2013-10-27T02:06:48  <exiledjedi> All right starting with the reviews from last meeting:
2013-10-27T02:06:56  <exiledjedi>
2013-10-27T02:07:09  <exiledjedi> No change that I can see.
2013-10-27T02:07:21  <Calrayn> Kill
2013-10-27T02:07:24  <exiledjedi> Kill
2013-10-27T02:07:25  <IFYLOFD> Kill
2013-10-27T02:07:26  <Toprawa>
2013-10-27T02:07:40  <Toprawa> Kill
2013-10-27T02:07:42  <ecks> kill
2013-10-27T02:07:54  <dogma> KILL DAT PICKLE
2013-10-27T02:08:01  <IFYLOFD> Darth Pickle 2
2013-10-27T02:08:08  <exiledjedi> B'omarr-style pickle killed.
2013-10-27T02:08:25  <exiledjedi> Next up: Wookieepedia:EC/Boontaspiced mustard
2013-10-27T02:08:31  <exiledjedi>
2013-10-27T02:08:34  <exiledjedi> Bah.
2013-10-27T02:08:46  <exiledjedi> No change.
2013-10-27T02:08:49  <dogma> Kill
2013-10-27T02:08:52  <exiledjedi> Kill
2013-10-27T02:08:55  <IFYLOFD> Kill
2013-10-27T02:08:55  <ecks> kill
2013-10-27T02:08:58  <Toprawa> Kill
2013-10-27T02:09:08  <Calrayn> Kill
2013-10-27T02:09:20  <exiledjedi> Boontaspiced mustard killed.
2013-10-27T02:09:29  <exiledjedi>
2013-10-27T02:09:37  <Toprawa> heh, this thing
2013-10-27T02:09:39  <Toprawa> Kill
2013-10-27T02:09:46  <exiledjedi> Kill with fire.
2013-10-27T02:09:46  <dogma> KILLL IT
2013-10-27T02:09:50  <IFYLOFD> Kill
2013-10-27T02:09:52  <Calrayn> Kill
2013-10-27T02:09:59  <dogma> pew pew pew
2013-10-27T02:10:03  <IFYLOFD> Galactic Solutions sounds like a scam
2013-10-27T02:10:06  <dogma> shot to death
2013-10-27T02:10:17  <IFYLOFD> Also, WTF this is giganctic
2013-10-27T02:10:20  <IFYLOFD> *gigantic
2013-10-27T02:10:27  <exiledjedi> Galactic Solutions Industries killed.
2013-10-27T02:10:27  <exiledjedi>
2013-10-27T02:10:27  <exiledjedi> No change.
2013-10-27T02:10:40  <IFYLOFD> Kill
2013-10-27T02:10:43  <Calrayn> Kill
2013-10-27T02:10:44  <exiledjedi> Kill
2013-10-27T02:10:45  <dogma> Kill
2013-10-27T02:10:46  <Toprawa> Kill
2013-10-27T02:11:10  <exiledjedi> Morodin homeworld killed.
2013-10-27T02:11:21  <dogma> We used the Death Star
2013-10-27T02:11:27  <exiledjedi> Next up:
2013-10-27T02:11:44  <exiledjedi> Nothing new.
2013-10-27T02:11:47  <Toprawa> Kill
2013-10-27T02:11:48  <exiledjedi> Kill
2013-10-27T02:11:51  <IFYLOFD> Kill
2013-10-27T02:11:52  <ecks> kill
2013-10-27T02:12:06  <dogma> \shame a siongle ref kills it
2013-10-27T02:12:10  <dogma> *single
2013-10-27T02:12:11  <Calrayn> Kill
2013-10-27T02:12:13  <dogma> but, Kill
2013-10-27T02:12:18  <Calrayn> Imperators has vanished
2013-10-27T02:12:20  <exiledjedi> Nam'ta killed.
2013-10-27T02:12:32  <exiledjedi>
2013-10-27T02:12:40  <exiledjedi> Still needs an update.
2013-10-27T02:12:41  <IFYLOFD> PLASMAJACK
2013-10-27T02:12:44  <Toprawa> Kill
2013-10-27T02:12:45  <exiledjedi> Kill
2013-10-27T02:12:49  <ecks> kill
2013-10-27T02:12:50  <IFYLOFD> Kill
2013-10-27T02:12:50  <dogma> KIll
2013-10-27T02:13:12  <exiledjedi> Plasmajack killed.
