getting a bit lost
2013-09-22T02:16:26  <MasterFred> Should I explain everything I just said, EJ?
2013-09-22T02:16:30  <Toprawa> Well, the general consensus, correct me if I'm wrong, is to not start doing this.
2013-09-22T02:16:33  <Toprawa> We could hold a formal vote, I guess
2013-09-22T02:16:37  <exiledjedi> Yeah...
2013-09-22T02:16:46  <MasterFred> In general, per Tope.
2013-09-22T02:17:00  <Cade> So, the 250+ CA's will remain CA's.
2013-09-22T02:17:09  <Toprawa> Right, though they will require an intro.
2013-09-22T02:17:12  <Cade> Unless they violate the Layout Guide by not having an intro.
2013-09-22T02:17:18  <Toprawa> Correct
2013-09-22T02:17:21  <exiledjedi> The general consensus is to leave 250+ articles CAs except for those way over, like GSI.
2013-09-22T02:17:33  <MasterFred> I was saying that if a CA that started under 200 and didn't have an intro went above 250, and the nominator didn't want to GAN it, it would be put up for removal.
2013-09-22T02:17:34  <Toprawa> Well, we need to address that, then, EJ
2013-09-22T02:17:34  <Cade> :P
2013-09-22T02:17:34  <MasterFred> For a vote.
2013-09-22T02:17:43  <Toprawa> We need to define "except for those way over"
2013-09-22T02:17:52  <dogma> 300 plus?
2013-09-22T02:17:56  <Cade> 500+
2013-09-22T02:17:59  <Supreme_Emperor> 500
2013-09-22T02:18:00  <Toprawa> Personally, I don't favor any limit.
2013-09-22T02:18:01  <dogma> 400
2013-09-22T02:18:06  <Cade> Hmm.
2013-09-22T02:18:08  <Toprawa> I don't believe we should kill existing CAs.
2013-09-22T02:18:08  <exiledjedi> I remember putting Gavar Khai on the AC page as over 3000 words
2013-09-22T02:18:09  <Supreme_Emperor> 327.5
2013-09-22T02:18:16  <dogma> per SE
2013-09-22T02:18:17  <exiledjedi> I think his status was removed...
2013-09-22T02:18:23  <Cade> Tope: what about FA-length CA's, like GSI?
2013-09-22T02:18:28  <MasterFred> Hmmm
2013-09-22T02:18:37  <Toprawa> I don't think it matters.
2013-09-22T02:18:44  <Toprawa> It's not a fault in the article, per se
2013-09-22T02:18:46  <MasterFred> I agree with Tope on that.
2013-09-22T02:18:50  <Supreme_Emperor> seems like this might be something better done case by case
2013-09-22T02:18:51  <exiledjedi>
2013-09-22T02:19:04  <exiledjedi> This is what I was thinking of.
2013-09-22T02:19:06  <MasterFred> I don't like case-by-case policies. :P
2013-09-22T02:19:24  <Cade> Well, one other issue is how much the article has changed since the CAN process.
2013-09-22T02:19:42  <Cade> I don't believe any of the original text remains. Maybe a couple of sentences.
2013-09-22T02:19:51  <Toprawa> I'm struggling to remember this Gavar Khai thing, though it's concerning me
2013-09-22T02:19:54  <MasterFred> What is the disadvantage to doing it the same as the GAs?
2013-09-22T02:20:00  <Toprawa> because I don't remember when we changed the limit from 3,000 to 1,000 words
2013-09-22T02:20:08  <Toprawa> and I don't remember it applying to existing GAs, but maybe I'mw rong
2013-09-22T02:20:16  <dogma> WE can kill GSI because of the redlinks
2013-09-22T02:20:21  <exiledjedi> It was over 3,000 I believe...
2013-09-22T02:20:24  <Cade> So, basically the entire article never went through the nomination process. And per dogma.
2013-09-22T02:20:43  <Toprawa> but yeah, Cade, you have a point
2013-09-22T02:20:48  <MasterFred> yeah
2013-09-22T02:20:49  <Toprawa> another issue is the change in the content
2013-09-22T02:20:49  <MasterFred> Hmmm
2013-09-22T02:20:53  <Toprawa> which falls into Redux territory
2013-09-22T02:20:58  <Toprawa> I don't know if CAN has a Redux page, though
2013-09-22T02:21:04  <exiledjedi> It doesn't.
2013-09-22T02:21:07  <Cade> I'd say articles that received //expansions// that pushed them over the limit, they can stay
2013-09-22T02:21:31  <exiledjedi> Isn't that every CA that went over 250?
2013-09-22T02:21:58  <Cade> Sorry. When I mean expansion, I mean that the text largely remains the same other than the additions.
2013-09-22T02:22:07  <MasterFred> Could we do something like "If the __% different in bytes from the original CA, it should be sent to the redux:?
2013-09-22T02:22:07  <exiledjedi> Ok, just checking.
2013-09-22T02:22:24  <Cade> I'm with Tope on not adding a numeric limit.
2013-09-22T02:22:28  <exiledjedi> I don't know if we want to go there....
2013-09-22T02:22:45  <CC7567> Fred: that's a bit complicated
2013-09-22T02:22:49  <Cade> Plus, formatting and references can vary the byte size enormously.
2013-09-22T02:22:53  <dogma> We should vote soon - this issue is taking too long
2013-09-22T02:22:58  <MasterFred> Hmmm
2013-09-22T02:23:02  <Cade> My SWTOR workbench is about 1/3-4 referneces and formatting.
2013-09-22T02:23:05  <MasterFred> It is a little complicated.
2013-09-22T02:23:06  <Toprawa> We have like three or four competing, intermingling issues here :P
2013-09-22T02:23:14  <Toprawa> This is very cimplicated
2013-09-22T02:23:17  <Toprawa> o*
2013-09-22T02:23:38  <Toprawa> Ok, despite the example of Gavar Khai, the AC doesn't kill existing GAs
2013-09-22T02:23:47  <exiledjedi> A lot of the CANs with issues were over the limit, which I assumed meant that it couldn't be a CA anymore...
2013-09-22T02:23:49  <Toprawa> I don't remember what that was all about, but that was some kind of special exception
2013-09-22T02:24:03  <Toprawa> I think it involved page moving or something
2013-09-22T02:24:06  <dogma> How about we create a Sh like the GA over 1000 words, just for CAs over 250?
2013-09-22T02:24:19  <Supreme_Emperor> we could always keep them CA's, but let the nominator know it's over
2013-09-22T02:24:21  <Supreme_Emperor> per dogma
2013-09-22T02:24:31  <dogma> We can reserve the right to kill crappy articles, like GSI
2013-09-22T02:24:34  <MasterFred> SH often don't go anywhere.
2013-09-22T02:24:45  <CC7567> an SH wouldn't hurt, though
2013-09-22T02:24:49  <CC7567> as long as someone's willing to compile it
2013-09-22T02:24:49  <exiledjedi> If we can't remove a CA over the limit, then most of the articles we are going to review we can skip.
2013-09-22T02:24:49  <MasterFred> I'd say keep them and inform the nominator.
2013-09-22T02:24:49  <Cade> I think that as a general rule, we don't kill them. But we allow for extreme exceptions like GSI and the AC's Gavar Khai.
2013-09-22T02:25:14  <dogma> what about the ones over 250 without an intro?
2013-09-22T02:25:15  <Toprawa> Ok, we need to divide this into votes.
2013-09-22T02:25:16  <Cade> Is anyone against that?
2013-09-22T02:25:19  <Toprawa> One thing at a time.
2013-09-22T02:25:22  <dogma> To kill, or not to kill?
