[02:05:24] <Supreme_Emperor> WELCOME TO MEETING 6
[02:05:36] * exiledjedi applauds.
[02:05:46] <Supreme_Emperor> I'm going to give hosting the meeting a shot, first time doing it so bear with me :P
[02:06:01] <IFYLOFD> *sweet guitar lick*
[02:06:03] <Supreme_Emperor> First up, our stuff from last meeting
[02:06:06] <Supreme_Emperor> :P
[02:06:13] <Supreme_Emperor>
[02:06:20] <Supreme_Emperor>
[02:06:41] <Supreme_Emperor> needs something added based on the picture, no changes have been made
[02:06:52] <IFYLOFD> Kill
[02:06:54] <exiledjedi> kill
[02:06:55] <ecks> kill
[02:06:58] <Supreme_Emperor> since nothings happened, i vote kill
[02:07:02] <Supreme_Emperor> Cade
[02:07:07] <Supreme_Emperor> CP
[02:07:08] <IFYLOFD> Cade you lazy bastard
[02:07:11] <CorellianPremier> can we extend?
[02:07:17] <Cade> Hmm?
[02:07:24] <Supreme_Emperor> if you want to take it on, i see no problem with extending
[02:07:28] <exiledjedi> Someone can do it now if they want.
[02:07:38] <exiledjedi> It will only take a minute or two.
[02:07:58] <Supreme_Emperor> alright, lets hold off on this one, if nothings done by the end of the meeting, we kill
[02:08:08] <Supreme_Emperor> good with that?
[02:08:26] <exiledjedi> That seems fine.
[02:08:35] <Supreme_Emperor> alright
[02:08:51] <Supreme_Emperor>
[02:08:59] <Supreme_Emperor>
[02:09:05] <Supreme_Emperor> likewise, no change
[02:09:18] <Supreme_Emperor> The fate of his flagship should be mentioned in the article (in RPG tags).
[02:09:44] <IFYLOFD> Killitude
[02:09:47] <exiledjedi> Bob says spare.
[02:09:50] <exiledjedi> Kill
[02:09:53] <CorellianPremier> execute
[02:09:58] <Supreme_Emperor> terminate
[02:10:03] <Cade> Kill
[02:10:18] <Supreme_Emperor> ecks
[02:10:39] <Supreme_Emperor> alright
[02:10:43] <Supreme_Emperor> Rokon killed
[02:11:08] <Supreme_Emperor> next
[02:11:09] <Supreme_Emperor>
[02:11:16] <Supreme_Emperor>
[02:11:39] <Supreme_Emperor> no change, but Bob indicates on the EC meeting page he'll fix it
[02:11:45] <Supreme_Emperor> i vote extend
[02:12:05] <Supreme_Emperor> new from Ayre
[02:12:05] <exiledjedi> An extension is fine with me.
[02:12:08] <Supreme_Emperor> "Hey guys really sorry I'm not at the Educorp meeting, something has just come up in the last 20 minutes and I can no longer make it. Apologises I will leave notes later if thats useful"
[02:12:35] <Supreme_Emperor> everyone else?
[02:12:40] <CorellianPremier> extend
[02:12:41] <Cade> Extend
[02:13:05] <Supreme_Emperor> Floyd
[02:13:07] <Supreme_Emperor> ecks
[02:13:10] <IFYLOFD> Extend
[02:13:27] <Supreme_Emperor> name i'm too lazy to copy or type out extended
[02:13:33] <Supreme_Emperor> :P
[02:13:47] <exiledjedi> Heh.
[02:14:09] <Supreme_Emperor> next up
[02:14:11] <Supreme_Emperor>
[02:14:16] <Supreme_Emperor>
[02:14:40] <Supreme_Emperor> Bob says he fixed it
[02:15:06] <Supreme_Emperor> ill vote keep
[02:15:10] <IFYLOFD> Keep
[02:15:13] <exiledjedi> Keep
[02:15:14] <Cade> Keep
[02:15:32] <Supreme_Emperor> alright
[02:15:35] <Supreme_Emperor> Siin Suub kept
[02:15:57] <CorellianPremier> keep as well
[02:16:03] <Supreme_Emperor> onto the new stuff
[02:16:18] <Supreme_Emperor>
[02:16:28] <Supreme_Emperor> (Specter of the Past has the species included in its apperances list.)