2013-10-27T02:13:35  <exiledjedi>
2013-10-27T02:13:41  <exiledjedi> I forgot this one was mine...
2013-10-27T02:13:46  <exiledjedi> I fixed it I think.
2013-10-27T02:13:56  <dogma> Keep
2013-10-27T02:13:58  <IFYLOFD> So many food articles
2013-10-27T02:13:58  <Toprawa> Keep!
2013-10-27T02:14:04  <IFYLOFD> Keep
2013-10-27T02:14:05  <exiledjedi> Keep
2013-10-27T02:14:11  <exiledjedi> If I get a vote.
2013-10-27T02:14:17  <Toprawa> You do
2013-10-27T02:14:17  <Calrayn> Keep
2013-10-27T02:14:39  <exiledjedi> Revwien coleslaw kept.
2013-10-27T02:14:50  <exiledjedi>
2013-10-27T02:14:56  <exiledjedi> Nothing changed.
2013-10-27T02:15:01  <Toprawa> Kill
2013-10-27T02:15:04  <exiledjedi> Kill
2013-10-27T02:15:07  <ecks> kill
2013-10-27T02:15:22  <IFYLOFD> Kill
2013-10-27T02:15:33  <dogma> KILL
2013-10-27T02:15:49  <exiledjedi> Revwien lettuce killed.
2013-10-27T02:15:58  <exiledjedi>
2013-10-27T02:16:01  <exiledjedi> Nothing.
2013-10-27T02:16:10  *** SirCavalier <SirCavalier!~chatzilla@wookieepedia/administrator/CavalierOne> has joined #wookieepedia-educorps
2013-10-27T02:16:10  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o SirCavalier
2013-10-27T02:16:14  <exiledjedi> Kill
2013-10-27T02:16:16  <Toprawa> Kill
2013-10-27T02:16:21  <dogma> CAV a CAV
2013-10-27T02:16:22  <Toprawa> hey Cav
2013-10-27T02:16:23  <IFYLOFD> Kill
2013-10-27T02:16:24  <dogma> KILl
2013-10-27T02:16:26  <Calrayn> Kill
2013-10-27T02:16:32  <SirCavalier> People!
2013-10-27T02:16:32  <dogma> Cav, say kill
2013-10-27T02:16:33  <IFYLOFD> An Englishman
2013-10-27T02:16:47  <exiledjedi> Revwien lettuce killed.
2013-10-27T02:16:57  <exiledjedi> Ah, Tailring bacon.
2013-10-27T02:16:59  <exiledjedi> killed.
2013-10-27T02:17:10  <exiledjedi> Too much food.
2013-10-27T02:17:20  <exiledjedi> Next up from last meeting is:
2013-10-27T02:17:34  <exiledjedi> Still needs an update.
2013-10-27T02:17:38  <Toprawa> Keep
2013-10-27T02:17:47  <Toprawa> I mean
2013-10-27T02:17:49  <Toprawa> Kill
2013-10-27T02:17:51  <Calrayn> Fuck. Alright, I'm fighting Deathstroke; I'll be out of it for a bit
2013-10-27T02:17:51  <Toprawa> Sorry :P
2013-10-27T02:17:51  <exiledjedi> Kill
2013-10-27T02:18:02  <IFYLOFD> Kil
2013-10-27T02:18:03  <dogma> KILL
2013-10-27T02:18:08  <IFYLOFD> Sun Kil Moon
2013-10-27T02:18:09  <SirCavalier> Kill
2013-10-27T02:18:22  <ecks> kill
2013-10-27T02:18:30  <exiledjedi> Taunt killed.
2013-10-27T02:18:42  <exiledjedi>
2013-10-27T02:18:50  <exiledjedi> No change.
2013-10-27T02:18:54  <Toprawa> Kill
2013-10-27T02:18:57  <exiledjedi> Kill
2013-10-27T02:19:03  <IFYLOFD> Kill
2013-10-27T02:19:06  <ecks> kill
2013-10-27T02:19:07  <SirCavalier> Kill
2013-10-27T02:19:17  <dogma> KIll with the Death Star laser
2013-10-27T02:19:30  <exiledjedi> The Godsheart killed.