2013-09-22T02:25:27  <Toprawa> Everyone be quiet for a second.
2013-09-22T02:25:32  <Supreme_Emperor> article such as those could be brought up on a redux page, or at EC meetings for further discussion
2013-09-22T02:25:54  <Toprawa> The first issue is whether we want to kill existing CAs that exceed a certain word limit. If the vote is positive, we will determine a specific limit.
2013-09-22T02:25:59  <Toprawa> Vote Yes or No
2013-09-22T02:26:01  <Cade> No.
2013-09-22T02:26:04  <Supreme_Emperor> no
2013-09-22T02:26:07  <away> no
2013-09-22T02:26:08  <dogma> no
2013-09-22T02:26:09  <MasterFred> no
2013-09-22T02:26:10  <Toprawa> No
2013-09-22T02:26:12  <ecks> n
2013-09-22T02:26:13  <ecks> o
2013-09-22T02:26:13  <CC7567> no
2013-09-22T02:26:14  <exiledjedi> no
2013-09-22T02:26:31  <Toprawa> Ok, we will not vote for a limit, then
2013-09-22T02:26:56  <Toprawa> The next issue is articles that receive significant expansion and thus no longer reflect the state of the article upon original status passing.
2013-09-22T02:27:06  <Toprawa> For FAs and GAs, we created Redux pages for this purpose.
2013-09-22T02:27:12  <Toprawa> To basically re-review the new content.
2013-09-22T02:27:18  <Toprawa> Do we want to create a CAN Redux page?
2013-09-22T02:27:24  <Cade> One question first.
2013-09-22T02:27:27  <Toprawa> Go ahead.
2013-09-22T02:27:57  <Cade> On the AC Redux page, if articles have gone over 1,000, are they directed to the FAN page, or reduxed regardless?
2013-09-22T02:27:57  <dogma> i have one too
2013-09-22T02:28:21  <MasterFred> Reduxed if no one wants to FAN it.
2013-09-22T02:28:26  <Toprawa> Um, I don't even know. I would imagine they are not immediately sent to FAN.
2013-09-22T02:28:34  <Toprawa> Since they are existing GAs already.
2013-09-22T02:28:36  <CC7567> in my memory, we don't even probe a GA for simply being over 1,000 words
2013-09-22T02:28:43  <MasterFred> ^
2013-09-22T02:28:45  <CC7567> length is not grounds for probing
2013-09-22T02:28:51  <Toprawa> Go ahead, dogma.
2013-09-22T02:29:05  <Cade> No, I mean if an article that's being probed for other reasons is over 1,000.
2013-09-22T02:29:15  <CC7567> Cade: no, it still doesn't get removed
2013-09-22T02:29:19  <Cade> Alright.
2013-09-22T02:29:35  <dogma> Isn't this a redux: ?
2013-09-22T02:29:41  <dogma> blarg
2013-09-22T02:29:54  <Cade> Winterz wasn't paying attention to the EC meeting when he added that.
2013-09-22T02:30:00  <Cade> Blame the Portuguese.
2013-09-22T02:30:00  <exiledjedi> Oh yeah, I forgot about the review page.
2013-09-22T02:30:05  <dogma> the article review for the whole CA thing is what I meant
2013-09-22T02:30:14  <Cade> Ah.
2013-09-22T02:30:30  <exiledjedi> I was using it to store the CAs we were going to look over.
2013-09-22T02:31:18  <CC7567> okay, moving on I guess?
2013-09-22T02:31:22  <MasterFred> It could be turned into a redux.
2013-09-22T02:31:25  <Toprawa> Wait.
2013-09-22T02:31:27  <dogma> we could use it for reduxs, escpecially if we are going to kill articles at these meetings
2013-09-22T02:31:30  <CC7567> I mean, moving on past the questions
2013-09-22T02:31:36  <Toprawa> IIRC, we agreed last meeting to do away with the review page, since we're not handling all of this at meetings.
2013-09-22T02:31:43  <Toprawa> But that review page can become the Redux page
2013-09-22T02:31:51  <Toprawa> we're now handling*
2013-09-22T02:31:56  <MasterFred> Per Tope
2013-09-22T02:32:04  <Cade> I'd prefer the Inq/AC way of reduxing
2013-09-22T02:32:12  <Cade> Though....
2013-09-22T02:32:13  <dogma> per Fred, who pered Tope
2013-09-22T02:32:14  <Toprawa> Well, the page would need to be overhauled
2013-09-22T02:32:17  <Cade> Hm.
2013-09-22T02:32:21  <Toprawa> it can be exactly like the other Redux pages
2013-09-22T02:32:26  <MasterFred> Yes.
2013-09-22T02:32:28  <exiledjedi> Sounds good
2013-09-22T02:32:35  <MasterFred> Our process works, so just make this the same.
2013-09-22T02:32:41  <Toprawa> Right
2013-09-22T02:32:45  <Toprawa> Ok, let's vote on doing all of this.
2013-09-22T02:32:54  <Cade> Wait, link to the GA redux
2013-09-22T02:33:13  <Cade> Nvm.
2013-09-22T02:33:13  <CC7567>
2013-09-22T02:33:22  <CC7567> never mind, that link doesn't exist
2013-09-22T02:33:25  <Cade> Wait.
2013-09-22T02:33:27  <ecks> :P
2013-09-22T02:33:30  <Toprawa>
2013-09-22T02:33:39  <Cade> Reduxed FANs go the FAN page, no?
2013-09-22T02:33:46  <CC7567> yes
2013-09-22T02:33:46  <Cade> What about Redux GAs?
2013-09-22T02:33:46  <Toprawa> They do
2013-09-22T02:33:50  <Toprawa> They do not
2013-09-22T02:33:52  <CC7567> redux GAs go to that page
2013-09-22T02:33:54  <Toprawa> Because the FA Redux page got out of hand
2013-09-22T02:33:57  <Toprawa> because no one did anything
2013-09-22T02:34:02  <Toprawa> the AC keeps on top of things :P
2013-09-22T02:34:06  <Cade> So we have two different systems.
2013-09-22T02:34:08  <MasterFred> ^
2013-09-22T02:34:08  <ecks> we're cool like that
2013-09-22T02:34:15  <Cade> I'd prefer the AC version.
2013-09-22T02:34:23  <Toprawa> per Cade
2013-09-22T02:34:25  <MasterFred> aka the not lazy version
2013-09-22T02:34:28  <exiledjedi> The AC version sounds better in this case.
2013-09-22T02:34:28  <Cade> The CAN page is structured more for the AC version.
2013-09-22T02:34:31  * Cade decks Fred
2013-09-22T02:34:32  <Toprawa> the current FA system was a failure of work output
2013-09-22T02:34:35  <Toprawa> is a*
2013-09-22T02:34:58  <Toprawa> Ok, first vote on a Redux page, then we can vote for which system we want.
2013-09-22T02:35:02  <Toprawa> Yes or No for Redux page
2013-09-22T02:35:05  <Cade> Yes.
2013-09-22T02:35:06  <MasterFred> yes
2013-09-22T02:35:06  <exiledjedi> Yes
2013-09-22T02:35:07  <CC7567> yes
2013-09-22T02:35:08  <Toprawa> Yes
2013-09-22T02:35:14  <dogma> YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
2013-09-22T02:35:19  <ecks> ^ hot
2013-09-22T02:35:20  <ecks> yes
2013-09-22T02:35:41  <Toprawa> Ok, do we want FAN system (Reduxed articles go on the FAN page) or the CAN system (separate Redux page)
2013-09-22T02:35:48  <MasterFred> GAN
2013-09-22T02:35:50  <Cade> GAN.
