23:00:43<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Welcome to EC meeting 58
23:00:50<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Starting with the old stuff
23:01:31<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Oh wow AV's still alive
23:02:48<@ecks> seems fixed
23:02:47<@MasterFred>  Seems AV handled them.
23:02:55<@MasterFred>  keep
23:02:57<@Ayrehead02>  Keep
23:02:59<@CorellianPremier>  yes, keep
23:03:07<@Fan26>  Keep
23:03:13<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Keep
23:03:20<@ecks> keep
23:03:31<@Tommy-Macaroni>  K-DROID kept
23:04:02<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Okay, new stuff
23:04:09<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Tumbleweed goes past
23:04:16<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Anyone have anything?
23:04:21<@ecks> loving this meeting so far
23:04:41<@Tommy-Macaroni>  I looked over WP:CAN/History earlier for a bit but I couldn't find anything
23:04:47<@Ayrehead02>  Nothing from me
23:04:55<@MasterFred>  I'm assuming we aren't going to vote on the article that is already on the GAN? XD
23:05:25<@Tommy-Macaroni>  I think we should just ignore it, its back on the GAN so we shouldn't have to look over it here
23:05:46<@MasterFred>  Oh, was Anil's note added after the nomination got taken down?
23:05:49<@MasterFred>  That would make sense.
23:06:04<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Yeah, in about the 5 second interval :P
23:06:10<@MasterFred>  Nothing from me, then. :P
23:06:17<@MasterFred>  #petty
23:07:02<@Tommy-Macaroni>  No BTS
23:07:09<@Tommy-Macaroni>  *sources
23:07:15<@Tommy-Macaroni>  BTS is not sourced
23:07:18<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Thats better
23:07:19<@Tommy-Macaroni>  ugh
23:07:48<@MasterFred>  probe
23:07:51<@Tommy-Macaroni>  probe
23:07:51<@Fan26>  probe it
23:08:08<@CorellianPremier>  ok probe
23:08:09<@Ayrehead02>  Wait is the BTS sorucing the only issue?
23:08:14<@Ayrehead02>  I've already fixed it
23:08:23<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Omg Ayre :P
23:08:33<@MasterFred>  Fix this one. XD
23:08:54<@CorellianPremier>  What about the speculation in the last sentence?
23:08:59<@Ayrehead02>  Nah that one can be probed
23:09:15<@Ayrehead02>  I can remove the last BTS sentence if you like
23:09:23<@Ayrehead02>  Actually I'm going to anyway
23:09:31<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Okay, BTS unsourced, and date ref seems insufficient
23:09:43<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
23:09:52<@Fan26>  Probe
23:09:52<@Ayrehead02>  This is for Defiance right?
23:09:56<@MasterFred>  probe
23:09:56<@Ayrehead02>  If so probe
23:10:01<@CorellianPremier>  ok probe
23:10:04<@ecks> probe
23:10:28<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Calamasthon Defiance probed
23:10:33<@MasterFred>  :D
23:10:54<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Needs screenshots
23:11:04<@Ayrehead02>  Probe
23:11:30<@Fan26>  probe
23:11:33<@MasterFred>  probe
23:11:40<@ecks> probe
23:11:57<@CorellianPremier>  What screenshiots? it barely made it past the development stage?
23:11:59<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Infact, that twitter ref needs a screenshot, quote and explanation
23:12:05<@Tommy-Macaroni>  For the tweet
23:12:06<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
23:12:56<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Star Wars: Imperial Commando probed
23:13:27<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Dup link
23:13:29<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Redirect
23:13:32<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Needs refs
23:13:55<@Fan26>  probe
23:14:00<@ecks> probe
23:14:02<@MasterFred>  probe
23:14:07<@Ayrehead02>  Probe
23:14:07<@CorellianPremier>  probe
23:15:34<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Three-eyed Kinyenian potato probed
23:15:38<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Okay, any others
23:15:53<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Or are we done here
23:15:59<@Tommy-Macaroni>  For an EC meeting, this isn't bad
23:16:05<@MasterFred>  I'm good. :P
23:16:14<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Cool
23:16:16<@MasterFred>  17 minutes isn't too shabby.
23:16:18<@Ayrehead02>  Nice
23:16:22<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Any discussion items?
23:16:29<@Ayrehead02>  Just to check, we didn't actually probe the cigar in the end?
23:16:43<@Tommy-Macaroni>  No
23:17:10<@Ayrehead02>  Cool
23:17:31<@CorellianPremier>  I don't have anything else to go over.
23:18:13<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Cool
23:18:19<@Fan26>  I might have something
23:18:23<@Fan26>  One of mine
23:18:38<@Fan26>  I don't need to list all types of stimulants, right?
23:19:09<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Uhh, idk lol
23:19:16<@Fan26>  Cade never saw fit to create articles for each individual type, and as far as I can tell, all they affect are RPG-type stats, which I'm fairly certain are an OOU game mechanic
23:19:23<@Tommy-Macaroni>  What's wrong with it exactly?
23:20:35<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Honestly I think its fine Fan
23:20:48<@MasterFred>  Yeah, it's fine.
23:20:53<@Fan26>  Ok, cool
23:20:55<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Okay
23:21:09<@Tommy-Macaroni>  CP is on paperwork and schedules meeting 59
23:21:17<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Thus concludes 58
23:21:21<@Tommy-Macaroni>  thanks all for coming
23:21:38<@CorellianPremier>  Thank you!
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