[01:59:34] <exiledjedi> Welcome to EduCorps Meeting 5.
[01:59:34] <Supreme_Emperor> :P
[01:59:57] <CorellianPremier> Dark greetings. Wait is that the right review team?
[02:00:12] <Supreme_Emperor> it's ours now :P
[02:00:17] <exiledjedi> I think that is the Mofference.
[02:00:29] <ecks> is this the MORFEROFOEREEENNCE?
[02:01:13] <exiledjedi> Since we only have articles to review in this meeting, I will explain the voting process to the new ECs.
[02:02:14] <exiledjedi> When an article that has already been reviewed is voted on, you can choose to keep the article by saying "keep" or to remove the article's status by saying "kill".
[02:03:28] <exiledjedi> When a article that has not already been reviewed comes up, you can choose to spare the article from further review by saying "spare" or you can vote to put the article on probation until the next meeting by voting "probe".
[02:03:46] <exiledjedi> Any questions?
[02:03:56] <Ayrehead02> Nope
[02:04:01] <Supreme_Emperor> all good
[02:04:31] <CorellianPremier> Let's go!
[02:04:50] <exiledjedi> All right, we will start with the articles that were reviewed last meeting:
[02:04:53] <Supreme_Emperor> alright good meeting guys, got a lot done, take 5 :P
[02:05:06] <exiledjedi>
[02:05:26] <Supreme_Emperor> keep
[02:05:31] <exiledjedi> Coruscantfan checked the episode and episode guide and did not find it.
[02:06:13] <exiledjedi> So, there isn't really anything wrong with the article.
[02:06:25] <exiledjedi> Unless I missed something.
[02:06:53] <exiledjedi> Time to vote:
[02:06:56] <exiledjedi> Keep
[02:07:02] <Ayrehead02> Keep
[02:07:05] <IFYLOFD> Keep
[02:07:06] <CorellianPremier> keep
[02:07:07] <Supreme_Emperor> shouldn't the name in the infobox match the title?
[02:07:09] <Supreme_Emperor> keep
[02:07:45] <CorellianPremier> No, since its only for disambig purposes. If it was conjectural, yes
[02:08:07] <Supreme_Emperor> kk
[02:08:15] <exiledjedi> Anyone else?
[02:08:35] <exiledjedi> 4 keeps from the notes.
[02:09:38] <exiledjedi> Blaster pistol (Coruscant police droid model) kept
[02:10:02] <exiledjedi> Next up:
[02:10:13] <exiledjedi> No change from the last meeting.
[02:10:26] <Supreme_Emperor> kill
[02:10:38] <CorellianPremier> kill
[02:10:41] <exiledjedi> Kill
[02:10:52] <Ayrehead02> Kill
[02:11:04] <IFYLOFD> Kill
[02:11:57] <exiledjedi> 4 kills from the notes.
[02:12:00] <exiledjedi> Anyone else?
[02:12:02] <ecks> KILL
[02:12:30] <exiledjedi> Sossen-7 sublight engine killed.
[02:12:40] <exiledjedi> Now for the new articles:
[02:12:58] <exiledjedi>
[02:13:34] <exiledjedi> The article originally mentioned squads, which I could not find referenced anywhere, but CC7567 fixed it.
[02:14:03] <exiledjedi> Spare
[02:14:06] <Supreme_Emperor> spare
[02:14:14] <CorellianPremier> spare
[02:14:29] <Ayrehead02> Spare
[02:14:46] <exiledjedi> 3 spares from the notes
[02:15:25] <exiledjedi> Anyone else?
[02:16:00] <IFYLOFD> Spare
[02:16:00] <ecks> spare
[02:16:16] <exiledjedi> 224th spared.
[02:16:26] <exiledjedi>
[02:17:06] <exiledjedi> MJ fixed the broken link in the appearances section.
[02:17:09] <Ayrehead02> Spare
[02:17:11] <exiledjedi> spare
[02:17:12] <Supreme_Emperor> spare
[02:17:16] <CorellianPremier> spare
[02:17:40] <exiledjedi> 4 spares from the notes
[02:18:35] <exiledjedi> Last call for votes.
[02:19:11] <exiledjedi> Church of Toydaria spared.
[02:19:32] <exiledjedi>
[02:20:09] <exiledjedi> Supreme Emperor updated the article with the information from the Atlas.
[02:20:12] <exiledjedi> Spare
[02:20:17] <CorellianPremier> spare
[02:20:20] <Supreme_Emperor> spare
[02:20:37] <exiledjedi> 4 spares from the notes
[02:20:37] <IFYLOFD> Spare
[02:20:39] <Ayrehead02> Spare
[02:21:41] <exiledjedi> Core Foodstuffs spared.