2013-09-22T02:35:51  <exiledjedi> GAN
2013-09-22T02:35:55  <ecks> GAN
2013-09-22T02:35:57  <Toprawa> GAN
2013-09-22T02:36:03  <Supreme_Emperor> my vote doesnt count, bu GAN :P
2013-09-22T02:36:08  <CC7567> GAN
2013-09-22T02:36:18  <dogma> GAN
2013-09-22T02:36:19  * MasterFred notices that GAN wasn't even an option, technically. :P
2013-09-22T02:36:24  <Supreme_Emperor> XD
2013-09-22T02:36:29  *** Cade is now known as Cade|pizzqa
2013-09-22T02:36:30  <dogma> :P
2013-09-22T02:36:33  <exiledjedi> Is that all for this topic?
2013-09-22T02:36:34  *** Cade|pizzqa is now known as Cade|pizza
2013-09-22T02:36:37  <ecks> omnom Pizzqa
2013-09-22T02:36:37  <Toprawa> One more
2013-09-22T02:36:38  <dogma> lol
2013-09-22T02:36:53  <dogma> I want some pizzqa
2013-09-22T02:37:05  <Toprawa> I don't remember if we did this for GAN, but for FAN we established a number for when something is Reduxed
2013-09-22T02:37:15  <Toprawa> for example, if something receives 10,000 KB of new text
2013-09-22T02:37:18  <Toprawa> or whatever the number is
2013-09-22T02:37:20  <Toprawa> I forget
2013-09-22T02:37:24  <CC7567> lemme check
2013-09-22T02:37:32  <MasterFred> That's what I was getting at earlier.
2013-09-22T02:37:39  <MasterFred> I used a percentage, but a straight number would work.
2013-09-22T02:37:47  <CC7567> FAN Redux is "additions nearing or exceeding 10,000 bytes in size"
2013-09-22T02:37:53  <Toprawa> there it is
2013-09-22T02:38:05  <MasterFred> Especially since all CAs are about the same size anyway, a straight number makes more sense.
2013-09-22T02:38:10  <Toprawa> We could probably just do a word limit for CANs
2013-09-22T02:38:13  <Toprawa> since they're smaller
2013-09-22T02:38:19  <dogma> per Tope
2013-09-22T02:38:32  <Supreme_Emperor> ^
2013-09-22T02:38:34  <Toprawa> I don't know, ideas?
2013-09-22T02:38:38  <MasterFred> Bytes would be easier to measure, though.
2013-09-22T02:38:46  <MasterFred> All you have to do is check the history.
2013-09-22T02:38:49  <CC7567> easier but not necessarily effective
2013-09-22T02:38:58  <CC7567> it's simpler to do word count for articles this small
2013-09-22T02:39:08  <dogma> 100 words? 50 ?
2013-09-22T02:39:09  <ecks> 42 words
2013-09-22T02:39:11  <MasterFred> yeah, because a ref would be big change to a CA.
2013-09-22T02:39:15  <dogma> per ecks
2013-09-22T02:39:21  <Supreme_Emperor> 327.58
2013-09-22T02:39:30  <Cade|pizza> Focus.
2013-09-22T02:39:31  <ecks> 314.15926535
2013-09-22T02:39:33  *** Cade|pizza is now known as Cade
2013-09-22T02:39:37  <Toprawa> I'm going to start kicking people.
2013-09-22T02:39:37  <dogma> SE, that's like doubling the Ca's size
2013-09-22T02:39:40  <ecks> aw
2013-09-22T02:39:56  <MasterFred> Need more focus. Serious numbers.
2013-09-22T02:39:57  <ecks> 50 I guess?
2013-09-22T02:40:06  <Cade> I'm thinking more like 150
2013-09-22T02:40:12  <Toprawa> If it's 50, we might have a LOT of things to Redux.
2013-09-22T02:40:12  <ecks> 100!
2013-09-22T02:40:13  <MasterFred> anything from 50-100 works for me.
2013-09-22T02:40:16  <ecks> yeah
2013-09-22T02:40:20  <ecks> let's go for 100
2013-09-22T02:40:20  <dogma> 121.37
2013-09-22T02:40:24  <Toprawa> I was thinking more if it passes, say, 600 words, rather than a hard expansion number.
2013-09-22T02:40:27  <Supreme_Emperor> 100 sounds reasonable
2013-09-22T02:40:34  <exiledjedi> 100 sounds fine.
2013-09-22T02:40:36  <dogma> 100
2013-09-22T02:40:49  <Cade> Tope: but the max CAN word limit is 250.
2013-09-22T02:40:57  <Cade> I'm still thinking that's low....
2013-09-22T02:41:15  <Toprawa> What would you do, Cade?
2013-09-22T02:41:20  <Cade> 150.
2013-09-22T02:41:27  <MasterFred> So, Tope, if they pass 600 words total, you would redux it?
2013-09-22T02:41:35  <MasterFred> Or if 600 are added
2013-09-22T02:41:41  <Toprawa> If it passes 600 words.
2013-09-22T02:41:47  <MasterFred> k
2013-09-22T02:41:50  <Toprawa> I take that by doubling 250 and adding 100
2013-09-22T02:41:50  <Cade> Hmm.
2013-09-22T02:41:50  <MasterFred> Thanks.
2013-09-22T02:41:54  <Toprawa> I don't know, maybe that's too much?
2013-09-22T02:42:01  <MasterFred> I think it's a little high.
2013-09-22T02:42:05  <exiledjedi> That seems like too much to me.
2013-09-22T02:42:06  <ecks> agreed with Frd
2013-09-22T02:42:09  <dogma> 150 is too much
2013-09-22T02:42:15  <Cade> 600's high.
2013-09-22T02:42:21  <dogma> we could have CAs with 400 words...
2013-09-22T02:42:25  <ecks> the CAN is a quick process mostly
2013-09-22T02:42:31  <Cade> Oh, wait a second.
2013-09-22T02:42:32  <ecks> I don't think 100 word additions are too common
2013-09-22T02:42:34  <MasterFred> dogma: That's not that big a deal.
2013-09-22T02:42:35  <ecks> and if they are
2013-09-22T02:42:37  <Cade> Is this for //additions//
2013-09-22T02:42:39  <exiledjedi> How about 400 words total?
2013-09-22T02:42:39  <Cade> ?
2013-09-22T02:42:40  <ecks> they will pass quickly
2013-09-22T02:42:41  <Supreme_Emperor> how about over 500?  leaves room for improvement while not flooding the EC's with articles to redux
2013-09-22T02:42:51  <Toprawa> Cade> I was suggesting a number, but everyone seems to want an expansion
2013-09-22T02:43:00  <Toprawa> a total word count, that is
2013-09-22T02:43:03  <Toprawa> everyone wants an expansion number
2013-09-22T02:43:14  <Cade> So, when you guys say 100, you mean the article gains 100 words.
2013-09-22T02:43:16  <Supreme_Emperor> 500 total*
2013-09-22T02:43:17  <Cade> Ohhhh.
2013-09-22T02:43:19  <Toprawa> Yes.
2013-09-22T02:43:21  <dogma> yes
2013-09-22T02:43:34  <Toprawa> Is everyone in favor of an expansion number over a total word count?
2013-09-22T02:43:34  <ecks> But considering the domain for CAs is really small (usually [100,250]), I'd be ok with something like 400 words total too
2013-09-22T02:43:35  <Cade> I was thinking more if the article changed sufficiently like 150 words
2013-09-22T02:43:41  <Cade> Ignore me. I was confused.
2013-09-22T02:43:55  <MasterFred> I prefer an expansion number, Tope.
