[16:01] <@exiledjedi> We will start with the articles from last meeting.
[16:02] <@exiledjedi>
[16:02] <@exiledjedi>
[16:02] <@exiledjedi>
[16:02] <@exiledjedi> No substantial changes.
[16:02] <@Tommy-Macaroni> Kill
[16:02] <@Ayrehead02> Kill
[16:02] <@ecks> kill bill
[16:02] <@exiledjedi> Kill
[16:02] <@Imperators> kill
[16:02] <@CorellianPremier> yep, kill
[16:02] <@exiledjedi> Brogune killed.
[16:03] <@exiledjedi>
[16:03] <@exiledjedi>
[16:03] <@exiledjedi>
[16:03] <@exiledjedi> Looks like this was updated.
[16:03] <@Ayrehead02> Thanks for getting the reference Fred
[16:05] <@Imperators> keep
[16:05] <@exiledjedi> Keep
[16:05] <@Ayrehead02> Keep
[16:05] <@ecks> keep
[16:05] <@CorellianPremier> keep
[16:05] <@Tommy-Macaroni> Yeah keep
[16:05] <@exiledjedi> Dowutin precursor species kept.
[16:06] <@exiledjedi>
[16:06] <@exiledjedi>
[16:06] <@exiledjedi>
[16:06] <@exiledjedi> No change.
[16:06] <@Ayrehead02> Kill
[16:06] <@ecks> kill
[16:06] <@exiledjedi> Kill
[16:06] <@Tommy-Macaroni> kill
[16:06] <@Imperators> astro-kill
[16:06] <@CorellianPremier> kill
[16:06] <@exiledjedi> Harbin-re killed.
[16:06] <@exiledjedi>
[16:06] <@exiledjedi>
[16:06] <@exiledjedi>
[16:07] <@Imperators> I'm ready to kill it even without opening the review page.
[16:07] <@exiledjedi> Some stuff was done, but nobody updated the review page.
[16:07] <@ecks> do we even have a redux page?
[16:08] <@Imperators> YES WE PROUDLY DO
[16:08] <@Imperators>
[16:08] <@Tommy-Macaroni> Sadly AV can't edit anymore to fix it
[16:08] <@Ayrehead02> Oh crap yeah
[16:09] <@exiledjedi> Is there nothing from Solo: A Star Wars Story?
[16:09] <@Imperators> so wait, the former clone troopers later fought the Empire??
[16:09] <@Tommy-Macaroni> The clone bit is into exclusive
[16:09] <@Tommy-Macaroni> I think it's an assumption
[16:09] <@Imperators> if they appeared in Solo, there have to be image(s)
[16:09] <@Ayrehead02> Yeah this articles a mess
[16:10] <@Imperators> cut last BTS sentence
[16:10] <@Imperators> extend
[16:10] <@exiledjedi> There is nothing in the body from either the movie or the guide, which I find very suspect.
[16:10] <@exiledjedi> Extend
[16:10] <@Ayrehead02> Extend
[16:10] <@ecks> extend I guess
[16:10] <@Tommy-Macaroni> Extend, if only to kill later
[16:11] <@CorellianPremier> OK, extend
[16:11] <@exiledjedi> Mud Jumpers extended. May its nightmare never end.
[16:11] <@exiledjedi>
[16:11] <@exiledjedi>
[16:11] <@exiledjedi>
[16:12] <@exiledjedi> Lots happened here.
[16:12] <@Tommy-Macaroni> Imperators seems to have done a pretty thorough review
[16:12] <@Imperators> CP fought for it :P
[16:12] <@CorellianPremier> Indeed
[16:14] <@Imperators> I believe CP has whipped the article into shape to my satisfaction, so unless anyone else has anything...
[16:14] <@Ayrehead02> Looks alright to me
[16:14] <@Tommy-Macaroni> I say keep
[16:14] <@exiledjedi> Looks fine.
[16:14] <@ecks> keep
[16:14] <@exiledjedi> Keep
[16:14] <@Ayrehead02> Keep
[16:14] <@Imperators> keep
[16:14] <@CorellianPremier> keep
[16:15] <@exiledjedi> Rengali Imperial Naval Academy kept.
[16:15] <@exiledjedi>
[16:15] <@exiledjedi>
[16:15] <@exiledjedi>
[16:15] <@Tommy-Macaroni> kill
[16:15] <@exiledjedi> No substantial changes.