[02:16:51] <Supreme_Emperor> i did a text search of the book, the system is mentioned, but not the species
[02:17:26] <Supreme_Emperor> personally, i think the info about the pirates should be removed, as it is relevant to the system article, not the species
[02:17:51] *** Joins: dogma ([redacted]@wookieepedia/dogma)
[02:17:51] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o dogma
[02:17:54] <Supreme_Emperor> thoughts?
[02:17:54] <dogma> I'm here!
[02:17:59] <exiledjedi> I don't really know what Bob was talking about his notes...
[02:18:01] <Supreme_Emperor> almost missed it :P
[02:18:04] <dogma> ?
[02:18:06] <Supreme_Emperor> yeah
[02:18:17] <dogma> It's almost over?
[02:18:19] <Supreme_Emperor> we just finished the old articles, just starting the new stuff
[02:18:27] <dogma> bah - time change
[02:18:29] <Supreme_Emperor> here
[02:18:32] <dogma> an hour late
[02:18:33] <Supreme_Emperor> 	Supreme_Emperor
[02:18:34] <Supreme_Emperor> 	Supreme_Emperor	(Specter of the Past has the species included in its apperances list.)
[02:18:35] <Supreme_Emperor> 	Supreme_Emperor	i did a text search of the book, the system is mentioned, but not the species
[02:18:37] <Supreme_Emperor> 	Supreme_Emperor	personally, i think the info about the pirates should be removed, as it is relevant to the system article, not the species
[02:19:08] <dogma> Same
[02:19:14] <Supreme_Emperor> ill vote probe, and i can fix it later tonight
[02:19:25] <exiledjedi> We could probably just remove it now.
[02:19:30] <IFYLOFD> Well, if you're gonna fix it tonight, probably no need to probe
[02:19:35] <Supreme_Emperor> kk
[02:19:39] <IFYLOFD> Just make sure you actually do it tonight
[02:19:40] <Supreme_Emperor> spare then
[02:19:41] <CorellianPremier> i'd say its ok to include the information about its home system.
[02:20:05] <Supreme_Emperor> not really relevent to the species itself though, is it?
[02:20:19] <dogma> i agree with SZE
[02:20:21] <dogma> *SE
[02:20:52] <Supreme_Emperor> anyone else?
[02:20:56] <dogma> Random pirate's have no connection to the species save for the fact that they were located near the species
[02:21:04] <CorellianPremier> I guess so
[02:21:12] <Supreme_Emperor> voting time
[02:21:14] <Supreme_Emperor> keep
[02:21:20] <Supreme_Emperor> or spare, or whatever :P
[02:21:21] <IFYLOFD> Keep if SE fixes it
[02:21:24] <exiledjedi> spare
[02:21:28] <dogma> Spare as long as its fixed
[02:21:35] <CorellianPremier> keep
[02:21:49] <Supreme_Emperor> Kauronian spared
[02:21:56] <Supreme_Emperor>
[02:22:06] <Supreme_Emperor> (Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones has the species included in its appearances list.)
[02:22:53] <Supreme_Emperor> Bob says there are no Wirutid's in AOTC, so this could be fixed by meetings end
[02:23:12] <exiledjedi> I thing Hanzo fixed the AOTC page to remove the mention.
[02:23:52] <Supreme_Emperor> yes he did
[02:23:59] <Supreme_Emperor> voting time
[02:24:02] <Supreme_Emperor> spare
[02:24:03] <Cade> Spare
[02:24:05] <exiledjedi> Spare
[02:24:11] <dogma> Sspare
[02:24:22] <IFYLOFD> spare
[02:24:26] <CorellianPremier> spare
[02:24:31] <Supreme_Emperor> Wirutid spared
[02:24:50] <Supreme_Emperor>
[02:25:00] <Supreme_Emperor> (Who is Danta?)