2013-09-22T02:44:07  <exiledjedi> Total word count.
2013-09-22T02:44:16  <Cade> ^ because you get a wide variation in original word count
2013-09-22T02:44:19  <CC7567> I'm for a total count
2013-09-22T02:44:27  <ecks> 300 total would mean it would have to be at least 50 words expanded
2013-09-22T02:44:32  <Cade> Compare:
2013-09-22T02:44:33  <ecks> 50-200 in most cases
2013-09-22T02:44:35  <dogma> I'm not
2013-09-22T02:44:37  <MasterFred> But the ECs have to check both word counts, so they may prefer to just do a total count.
2013-09-22T02:44:39  <Cade>
2013-09-22T02:44:52  <Toprawa> Ok, everyone say E or T. E = expansion, T= total word count. We'll take the most preferred.
2013-09-22T02:44:59  <Cade> E
2013-09-22T02:45:01  <dogma> E
2013-09-22T02:45:03  <exiledjedi> T
2013-09-22T02:45:08  <CC7567> T
2013-09-22T02:45:18  <ecks> ugh
2013-09-22T02:45:22  <ecks> E
2013-09-22T02:45:26  <MasterFred> E
2013-09-22T02:45:48  <Toprawa> I prefer T, but it doesn't matter.
2013-09-22T02:45:50  <Toprawa> E wins.
2013-09-22T02:45:54  <Toprawa> Now we need a number.
2013-09-22T02:46:09  <dogma> 100
2013-09-22T02:46:10  <Cade> 150.
2013-09-22T02:46:12  <ecks> 100
2013-09-22T02:46:14  <Supreme_Emperor> 100
2013-09-22T02:46:14  <exiledjedi> 100
2013-09-22T02:46:15  <MasterFred> I like 150. 400-word CAs don't seem too bad to me.
2013-09-22T02:46:19  <Cade> ^
2013-09-22T02:46:33  <Toprawa> 100 wins.
2013-09-22T02:46:39  <MasterFred> pft :P
2013-09-22T02:46:42  <Cade> ^
2013-09-22T02:46:49  <Toprawa> So any existing CA that experiences a 100-word expansion goes to Redux.
2013-09-22T02:46:57  <ecks> 100 is at least a 40% increase
2013-09-22T02:47:07  <CC7567> what's next on the agenda?
2013-09-22T02:47:08  <MasterFred> true
2013-09-22T02:47:12  <Toprawa> EJ?
2013-09-22T02:47:27  <exiledjedi> All right, for future meetings. How are we to go about scheduling them?
2013-09-22T02:47:36  <exiledjedi> We need to work out a system.
2013-09-22T02:47:41  <Cade> Hmm.
2013-09-22T02:47:44  <ecks> Cade does everything.
2013-09-22T02:47:47  <ecks> Motion carried
2013-09-22T02:47:48  <Cade> >_)<
2013-09-22T02:47:51  <Supreme_Emperor> ^^
2013-09-22T02:47:53  <Toprawa> I think we should do a bi-weekly schedule until the number of problem articles decreases.
2013-09-22T02:47:55  <exiledjedi> I assume this is an EC-only system.
2013-09-22T02:47:58  <Toprawa> Then we can spread them out more
2013-09-22T02:47:59  <dogma> Per ecks
2013-09-22T02:48:11  <Cade> Questions.
2013-09-22T02:48:16  <Toprawa> We haven't even begun looking at articles yet
2013-09-22T02:48:29  <Cade> a) didn't we settle on monthly until the problems are gone and then every three months
2013-09-22T02:48:41  <Cade> b) do we want to tackle the membership problem first
2013-09-22T02:48:48  <Toprawa> Maybe, but I still think we should do biweekly.
2013-09-22T02:48:52  <Toprawa> We need to get on top of these articles.
2013-09-22T02:48:57  <ecks> agreed
2013-09-22T02:49:04  <exiledjedi> Per Tope, I think we waited too long.
2013-09-22T02:49:16  <Cade> Okay.
2013-09-22T02:49:22  <exiledjedi> Although, I think we should talk about membership first.
2013-09-22T02:49:22  <dogma> per tope
2013-09-22T02:49:43  <Toprawa> Ok, what do want to do with membership?
2013-09-22T02:49:54  <Toprawa> do we*
2013-09-22T02:49:55  <exiledjedi> Here are some EC stats:
2013-09-22T02:50:09  <exiledjedi> Here are the current ECs and when they reviewed last:
2013-09-22T02:50:15  <exiledjedi> Dark Lord Trayus          October 10, 2012
2013-09-22T02:50:23  <exiledjedi> Dark Lord Trayus          October 10, 2012 SavageBob               May 16, 2013
2013-09-22T02:50:26  <exiledjedi> Oops
2013-09-22T02:50:35  <exiledjedi> Jedi Kasra               May 20, 2013
2013-09-22T02:50:54  <exiledjedi> Everyone else has reviewed this september.
2013-09-22T02:51:09  <Cade> Kasra has had a busy summer with moving, I think
2013-09-22T02:51:11  <ecks> even ecks
2013-09-22T02:51:15  <exiledjedi> Although Princess has been somewhat inactive.
2013-09-22T02:51:28  <Cade> Trayus and Bob don't have excuses.
2013-09-22T02:51:44  <Cade> Trayus has been gone a while, but he wasn't reviewing before he left or since he came back.
2013-09-22T02:51:51  <ecks> even with excuses, 11 months of absence isn't acceptable
2013-09-22T02:51:51  <MasterFred> Yeah, Kasra's been busy.
2013-09-22T02:51:53  <exiledjedi> Without Winterz and Cade the CAN page would have ground to a halt this summer...
2013-09-22T02:52:05  <MasterFred> I talk to him often. I can ask him about this.
2013-09-22T02:52:09  <ecks> You and dogma have been reviewing as well
2013-09-22T02:52:13  <Cade> ^
2013-09-22T02:52:17  <Toprawa> I have no problems with moving to purge the roster of people who don't do anything, but keep in mind that all this needs to go through a public vote as it is.
2013-09-22T02:52:19  <Cade> I haven't been doing much.
2013-09-22T02:52:41  <exiledjedi> You were for a little while when things were running slow.
2013-09-22T02:52:47  <exiledjedi> A month or so back.
2013-09-22T02:52:56  <Cade> Do the AC/Inq have a time-limit that people must review in?
2013-09-22T02:53:03  <Cade> Like the admin inactivity clause?
2013-09-22T02:53:03  <CC7567> not an official one
2013-09-22T02:53:04  <MasterFred> Should I contact Kasra asking how long until he can be active again?
2013-09-22T02:53:05  <Toprawa> No.
2013-09-22T02:53:12  <Cade> Just cheking.
2013-09-22T02:53:13  <Toprawa> It's more of a feel-it-out type thing
2013-09-22T02:53:20  <Toprawa> When we feel you need to go, you go :P
2013-09-22T02:53:24  <CC7567> usually people know when someone is gone
2013-09-22T02:53:32  <CC7567> or when they're not interested in reviewing anymore
2013-09-22T02:53:43  <CC7567> well, in the second case, usually someone takes the effort to ask the person what's up
2013-09-22T02:53:46  <Toprawa> We usually put someone on probation, first
2013-09-22T02:53:51  <Cade> [18:53] <Toprawa> I have no problems with moving to purge the roster of people who don't do anything, but keep in mind that all this needs to go through a public vote as it is.
2013-09-22T02:53:55  <Cade> It does?
2013-09-22T02:53:55  <exiledjedi> We kicked out Axinal and Graestan a few months ago...