[16:15] <@Imperators> kill the thing
[16:15] <@exiledjedi> Kill
[16:15] <@ecks> kill
[16:15] <@Ayrehead02> Kill
[16:16] <@exiledjedi> And the scorpion slug is no more.
[16:16] <@exiledjedi>
[16:16] <@exiledjedi>
[16:16] <@exiledjedi>
[16:17] <@exiledjedi> It looks like the original stuff was worked on.
[16:17] <@Imperators> unfortunately, I added more stuff to do
[16:18] <@exiledjedi> Yeah, extend I guess...
[16:18] <@Tommy-Macaroni> Extend
[16:18] <@Imperators> extend
[16:18] <@ecks> extend
[16:18] <@CorellianPremier> ok extend
[16:18] <@Ayrehead02> Extend
[16:18] <@exiledjedi> Shi'kar extended.
[16:18] <@exiledjedi>
[16:18] <@exiledjedi>
[16:18] <@exiledjedi>
[16:19] <@exiledjedi> No substantial changes.
[16:19] <@Tommy-Macaroni> Kill
[16:19] <@Imperators> yay, easy kill
[16:19] <@exiledjedi> Kill
[16:19] <@CorellianPremier> ok kill
[16:19] <@Ayrehead02> Kill
[16:19] <@exiledjedi> Toma killed.
[16:20] <@exiledjedi>
[16:20] <@exiledjedi>
[16:20] <@Imperators> oh boy
[16:20] <@exiledjedi>
[16:20] <@exiledjedi> Stuff was done.
[16:20] <@Tommy-Macaroni> 261 words by my count
[16:20] <@Imperators> sorry, CP, but this is still not yet done.
[16:21] <@Imperators> ref 2 needs to mention that (and according to what source) this droid is an R5
[16:21] <@Imperators> that's kind of a new standard for status article referencing now
[16:21] <@Imperators> I'd swap TERC for NEC in ref 3
[16:22] <@Imperators> and ref 4 needs to just be a simple reference to Crosscurrent
[16:22] <@exiledjedi> I'm pretty sure this is going to need to be sectioned / have an intro added.
[16:22] <@Imperators> there's a duplicate link, not that it's a big deal
[16:22] <@Ayrehead02> So extend?
[16:22] <@Imperators> the paragraph needs to be split
[16:22] <@Imperators> extend
[16:22] <@ecks> extend
[16:22] <@Tommy-Macaroni> Extend
[16:22] <@exiledjedi> extend
[16:22] <@CorellianPremier> OK extend
[16:23] <@Ayrehead02> Extend
[16:23] <@exiledjedi> UTAD extended.
[16:23] <@exiledjedi> On to new stuff.
[16:23] <@exiledjedi>
[16:24] <@exiledjedi>     The BTS is currently entirely sourced to the definition for nummamorous.
[16:24] <@exiledjedi>     Could a better site be used for the reference 4?
[16:24] <@exiledjedi>     CSWECite should be used for reference 1.
[16:24] <@exiledjedi>     The dates in the article need additional referencing.
[16:24] <@Ayrehead02> Probe
[16:24] <@exiledjedi> Probe
[16:24] <@Tommy-Macaroni> Prob
[16:24] <@CorellianPremier> Probe
[16:24] <@Imperators> ew, dat date non-referencing
[16:24] <@Imperators> probe
[16:25] <@exiledjedi> Adler Roty probed.
[16:25] <@exiledjedi>
[16:25] <@Imperators> great, we're even going after magicians now
[16:25] <@exiledjedi>     Reference 2 cannot be used to source the entire BTS.
[16:25] <@exiledjedi>     Reference 2 needs to use a citation template / have a backup link provided.
[16:26] <@ecks> probe
[16:26] <@Tommy-Macaroni> Probe
[16:26] <@Ayrehead02> Probe
[16:26] <@exiledjedi> Probe
[16:26] <@CorellianPremier> Prboe it
[16:26] <@exiledjedi> Angry machine probed.
[16:26] <@exiledjedi>
[16:26] <@Imperators> where was Vader's angry machine, I wonder
[16:27] <@exiledjedi>     If they received an entry, why does the sources section only reference another entry. If it has its own entry, it shouldn't need CSWECite in the sources.
[16:27] <@exiledjedi>     BTS is unsourced.