[02:25:28] <Supreme_Emperor> no changes
[02:25:45] <exiledjedi> Bob said that Apla and Venan needed context too.
[02:26:02] <Supreme_Emperor> probe
[02:26:06] <exiledjedi> Probe
[02:26:07] <dogma> Probe
[02:26:15] <Cade> Probiscus
[02:26:21] <CorellianPremier> probity probe
[02:26:40] <IFYLOFD> Probebebebebeb
[02:26:45] <Supreme_Emperor> Vert-mite probed
[02:26:57] <Supreme_Emperor>
[02:27:07] <Supreme_Emperor> (Shouldn't this be singular? It also seems to me that an artifact or device infobox might work here.)
[02:27:58] <exiledjedi> I'll fix this, I just wanted to discuss it before proceeding.
[02:28:16] <Cade> Yeah
[02:28:19] <Cade> Singular.
[02:28:27] <Supreme_Emperor> after consideration, i agree that it should be singular
[02:28:35] <Cade> Also, {{1stp}}
[02:28:35] <delta>
[02:29:26] <dogma> Spare if it is fixed
[02:29:36] <exiledjedi> Spare, I'm on it.
[02:29:42] <CorellianPremier> sure, spare
[02:29:45] <Supreme_Emperor> spare
[02:29:50] <Supreme_Emperor> we can trust EJ :P
[02:30:04] <Cade> Spare
[02:30:09] <Supreme_Emperor> Bob votes probe
[02:30:15] <Supreme_Emperor> Miniatures spared
[02:30:35] <Supreme_Emperor> unless Floyd objects
[02:30:40] <IFYLOFD> SPURR
[02:31:01] <Supreme_Emperor>
[02:31:12] <Supreme_Emperor> (Needs update)
[02:31:27] <Cade> Probe.
[02:31:31] <Supreme_Emperor> probe
[02:31:40] <CorellianPremier> probe
[02:31:41] <Supreme_Emperor> Bob votes probe
[02:31:43] <exiledjedi> probe
[02:31:58] <dogma> Probe a probe
[02:32:25] <Supreme_Emperor> composition probed
[02:32:44] <Supreme_Emperor> good name for a movie :P
[02:33:05] <IFYLOFD> Probe
[02:33:13] <Supreme_Emperor>
[02:33:24] <Supreme_Emperor> (The equipment in the picture should be described.)
[02:33:31] <Supreme_Emperor> Hanzo says he fixed it
[02:34:13] <CorellianPremier> spare
[02:34:14] <dogma> Context on Tatooine???
[02:34:24] <dogma> - I'll add it!
[02:34:39] <Cade> Spare
[02:34:49] <Supreme_Emperor> spare
[02:34:59] <dogma> pow, and spare
[02:35:12] <ecks> spare
[02:35:17] <exiledjedi> spare
[02:35:22] <Supreme_Emperor> ST-4402 spared
[02:35:47] <Supreme_Emperor>
[02:35:57] <Supreme_Emperor> (Main path (Eastern Enrichment Zone) and Orchard (Eastern Enrichment Zone) are existing articles but are not mentioned in the Eastern Enrichment Zone article,)
[02:36:14] <Supreme_Emperor> Bob votes probe
[02:36:18] <Supreme_Emperor> i too, vote probe
[02:36:27] <exiledjedi> probe
[02:36:31] <dogma> Probe
[02:36:34] <Cade> Probe
[02:36:44] <ecks> probe
[02:37:02] <CorellianPremier> probe
[02:37:39] <Supreme_Emperor> Zone probed
[02:37:44] <Supreme_Emperor> que Floyds late vote
[02:38:17] <dogma> wait for it...
