[22:43:54] <exiledjedi>	All right, welcome to EC Meeting 36.
[22:44:10] <exiledjedi>	We will start off with the old articles from last meeting.
[22:44:51] <exiledjedi>
[22:44:56] <exiledjedi>
[22:45:01] <exiledjedi>
[22:45:16] <exiledjedi>	Nothing substantial has changed here.
[22:45:26] <exiledjedi>	Kill
[22:45:31] <Imperators>	kill
[22:45:36] <exiledjedi>	CP votes kill.
[22:45:47] <exiledjedi>	Darth Vitus killed.
[22:46:38] <exiledjedi>
[22:46:42] <exiledjedi>
[22:46:49] <exiledjedi>
[22:46:58] <exiledjedi>	It looks like Hanzo fixed this one.
[22:47:05] <exiledjedi>	Keep.
[22:47:11] <Imperators>	keep
[22:47:17] <exiledjedi>	CP votes keep.
[22:47:20] <exiledjedi>	Duriet kept.
[22:47:35] <exiledjedi>
[22:47:50] <exiledjedi>
[22:47:55] <exiledjedi>
[22:48:13] <exiledjedi>	It looks like you fixed this one.
[22:48:14] <exiledjedi>	Keep.
[22:48:17] <Imperators>	keep
[22:48:21] <exiledjedi>	CP votes keep.
[22:48:54] <exiledjedi>
[22:48:59] <exiledjedi>
[22:49:07] <exiledjedi>
[22:49:09] <exiledjedi>	No change.
[22:49:11] <exiledjedi>	Kill
[22:49:12] <Imperators>	kill
[22:49:25] <exiledjedi>	CP votes kill.
[22:49:30] <exiledjedi>	Siin Suub killed.
[22:49:48] <exiledjedi>
[22:49:58] <exiledjedi>
[22:50:03] <exiledjedi>
[22:50:05] <exiledjedi>	No change.
[22:50:07] <exiledjedi>	Kill.
[22:50:11] <Imperators>	kill
[22:50:17] <exiledjedi>	CP votes kill.
[22:50:23] <exiledjedi>	Team Kinyen killed.
[22:50:53] <exiledjedi>
[22:50:57] <exiledjedi>
[22:51:10] <exiledjedi>
[22:51:24] <exiledjedi>	It looks like you fixed this one too.
[22:51:31] <exiledjedi>	Keep.
[22:52:05] <Imperators>	yeah, that was funny
[22:52:07] <Imperators>	keep
[22:52:11] <exiledjedi>	CP votes keep.
[22:52:28] <exiledjedi>	Dov kept.
[22:53:14] <exiledjedi>	Heh.
[22:53:27] <Imperators>	hey CP
[22:53:34] <Imperators>	get to work
[22:53:39] <Imperators>	:P
[22:53:47] <exiledjedi>	Sorry CP, we started the meeting early since it is very late for Imperators.
[22:53:56] <CorellianPremier>	Indeed
[22:54:27] <exiledjedi>	We went through the old articles. Does anyone have any new articles for this meeting?
[22:54:35] <Imperators>	more like very early :P not me, nope
[22:55:17] <CorellianPremier>	I don't believe so.
[22:55:25] <CorellianPremier>	Have any needed an update for new content?
[22:55:42] <exiledjedi>	There's one canon article that has an update tag for the new TFA FFG game, but I feel that we should hold off on that until there is a CT about that.
[22:56:46] <exiledjedi>	If no one has any new articles, I think all we have to discuss is how we plan on dividing the scheduling / paperwork duties.
[22:57:40] <exiledjedi>	We probably want to hold these meetings at a different time. Would it be better if we met earlier or later for you, Imperators?
[22:57:48] <Imperators>	earlier
[22:58:15] <exiledjedi>	Like the AC meeting time?
[22:58:52] <Imperators>	that would be much better
[22:59:28] <exiledjedi>	Would you be able to attend a 4 PM ET meeting on Saturday, CP?
[23:00:01] <exiledjedi>	The EC's biggest issue with meetings seems to always be scheduling a time everyone can attend.
[23:00:12] <CorellianPremier>	I'm free most of the time, yeah.
[23:00:36] <exiledjedi>	OKay, then I think that 4 PM ET on Saturdays is probably the way to go.
[23:00:44] <Imperators>	yay
[23:00:59] <Imperators>	how many people is "everyone" in EC's case?
[23:02:02] <exiledjedi>	Well, back when SE and dogma attended meetings. SE could almost never make a Saturday meeting, where I couldn't make it on Sundays when he was available.
[23:02:27] <CorellianPremier>	I think I'm the only "pure" EC now, right?
[23:02:33] <Imperators>	heh
[23:02:34] <exiledjedi>	Yeah.
[23:03:29] <exiledjedi>	For right now, I think the three of us are the ones that are going to have to run/attend these meetings, so unless there are any objections I think we should be the people in the schedule here:
[23:04:10] <exiledjedi>	Hopefully over the next few months or so, we can add some new people.
[23:04:58] <exiledjedi>	I will randomly determine the schedule.
[23:05:46] <Imperators>	so I guess SE won't do the paperwork today, huh
[23:06:04] <exiledjedi>	Well, that was the paperwork for three meetings ago.
[23:06:51] <exiledjedi>	Scheduling order:
[23:06:53] <exiledjedi>	Corellian Premier
[23:06:53] <exiledjedi>	Imperators
[23:06:53] <exiledjedi>	Exiledjedi
[23:07:08] <exiledjedi>	Paperwork order:
[23:07:09] <exiledjedi>	Exiledjedi
[23:07:09] <exiledjedi>	Imperators
[23:07:09] <exiledjedi>	Corellian Premier
[23:07:29] <exiledjedi>	So, I will handle the paperwork for this meeting.
[23:07:43] <CorellianPremier>	Cool. We going back to the monthly schedule now?
[23:07:47] <exiledjedi>	And Corellian Premier will schedule the next meeting.
[23:08:45] <exiledjedi>	Yeah, roughly one a month. We can stretch it a little past that if we want.
[23:09:46] <exiledjedi>	If there is nothing else, Meeting 36 will conclude.
[23:09:56] <CorellianPremier>	Aye.
[23:10:09] <exiledjedi>	Thanks for coming.
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