[02:22:00] <exiledjedi>
[02:22:22] <exiledjedi> Ayrehead02 filled in the redlink.
[02:22:29] <exiledjedi> Spare
[02:22:36] <Ayrehead02> Spare
[02:22:38] <CorellianPremier> spare
[02:22:58] <Supreme_Emperor> spare
[02:23:14] <exiledjedi> 4 spares from the notes
[02:23:52] <exiledjedi> Cuvacian spared.
[02:24:08] <exiledjedi>
[02:24:51] <exiledjedi> There were some inconsistencies and missing information that MJ took care of.
[02:24:55] <Supreme_Emperor> spare
[02:24:58] <exiledjedi> Spare
[02:25:11] <CorellianPremier> spare
[02:25:16] <IFYLOFD> Surr
[02:25:23] <IFYLOFD> *Spurr
[02:25:24] <Ayrehead02> Spare
[02:25:32] <exiledjedi> 4 spares from the notes
[02:26:06] <exiledjedi> Mining safety committee spared.
[02:26:21] <exiledjedi>
[02:27:03] <exiledjedi> It seems to me that there are a few things from the image that could be mentioned in the article.
[02:27:20] <exiledjedi> The main thing being that she appears to be holding a lightsaber.
[02:27:46] <Ayrehead02> and a description of clothing?
[02:27:47] <exiledjedi> In my opinion, her clothes should also be mentioned briefly.
[02:28:05] <Supreme_Emperor> ah i thought that was part of the outfit :P
[02:28:07] <Supreme_Emperor> probe
[02:28:11] <Ayrehead02> Ah sorry didn't let you finish :P
[02:28:14] <Ayrehead02> Probe
[02:28:16] <CorellianPremier> probe
[02:28:18] <exiledjedi> Probe
[02:28:45] <exiledjedi> 4 probes from the notes
[02:29:36] <exiledjedi> Naresha probed.
[02:30:00] <exiledjedi>
[02:30:36] <exiledjedi> There is missing information regarding the fate of his flagship that should be in RPG tags.
[02:31:06] <Ayrehead02> Probe
[02:31:08] <exiledjedi> Probe
[02:31:09] <Supreme_Emperor> probe
[02:31:20] <exiledjedi> 4 probes from the notes
[02:31:32] <CorellianPremier> probe
[02:32:15] <IFYLOFD> Perb
[02:32:25] <exiledjedi> Rokon probed.
[02:32:54] <exiledjedi> Next up:
[02:33:28] <exiledjedi> For this one, I noticed that there was some information related to the species' droids in the Edge of Empire core rulebook.
[02:34:17] <Supreme_Emperor> probe
[02:34:18] <exiledjedi> Probe (although, I still might fix the article in-between meetings)
[02:34:24] <IFYLOFD> Probz
[02:34:26] <Ayrehead02> probe
[02:34:32] <CorellianPremier> probe
[02:34:48] <exiledjedi> 4 probes from the notes
[02:35:08] <exiledjedi> Rseikharhl probed.
[02:35:22] <exiledjedi>
[02:35:54] <exiledjedi> I was wondering if the inconsistency with his name should be mentioned in the main part of the article.
[02:36:08] <exiledjedi> Also, his homeworld is not mentioned in the body of the article.
[02:36:12] <Ayrehead02> Probe
[02:36:16] <exiledjedi> Probe
[02:36:21] <IFYLOFD> Probe
[02:36:22] <Supreme_Emperor> probe
[02:36:23] <CorellianPremier> probe - definitely
[02:36:37] <exiledjedi> 4 probes from the notes
[02:37:01] <exiledjedi> Siin Suub probed.
[02:37:16] <exiledjedi>
[02:37:38] <exiledjedi> MJ fixed the broken link in the appearances section.
[02:37:43] <exiledjedi> Spare
[02:37:43] <Ayrehead02> Spare
[02:37:47] <CorellianPremier> spare
[02:37:52] <Supreme_Emperor> spare
[02:38:05] <exiledjedi> 4 spares from the notes
[02:38:40] <exiledjedi> TuskBlaster spared.
[02:38:49] <exiledjedi>
[02:39:17] <exiledjedi> An anonymous user added some unsourced information to the BTS.
[02:39:52] <exiledjedi> Tope thought that we might be able to remove the information if we couldn't confirm it.