2013-09-22T02:53:57  <CC7567> and the person gets put on "probation"
2013-09-22T02:53:59  <Toprawa> We tell them that their membership is in jeopardy, and we give them a time to fix themselves
2013-09-22T02:54:01  <CC7567> until the next meeting
2013-09-22T02:54:05  <exiledjedi> Cal started the vote.
2013-09-22T02:54:06  <CC7567> ^
2013-09-22T02:54:08  <Supreme_Emperor> you could always take the admin activity requirements and modify them to suit this
2013-09-22T02:54:18  <Cade> Nah.
2013-09-22T02:54:24  <Toprawa> We've discussed reviewing requirements for years.
2013-09-22T02:54:30  <ecks> case-by-case
2013-09-22T02:54:32  <CC7567> I don't think there should be a rule, because it needs to flexible depending on the situation
2013-09-22T02:54:33  <Toprawa> We always end up with the point that you can't force anyone to review.
2013-09-22T02:54:33  <ecks> it's not that frequent
2013-09-22T02:54:35  <Cade> I'd go with CC's suggestion.
2013-09-22T02:54:36  <Toprawa> Because then people just slap down votes
2013-09-22T02:54:39  <CC7567> also, if you make rules for reviewing, people aren't going to want to review
2013-09-22T02:54:42  <CC7567> we've tried
2013-09-22T02:54:44  <CC7567> doesn't work
2013-09-22T02:54:49  <exiledjedi> The big issue here is that we need more people who want to contribute.
2013-09-22T02:54:54  <CC7567> or, at least, no one has wanted to try :P
2013-09-22T02:55:00  <CC7567> oh
2013-09-22T02:55:03  <CC7567> I do have something in that area
2013-09-22T02:55:07  <Cade> Which is true of both the CAN and FAN, and the GAN's making progress on that front.
2013-09-22T02:55:19  <CC7567>
2013-09-22T02:55:22  <Toprawa> However, I also want to emphasize that it is now site policy that ECs review and participate in meetings.
2013-09-22T02:55:25  <Cade> Ah, yes.
2013-09-22T02:55:29  <CC7567> this was created by the Inq recently, but it's meant to be for the CAN page as well
2013-09-22T02:55:31  <Toprawa> For people that consistently shirk this, they are fair grounds for removal.
2013-09-22T02:55:36  <Cade> Good point.
2013-09-22T02:55:42  <exiledjedi> Yeah, per Tope as well.
2013-09-22T02:55:49  <Cade> Where is this vote to remove Axinal and Graestan?
2013-09-22T02:56:04  <CC7567> we also have
2013-09-22T02:56:17  <Cade> Ah, that's where it was.
2013-09-22T02:56:19  <exiledjedi>
2013-09-22T02:56:23  <Toprawa>
2013-09-22T02:56:25  <Toprawa> heh
2013-09-22T02:56:32  <dogma> we can just use that again
2013-09-22T02:56:38  <Cade> Alright.
2013-09-22T02:56:42  <Cade> First notify, then vote.
2013-09-22T02:56:51  <dogma> It is decided
2013-09-22T02:56:53  <exiledjedi> Who do we want to notify?
2013-09-22T02:56:57  <Toprawa> I say we give people at least until the third meeting before we start targeting people.
2013-09-22T02:57:10  <Toprawa> Maybe we want to send out one more formal notice to everyone that they need to do this or else they'll be removed.
2013-09-22T02:57:24  <CC7567> everyone, or everyone whom we're concerned about?
2013-09-22T02:57:31  <Toprawa> Everyone to be fair?
2013-09-22T02:57:40  <exiledjedi> Everyone
2013-09-22T02:57:40  <Supreme_Emperor> could notify everyone, just so everyones on the same page
2013-09-22T02:57:45  <Cade> Per Tope, though the ones I'm thinking of are Trayus, Bob, Princess, and sometimes Hanzo.
2013-09-22T02:57:50  <Cade> Notify everyone though.
2013-09-22T02:57:56  <Toprawa> Yeah, I think we all know who is most at fault
2013-09-22T02:57:58  <Toprawa> and I'm sure they do too
2013-09-22T02:58:14  * MasterFred agrees.
2013-09-22T02:58:22  * MasterFred thinks bad thoughts.
2013-09-22T02:58:26  <exiledjedi> What about replacements?
2013-09-22T02:58:44  <Toprawa> I'll be honest about one person, since he's in here now.
2013-09-22T02:58:54  <Toprawa> SE, I looked at the possibility of your admission.
2013-09-22T02:58:58  * dogma thinks he means SE
2013-09-22T02:59:02  <MasterFred> :D
2013-09-22T02:59:04  <Toprawa> But I was rather disappointed with your presence on the CAN page.
2013-09-22T02:59:04  <Supreme_Emperor> im honored
2013-09-22T02:59:08  <Toprawa> I think you need to review more, buddy
2013-09-22T02:59:18  <Supreme_Emperor> i've been thinking the same
2013-09-22T02:59:20  <exiledjedi> I've thought the same thing in the past, SE.
2013-09-22T02:59:28  <Supreme_Emperor> lately i've been a bit distracted IRL
2013-09-22T02:59:39  <Toprawa> I know whenever I throw a GAN at you, you give it a review, and that's awesome
2013-09-22T02:59:40  <MasterFred> Understandable.
2013-09-22T02:59:50  *** SirCavalier <SirCavalier!~chatzilla@wookieepedia/administrator/CavalierOne> has joined #wookieepedia-educorps
2013-09-22T02:59:50  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o SirCavalier
2013-09-22T02:59:53  <Supreme_Emperor> i've been meaning to get on top of reviewing more
2013-09-22T02:59:54  <Toprawa> hey Cav
2013-09-22T02:59:59  <Cade> Brit.
2013-09-22T03:00:05  <SirCavalier> Hey Tope, Cade
2013-09-22T03:00:08  <Supreme_Emperor> evening
2013-09-22T03:00:10  <dogma> Cavster
2013-09-22T03:00:13  <SirCavalier> And everyone else
2013-09-22T03:00:17  <SirCavalier> Dogma
2013-09-22T03:00:18  <MasterFred> I like SE. I'd vote yes if he reviewed some more. :P
2013-09-22T03:00:31  <dogma> It's taken us an hour to get one thing done
2013-09-22T03:00:45  <Supreme_Emperor> once IRL slows down a bit, ill be more active reviewing wise
2013-09-22T03:00:51  <exiledjedi> Ayrehead nominated himself:
2013-09-22T03:01:01  <exiledjedi> But I don't think he's ready.
2013-09-22T03:01:07  <Toprawa> oh, that vote should be archived
2013-09-22T03:01:10  <Toprawa> it ended on the 19th
2013-09-22T03:01:17  <Cade> I think the elimination of the self-nomination process should be discussed in the future.
2013-09-22T03:01:23  <Supreme_Emperor> ^
2013-09-22T03:01:23  <Toprawa> I agree with Cade.
2013-09-22T03:01:26  <exiledjedi> Yeah
2013-09-22T03:01:32  <Toprawa> Even if you're qualified, it just rubs people the wrong way
2013-09-22T03:01:49  <Toprawa> YOU?
2013-09-22T03:01:51  <Toprawa> YOU THINK YOU CAN GET SOUP?
2013-09-22T03:01:55  <CC7567> agreed
2013-09-22T03:01:57  <Supreme_Emperor> even unintentionally, it seems a bit arrogant
2013-09-22T03:01:59  <CC7567> not to the soup, but agreed
2013-09-22T03:02:30  * MasterFred agrees and also wants soup.