[02:38:29] <ecks> ah fuck it
[02:38:32] <ecks> who cares about floyd
[02:38:38] <IFYLOFD> PROBE
[02:38:42] <Supreme_Emperor> XD
[02:38:43] <ecks> fite me irl
[02:38:43] *** ecks was kicked by IFYLOFD (ecks)
[02:38:43] *** Joins: ecks (ecks@wookieepedia/administrator/
[02:38:43] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ecks
[02:38:47] <Supreme_Emperor> alright moving on
[02:38:55] <Supreme_Emperor> pending the return of ecks
[02:39:00] <Supreme_Emperor> alright we good
[02:39:02] <Supreme_Emperor>
[02:39:05] *** Cade was kicked by dogma (Cade)
[02:39:06] *** Joins: Cade (~Cade_Calr@wookieepedia/Cade-Calrayn)
[02:39:06] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Cade
[02:39:08] <dogma> :)
[02:39:18] <Supreme_Emperor> (More information can be added from the picture.)
[02:39:22] <dogma> sorry, back to business
[02:39:23] <Supreme_Emperor> :P
[02:39:44] <Supreme_Emperor> Hanzo says he took care of it
[02:39:51] <dogma> I say spare
[02:39:55] <IFYLOFD> Spare
[02:39:55] <Supreme_Emperor> soare
[02:40:00] <exiledjedi> spare
[02:40:21] <CorellianPremier> spare
[02:40:32] <ecks> spare
[02:40:47] <Supreme_Emperor> random trooper spared
[02:41:03] <Supreme_Emperor>
[02:41:16] <Supreme_Emperor> (The 100% game completion seems odd since it is a dark sided approach. Should it be in the body?)
[02:41:32] <Supreme_Emperor> Bob says no clue
[02:41:42] <exiledjedi> This one boils down to whether we only want light side decisions from Galaxies.
[02:42:17] <Supreme_Emperor> we could always change to the alternate path tag, but i don't recall how we treated galaxies stuff
[02:42:38] <exiledjedi> It was a multiplayer game, so there could conceivably be multiple characters, with some light-side and some dark-side.
[02:43:04] <exiledjedi> But it was a class quest for the Jedi class I believe.
[02:44:09] <Supreme_Emperor> we have a tag for dark side paths, don't we?
[02:44:30] <dogma> ''"Nos'lyn contacted the player later in the game from Tansarii Point Station, making it apparent that the mind trick was only temporary" Say wha?
[02:45:16] <exiledjedi> Yeah...
[02:45:21] <CorellianPremier> uh oh, speculation
[02:45:24] <dogma> If the station didn' plode... then it shoudl be said so....
[02:45:40] <exiledjedi> Yeah, the station survived...
[02:45:44] <Supreme_Emperor> we need a working copy of galaxies :P
[02:45:50] <Supreme_Emperor> to the unofficial servers
[02:45:53] <exiledjedi> But someone could have stopped him...
[02:45:58] <exiledjedi> They don't have the station.
[02:46:19] <exiledjedi> They unofficial servers only have pieces of the original game.
[02:46:23] <Supreme_Emperor> ecks, make us a working server
[02:46:30] <dogma> chop chop
[02:46:35] <ecks> what
[02:46:38] <dogma> stop playing minecraft and get on it
[02:46:42] <ecks> erm
[02:46:50] <ecks> !google star wars galaxies host a server
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[02:47:17] <Supreme_Emperor> we need one that has everything in game at the time of it's closure
[02:47:17] <ecks> too much work
[02:47:18] <ecks> NEXT
[02:47:30] <Supreme_Emperor> alright, ill vote probe
[02:47:37] <Cade> Probe
[02:47:44] <dogma> Probity probe
[02:47:46] <ecks> I'm not even playing Minecraft right now
[02:47:53] <CorellianPremier> definitely probe
[02:47:55] <ecks> But I think Fred and Jang are setting up a christmas tree
[02:47:57] <ecks> probe
[02:48:00] <exiledjedi> Probe (I didn't follow the dark side path with my Jedi.)