[02:40:17] <exiledjedi> What do people think? Does anyone know where this information might be from?
[02:40:42] <exiledjedi> "He was played by Paul Blake, the same actor who played another Rodian named Greedo. A behind-the-scenes still shows makeup artist Kay Freeborn fitting Blake with the costume in the docking bay set."
[02:40:52] <Supreme_Emperor> Hanzo thought maybe the Making of ANH
[02:41:04] <Supreme_Emperor>
[02:41:30] <exiledjedi> Anyone have that?
[02:41:42] <Supreme_Emperor> negative
[02:42:29] <Ayrehead02> Sorry no but given that this Rodian is pretty much identical to Greedo isn't it more likely the photos of Blake getting into costume as Greedo?
[02:43:00] <CorellianPremier> possibly
[02:43:10] <exiledjedi> The sentence claims that the image was on the docking bay set.
[02:43:25] <exiledjedi> I don't know how much that means...
[02:44:00] <Ayrehead02> Aren't there also two other identical Rodians on that set?
[02:44:15] <exiledjedi> I think so.
[02:44:58] <exiledjedi> Yeah,
[02:45:05] <exiledjedi>
[02:45:13] <CorellianPremier> So then it might not even be this one, right?
[02:45:19] <exiledjedi> Yeah
[02:45:21] <Ayrehead02> In that case I'd be impressed if you could tell which of them was Blake
[02:46:45] <Ayrehead02> I hope Leland Chee does that Docking Bay scene as a Rogues gallery soon there's quite a few characters in it who need naming.
[02:47:08] <exiledjedi> So, do people want to remove the information?
[02:47:16] <Supreme_Emperor> yeah
[02:47:18] <CorellianPremier> Yep
[02:47:29] <Ayrehead02> Indeed
[02:47:51] <exiledjedi> That is where I am leaning as well.
[02:48:04] <exiledjedi> Floyd and ecks?
[02:48:09] <ecks> erm
[02:48:09] <ecks> hi
[02:48:23] <IFYLOFD> Per Preem, CP, Ayre, everyone
[02:48:26] <IFYLOFD> Remove
[02:48:33] <ecks> yeah ok
[02:48:49] <Supreme_Emperor> remove and spare
[02:49:22] <Ayrehead02> Should we leave a message on the talk page about finding the image?
[02:50:06] <exiledjedi> We could do that.
[02:50:20] <exiledjedi> Information removed, spare
[02:50:34] <Supreme_Emperor> we could, but i doubt we'll see that particular IP again
[02:51:01] <Ayrehead02> You never know
[02:51:50] <exiledjedi> Let's vote.
[02:52:17] <Supreme_Emperor> spare
[02:52:28] <CorellianPremier> spare
[02:52:34] <exiledjedi> spare
[02:52:50] <Ayrehead02> spare
[02:53:39] <exiledjedi> Unidentified Rodian 3 (Docking Bay 94) spared.
[02:53:58] <exiledjedi> Last one:
[02:55:10] <exiledjedi> MJ and I cleared up the hermaphrodite/male confusion.
[02:55:21] <exiledjedi> Spare
[02:55:27] <CorellianPremier> spare
[02:55:37] <exiledjedi> 4 spares from the notes
[02:55:41] <Supreme_Emperor> spare
[02:56:30] <exiledjedi> Anyone else?
[02:57:37] <IFYLOFD> SPARE
[02:57:56] <exiledjedi> Unidentified Vratix spared.
[02:58:53] <exiledjedi> Now we decide who does the paperwork and schedules the next meeting.
[02:59:19] <exiledjedi> I will use a random number to pick between the four attending ECs and dogma.
[02:59:28] <Supreme_Emperor> ill probably regret this, but if nobody else wants to schedule, i'll volunteer
[02:59:37] <exiledjedi> One paperwork is... exiledjedi
[02:59:42] <exiledjedi> *on
[03:00:56] <exiledjedi> Supreme Emperor is responsible for scheduling the next meeting.
[03:01:17] <exiledjedi> So, thanks for attending everyone.
[03:01:51] <CorellianPremier> Ah yes, victory
[03:02:12] <Supreme_Emperor> VICTORY
[03:02:19] <exiledjedi> It was nice to have ECs that showed up.
[03:02:53] <exiledjedi> I will handle the paperwork after ecks posts the log.
[03:02:53] <Supreme_Emperor> XD
[03:03:10] <Supreme_Emperor> celebratory kick
[03:03:19] * Supreme_Emperor has kicked Cade|away from #wookieepedia-educorps (WE DID IT)
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