[20:01:22] <Ayrehead02> Let's get right into it
[20:01:29] <Ayrehead02> First up is Mairne
[20:01:34] <Ayrehead02>
[20:01:38] <Ayrehead02>
[20:02:00] <Ayrehead02> Cav claims to have fixed the issues
[20:02:34] <exiledjedi> Looks fine to me.
[20:02:36] <exiledjedi> Keep
[20:02:41] <Ayrehead02> Keep
[20:02:42] <CorellianPremier> ok keep
[20:02:48] <Ayrehead02> Mairne kept
[20:03:03] <Ayrehead02> Next up is the BARC speeder
[20:03:04] <Ayrehead02>
[20:03:09] <Ayrehead02>
[20:04:24] <Ayrehead02> Imperators seems to think it should be moved, and it hasn't been
[20:05:20] <exiledjedi> Yeah, he listed some other changes as well.
[20:05:27] <exiledjedi> And that was weeks ago.
[20:05:36] <Ayrehead02> In that case I guess we kill
[20:05:37] <Ayrehead02> Kill
[20:05:42] <exiledjedi> Kill
[20:06:08] <CorellianPremier> kill
[20:06:20] <Ayrehead02> Barc Speeder killed
[20:06:24] <Ayrehead02> Next up is Gondar
[20:06:28] <Ayrehead02>
[20:06:33] <Ayrehead02>
[20:06:41] <Ayrehead02> No update
[20:06:46] <Ayrehead02> Kill
[20:06:51] <CorellianPremier> Def. kill
[20:07:12] <exiledjedi> Kill
[20:07:17] <Ayrehead02> Gondar killed
[20:07:29] <Ayrehead02> The final thing for the last meeting is Loth-bat
[20:07:30] <Ayrehead02>
[20:07:35] <Ayrehead02>
[20:07:39] <Ayrehead02> No update, kill
[20:07:41] <exiledjedi> Kill
[20:07:56] <CorellianPremier> kill
[20:08:05] <Ayrehead02> Loth-bat killed
[20:08:11] <Ayrehead02> Ok on to the new stuff
[20:08:16] <Ayrehead02> Starting with Mimban
[20:08:20] <Ayrehead02>
[20:08:30] <Ayrehead02> Which needs an update, and is about to appear in Solo
[20:08:43] <Ayrehead02> Meaning there's zero percent chance it'll stay a CA
[20:08:46] <Ayrehead02> Probe
[20:08:51] <exiledjedi> It's not a month old yet though.
[20:08:54] <exiledjedi> The source
[20:09:10] <Ayrehead02> Well it also has a redlink
[20:09:12] <exiledjedi> We can probe for other things but not the update.
[20:09:18] <Ayrehead02> Fair point
[20:10:23] <Ayrehead02> Probe
[20:10:30] <exiledjedi> Probe
[20:10:42] <CorellianPremier> probe
[20:10:49] <Ayrehead02> Mimban probed
[20:11:00] <Ayrehead02> Next is Kiffu
[20:11:08] <Ayrehead02>
[20:11:27] <Ayrehead02> Imperators thinks that this edit means the BTS needs changing
[20:12:25] <Ayrehead02> I also think the BTS could do with rearranging as we generally have canon content first now then Legends origins after
[20:12:42] <exiledjedi> I'm wondering if that is even an indirect mention from the edit comments.
[20:12:53] <exiledjedi> Someone should check.
[20:13:24] <exiledjedi> As part of the probation
[20:13:26] <Ayrehead02> I'm guessing that Vos mentions his homeworld
[20:13:59] <Ayrehead02> I don't have Dark Disciple to hand, but I can have a look at some point if the original nominator never gets back to it
[20:14:09] <Ayrehead02> Anyway
[20:14:10] <Ayrehead02> Probe
[20:14:14] <exiledjedi> Probe
[20:14:20] <CorellianPremier> probe
[20:14:28] <Ayrehead02> Kiffu probed
[20:14:42] <Ayrehead02> Finally Attatag Gosem
[20:14:43] <Ayrehead02>
[20:14:54] <Ayrehead02> "I know we only recently instituted the CA Redux, but this has been expanded to nearly 500 words since attaining status back in 2010. FWIW, the article is missing some backup links and could use more thorough linking in refs. "
[20:15:54] <Ayrehead02> Thing is if this is 500 words then surely we don't want to redux it? It should just be probed
[20:16:17] <exiledjedi> We don't probe for going over the word count.
[20:17:14] <exiledjedi> The redux page mentions recent updates as well, so it doesn't really suggest going back and reduxing something from the past.
[20:17:42] <Ayrehead02> Do we probe based on the referencing Imperators mention?
[20:18:03] <exiledjedi> Yeah, the date referencing is also questionable.
[20:18:15] <exiledjedi> Probe
[20:18:21] <Ayrehead02> Probe
[20:18:32] <CorellianPremier> probe
[20:18:50] <Ayrehead02> Attatag Gosem probed
[20:19:08] <Ayrehead02> What's in the maintenance bin
[20:19:15] <exiledjedi> The maintenance bin looks empty aside from the old stuff.
[20:19:25] <Ayrehead02> Yup
[20:19:28] <Ayrehead02> Anyone else got anything?
[20:19:32] <exiledjedi> Not I
[20:19:39] <Ayrehead02> Me either
[20:20:01] <CorellianPremier> Nope
[20:20:21] <Ayrehead02> I guess that wraps things up then
[20:20:35] <Ayrehead02> MasterFred is on paperwork
[20:21:05] <Ayrehead02> And the schedule hasn't been updated for who is scheduling next meeting
[20:21:35] <Ayrehead02> What's our preferred method for generating the order?
[20:21:54] <exiledjedi> We usually put a list of names in a randomizer.
[20:21:57] <exiledjedi> I can do that.
[20:22:02] <Ayrehead02> Thanks
[20:23:01] <exiledjedi> Scheduling:
[20:23:02] <exiledjedi>     Corellian Premier
[20:23:02] <exiledjedi>     Master Fredcerique
[20:23:02] <exiledjedi>     Exiledjedi
[20:23:02] <exiledjedi>     Supreme Emperor
[20:23:02] <exiledjedi>     Imperators II
[20:23:02] <exiledjedi>     Ayrehead 02
[20:23:17] <exiledjedi> Paperwork:
[20:23:18] <exiledjedi>     Imperators II
[20:23:18] <exiledjedi>     Supreme Emperor
[20:23:18] <exiledjedi>     Corellian Premier
[20:23:18] <exiledjedi>     Exiledjedi
[20:23:18] <exiledjedi>     Ayrehead 02
[20:23:18] <exiledjedi>     Master Fredcerique
[20:23:29] <Ayrehead02> Cool
[20:23:40] <Ayrehead02> CP you get to schedule 48 then I guess
[20:23:44] <exiledjedi> I'll set up the bylaws page.
[20:23:47] <Ayrehead02> Thanks
[20:23:48] <exiledjedi> And the log.
[20:23:56] <CorellianPremier> Alright alright
[20:23:58] <Ayrehead02> How do you actually extract the log?
[20:24:08] <Ayrehead02> Might be useful to know so I can do it in future
[20:24:15] <exiledjedi> I use HexChat, which has a logging option.
[20:24:42] <exiledjedi> I go to the logs folder and copy the meeting text from the log file.
[20:25:52] <Ayrehead02> Ah cool, I also use HexChat so that should work for me
[20:25:54] <Ayrehead02> Thanks!
[20:26:03] <exiledjedi> np
[20:27:50] <exiledjedi> Thanks for running the meeting.
[20:28:05] <Ayrehead02> Thanks
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