[16:27] <@Tommy-Macaroni> Probe
[16:27] <@exiledjedi> Probe
[16:27] <@Ayrehead02> Probe
[16:27] <@CorellianPremier> Deep probe
[16:27] <@Imperators> probe
[16:27] <@exiledjedi> Aplocaph probed.
[16:27] <@Imperators> cut the second sentence of BTS
[16:28] <@Ayrehead02> Probe
[16:28] <@ecks> p
[16:28] <@exiledjedi>
[16:28] <@Tommy-Macaroni> Thanks Ayre very cool
[16:28] <@exiledjedi>     The BTS is unsourced.
[16:28] <@exiledjedi>     The CSWE mention in the BTS seems unnecessary.
[16:28] <@exiledjedi>     The date needs additional referencing.
[16:28] <@exiledjedi>     Even without the CSWE mention in the BTS, this article is over 200 words and should be sectioned and have an introduction added.
[16:28] <@ecks> p
[16:29] <@exiledjedi> Probe
[16:29] <@Ayrehead02> Probe
[16:29] <@Tommy-Macaroni> Probe!
[16:29] <@CorellianPremier> Probe
[16:29] <@Imperators> CSWECite
[16:29] <@Imperators> and then probe
[16:29] <@exiledjedi> Aramb probed.
[16:29] <@exiledjedi>
[16:29] <@exiledjedi>     The body does not make any reference to the era the ship was used.
[16:29] <@exiledjedi>     The BTS is unsourced.
[16:30] <@Ayrehead02> Probe
[16:30] <@Tommy-Macaroni> Probe?
[16:30] <@exiledjedi> Probe
[16:30] <@CorellianPremier> Probe
[16:30] <@Imperators> probe ship
[16:30] <@exiledjedi> Atrivis Advancer probed.
[16:31] <@exiledjedi>
[16:31] <@exiledjedi> The 3963 BBY date is exclusive to the infobox.
[16:31] <@exiledjedi> Why does the infobox say that she is affiliated with The Crucible? The body doesn't back this up.
[16:31] <@exiledjedi> The BTS is unsourced.
[16:31] <@ecks> p
[16:31] <@exiledjedi> Probe
[16:31] <@Ayrehead02> Probe
[16:31] <@Tommy-Macaroni> "Probe"
[16:31] <@Imperators> probe
[16:31] <@CorellianPremier> probe
[16:32] <@exiledjedi> Aubin Kleej's mother probed.
[16:32] <@Tommy-Macaroni> Ugh still no Tope
[16:32] <@exiledjedi> Nothing in the bin.
[16:32] <@exiledjedi> Does anyone else have any articles?
[16:32] <@ecks> nay
[16:32] <@Ayrehead02> Nothing from me
[16:32] <@Tommy-Macaroni> Nope
[16:32] <@CorellianPremier> Nope
[16:33] <@Imperators> sec
[16:33] <@Imperators> ooh yeah
[16:33] <@Imperators>
[16:33] <@Imperators> Redux baby
[16:33] <@Ayrehead02> Redux
[16:34] <@CorellianPremier> Sure, redux
[16:34] <@Tommy-Macaroni> Redux
[16:34] <@exiledjedi> Redux
[16:34] <@ecks> redux
[16:34] <@exiledjedi> Conduit worm reduxed.
[16:34] <@exiledjedi> Anything else?
[16:34] <@Imperators>
[16:35] <@Imperators> both image and additional sources added by anon
[16:35] <@Imperators> I'd like some verification
[16:35] <@ecks> verification of what exactly?
[16:36] <@Imperators> the new image is sourced to Heroes on Both Sides
[16:36] <@Imperators> BTS talks about this
[16:36] <@Ayrehead02> Found her in the Organa gallery
[16:37] <@Ayrehead02> Oh wow she is tiny in the back of an image in the CIS one as well
[16:37] <@ecks> yep
[16:37] <@exiledjedi> Is the BTS wrong or is the image selected wrong?
[16:38] <@Ayrehead02> What's the contradiction?