2013-09-22T03:02:36  <Supreme_Emperor> no soup for you
2013-09-22T03:02:38  <SirCavalier> If you're going to have tighter rules for nomination of EC members, then it might also be prudent to eliminate the rule that allows anyone to archive noms.
2013-09-22T03:02:39  <Cade> Would we want to vote on that now, since a lot of us agree?
2013-09-22T03:02:54  <exiledjedi> I will.
2013-09-22T03:02:55  <Toprawa> We could vote, but I think it's a site issue.
2013-09-22T03:03:01  <Toprawa> Since voting is in the public domain right now
2013-09-22T03:03:10  <Cade> True.
2013-09-22T03:03:12  <dogma> Cav - I disagree
2013-09-22T03:03:16  <MasterFred> We could use this EC vote in the discussion, though.
2013-09-22T03:03:30  <Toprawa> Ok, vote whether you want to see self-nominations abolished.
2013-09-22T03:03:35  <Cade> Yes.
2013-09-22T03:03:36  <exiledjedi> Yes
2013-09-22T03:03:39  <Toprawa> Yes
2013-09-22T03:03:40  <MasterFred> yes
2013-09-22T03:03:46  <dogma> yes
2013-09-22T03:03:48  <CC7567> Yes, but do we have the authority to vote on it?
2013-09-22T03:03:50  <SirCavalier> Yes
2013-09-22T03:03:52  <CC7567> change it, I mean?
2013-09-22T03:03:54  <Toprawa> This is more of a for-show vote.
2013-09-22T03:03:57  <Cade> ^
2013-09-22T03:03:57  <Toprawa> Not to change
2013-09-22T03:03:58  <CC7567> alrighty
2013-09-22T03:04:00  <ecks> yes
2013-09-22T03:04:17  <Toprawa> We could take that to CT immediately if we want
2013-09-22T03:04:23  <Toprawa> Decision is unanimous
2013-09-22T03:04:26  <ecks> sure
2013-09-22T03:04:28  <exiledjedi> sure
2013-09-22T03:04:32  <MasterFred> fine by me
2013-09-22T03:04:50  <Cade> I don't mind that non-EC's archive CANs. It helps the system, IMO.
2013-09-22T03:05:19  <Toprawa> I don't think the system could survive otherwise right now
2013-09-22T03:05:24  <Toprawa> There just aren't enough participants
2013-09-22T03:05:26  <Cade> Yeah.
2013-09-22T03:05:29  <MasterFred> agreed
2013-09-22T03:05:32  <exiledjedi> Maybe in the future but not now.
2013-09-22T03:05:36  <dogma> agreed
2013-09-22T03:05:54  <Cade> ecks should devote all of his time and sorcery to creating an archiving bot.
2013-09-22T03:06:07  <ecks> I don't even know Javascrip
2013-09-22T03:06:07  <ecks> t
2013-09-22T03:06:11  <SirCavalier> Its something to keep in mind. You're looking to create a tighter review panel, and that would potentially be a dangling thread
2013-09-22T03:06:30  <exiledjedi> So, the only other main discussion points involve sitewide discussion, does everyone want to move on to individual articles instead or just call it a day?
2013-09-22T03:06:52  <Cade> Okay, what's the mindset behind the restricting G/FAN archiving to the AC/Inq?
2013-09-22T03:06:56  <Toprawa> Cav> I agree.
2013-09-22T03:06:57  <Cade> *reasons
2013-09-22T03:07:02  <Toprawa> I think it's something we ideally implement in a better environment
2013-09-22T03:07:13  <MasterFred> I still have to eat dinner, practice trumpet, and make a run to the library, so I may have to leave soon.
2013-09-22T03:07:31  <Toprawa> We could review articles until 7:30 if we want.
2013-09-22T03:07:37  <dogma> individual articles later?
2013-09-22T03:07:40  <Supreme_Emperor> 8:30 you mean :P
2013-09-22T03:07:42  <Toprawa> We've only been here for an hour, seven
2013-09-22T03:07:45  <Toprawa> That's not that bad :P
2013-09-22T03:07:54  <MasterFred> Yeah
2013-09-22T03:07:58  <exiledjedi> Yeah, I just wanted to make sure.
2013-09-22T03:08:00  <SirCavalier> I remember 3 hour Inq meetings before now.
2013-09-22T03:08:04  <Toprawa> Yeah
2013-09-22T03:08:09  <Toprawa> Inqmoots used to be marathons
2013-09-22T03:08:15  <Toprawa> You'd be physically exhausted after it :P
2013-09-22T03:08:20  <Toprawa> Plus, there was a lot of political debating going on :P
2013-09-22T03:08:28  <SirCavalier> Indeed
2013-09-22T03:08:30  <CC7567> fun times :P
2013-09-22T03:08:39  <Cade> Site politics or RL politics?
2013-09-22T03:08:44  <exiledjedi> So, should we skip all the articles on the list for being over 250 words?
2013-09-22T03:08:48  <Toprawa> Inq politics, specifically
2013-09-22T03:08:51  <CC7567> EJ: yes
2013-09-22T03:08:52  <Cade> Ah.
2013-09-22T03:09:15  <exiledjedi>,000_BBY
2013-09-22T03:09:19  <ecks> We once had a night with both an EC meeting and an Inq meeting
2013-09-22T03:09:22  <ecks> It was pain
2013-09-22T03:09:24  <Toprawa> oh, wait
2013-09-22T03:09:27  <Toprawa> before we start this
2013-09-22T03:09:30  <ecks> and it will happen on the 28th again :(
2013-09-22T03:09:34  <Toprawa> Do we have a paperwork system set up for this?
2013-09-22T03:09:44  <Toprawa> We probably need to create that first.
2013-09-22T03:09:50  <exiledjedi> Yeah.
2013-09-22T03:10:16  <Toprawa> We create review pages for each article where we list each issue, etc.
2013-09-22T03:10:25  <Toprawa> I'm sure you've seen this for FAs and GAs
2013-09-22T03:10:37  <exiledjedi> That's what I turned the review page into.
2013-09-22T03:10:47  <exiledjedi>
2013-09-22T03:10:51  <exiledjedi> Bah.
2013-09-22T03:10:59  <exiledjedi>
2013-09-22T03:11:06  <Cade> I'd almost prefer the AC/Inq system of subpages
2013-09-22T03:11:24  <Toprawa> I thought we voted last meeting to do away with the review page.
2013-09-22T03:11:25  <exiledjedi> Yeah, this was just a stopgap measure to use the old template.
2013-09-22T03:11:37  <Toprawa> Plus we voted this meeting to turn the review page into a Redux page :P
2013-09-22T03:11:50  <MasterFred> We voted to overhaul the review page into a redux, didn't we?
2013-09-22T03:11:52  <exiledjedi> Winterz added the GSI on the page and suggested that I do this.
2013-09-22T03:11:53  <MasterFred> Just this meeting. :P
2013-09-22T03:11:58  <MasterFred> per tope
2013-09-22T03:12:13  <Toprawa> Ok, we need to approve a subpage paperwork system, I think.
2013-09-22T03:12:14  <Cade> For paperwork, let's mirror the Inq/AC subpage system, IMO
2013-09-22T03:12:17  <Toprawa> Yes, per Cade
2013-09-22T03:12:21  <exiledjedi> Sure
2013-09-22T03:12:22  <Toprawa> Any opposition to this before we vote?
2013-09-22T03:12:34  <Cade> So, EduCorps/Galactic Solutions Industries
2013-09-22T03:12:41  <Toprawa> We would create an instructions page just like we have for FAs and GAs
2013-09-22T03:12:46  <Toprawa> Cade> yes
2013-09-22T03:13:08  <Toprawa> Is anyone unclear with what this is?
