[02:01:13] <dogma> Okay! Tis time for EC Meeting 7!
[02:01:15] <Supreme_Emperor> :P
[02:01:39] <dogma> We will start with the articles probed last time unless anyone wants to discuss anything
[02:01:57] <dogma> anyone?
[02:02:03] <Supreme_Emperor> im good
[02:02:03] <CorellianPremier> are we doing discussion topics now and not at the end?
[02:02:13] <dogma> at the end
[02:02:23] <CorellianPremier> sure thing. let's get going
[02:02:34] <dogma> Okay: articles probed from last time
[02:02:47] <dogma>
[02:03:05] <dogma>
[02:03:16] <ecks> hello
[02:03:23] <CorellianPremier> So bob said its over 250 now
[02:03:25] <dogma> Bob says he's updated the article
[02:03:42] *** Joins: Ayrehead02 (redacted@gateway/web/freenode/ip.redacted)
[02:03:42] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Ayrehead02
[02:03:43] <dogma> so, Keep it CAN until its nommed?
[02:03:51] <Ayrehead02> Thanks
[02:03:59] <exiledjedi> Yeah.
[02:03:59] <Cade> Axe those {{WEG}}
[02:03:59] <delta>
[02:04:01] <Supreme_Emperor> i'd support that
[02:04:19] <Toprawa> wow
[02:04:21] <Toprawa> new Delta toys
[02:04:27] <Toprawa> per dogma
[02:04:49] <exiledjedi> I'm reading to axe the WEG tempaltes.
[02:04:53] <dogma> anyone want to change the WEG references? or shall I do it?
[02:04:54] <exiledjedi> *templates
[02:04:59] <Cade> Done
[02:05:05] <dogma> kk
[02:05:20] <dogma> Vote time then?
[02:05:28] <Supreme_Emperor> spare
[02:05:29] <Cade> If he says he'll GAN it, then yes
[02:05:38] <exiledjedi> Keep
[02:05:43] <Supreme_Emperor> keep*
[02:05:44] <CorellianPremier> keep
[02:05:44] <dogma> All in support of keeping it until Bob noms it for Gan, say spare
[02:05:46] <Ayrehead02> Keep
[02:05:48] <dogma> otherwise, kill it
[02:05:50] <Toprawa> Keep
[02:05:51] <Ayrehead02> Spare
[02:05:52] <dogma> keep
[02:06:06] <Toprawa> No, guys.
[02:06:10] <Toprawa> Probed articles get "Keep"
[02:06:14] <Toprawa> New articles get "Spare"
[02:06:15] <ecks> keep
[02:06:16] <Toprawa> :P
[02:06:16] <Cade> Keep.
[02:06:22] <dogma> okay: Rseikharhl keeped
[02:06:28] <dogma> sorry Tope :P
[02:06:28] <Supreme_Emperor> :P
[02:06:32] <dogma> Next one
[02:06:49] <dogma>
[02:07:06] <dogma>
[02:07:23] <dogma> Menk says he's adressed the issues
[02:07:30] <Cade> Keep.
[02:07:31] <Toprawa> Keep
[02:07:34] <Supreme_Emperor> keep
[02:07:35] <exiledjedi> Keep
[02:07:36] <Ayrehead02> Keep
[02:07:43] <dogma> Keep
[02:07:57] <dogma> So, Vert-mite kept
[02:08:01] <dogma> next
[02:08:18] <dogma>
[02:08:26] <dogma>
[02:08:33] <Supreme_Emperor> no change
[02:08:35] <dogma> nothing adressed
[02:08:38] <dogma> KILL
[02:08:43] <Cade> Kill
[02:08:45] <exiledjedi> Kill
[02:08:46] <Toprawa> KILL BILL
[02:08:50] <Supreme_Emperor> unless anyone wants to fix, kill
[02:08:50] <CorellianPremier> kill
[02:08:52] <Ayrehead02> Kill
[02:09:21] <dogma> Unidentified musical composition (Wurokkk) killed
[02:09:40] <dogma>
[02:09:50] <dogma>
[02:09:55] <dogma> once again, no change
[02:09:59] <Supreme_Emperor> kill
[02:10:02] <CorellianPremier> kill
[02:10:04] <Ayrehead02> Kill
[02:10:12] <dogma> Kill
[02:10:18] <exiledjedi> Kill
[02:10:19] <Cade> Kill
[02:10:33] <dogma> Eastern Enrichment Zone killed
[02:10:42] <dogma>
[02:10:51] <dogma>
[02:10:59] <dogma> no change
[02:11:02] <Cade> Kill
[02:11:05] <Toprawa> KILL WITH FIAHHHH