[16:38] <@Imperators> the way I read it, Heroes on Both Sides by itself cannot be used to identify Fonti visually
[16:38] <@Ayrehead02> Oh the not specified bit
[16:38] <@Imperators> I guess this looks like a simple revert, then
[16:39] <@ecks> I'm not sure what exactly you mean
[16:39] <@ecks> it is an image from HOBS, and their presence in HOBS is confirmed by the epguide
[16:39] <@Imperators> " though it did not specify which Gossam was Fonti"
[16:39] <@Ayrehead02> I assume there are multiple Gossam in HOBS
[16:40] <@ecks> the epguide does say "Amita Fonti, a Gossam alien"
[16:40] <@Imperators> so how can you have an image from HOBS supposedly depicting Fonti
[16:40] <@exiledjedi> Either the BTS is wrong or we can't use that image.
[16:41] <@exiledjedi> One way or another, something needs to be changed.
[16:41] <@Imperators> I don't know enough about TCW to tell myself, but the former comes from an established editor and underwent review process, the latter comes from an anon
[16:41] <@Ayrehead02> Yeah there's a tone of Gossam with identical models in the parliment scene
[16:41] <@Ayrehead02>
[16:41] <@Ayrehead02> Just revert the image
[16:42] <@Imperators> fine. Thanks for getting the backup links, anyway, ecks :P
[16:42] <@Tommy-Macaroni> Yeah I agree with Ayre, just revert the anon
[16:43] <@CorellianPremier> Sounds good
[16:43] <@Imperators> and I'm afraid that's it, I can't stall any longer
[16:43] <@Ayrehead02> Actually
[16:43] <@Ayrehead02> The CIS DB link should be removed as well
[16:43] <@Ayrehead02> Since we don't know if the Gossams in that image are her
[16:43] <@exiledjedi> Yeah, I was assuming that we would just revert the entire edit.
[16:44] <@Ayrehead02> The Organa link is legit
[16:44] <@Imperators> OK, I'll revert the image and CIS, then
[16:44] <@Ayrehead02> Cool
[16:44] <@exiledjedi> All right, does anyone have any discussion items?
[16:45] <@ecks> membership
[16:45] <@ecks> did we discuss QGJ at the last meeting?
[16:45] <@Tommy-Macaroni> No
[16:45] <@Ayrehead02> Tope's mentioned wanting to add him in IRC, but not officially at any meeting
[16:45] <@Imperators> off-the-record, to the log gods
[16:45] <@ecks> nod
[16:45] <@ecks> personally I think he's ready
[16:46] <@Tommy-Macaroni> Agreed, he's a solid reviewer
[16:46] <@Ayrehead02> Indeed
[16:46] <@Tommy-Macaroni> A little rough around the edges maybe, but ready for the EC
[16:46] <@CorellianPremier> yep, sounds good
[16:46] <@Imperators> have to agree
[16:47] <@ecks> any objections to admitting QGJ?
[16:47] <@Ayrehead02> Looks like we're all good
[16:47] <@Imperators> shame the guy's not around
[16:48] <@Ayrehead02> Shame Tope isn't either
[16:48] <@Tommy-Macaroni> He's a semi-regular, he'll be around
[16:48] <@exiledjedi> Okay, have we asked him if he is interested yet?
[16:48] <@Ayrehead02> I think Tope did
[16:49] <@ecks> guess someone can ask him to come on IRC
[16:49] <@exiledjedi> Okay, somebody will need to let him know.
[16:49] <@Ayrehead02> Is it part of paperwork?
[16:50] <@ecks> who's on paperwork?
[16:50] <@exiledjedi> Let's see.
[16:50] <@Imperators> scuttle
[16:50] <@exiledjedi> Corellian Premier is on paperwork.
[16:50] <@ecks> CP, you wanna do the honors?
[16:50] <@exiledjedi> Supreme Emperor schedules meeting 51.
[16:51] <@ecks> I can do it since I'm always on IRC if no one else wants to
[16:51] <@ecks> (ps. I do have a life)
[16:51] <@CorellianPremier> Alright
[16:51] <@exiledjedi> If QGJ accepts, we should probably regenerate the duties at the next meeting.
[16:51] <@Ayrehead02> Sounds good
[16:51] <@exiledjedi> All right, thanks for coming everybody.
[16:51] <@Tommy-Macaroni> Yay!
[16:51] <@Ayrehead02> While everyone's here
[16:51] <@Tommy-Macaroni> Thanks for hosting EJ
[16:51] <@exiledjedi> I've got to head out, but I will post the log if no one else does.
[16:51] <@exiledjedi> No problem.
[16:51] <@Imperators> yeah, thanks EJ
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