[20:12:52] <Toprawa> Ok, let's get started
[20:12:56] <Toprawa> Night of the Living Dead
[20:13:02] <Toprawa>
[20:13:07] <Toprawa>
[20:13:20] <Toprawa> Dude says he updated
[20:13:48] <Toprawa> um
[20:13:53] <Toprawa> Rebels Recon isn't a source for these air dates
[20:13:54] <exiledjedi> can't remember if that's all the relevant details
[20:14:01] <Toprawa> I'm pretty sure Rebels air dates can only be sourced to
[20:14:23] <Toprawa> Ref note 6 is also atrocious
[20:14:29] <Toprawa> As I pointed out on Fred's nom, Killun Station
[20:14:36] <exiledjedi> I feel really good about the update quality when the guy updating it says that.
[20:14:46] <Toprawa> Seriously
[20:15:00] <Toprawa> I will officially consider that an incomplete update.
[20:15:07] <Toprawa> If you can't even tell us with certainty, it doesn't fly here
[20:15:20] <Toprawa> It's not for us to judge.
[20:15:20] <Supreme_Emperor> "Can't remember"
[20:15:23] <Toprawa> It's for you to tell us.
[20:15:24] <Supreme_Emperor> Enough said :p
[20:15:30] <Toprawa> We don't have the time to go through and check if the information is all there.
[20:15:36] <Toprawa> That's the editor's responsibility
[20:15:49] <Imperators> I can't remember. Probe?
[20:15:54] <Toprawa> It's already been probed
[20:15:57] <Toprawa> This would be kill.
[20:15:58] <Imperators> extend
[20:16:04] <Imperators> oh, shit, kill
[20:16:11] <exiledjedi> I'm voting kill on this BS.
[20:16:14] <Supreme_Emperor> Yeah, kill
[20:16:15] <Toprawa> Kill
[20:16:19] <Imperators> Kill
[20:16:28] <MasterFred> This article needs sectioning anyway, which would make it a GAN. Kill
[20:16:38] <Toprawa> RZ-1T killed
[20:16:45] <Toprawa>
[20:16:50] <Toprawa>
[20:16:57] <Toprawa> No change
[20:17:06] <exiledjedi> Kill
[20:17:09] <Supreme_Emperor> That's a kill then
[20:17:11] <Toprawa> Kill
[20:17:13] <MasterFred> No change=kill
[20:17:35] <Toprawa> Imperators?
[20:17:43] <Imperators> kill
[20:17:47] <Toprawa> N'do Maetrecis killed
[20:17:51] <Toprawa>
[20:17:58] <Toprawa>
[20:17:59] <Toprawa> No change
[20:18:07] <MasterFred> Kill
[20:18:07] <exiledjedi> Kill
[20:18:13] <Supreme_Emperor> Kill
[20:18:14] <Toprawa> Kill
[20:18:16] <Supreme_Emperor> That lag
[20:18:30] <Toprawa> Imperators?
[20:18:35] <Imperators> kill
[20:19:00] <Toprawa> Membibi killed
[20:19:03] <Toprawa>
[20:19:07] <Toprawa>
[20:19:20] <Toprawa> I find the one-sentence intro amusingly insufficient
[20:19:31] <Toprawa> He said he expanded it per the review objection
[20:19:34] <exiledjedi> Yeah, and that's what we complained about last time.
[20:20:14] <Toprawa> "...based on the [planet Roche." was his expansion
[20:20:23] <Toprawa>
[20:20:29] <Supreme_Emperor> Much more expansion required there
[20:20:29] <MasterFred> 🙄
[20:20:30] <Toprawa> Insufficient.
[20:20:47] <Toprawa> There's no point in even extending this probe, because a proper intro expansion is going to take it to GAN anyways
[20:20:52] <MasterFred> This should also be a GAN, anyway.
[20:20:56] <MasterFred> Yeah
[20:21:19] <Toprawa> I vote kill.
[20:21:25] <MasterFred> Kill
[20:21:28] <exiledjedi> Same, kill.
[20:21:30] <Supreme_Emperor> Kill
[20:21:51] <Imperators> kill
[20:21:59] <MasterFred> I already suggested AV take this to GAN on his talk page, warning him it could lose its CA status. "Told ya so."
[20:22:10] <Supreme_Emperor> We can let him know that further expansion will push it to the GAN anyway
[20:22:37] <MasterFred> I already did after the last meeting. :P
[20:22:44] <Toprawa> Verpine killed.
[20:22:59] <Toprawa>
[20:23:18] <Toprawa>
[20:23:20] <Toprawa> Needs an update
[20:23:33] <Toprawa> Probe
[20:23:36] <exiledjedi> Probe
[20:23:39] <MasterFred> Probe
[20:23:42] <Imperators> probe
[20:23:42] <Toprawa> Oh, wait
[20:23:57] <Toprawa> We don't probe things that need an update from sources less than a month old
[20:24:07] <Toprawa> This book came out October 3
[20:24:16] <MasterFred> Oh wow, didn't even think about how old the source was.
[20:24:17] <Toprawa> So, we'll pass on this for now
[20:24:19] <exiledjedi> Huh?
[20:24:22] <MasterFred> Getting ahead of ourselves. Haha
[20:24:29] <exiledjedi> The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia
[20:24:35] <Toprawa> Oh, shit
[20:24:36] <Toprawa> Sorry
[20:24:41] <Toprawa> I was looking at Kubindi, the next article up
[20:24:44] <Toprawa> My bad
[20:24:48] <MasterFred> XD
[20:24:50] <Toprawa> Probe
[20:24:53] <Toprawa> Ji probed
[20:25:08] <Imperators> spare Kubindi, then
[20:25:13] <Toprawa> Passing on Kubindi, but for whoever is reading this, you need to use Template:Shortstory for these Certain POV stories
[20:25:31] <Toprawa> Lewis, unfortunately, didn't use the template when populating these Appearances lists
[20:25:42] <Toprawa> Ok, that's all in the bin.
[20:25:46] <MasterFred> Ugh, loading all these pages in mobile shows none of the maintenance tags.
[20:26:01] <Toprawa> Mobile is for *losers* :P
[20:26:07] <Toprawa> Ok, anything else from anyone?
[20:26:08] <Imperators> mobile sucks
[20:26:14] <MasterFred> It really does
[20:26:18] <Supreme_Emperor> Yeah, it really does :p
[20:26:29] <exiledjedi> I don't have anything.
[20:26:31] <MasterFred> Nothing else from me. I'm over my break. Haha
[20:26:42] <Toprawa> Ok, then
[20:26:49] <Toprawa> That concludes EC Meeting 42.
[20:26:58] <Toprawa> Do we have a duties table?
[20:27:01] <Supreme_Emperor> I absolutely forgot it was today, so I've got nothing else at the moment :p
[20:27:11] <exiledjedi>
[20:27:21] <Toprawa> We should slide Ayrehead in there.
[20:27:32] <Toprawa> Corellian Premier is on paperwork.
[20:27:38] <Toprawa> Imperators schedules Meeting 43.
[20:27:43] <Imperators> yay
[20:27:44] <Toprawa> And we'll insert Ayrehead at the end of the table
[20:27:53] * MasterFred is now known as Fred|work
[20:28:04] <Toprawa> Fred, do you want in on this paperwork at all?
[20:28:21] <Toprawa> That's all
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