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FA Writing Machines[edit source]

The FA Writing Machines are a group of users that expand articles at a rapid rate, effectively making certain topics "complete" in their coverage and therefore "FA-worthy". A user does not need to apply to be in this group, they simply are or are not in this group. As a user and admin of Wookieepedia, I fully respect FA-machines, and try to better my own writing and contributions by "tracking" these users and admiring their work. I'm not entirely sure how the "movement" of FA Writing Machines occurred, but I do want to write down a rather egotistical "history" of the FA Writing Machine movement.

Origins[edit source]

In my mind, the first FA Writing Machine was QuentinGeorge. He was the first user to grab a topic and try to make it complete as possible. Although his standard of completeness might not hold up today, he's still the forebear—if you will—of the FA-machine movement. Another forebear of this movement deserving of mention is Erik Pflueger. An established author in his own right, his standard of completeness is still mind boggling, and in the early days of the wiki, this factor made him admired by many Wookieepedians.

The articles that make these two users the effective founders of this movement instead of just users with a concentrated interest are Obi-Wan Kenobi, Dooku, Lumiya, Darth Bane, Beilert Valance, and Palpatine with the last two being attributed to Pflueger. Keep in mind that these articles have changed dramatically since they were put on the queue, and although their work may be overwritten, this spirit of expansion is what started this movement.

A Movement?[edit source]

The next stage in the progression of the FA Writing Machine movement was the "recruitment" stage. Now by recruitment, I don't mean that Erik or Quentin went and found users to do the same kind of work they were doing. Instead I mean that certain other users saw just how great a tool the Wooki could be to lay down an expansive relation of a character or event. How they came to this epiphany could have been through seeing the kind of work that Quentin and Erik had been doing, or it could have been just through a revelation of their own. In any case, still in the early days of Wookieepedia, new users were joining this movement of contributing solely to create the most complete "FA-worthy" article they could.

Users I like to use as examples of this "time period" are Darth Culator, Kuralyov, MarcK and CooperTFN. I had also latched myself onto this movement around this point but was literally blown away with Culator's Zsinj article, and Cooper's Booster Terrik. I wanted to do the same kind of work, but was incredibly hesitant. I wasn't ready for people to "judge" my work, as the process through the FA nomination requires. The articles written by these users such as Ulic Qel-Droma, Exar Kun, Naga Sadow, Stark Hyperspace War, Galactic Republic Chancery election, 32 BBY, Vuffi Raa, and the aforementioned Zsinj and Terrik brought the FA Writing process to a whole new level.

Upslope[edit source]

After this sudden rise of FA Writing Machines, the ranks began to swell considerably. Users such as myself (Adalric Cessius Brandl), Eyrezer (Empire Reborn), Lord Hydronium (Pre-Republic era), Breathesgelatin (Quinlan Vos), Kevinmhk (Freedon Nadd), and StarNeptune (Ta'a Chume) were all creating expansive articles, the likes of which I put in parentheses. Unfortunately, a lull was on the horizon. Culator had apparently been burned out from writing Zsinj and hasn't taken on anything major since. Cooper was apparently satisfied with his articles and all but left the Wiki. Kuralyov became concerned with other factors in the Star Wars continuity and relegated himself to creating stubs and new articles at an insane rate. MarcK completely disappeared. However, near the end of 2006, Volemlock (Gamorrean) and Atarumaster88 (Battle of Borleias (Yuuzhan Vong War; Second)) seemed to have joined the movement.

Pushing forward[edit source]

Although several of the first FA Writing Machines had disappeared, the movement continued under the headway of Eyrezer, Lord Hydronium, and (beating my own drum here) myself. For the first four months of 2007, we three had written almost half of the FAs on the front page. This was another exciting time for the FA Writing Machines movement, as the ranks began to swell again. Havac (Brenn Tantor), Green Tentacle (Bria Tharen), and Thefourdotelipsis (Rune Haako) all "joined" around the same time. The movement began to be working at an all time high, and FA Writing Machines were responsible for almost all of the FAs at this point. With such a huge boost in these types of users, I felt as though if we really tried we could put 52 articles (a years worth) onto the Queue. My faith in the movement was confirmed when on May 10, 2007 we reached that number.

The strength of the movement began to attract new users including Solus (Padmé Amidala's wardrobe) and Sarendipity (Ebon Hawk), who helped reach 52.