[02:11:06] <Supreme_Emperor> i miss galaxies
[02:11:09] <Supreme_Emperor> kill
[02:11:12] <exiledjedi> Kill
[02:11:13] <CorellianPremier> yep, kill
[02:11:13] <ecks> kill
[02:11:14] <dogma> pew pew (Kill)
[02:11:16] <Ayrehead02> Kill
[02:11:26] <Toprawa> pew pew XD
[02:11:32] <dogma> Okay, TK - 363 killed
[02:11:37] <dogma> Now, time for new articles
[02:11:37] <Supreme_Emperor> Pew Pew Commandah
[02:11:57] <dogma>
[02:12:22] <Supreme_Emperor> i removed the death date, the novel only says Malgus severed her hand, grabbed her neck and slammed her into the ground
[02:12:28] <Supreme_Emperor> nothing death related
[02:12:31] <dogma> okay
[02:12:31] <Toprawa> Spare
[02:12:33] <Toprawa> SHE LIVES
[02:12:37] <Ayrehead02> Spare
[02:12:38] <dogma> spare then
[02:12:39] <exiledjedi> spare
[02:12:39] <Supreme_Emperor> spare :P
[02:12:45] <dogma> Alara spared
[02:12:47] <CorellianPremier> spare
[02:12:51] <Cade> Spare
[02:12:57] <Supreme_Emperor> dem late votes
[02:13:04] <dogma>
[02:13:12] <dogma> needs and article for the chief engineer
[02:13:12] <CorellianPremier> The guidebook says 2.5 minutes per vote ;)
[02:13:20] <Toprawa> There's no infobox we can use for this article?
[02:13:32] <CorellianPremier> Item?
[02:13:40] <Cade> Guidebook pls
[02:13:49] <exiledjedi> Artifact maybe?
[02:13:56] <dogma> guess so
[02:13:57] <Cade> Yes
[02:14:01] <Toprawa> One of those
[02:14:34] *** Toprawa is now known as Tope|Neckbeard
[02:14:37] <dogma> Okay: spare, or probe?
[02:14:43] <Supreme_Emperor> probe
[02:14:46] <Tope|Neckbeard> Probe on both of those issues
[02:14:50] <CorellianPremier> probe
[02:14:51] <exiledjedi> probe
[02:14:52] <dogma> Probe
[02:14:53] <Cade> Probiscus
[02:15:06] <dogma> Aurilian sculpture probed
[02:15:18] <dogma>
[02:15:28] <dogma> Menk adressed the issues
[02:15:33] <Supreme_Emperor> spare
[02:15:48] <CorellianPremier> yep, spare
[02:15:48] <dogma> which were its place in extinct critters caterogy
[02:15:55] <Cade> Spare
[02:15:55] <Tope|Neckbeard> Spare
[02:16:02] <exiledjedi> spare
[02:16:02] <dogma> and the lack of sentience in the body
[02:16:07] <dogma> so, spare
[02:16:23] <dogma> Crab spider spared
[02:16:37] <dogma>
[02:16:38] <Ayrehead02> spare but should be in the non-sentient category
[02:16:43] <Tope|Neckbeard> there's really no reason to mention Tales from the New Republic in the Appearances
[02:16:46] <Ayrehead02> woops sorry to slow
[02:16:51] <Tope|Neckbeard> We really don't do that as a general rule
[02:17:20] <Cade> Yeah.
[02:17:33] <dogma> The article is written like a character one, not a species or social group
[02:18:04] <Supreme_Emperor> probe
[02:18:10] <Ayrehead02> probe
[02:18:13] <dogma> Probbity probe
[02:18:15] <ecks> probe
[02:18:15] <exiledjedi> probe
[02:18:21] <CorellianPremier> sure probe
[02:18:22] <Cade> ^
[02:18:23] <Tope|Neckbeard> Probe
[02:18:40] <dogma> so, Barrckli probed
[02:18:58] <dogma>
[02:19:10] <dogma> Wasn't the original Slaves of the Republic comic series overwritten by TCW? If so, shouldn't there be an ambig canon tag, or some sort of note in the BTS about it?)
[02:19:29] <Tope|Neckbeard> I really don't know
[02:19:31] <Cade> Hmmm...
[02:19:33] <Tope|Neckbeard> I know some of it was
[02:19:37] <Supreme_Emperor> ^
[02:19:37] <Cade> Probe and consult CC.