2013-10-27T02:19:37  <exiledjedi>
2013-10-27T02:19:40  <IFYLOFD> The Godsheart sounds like one of those Daedric weapons in Skyrim
2013-10-27T02:19:48  <exiledjedi> Bob checked on this and fixed it.
2013-10-27T02:19:51  <Toprawa> Keep
2013-10-27T02:19:54  <IFYLOFD> Keep
2013-10-27T02:19:56  <exiledjedi> Keep
2013-10-27T02:19:57  <Toprawa> Also, I gotta go; Cav can have my vote.
2013-10-27T02:20:03  <SirCavalier> Woohoo!
2013-10-27T02:20:03  <Toprawa> Use absentee votes if you need to
2013-10-27T02:20:11  <dogma> Keep
2013-10-27T02:20:18  <SirCavalier> Keep
2013-10-27T02:20:29  <exiledjedi> CC and Jang say Keep
2013-10-27T02:20:36  <exiledjedi> Yanthan kept.
2013-10-27T02:20:58  <exiledjedi> Now for the new articles:
2013-10-27T02:21:10  <exiledjedi>
2013-10-27T02:21:48  <exiledjedi> If you check What links here: It lists the TCW episode Tipping Points as an appearance.
2013-10-27T02:21:55  <exiledjedi> So I think it needs an update.
2013-10-27T02:22:13  <exiledjedi> At least a check to see if there is anything new.
2013-10-27T02:22:36  <exiledjedi> Any thoughts?
2013-10-27T02:22:45  <dogma> Wait - how do you check what linsk to it????
2013-10-27T02:22:57  <dogma> *links
2013-10-27T02:22:57  <exiledjedi>
2013-10-27T02:23:11  <SirCavalier> With the what links here button ...
2013-10-27T02:23:18  <IFYLOFD> What links here
2013-10-27T02:23:33  <dogma> thanks :P
2013-10-27T02:23:37  <dogma> I say probe
2013-10-27T02:23:48  <SirCavalier> Probe for fact checking
2013-10-27T02:23:53  <exiledjedi> Probe
2013-10-27T02:24:19  <exiledjedi> Jang and CC say probe.
2013-10-27T02:24:27  <IFYLOFD> Yeah, probe
2013-10-27T02:24:28  <exiledjedi> Anyone else?
2013-10-27T02:24:57  <exiledjedi> Blaster pistol (Coruscant police droid model) probed.
2013-10-27T02:25:08  <exiledjedi>
2013-10-27T02:25:23  <exiledjedi> The indirect appearance thing seems wrong to me.
2013-10-27T02:25:51  <exiledjedi> If any appearance of the skiff counts as an appearance for the engines then there should be more on the list.
2013-10-27T02:25:59  <dogma> agreed
2013-10-27T02:26:04  <exiledjedi> The New Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels mentions that the engines are a Nubian design.
2013-10-27T02:26:11  <exiledjedi> So there is stuff not there.
2013-10-27T02:26:39  <exiledjedi> So what do people think about the indirect appearance stuff?
2013-10-27T02:26:43  <IFYLOFD> Sounds like solid ground to probe
2013-10-27T02:26:55  <SirCavalier> Probity probe
2013-10-27T02:26:57  <exiledjedi> Probe
2013-10-27T02:27:02  <dogma> Probe
2013-10-27T02:27:25  <exiledjedi> Jang and CC say probe.
2013-10-27T02:27:26  <ecks> probe
2013-10-27T02:27:33  <exiledjedi> Sossen-7 sublight engine probed.
2013-10-27T02:27:44  <exiledjedi> Next up:
2013-10-27T02:28:00  <exiledjedi> We have an article for the shark that is not linked.
2013-10-27T02:28:22  <exiledjedi> But as I do not have the original source, I am not sure if the shark is actually mentioned.
2013-10-27T02:28:46  <exiledjedi>
2013-10-27T02:28:48  <dogma> Th shark is mentioned in the BtS
2013-10-27T02:29:08  <exiledjedi> The point is that the shark only has the book as an appearance.
2013-10-27T02:29:08  <dogma> but I think we can assume that the venom can from that shark
2013-10-27T02:29:18  <dogma> *came
2013-10-27T02:29:18  <SirCavalier> ^^
2013-10-27T02:29:25  <exiledjedi> So, is there every confirmed to be a shark.
2013-10-27T02:29:35  <exiledjedi> Or could it be a brand name for a poison.