2013-09-22T03:13:19  <Toprawa> I'm assuming you've all experienced it with your FAs and GAs
2013-09-22T03:13:20  <dogma> yep
2013-09-22T03:13:35  <dogma> never witnessed the paperwork system
2013-09-22T03:13:41  <Toprawa> Ok, one sec...
2013-09-22T03:13:49  <ecks> paperwork is pain
2013-09-22T03:13:53  <ecks> that is all
2013-09-22T03:13:54  <Cade> ^
2013-09-22T03:14:08  <Toprawa> Dogma>
2013-09-22T03:14:13  <Cade> I think I'm stuck scheduling and doing the paperwork for Inqmoot 6
2013-09-22T03:14:15  <Cade> *61
2013-09-22T03:14:19  <Toprawa> Open up Karakan
2013-09-22T03:14:27  <Toprawa>
2013-09-22T03:14:39  <Toprawa> We create a review page for that, where we list all the issues for which we probed the article.
2013-09-22T03:14:50  <Toprawa> Then whoever wants to save the article has until the next meeting to resolve the issues
2013-09-22T03:15:16  <Toprawa> This is the long page of instructions.
2013-09-22T03:15:23  <Toprawa> We could create something similar for the EC.
2013-09-22T03:15:52  <exiledjedi> Sure
2013-09-22T03:16:09  <Toprawa> It's a pain, but we rotate paperwork duties each meeting.
2013-09-22T03:16:10  <dogma> as long as Cade does it
2013-09-22T03:16:21  <Toprawa> That way everyone does it an equal number of times
2013-09-22T03:16:53  <Toprawa> Ok, let's vote on this
2013-09-22T03:16:57  <Toprawa> Yes or No to approve this paperwork system
2013-09-22T03:17:01  <exiledjedi> Yes
2013-09-22T03:17:02  <Cade> Yes
2013-09-22T03:17:03  <ecks> Yes
2013-09-22T03:17:08  <Toprawa> Yes
2013-09-22T03:17:09  <CC7567> Yes
2013-09-22T03:17:24  <SirCavalier> Yes
2013-09-22T03:17:25  <dogma> Yes
2013-09-22T03:17:42  <Toprawa> Are you voting, Fred?
2013-09-22T03:17:51  <Toprawa> He might be on the john or something :P
2013-09-22T03:17:56  <Toprawa> Either way, motion passes.
2013-09-22T03:18:05  <MasterFred> hi
2013-09-22T03:18:06  <Cade> He's dancin
2013-09-22T03:18:09  <Cade> *g
2013-09-22T03:18:14  <Toprawa> Ok, we could review an article or two for starters so we get the hang of it.
2013-09-22T03:18:18  <Toprawa> Then we'll call it a night
2013-09-22T03:18:25  <MasterFred> Sorry, my attention span has been exceeded.
2013-09-22T03:18:29  <MasterFred> dat spelling
2013-09-22T03:18:37  <exiledjedi>,000_BBY
2013-09-22T03:18:48  <exiledjedi> This article has a [source?] tag.
2013-09-22T03:19:10  <Cade> And a random ' next to Coruscant.
2013-09-22T03:19:40  <Toprawa> At this point, we list any additional issues and then say "Probe" or "Spare"
2013-09-22T03:19:48  <Toprawa> Probe means we put it on probation for next meeting.
2013-09-22T03:20:00  <Toprawa> Probe
2013-09-22T03:20:03  <exiledjedi> Probe
2013-09-22T03:20:05  <Cade> Probe
2013-09-22T03:20:12  <dogma> probe
2013-09-22T03:20:15  <CC7567> probe
2013-09-22T03:20:23  <SirCavalier> Probe, additional of other year systems to the article listed in the infobox is needed
2013-09-22T03:20:29  <ecks> Probe
2013-09-22T03:20:36  <Cade> This stage is also frequently accompanied by a variety of probe jokes.
2013-09-22T03:20:40  <MasterFred> probe
2013-09-22T03:20:43  <Toprawa> Then whoever is running the meeting, EJ at this point, says "90,000 BBY probed." Then we move on to the next article.
2013-09-22T03:20:52  <SirCavalier> Female character articles are the best for probing
2013-09-22T03:20:55  <Cade> ^
2013-09-22T03:20:58  <exiledjedi> 90,000 BBY probed.
2013-09-22T03:21:24  <exiledjedi> Next up:
2013-09-22T03:21:26  <exiledjedi>
2013-09-22T03:21:33  <exiledjedi> Needs an update for TOR.
2013-09-22T03:21:45  <Cade> Wait, what order are we going in?
2013-09-22T03:21:46  <dogma> Cade, get on it
2013-09-22T03:22:04  <SirCavalier> I think we're missing the 250+ ones
2013-09-22T03:22:09  <exiledjedi> I was skipping the articles over 205 words.
2013-09-22T03:22:09  <Cade> We don't skip ones that have been addressed by other users. We vote to spare them
2013-09-22T03:22:10  <SirCavalier> As in missing them out, Cade
2013-09-22T03:22:18  <Cade> So, Caramm V would be up next.
2013-09-22T03:22:20  <exiledjedi> *250
2013-09-22T03:22:31  <Toprawa> Either way, I say we stop in 8 minutes.
2013-09-22T03:22:36  <Toprawa> Whatever we want to do is fine iwth me
2013-09-22T03:22:36  <exiledjedi> Wasn't that what we agreed to?
2013-09-22T03:22:51  <Toprawa> I don't care which articles we probe right now :P
2013-09-22T03:23:01  <Toprawa> They'll all get done sooner or later
2013-09-22T03:23:28  <exiledjedi> Let's finish this one and then we can do Caramm V
2013-09-22T03:23:39  <Toprawa> sure
2013-09-22T03:23:44  <exiledjedi> Probe or Spare Flash?
2013-09-22T03:23:51  <Cade> Probe.
2013-09-22T03:23:53  <exiledjedi> Probe
2013-09-22T03:23:55  <Toprawa> Probe
2013-09-22T03:24:05  <SirCavalier> Probe
2013-09-22T03:24:16  <CC7567> probe
2013-09-22T03:24:37  <MasterFred> probe
2013-09-22T03:24:45  <ecks> probe
2013-09-22T03:24:52  <Cade> (dat Twi'lek)
2013-09-22T03:24:52  <exiledjedi> Flash probed.
2013-09-22T03:24:59  <dogma> probe
2013-09-22T03:25:11  <exiledjedi> Sorry dogma.
2013-09-22T03:25:20  <MasterFred> :P
2013-09-22T03:25:23  <dogma> :P
2013-09-22T03:25:40  <exiledjedi> Flash probed.
2013-09-22T03:25:42  <exiledjedi>
2013-09-22T03:25:55  <exiledjedi> Needed an update for ROTHC.
2013-09-22T03:26:00  <exiledjedi> Handled by Cade.
2013-09-22T03:26:07  <Cade> Cleared, and cleaned out Dantescifi's fanon.
2013-09-22T03:26:11  <dogma> spare
2013-09-22T03:26:13  <Cade> Spare.
2013-09-22T03:26:14  <exiledjedi> spare
2013-09-22T03:26:16  <Toprawa> Spare
2013-09-22T03:26:20  <Toprawa> How many words is that, Cade?
2013-09-22T03:26:25  <Cade> Around 250
2013-09-22T03:26:27  <MasterFred> That thing where you get a strike in two bowls.
