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This page highlights Wookieepedia's approach to discrimination, per Fandom's Terms of Use.

Please contact the administration if you seek clarification or wish to suggest an improvement to the glossary.

Fandom Terms of Use

Upon creating a Fandom account all users agree to Fandom's Terms of Use, including their user conduct policies. The following excerpt from that policy is repeated here locally to remind users explicitly that any form of discrimination is not tolerated on Wookieepedia, Discussions, or the official Wookieepedia Discord server. These policies cannot be changed by local vote or discussion as they must be observed across all sites on the Fandom platform. Breaching them can result in warnings, an immediate temporary or permanent local block, and potentially a global block across the Fandom platform.

From Fandom's Terms of Use:

"You agree not to: Post, link or transmit any written, visual, or symbolic content that is obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive, profane, or otherwise violates any law or right of any third party, or encourages criminal conduct, or contains slurs, hate speech, dog whistles, and/or incitement of violence. This includes, but is not limited to: ableism, ageism, biphobia, discrimination based on family structure(s), ethnocultural discrimination, exorsexism, gender essentialism, homophobia, misogyny, polyphobia, racism, religious or areligious intolerance, sexism, and transphobia."

To help provide further clarity on this policy and the terms it uses, a list of definitions is provided below along with additional reading on some subjects. These are not intended as comprehensive definitions of all instances where the policy might apply, only as simple guidance to help users understand the general areas being covered. If you're still uncertain about the meaning of certain topics covered here, please reach out to one of Wookieepedia's administrators.

If you see instances of any content in articles that you think breaches this policy, remove it or report it to an administrator for removal if you are not comfortable removing it yourself. If you see another user acting in a manner that you think violates this policy, especially toward other users, then report the behavior to an administrator. If you are comfortable doing so, you can also respond to the user and make clear that the behavior is unacceptable. Note that content breaching this policy in talk page messages or forum comments on site can be redacted per the Talk page policy. Policy-breaking offences should be reported to administrators, who could further hide harmful content in the page history.

Discrimination definitions

Term Definition Further reading
Slur A word or phrase that derides a group or individual

· Offensive language

Hate speech Language that is abusive or threatening whilst expressing prejudice

· Hate speech

Dog whistle A phrase or term that seems innocent but has a double meaning that appeals to a group with hateful views

· Dog whistles

Incitement of violence Language that calls for actual violence against a group or suggests a group is deserving of violence, physical or otherwise

· Incitement to hatred or violence

Ableism Discrimination against people who have a disability, whether temporary, permanent, chronic, physical, mental, visible, invisible, etc.

· Ableism 1
· Ableism 2
· Inclusive language guide for a US context
· Inclusive language guide for a UK context

Ageism Discrimination against people based on age

· Ageism

Biphobia Discrimination against people who are, or who are perceived to be, attracted to multiple genders

· Biphobia
· Bi Visibility Hub
· Misconceptions about pansexuality

Discrimination based on family structures People with a family different to "Mother/Father/Children." This can include, but is not limited to, the incorporation of adopted children, single-parent families, same-gender parents and inclusion of other generations into the family structure

· Family status discrimination
· Concept of "family" in international law
· LGBTQ+ inclusive definitions of family

Ethnocultural discrimination Discrimination against people of a different ethnic/cultural background, which often overlaps with racism

· Culture-based prejudices of ethnocentrism and xenophobia
· Language, health, politics, and discrimination
· Linguistic racism in the English language
· Dialect-based discrimination for a US context
· Language-based discrimination for a Scottish context

Exorsexism Discrimination against people who are non-binary

· Non-binary erasure
· Gender fluidity
· Transphobia and exorsexism
· Non-binary in the UK context
· Use of pronouns

Gender essentialism A fixed idea of gender which often overlaps with other forms of discrimination such as sexism and transphobia

· Gender essentialism
· Gender and sex
· Biological-essentialism and the gender-binary cycle

Homophobia Discrimination against people who are, or who are perceived to be, attracted to the same gender

· Homophobia
· GLAAD glossary of terms
· Stonewall glossary of terms

Misogyny Hostility against women and those perceived as women

· The difference between sexism and misogyny

Polyphobia Discrimination against people who are or could be in romantic and/or sexual relationships with multiple people at the same time

· Polyamory
· Polyphobia

Racism Discrimination against people based on their racial background or skin tone or judging people with the idea that races are distinguished by distinct attributes

· Microagression
· White privilege
· Racism basic explanation and Australian context
· Racism resources for a US context
· Racism resources for the US and UK
· Colorism for a South Asian context
· Colorism for an East Asian–American context

Religious or areligious intolerance Discrimination against people with a different religion or belief system, including those with no religion or belief system

· Antisemitism and Islamophobia
· Religion or belief discrimination for a UK context

Sexism Discrimination on the basis of gender, where women are disproportionately affected, and variations in sex characteristics

· Sexism
· Intersex people

Transphobia Discrimination against people who identify as a gender different to the one they were assigned at birth

· Transphobia
· Transphobia and exorsexism
· Oppression terms
· Use of pronouns