2013-10-27T02:29:51  <exiledjedi>
2013-10-27T02:29:58  <exiledjedi> Or something like that.
2013-10-27T02:30:29  <exiledjedi> So, is the venom enough to assume that there is a shark?
2013-10-27T02:31:01  <dogma> well, since venom is usually not from sharks, maybe not...
2013-10-27T02:31:31  <IFYLOFD> Well, IRL, yeah
2013-10-27T02:32:21  <IFYLOFD> But this isn't IRL
2013-10-27T02:33:30  <exiledjedi> The question is whether the quote gives enough information for a creature.
2013-10-27T02:33:49  <exiledjedi> I doubt it is mentioned elsewhere in the novel.
2013-10-27T02:34:06  <exiledjedi> Otherwise it would have probably been mentioned in the article.
2013-10-27T02:34:30  <IFYLOFD> I think if there's such uncertainty we're fine leaving it as it is
2013-10-27T02:34:59  <dogma> ^
2013-10-27T02:35:15  *** MasterFred <MasterFred!~MasterFre@wookieepedia/Master-Fredcerique> has joined #wookieepedia-educorps
2013-10-27T02:35:15  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o MasterFred
2013-10-27T02:35:18  <exiledjedi> "No connection is made to the Dozoisian shark in the book. "
2013-10-27T02:35:35  <exiledjedi> In my opinion this claims that the shark does exist.
2013-10-27T02:35:41  <dogma> Fred Fred Fred
2013-10-27T02:35:41  <IFYLOFD> erdferd
2013-10-27T02:35:49  <MasterFred> yeshi
2013-10-27T02:35:56  <MasterFred> Not actually here.
2013-10-27T02:36:01  <MasterFred> This is alleged Fred.
2013-10-27T02:36:05  *** MasterFred is now known as AllegedFred
2013-10-27T02:36:10  <exiledjedi> Can it claim that if the only mention is this quote?
2013-10-27T02:36:16  <SirCavalier> Thing is, the quote for the shark and the venom are the same.
2013-10-27T02:36:17  <IFYLOFD> No, it can't
2013-10-27T02:36:43  <IFYLOFD> It's just a name
2013-10-27T02:36:43  <exiledjedi> The shark doesn't appear elsewhere according to its article.
2013-10-27T02:36:46  <SirCavalier> If you assume the venom is not linked to the shark, then you have toquestion the existence of the shark article
2013-10-27T02:36:56  <exiledjedi> Yeah.
2013-10-27T02:37:31  <SirCavalier> And if you decide that the shark exists, then the venom must be linked to it by dint of being the same quote
2013-10-27T02:38:24  <dogma> So, does it exist?
2013-10-27T02:38:32  <dogma> Should we vote?
2013-10-27T02:38:35  <exiledjedi> I don't know.
2013-10-27T02:38:53  <exiledjedi> I wish I could check the novel to see if the shark is mentioned elsewhere.
2013-10-27T02:39:05  <SirCavalier> hungry ewok
2013-10-27T02:39:08  <dogma> Does HUngry Ewok have it?
2013-10-27T02:39:10  <SirCavalier> they should have it
2013-10-27T02:39:16  <exiledjedi> Eh?
2013-10-27T02:39:18  <dogma> I'll check
2013-10-27T02:42:42  <dogma> Um.... they have it as Dozoisian SNARK venom....
2013-10-27T02:42:50  <exiledjedi> ...
2013-10-27T02:42:53  <dogma> ....
2013-10-27T02:42:59  <dogma> Mistake?
2013-10-27T02:43:00  <IFYLOFD> .................
2013-10-27T02:43:03  <exiledjedi> I seriously doubt that...
2013-10-27T02:43:10  <IFYLOFD> Hey, sometimes my snark can be venomous
2013-10-27T02:43:23  <exiledjedi> I like my pet snark.
2013-10-27T02:43:37  <dogma> Anyways, there was no other mention of shark or snark in the thing
2013-10-27T02:43:58  <AllegedFred> Is this still the ECmoot?
2013-10-27T02:44:04  <exiledjedi> Yeah.
2013-10-27T02:44:05  <IFYLOFD> Then delete the shark article and remove the reference to it in the venom article
2013-10-27T02:44:12  <IFYLOFD> Otherwise don't probe
2013-10-27T02:44:16  <exiledjedi> Should we TC it?