[02:19:39] <Tope|Neckbeard> But I don't know how we treat that xxactly
[02:19:41] <Tope|Neckbeard> e*
[02:19:46] <exiledjedi> Eh...
[02:19:57] <dogma> Ask CC?
[02:20:05] <exiledjedi> Do we have a template for this?
[02:20:09] <Supreme_Emperor> yeah, probe and bug CC
[02:20:12] <Ayrehead02> probe
[02:20:13] <Tope|Neckbeard> CC is who I would go to
[02:20:21] <dogma> per SE
[02:20:25] <Tope|Neckbeard> probe
[02:20:29] <exiledjedi> probe
[02:20:41] <ecks> probe
[02:20:43] <dogma> Shi'kar probed then
[02:20:46] <CorellianPremier> yep probe
[02:20:48] <CorellianPremier> sorry
[02:20:55] <dogma>
[02:20:58] <Tope|Neckbeard> mmm, Spiced Mynock Wing
[02:20:58] <dogma> needs an update
[02:21:05] <Tope|Neckbeard> Han Solo's last meal before his carbonite adventure.
[02:21:15] <Cade> Probiscus
[02:21:19] <exiledjedi> probe
[02:21:21] <dogma> Probe
[02:21:22] <Ayrehead02> Probe
[02:21:23] <Tope|Neckbeard> probe
[02:21:23] <Supreme_Emperor> probe dat mynock
[02:21:31] <CorellianPremier> probify
[02:21:35] <dogma> Spiced Mynock Wing probed
[02:21:47] <dogma>
[02:22:01] <dogma> The book actually spells the creature's name "Wonat" instead of Womat. I will probably be able to fix this before the meeting, but it should still probably be looked over.
[02:22:04] <Tope|Neckbeard> where did the "Womat" name come from?
[02:22:06] <Tope|Neckbeard> just editor error?
[02:22:09] <dogma> EJ says he had fixed it
[02:22:12] <exiledjedi> I misread the book.
[02:22:21] <Tope|Neckbeard> ok
[02:22:30] <Supreme_Emperor> spare
[02:22:32] <dogma> SOOO, its all EJs fault ... >.>
[02:22:37] <Supreme_Emperor> :P
[02:22:38] <dogma> and we spare it
[02:22:41] <exiledjedi> spare
[02:22:41] <Tope|Neckbeard> spare
[02:22:42] <Cade> Hah
[02:22:43] <Cade> Spare
[02:22:46] <CorellianPremier> sure spare
[02:22:51] <Ayrehead02> spare
[02:23:01] <dogma> Wonat spared
[02:23:16] <dogma> Okay, we have gone through all of the new articles
[02:23:22] <dogma> unless I missed on
[02:23:27] <dogma> *one
[02:23:37] <CorellianPremier> nope youre good
[02:23:40] <Supreme_Emperor> just the one under discussion
[02:23:41] <dogma> Onto the Discussion Items
[02:23:55] <dogma>
[02:23:59] <dogma> Its a Jawa!
[02:24:09] <Supreme_Emperor> :D Jawa Jaw
[02:24:12] <Supreme_Emperor> a*
[02:24:16] <Tope|Neckbeard> that minor update doesn't need a review
[02:24:18] <dogma> Tag says : Updated article with new information that I overlooked when I initially looked at it. Turns out I looked at the wrong Dune Sea Sabacc card when I removed the other card from his source list, and there was no functioning card 
link that I was aware of at the time. Not sure if update is enough to warrant a necessary article review
[02:24:26] <Tope|Neckbeard> He just added the one sentence
[02:24:31] <Supreme_Emperor> spareity spare spare spare
[02:24:42] <Ayrehead02> spare
[02:24:44] <Tope|Neckbeard> We don't formally need to vote on this
[02:24:44] <ecks> spare
[02:24:46] <Tope|Neckbeard> But go ahead if you want
[02:24:53] <Supreme_Emperor> :P
[02:25:07] <dogma> lets keep then.. not sure why its in the discussion section
[02:25:12] <Tope|Neckbeard> yeah
[02:25:19] <dogma>
[02:25:27] <dogma> this guy is too big for CAN
[02:25:32] <Cade> Woah that's a big article
[02:25:32] <dogma> what do we do?
[02:25:42] <Cade> It's passed already....
[02:25:47] <Supreme_Emperor> Menk seems uninterested in nomming him for GAN
[02:25:51] <CorellianPremier> anyone want to update it?
[02:25:53] <Cade> So it's stuck as a CA until someone nominates it.