2013-09-22T03:26:30  <Toprawa> Check it :P
2013-09-22T03:26:35  <SirCavalier> ^^
2013-09-22T03:26:52  <exiledjedi> 243
2013-09-22T03:26:54  <Cade> 243
2013-09-22T03:26:56  <Toprawa> awww
2013-09-22T03:26:59  <Toprawa> So close
2013-09-22T03:27:01  <SirCavalier> Spare
2013-09-22T03:27:02  <Toprawa> But no cigar
2013-09-22T03:27:06  <Toprawa> That's the story of Cade's life :P
2013-09-22T03:27:09  <CC7567> spare
2013-09-22T03:27:09  * Cade no like cigar
2013-09-22T03:27:10  <MasterFred> XD
2013-09-22T03:27:16  <Cade> And I resent that
2013-09-22T03:27:19  * SirCavalier likes cigar
2013-09-22T03:27:25  <Toprawa> The EC rejects your resentment.
2013-09-22T03:27:29  <exiledjedi> Is that everyone?
2013-09-22T03:27:29  <Cade> You're British, of course you do
2013-09-22T03:27:35  <SirCavalier> And scotch
2013-09-22T03:27:38  <SirCavalier> And monocles
2013-09-22T03:27:41  <exiledjedi> Caramm V spared.
2013-09-22T03:27:43  <Cade> And Amy Pond
2013-09-22T03:27:49  <Toprawa> EJ, if not everyone votes in time, you can move on.
2013-09-22T03:27:57  <Toprawa> Some people don't pay attention or choose not to vote.
2013-09-22T03:27:58  <ecks> spare
2013-09-22T03:28:02  <Toprawa> ^
2013-09-22T03:28:04  <Toprawa> :P
2013-09-22T03:28:06  <Supreme_Emperor> XD
2013-09-22T03:28:06  <ecks> I'm here, but I forgot to vote
2013-09-22T03:28:10  <ecks> :P
2013-09-22T03:28:13  <exiledjedi> One more,
2013-09-22T03:28:14  <Supreme_Emperor> my vote has no meaning XD
2013-09-22T03:28:22  <ecks> I was hypnotized by the cigar
2013-09-22T03:28:24  <Cade> He was bragging about his accomplishments  in the main channel.
2013-09-22T03:28:28  <MasterFred> XD
2013-09-22T03:28:35  <ecks> it's a *fact*
2013-09-22T03:28:36  <exiledjedi> There's more info from the quote and it needs an infobox.
2013-09-22T03:28:41  <Cade> !wiki Template:Device
2013-09-22T03:28:41  <delta>
2013-09-22T03:28:46  <Cade> >_<
2013-09-22T03:28:49  <Cade> Ecks, your bot sucks.
2013-09-22T03:28:51  <Supreme_Emperor> lol
2013-09-22T03:28:54  <ecks> !wook Template:Device
2013-09-22T03:28:55  <delta>
2013-09-22T03:29:07  <dogma> probe
2013-09-22T03:29:08  <Cade> Yes, it does need an infobox.
2013-09-22T03:29:09  <Cade> Probe.
2013-09-22T03:29:12  <exiledjedi> probe
2013-09-22T03:29:15  <Toprawa> Probe
2013-09-22T03:29:18  <SirCavalier> Probity probe
2013-09-22T03:29:32  <MasterFred> (not anal) probe
2013-09-22T03:29:35  <Toprawa> awww
2013-09-22T03:29:37  <Toprawa> you had to go there
2013-09-22T03:29:40  <exiledjedi> ...
2013-09-22T03:29:41  <Cade> Let us extend our probiscus
2013-09-22T03:29:42  <MasterFred> :P
2013-09-22T03:29:54  *** MasterFred was kicked by Cade (MasterFred)
2013-09-22T03:29:59  <Cade> Bad Fred
2013-09-22T03:29:59  <ecks> !wikilink add both
2013-09-22T03:29:59  <delta> The operation succeeded.
2013-09-22T03:30:05  *** MasterFred <MasterFred!~MasterFre@wookieepedia/Master-Fredcerique> has joined #wookieepedia-educorps
2013-09-22T03:30:05  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o MasterFred
2013-09-22T03:30:08  <ecks> {{Device}}
2013-09-22T03:30:08  <delta>
2013-09-22T03:30:09  <MasterFred> pls
2013-09-22T03:30:09  <SirCavalier> If the EC is going to evolve, probe jokes are essential
2013-09-22T03:30:12  <ecks> NEAT-O
2013-09-22T03:30:14  <dogma> Meeting is done?
2013-09-22T03:30:15  <Supreme_Emperor> :P
2013-09-22T03:30:23  <MasterFred> EJ: Is that all?
2013-09-22T03:30:27  <exiledjedi> DX-300 traffic package probed.
2013-09-22T03:30:28  <Cade> Per Cav.
2013-09-22T03:30:37  <exiledjedi> We just need some to schedule the next meeting.
2013-09-22T03:30:41  <ecks> Cade
2013-09-22T03:30:43  <Cade> Though one should not go where Frd went.
2013-09-22T03:30:44  <ecks> Cade volunteers
2013-09-22T03:30:48  <Cade> O_O
2013-09-22T03:30:50  <Supreme_Emperor> we voluntell Cade
2013-09-22T03:30:51  <MasterFred> Cade pls
2013-09-22T03:30:53  <Cade> Ewha?
2013-09-22T03:31:03  <Toprawa> October 5?
2013-09-22T03:31:06  <Toprawa> Two weeks from today.
2013-09-22T03:31:07  <exiledjedi> And to maybe work out who will take care of the paperwork here and in the future.
2013-09-22T03:31:10  <MasterFred> You have any alien stories you scared to tell?
2013-09-22T03:31:24  <ecks> [[guys look at this sexyness]]
2013-09-22T03:31:24  <delta>
2013-09-22T03:31:28  <Toprawa> Ok, since we're not on a formal rotating system, I'm going to randomly choose someone to schedule and do paperwork.
2013-09-22T03:32:03  <Toprawa> Tope schedules
2013-09-22T03:32:12  <Toprawa> EJ is on paperwork :P
2013-09-22T03:32:16  <Supreme_Emperor> XD
2013-09-22T03:32:19  <Toprawa> XD
2013-09-22T03:32:20  <Cade> *phew*
2013-09-22T03:32:25  <exiledjedi> Hmm, that seemed really random...
2013-09-22T03:32:30  <Toprawa> I used, so blame them :P
2013-09-22T03:32:34  <Supreme_Emperor> totally unexpected :P
2013-09-22T03:32:40  <Toprawa> It's fate :P
2013-09-22T03:32:44  <MasterFred> XD
2013-09-22T03:32:47  <exiledjedi> Who were the options?
2013-09-22T03:32:57  <MasterFred> I have to do paperwork for the next AC meeting, so meh
2013-09-22T03:33:00  <Toprawa> I just had it randomly select a number, 1-8
2013-09-22T03:33:00  <exiledjedi> Me and you?
2013-09-22T03:33:04  <exiledjedi> Ah
2013-09-22T03:33:07  <Toprawa> It chose 8 and 5. :P
2013-09-22T03:33:22  <ecks> phew
2013-09-22T03:33:27  <Cade> ^
2013-09-22T03:33:51  <exiledjedi> So I need to create pages for the articles we probed and spared?
2013-09-22T03:34:04  <exiledjedi> and what else?
2013-09-22T03:34:05  <Toprawa> Yes, if you just follow the GAN instructions for now, you'll be fine
2013-09-22T03:34:10  <Toprawa> Let me know if you need help
2013-09-22T03:34:20  <MasterFred> Also, I'm willing to help.
2013-09-22T03:34:26  <dogma> I gotta go
2013-09-22T03:34:30  <dogma> cya all later
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