2013-10-27T02:44:22  <IFYLOFD> That's what I would do
2013-10-27T02:44:23  <exiledjedi> Or just speedy?
2013-10-27T02:44:32  <exiledjedi> TC it is then.
2013-10-27T02:44:43  <IFYLOFD> Yeah, TC it
2013-10-27T02:44:45  <Calrayn> Wait...
2013-10-27T02:44:50  <exiledjedi> What?
2013-10-27T02:44:55  <IFYLOFD> We can revisit it if the TC fails
2013-10-27T02:45:06  <Calrayn> Culator says to not trust HungryEwok's spellings.
2013-10-27T02:45:13  <IFYLOFD> Yeah, sure
2013-10-27T02:45:19  <IFYLOFD> But either way, if it's snark or shark
2013-10-27T02:45:24  <Calrayn> Remember Yanthan?
2013-10-27T02:45:38  <exiledjedi> ...
2013-10-27T02:45:39  <dogma> Someday should check a hard copy to make sure
2013-10-27T02:45:50  <Calrayn> Hmmm. TC and request other people check hard copies?
2013-10-27T02:46:01  <IFYLOFD> That's fine with me
2013-10-27T02:46:17  <Calrayn> Like, have the TC be withdrawn if the spelling is valid.
2013-10-27T02:46:35  <exiledjedi> The spelling isn't the question.
2013-10-27T02:46:55  <exiledjedi> It is whether or not the shark was mentioned elsewhere in the novel.
2013-10-27T02:47:03  <dogma> It wasn't
2013-10-27T02:47:09  <Calrayn> Sorry, you're correct. TC.
2013-10-27T02:47:16  <dogma> but we still need to TC the Shark/snark
2013-10-27T02:48:00  <exiledjedi> Cade, your page says you have the book.
2013-10-27T02:48:07  <exiledjedi> Is it a hard copy?
2013-10-27T02:48:16  <dogma> CADE CHECK DA BOOK
2013-10-27T02:48:42  <Calrayn> What book?
2013-10-27T02:48:49  <Calrayn> You're lucky I'm at my house.
2013-10-27T02:48:50  <dogma> DA BOOK
2013-10-27T02:49:00  <exiledjedi>
2013-10-27T02:49:02  <dogma> Boba Fett: Pursuit
2013-10-27T02:49:12  <Calrayn> Hmm.
2013-10-27T02:49:15  <Calrayn> I'll go check.
2013-10-27T02:50:00  <Calrayn> What chapter?
2013-10-27T02:50:05  <exiledjedi> Not sure.
2013-10-27T02:50:14  <Calrayn> Who has the etext?
2013-10-27T02:50:21  <dogma> I can recheck
2013-10-27T02:50:29  <dogma> But I have to re-download it
2013-10-27T02:50:29  <exiledjedi> dogma?
2013-10-27T02:50:42  <dogma> lost it somwhere on my puter.... >_>
2013-10-27T02:51:51  <dogma> Chapter 13
2013-10-27T02:52:55  <Calrayn> Dozoisian Snark Venom, capitalized.
2013-10-27T02:53:08  <exiledjedi> Heh.
2013-10-27T02:53:09  <dogma> Its a Snark!!!!!
2013-10-27T02:53:11  <dogma> Snark]
2013-10-27T02:53:24  <dogma> Shnarky Shnark Shnark
2013-10-27T02:53:26  <exiledjedi> So, I guess that means a probe for this article.
2013-10-27T02:53:29  <IFYLOFD> SNARK
2013-10-27T02:53:39  <IFYLOFD> BOOM SNARKALARKA
2013-10-27T02:53:49  <Calrayn> Might be a mistranslation on LEe's end
2013-10-27T02:54:09  <exiledjedi> Probe
2013-10-27T02:54:46  <exiledjedi> Wake up people.
2013-10-27T02:54:53  <Calrayn> Probe
2013-10-27T02:54:57  <dogma> Wiat
2013-10-27T02:55:02  <dogma> I can fix ze article
2013-10-27T02:55:11  <exiledjedi> Okay, go ahead.
2013-10-27T02:55:22  <Calrayn> Yeah, fix
2013-10-27T02:56:59  <dogma> Pow
2013-10-27T02:57:02  <dogma> How's that?
2013-10-27T02:57:35  <exiledjedi> Maybe a substance infobox as well.