[02:26:08] <Tope|Neckbeard> Whatever
[02:26:14] <Tope|Neckbeard> It sits until someone nominates it
[02:26:19] <Ayrehead02> I would but I already have six on and more queued
[02:26:21] <Tope|Neckbeard> I don't really care :P
[02:26:21] <dogma> per Tope
[02:26:22] <Supreme_Emperor> yeah
[02:26:27] <Supreme_Emperor> ^
[02:26:29] <dogma> we have other articles that are too big as well
[02:26:30] <exiledjedi> Yeah, I don't care either.
[02:26:51] <Supreme_Emperor> in the edit history, Menk indicates its updated anyway
[02:27:02] <dogma> the only issue is the length
[02:27:30] <Tope|Neckbeard> We've agreed not to penalize articles that go over the limit after gaining status
[02:27:30] <dogma> and since it doesn't have redlinkes galore, like that massive article from a while back, we can just leave it be
[02:27:52] <dogma> Everyoen in accord about Gosem?
[02:27:57] <Supreme_Emperor> agreed
[02:27:58] <Ayrehead02> yup
[02:28:01] <Cade> Yep
[02:28:05] <CorellianPremier> indeed
[02:28:09] <dogma> Okay.... that's everything
[02:28:15] <Supreme_Emperor> got one more thing, if we have a sec
[02:28:26] <dogma> I was going to get to that >.>
[02:28:32] <Supreme_Emperor> :P
[02:28:33] <Tope|Neckbeard> uh oh
[02:28:41] <dogma> EJ, could you use the program to choose?
[02:29:11] <dogma> I can if you dont want to, but I'm not sure which one you used before
[02:29:25] <exiledjedi> I don't either.
[02:29:30] <Supreme_Emperor> ill do it
[02:29:42] <Tope|Neckbeard> I'm out
[02:29:43] <Tope|Neckbeard> Good meeting
[02:29:46] <Tope|Neckbeard> Good job, dogma
[02:29:47] <dogma> SE saves the day
[02:29:47] <exiledjedi> I flipped a coin when it was just you and me.
[02:29:51] <dogma> bye Tope
[02:29:56] <Ayrehead02> see ya
[02:30:00] <exiledjedi> Thanks for coming Tope.
[02:30:11] <Supreme_Emperor> alright, results are
[02:30:17] <dogma> CP is not on paperwork again
[02:30:23] <Supreme_Emperor> Dogma on minutes
[02:30:24] <CorellianPremier> more ofg a question
[02:30:37] <dogma> paperwork?
[02:30:44] <Supreme_Emperor> paperwork*
[02:30:45] <exiledjedi> Yep.
[02:30:47] <dogma> kk
[02:31:01] <dogma> who is scheduling?
[02:31:02] <Supreme_Emperor> and Bob on scheduling, though he wasnt here and didnt leave notes
[02:31:16] <exiledjedi> Yeah, let someone else do it.
[02:31:17] <dogma> ....
[02:31:28] <Supreme_Emperor> in that case, randomizer says
[02:31:30] <Supreme_Emperor> EJ
[02:31:32] <dogma> not EJ
[02:31:36] <dogma> ...
[02:31:38] <CorellianPremier> are we okay with our voting rules, how after  a weeek its one less ec?
[02:31:58] <Cade> Eh?
[02:32:11] <exiledjedi> I think the FAN and GAN do this as well, don't they.
[02:32:15] <dogma> EJ: you okay with scheduling?
[02:32:22] <exiledjedi> I can schedule.
[02:32:45] <dogma> good - ecks is getting a copy of this meeting, right?
[02:32:51] <Supreme_Emperor> blame the randomizer, not the guy who pressed the button :P
[02:32:51] <ecks> always
[02:33:17] <dogma> k, good meeting all
[02:33:23] <dogma> when will the next be?
[02:33:32] <exiledjedi> I'm thinking the next meeting will be either February 1st or 8th.
[02:33:36] <ecks> right now!
[02:33:38] <ecks> oh :(
[02:33:45] <Ayrehead02> works for me
[02:33:51] <Supreme_Emperor> either should work for me
[02:33:57] <exiledjedi> I'll decide in a few days.
[02:34:24] <dogma> kk, Im off - later alls
[02:34:33] <CorellianPremier> see ya
[02:34:36] <Ayrehead02> bye good job Dogma
[02:34:40] <dogma> I'll do paper work in the morning, or at least as much as I can do
[02:34:45] <exiledjedi> Nice and smooth.
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