[02:48:13] <Supreme_Emperor> probe, and in the Wookieepedia minecraft server?
[02:48:26] <ecks> well, unofficial anyway
[02:48:29] <ecks> but yes
[02:48:47] <dogma> we have a wook minecraft server?
[02:48:53] <Supreme_Emperor> hmm i shall join shortly, still require log in and password?
[02:48:59] <ecks> nope, we switched to online
[02:49:02] <exiledjedi> Ahem.
[02:49:03] <ecks> now it only requires a non-pirate copy
[02:49:08] <Supreme_Emperor> back to business
[02:49:14] <ecks> Minecraft /is/ business
[02:49:16] <ecks> noobs
[02:49:16] <Supreme_Emperor> trooper Probed
[02:49:24] <Supreme_Emperor> lets stay focused
[02:49:51] <Supreme_Emperor> that was the last of the new stuff, does anyone have anything they wish to bring up?
[02:50:04] <ecks> fire Floyd
[02:50:06] <exiledjedi> Is Naresha fixed?
[02:50:14] <Supreme_Emperor> anyone fix it?
[02:51:08] <exiledjedi> I'll do it.
[02:51:24] <Supreme_Emperor> alright, ill vote keep
[02:51:35] <ecks> keep (?)
[02:51:47] <Supreme_Emperor> if EJ fixes it tonight
[02:51:53] <dogma> Sure, if ej does it
[02:52:11] <CorellianPremier> keep
[02:52:28] <Cade> Keep
[02:52:39] <exiledjedi> Done, keep
[02:52:43] <Supreme_Emperor> Naresha kept
[02:52:59] <Supreme_Emperor> alright, now does anyone have anything they want discussed?
[02:54:10] <Supreme_Emperor> anyone?
[02:54:18] <exiledjedi> We still need to determine who schedules and who does the paperwork.
[02:54:24] <CorellianPremier> negative ghost rider the pattern is full
[02:54:25] <ecks> floyd
[02:54:26] <ecks> and floyd
[02:54:34] <CorellianPremier> I'll do the paperwork
[02:54:39] <IFYLOFD> Keep it with the regular ECs
[02:54:40] <CorellianPremier> ...if someone gives me the cliff notes
[02:54:41] <Supreme_Emperor> was going to put names in a randomizer in a min
[02:54:41] <IFYLOFD> Fuck off ecks
[02:54:51] <ecks> :(
[02:55:06] <Supreme_Emperor> alright, CP volunteered for paperwork
[02:55:11] <Supreme_Emperor> and scheduling
[02:55:13] <Supreme_Emperor> is
[02:55:14] <ecks> fool
[02:55:15] <ecks> i mean
[02:55:18] <ecks> great
[02:56:02] <exiledjedi> And scheduling is...
[02:56:03] <Supreme_Emperor> dogma
[02:56:17] <ecks> dun dun dunn
[02:56:21] <dogma> ...
[02:56:22] <Supreme_Emperor> randomizer took a min to load
[02:56:39] <dogma> when shall the next one be?
[02:56:43] <Supreme_Emperor> alright CP on paperwork, dogma on scheduling
[02:56:48] <IFYLOFD> You figure it out
[02:56:52] <dogma> and what the fuck do I do....
[02:56:54] <IFYLOFD> You're the scheduler! YOU HAVE ONE JOB
[02:57:03] <Supreme_Emperor> are we still sticking with the 3 weeks till we get caught up?
[02:57:24] <exiledjedi> Lets up it to four weeks.
[02:57:44] <dogma> the way it is, the next one would fall o nthe 28th - too close to xmas
[02:57:50] <ecks> I reckon that'll be a busy date
[02:57:55] <Supreme_Emperor> so January 4th then
[02:57:59] <dogma> k
[02:58:05] <CorellianPremier> heh, yep
[02:58:36] <exiledjedi> For scheduling, you just need to set up a meeting page.
[02:58:55] <Supreme_Emperor> alright, that brings EC Meeting 6 to a close, pending any last minute objections or questions
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