Persecution?[edit source]

The FA Writing Machine Movement reached a snag when the community began to protest the actions of FA-machines. Certain topics tackled by FA-machines began to garner heavy criticism. The Inquisitorius, made up of mostly current FA-machines, began to take flak as well for stripping past FAs (from the likes of the earliest FA machines) of their featured status. The speed of the FA-machines began to take hits, as the number of articles on the queue was seen unruly by some. One of the foremost FA-machines at the time, thefourdotelipsis, was hit with heavy criticism for believing and proving that any topic could be an FA. Articles such as Jon (farmer) and Burl Ives were seen as unworthy FA topics by some. After trying to push another controversial topic in the Tumble bunny trainer to FA and proving less than successful, his FA writing slowed to a halt, and the movement with it.

Mega Articles era[edit source]

However, just as before, the movement was not to be stopped, and although the quickest FA-machine was on hiatus, the movement continued. Havac and Green tentacle took the lead, writing monster articles of the likes of Jerec, Voss Parck, Guri, and Keyan Farlander. Around this time, the monster queue we had assembled had become almost unreasonable. We were nearly to 2 years of articles. Articles just becoming FAs at this point wouldn't see the front page until almost two years later. To prevent this, and due to a fear that these FAs would fall into disrepair such a long period, the amount of time for articles to remain on the front page was changed. Now instead of one article being featured per week, it was changed to two articles being featured per week, with each article having its picture shown for half the week. However, this could not stem the influx of FAs and FA machines. Jorrel Fraajic (XJ-6 airspeeder), Chack Jadson (501st legion), Goodwood (Starfighter combat), Harrar (Harrar), Ozzel (Shadows of the Empire (soundtrack)), and Imperialles (Durge) all wrote their first FAs around this point. Greyman (Arca Jeth), in the same vein as GT and Havac, was writing absolutely monstrous articles such as Wes Janson. Special mention needs to be given to Greyman and Atarumaster88's expansion of Mara Jade Skywalker, making it the longest FA on the site. Greyman's addition would also mark the beginning of one of the most successful FA movements on the site. The project, an effort to expand subjects relating to the Tales of the Jedi comic books was incredibly successful. Currently, 103 FAs have come out of the project.

As well as upping our count of FAs, it also brought in new FA-machines. AdmirableAckbar (Ephant Mon) and Graestan (Crado) would both hit their stride due to this project. Along with this movement, and the return of 4dot, even placing two FAs a week on the front page could not shorten the queue. By October 10th, 2007, we had pushed the queue back to a full year once again. Once again trying to regulate the queue, we adopted a system akin to Wikipedia in which one FA would be featured per day for 2009. Following this, the rate of FA creation has not ebbed much, but it has seen a dwindling in the amount of FA-machines present. Redemption, who had played a part in FAing Jarael months earlier, FAd the article, Raana Tey in early 2008, and Toprawa and Ralltiir (Wampa) also seemed to join the movement at this point. Now if only he would list his FAs on his page, so I could help categorize who has helped FA an article a bit better. Fiolli (Star Map), who had helped FA Danni Quee with Atarumaster88, and had re-FAd Manaan, also showed his chops as an FA-machine at this point, while Yrfeloran tackled and conquered the massive Dooku. 2008 year also saw the rise of several new up-and-comers in the FA-machine movement: Tommy9281, who further bolstered the TOTJ takeover, Ifindyourlackoffaithdisturbing, and Grand Moff Tranner, who spearheaded the Imperial-specific Project Ambition.

Changes[edit source]

2009 saw the implementation of a single Featured Article a day, given the sheer volume of material put out by the FA machines of old, as well as a new crop of prolific Wookieepedians who all made their debut around that time. Many obscure and newly-created articles graced the nomination page, from all eras of the Star Wars universe. JSarek impressed with an article on galactic economics (Rawmat shortage of 1-2 ABY), while Wookieeprojects TOTJ and Ambition flourished under Graestan (Star Saber XC-01 starfighter) and Grand Moff Tranner (Ozzik Sturn, Rulf Yage), respectively. A minimovement of particular success were Star Wars: Legacy-related put out by the old and new alike. With newer, more stringent requirements, users like Dark Lord Trayus and CC7567 (Battle of Ryloth (Clone Wars)) joined in quickly and helped put WP:TCW on the map with a slew of FANs. The Clone Wars resulted in the rise of many new up and comers, many of whom became FA machines within the project as a result.

At a Glance[edit source]

Early push[edit source]

Those listed below participated in early Featured Article Nomination campaigns, and, for the most part, have not participated since.