2013-10-27T02:57:48  <dogma> >_>
2013-10-27T02:58:03  <exiledjedi> I'll add it.
2013-10-27T02:59:01  <exiledjedi> One moment.
2013-10-27T02:59:11  <dogma> TY
2013-10-27T02:59:21  <dogma> I was going to do it, but if you want to, its all yours
2013-10-27T03:01:52  <exiledjedi> All right please give it a quick check.
2013-10-27T03:02:27  <exiledjedi> Wait should venom be capitalized everywhere it refers to it?
2013-10-27T03:02:28  <dogma> Beautiful - spare
2013-10-27T03:02:53  <dogma> I don't think so
2013-10-27T03:03:45  <exiledjedi> Spare, with a TC for the shark article.
2013-10-27T03:03:52  <Calrayn> Agreed
2013-10-27T03:03:58  <SirCavalier> Aye
2013-10-27T03:04:09  <exiledjedi> Anyone else?
2013-10-27T03:04:35  <exiledjedi> Floyd or ecks?
2013-10-27T03:04:40  <IFYLOFD> Spare
2013-10-27T03:04:44  <ecks> spare
2013-10-27T03:05:08  <exiledjedi> <Whatever> Snark Venom spared.
2013-10-27T03:05:13  <exiledjedi> Got tired of typing it.
2013-10-27T03:05:44  <exiledjedi> Last one:
2013-10-27T03:06:05  <exiledjedi> We have a possible mention in the appearances section.
2013-10-27T03:06:08  <exiledjedi> Is that allowed?
2013-10-27T03:06:50  <IFYLOFD> Well
2013-10-27T03:06:53  <exiledjedi> It mentions the source in the BTS, but says that there is not a clear connection.
2013-10-27T03:06:53  <SirCavalier> I would have though it would be an IMO
2013-10-27T03:07:10  <IFYLOFD> The quote from HNN is "The representative of the Jrade district juggled while reciting the Founder's Day Allegiance as part of the talent competition,"
2013-10-27T03:08:26  <Calrayn> That's a Mo, I think
2013-10-27T03:08:37  <exiledjedi> I don't know if there is enough to say it is the same founder's day
2013-10-27T03:09:02  <exiledjedi> There is also
2013-10-27T03:09:16  <exiledjedi> Lots of things could have a Founder's day.
2013-10-27T03:09:33  <exiledjedi>
2013-10-27T03:09:37  <IFYLOFD> Yeah
2013-10-27T03:10:03  <exiledjedi> I think we should just remove the source from the appearance section personally.
2013-10-27T03:10:08  <exiledjedi> And leave the BTS note.
2013-10-27T03:10:43  <Calrayn> Agreed
2013-10-27T03:11:14  <exiledjedi> Any other opinions?
2013-10-27T03:12:18  <exiledjedi> Anyone?
2013-10-27T03:12:56  <SirCavalier> I'd be fine with that
2013-10-27T03:12:58  <dogma> Spare Founder's day if that ius done
2013-10-27T03:13:04  <dogma> Sec, afk
2013-10-27T03:13:12  <IFYLOFD> Spare
2013-10-27T03:13:36  <exiledjedi> Done, spare.
2013-10-27T03:14:14  <exiledjedi> Any other votes?
2013-10-27T03:14:34  <Calrayn> Sales
2013-10-27T03:14:36  <Calrayn> Spare
2013-10-27T03:14:45  <exiledjedi> Sales?
2013-10-27T03:15:16  <Calrayn> Autocorrect
2013-10-27T03:15:28  <exiledjedi> Founder's Day spared (I guess)
2013-10-27T03:15:46  <exiledjedi> That is all of the articles for meeting four.
2013-10-27T03:16:01  <exiledjedi> Now for the "fun" part.
2013-10-27T03:16:25  <exiledjedi> Will someone flip a coin or something to see whether me or dogma gets to do paperwork?
2013-10-27T03:16:42  <exiledjedi> I feel it would be better if a third party decided.
2013-10-27T03:16:45  <Calrayn> I vote dogma
2013-10-27T03:16:47  <IFYLOFD> Wait, wait
2013-10-27T03:16:52  <exiledjedi> What?
2013-10-27T03:16:53  <IFYLOFD> Did we vote on the three new guys or not?
2013-10-27T03:16:53  <Calrayn> Since you've done most of the stuff.
2013-10-27T03:17:09  <IFYLOFD> Before the meeting
2013-10-27T03:17:24  <exiledjedi> I think the nominations still need to happen on the nom page.
2013-10-27T03:17:29  <exiledjedi> And we still need to ask them.
2013-10-27T03:17:31  <IFYLOFD> Oh right, the nom page
2013-10-27T03:17:34  <IFYLOFD> I forgot about that
2013-10-27T03:17:40  <exiledjedi> I was going to do that after the meeting.
2013-10-27T03:17:43  <IFYLOFD> I'm used to the Inq/AC way :P
2013-10-27T03:17:46  <Calrayn> Who is being nominated?
2013-10-27T03:17:58  <IFYLOFD> Supreme Emperor, Ayrehead and Corellian Premier
2013-10-27T03:17:58  <exiledjedi> Ayrehead, SE, and Corellian Premier.
2013-10-27T03:18:03  <Calrayn> Excellent.
2013-10-27T03:18:12  <Calrayn> Ayre needs some work though.
2013-10-27T03:18:16  <exiledjedi> As long as they accept of course.
2013-10-27T03:18:27  <exiledjedi> I think he has made vast improvements.
2013-10-27T03:18:38  <exiledjedi> Right now we need people.
2013-10-27T03:18:54  <Calrayn> Yes.
2013-10-27T03:19:34  <exiledjedi> So, about the paperwork...
2013-10-27T03:19:43  <Toprawa> Back
2013-10-27T03:19:47  <Toprawa> Is this still going on? :P
2013-10-27T03:19:56  <exiledjedi> Just the last bit about next meeting.
2013-10-27T03:20:11  <Calrayn> Dogma should. You've scheduled/papered the last few
2013-10-27T03:20:27  <dogma> I say Cade does it...
2013-10-27T03:20:32  <Toprawa> Yeah, the randomization system doesn't work with only three people.
2013-10-27T03:20:39  <Toprawa> We agreed that only ECs do paperwork
2013-10-27T03:20:47  <Toprawa> Unless a non-EC wants to volunteer or something, I guess
2013-10-27T03:20:55  <dogma> Cade can be briefly demoted to an EC....
2013-10-27T03:21:02  <exiledjedi> and the Paperwork.
2013-10-27T03:21:02  <exiledjedi> Can someone else make the decision, I have a slight bias.
2013-10-27T03:21:02  <exiledjedi> It is between me and dogma.
2013-10-27T03:21:14  <dogma> I can do paperwork
2013-10-27T03:21:14  <Toprawa> Dogma, I think it would be fair if you did it
2013-10-27T03:21:21  <dogma> It's next meeting, right?
2013-10-27T03:21:42  <Toprawa> The paperwork would be for the meeting we just had
2013-10-27T03:21:51  <dogma> :0
2013-10-27T03:21:59  <exiledjedi> For all the articles killed and probed.
2013-10-27T03:22:20  <dogma> Is it okay if it gets done tommorow???
2013-10-27T03:22:31  <dogma> I'm going to bed soon...
2013-10-27T03:22:37  <Toprawa> Yes, it doesn't need to be done immediately
2013-10-27T03:22:43  <Toprawa> When you have some time in the next few days
2013-10-27T03:22:46  <dogma> Has anyoen logged this meeting?
2013-10-27T03:22:59  <dogma> so I can refer to it?
2013-10-27T03:23:04  <dogma> Or do I have to?
2013-10-27T03:23:27  <exiledjedi> I think ecks has been logging the meeting.
2013-10-27T03:23:46  <dogma> Ecks?
2013-10-27T03:24:29  <dogma> ECks...
2013-10-27T03:25:05  <dogma> Well, I'll do paperwork, but I'll need the log to refer to
2013-10-27T03:25:40  <exiledjedi> Ecks will probably have it up by tomorrow afternoon.
2013-10-27T03:25:52  <exiledjedi> Well, thanks for coming everyone.
2013-10-27T03:26:22  <Calrayn> Yep
2013-10-27T03:26:51  <dogma> kk
2013-10-27T03:27:00  <exiledjedi> Especially all of you who had an AC meeting earlier.
2013-10-27T03:27:02  <dogma> I'll start after ecks has logged it
2013-10-27T03:27:20  <dogma> nite all
2013-10-27T03:27:29  <Toprawa> Thanks for running it, EJ
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