Name Number of FAs Average Length of FAs (kB) Shortest FA Longest FA First FA Last FA (current)
Breathesgelatin 2? 48 Winter Celchu (47) Quinlan Vos (48) Quinlan Vos Winter Celchu
CooperTFN 2? 32 Vuffi Raa? (19) Booster Terrik (45) Booster Terrik Booster Terrik
Cull Tremayne 37 Dani (52) Adalric Cessius Brandl Morag
Darthchristian 5 16 Jes Gistang (10) Great Jedi Purge (35) Tavion Axmis Barukka
Darth Xadún 7 20 Hetton (11) Kopecz (19) Hetton Kopecz
Greyman 32 29 Matt Talon Great Sith War (130) Arca Jeth (26.6) Telosian Jedi Academy (13.3)
Goodwood 18 24 Kebla Yurt's Equipment Emporium (10) Starfighter combat (176) Starfighter combat Laigrek
Imperialles 3 18 TK-622 (9) Durge (27) Durge TK-622
Jorrel Fraajic 9 23.3 Willrow Hood (11.7) MK-09 (43.2) XJ-6 airspeeder Biscuit Baron
Kevinmhk 1? 18 Freedon Nadd (18) Freedon Nadd (18) Freedon Nadd Freedon Nadd
Kuralyov 2 17 Galactic Republic Chancery election, 32 BBY (10) Stark Hyperspace War (27) Galactic Republic Chancery election, 32 BBY Stark Hyperspace War
MarcK 1 ? Naga Sadow Naga Sadow Naga Sadow Naga Sadow
Ozzel 3 29 Chris Trevas (25) Beru Whitesun Lars (32) Shadows of the Empire (soundtrack) Chris Trevas
QuentinGeorge 3? ? ? ? Obi-Wan Kenobi Darth Bane
Redemption 2? 36 Jarael (35) Raana Tey (36) Jarael Raana Tey
Sarendipity 3 ? ? ? Ebon Hawk Carth Onasi
Solus 7 23 GH-7 medical analysis unit (9.6) Padmé Amidala's wardrobe (50.7) Padmé Amidala's wardrobe (50.7) Atton Rand (22.3)
StarNeptune 4 23 Teneniel Djo (18) Nyna Calixte (28) Ta'a Chume Nyna Calixte

Later movement[edit source]

Those listed below are currently active Featured Article nominators, or have been in the past five years. Those with (*) by their name also participated in 2008 or prior. (†) denotes currently inactive users.

Name Number of FAs Average Length of FAs (kB) Shortest FA Longest FA First FA Last FA (current)
501st dogma 17 Uunu (8.8) 11-4D (38.7) Comet (clone trooper) Battle of Helska IV
AdmirableAckbar* 82 Chertyl Ruluwoor (Human) (9) Ysanne Isard (92) Ephant Mon IG-72
Atarumaster88* 38 38.7 Record Time (8.6) Wraith Squadron (259.6) Battle of Borleias (Yuuzhan Vong War) (13.9) 10-4TO (15.7)
Axinal 4 17.1 Liak (9.2) Battle of Gazzari (27.5) Orielle Kitai Mimph
Cal Jedi 3 18.6 CC-01/425 (13.9) Rescue of Rahm Kota (22.1) Rescue of Rahm Kota Escape from Kamino
Cade Calrayn 19 41.1 Moorint (12.1) Hero of Tython (279.1) Battle of the Forge (25.6) Hero of Tython (279.1)
Cavalier One* 86 17.9 Baydo Chasdy (8) Rahm Kota (102) Horzao Darr (15) Thilis-Brin (9)
Chack Jadson*† 28 36(?) Drom Guldi (8) Grievous (119) 501st Legion Shimrra Jamaane
Clone Commander Lee 3 14.3 CC-5869 (12) CC-1993 (15) Broadside CC-1993
Corellian Premier 1 11 Subject 1157 (11) Subject 1157 (11) Subject 1157 Subject 1157
Coruscantfan 6 36 Homeworld Security Command (13) Coruscant Security Force (171.6) Coruscant Security Force Marcus Trant
Cwedin 1 15.5 Dromboid (15.5) Dromboid (15.5) Dromboid Dromboid
Cylka*† 5 Korriban zombie (20) Telos IV (56) Visas Marr (32) Korriban zombie (20)
Darth Culator* 3 31 Destruction of Despayre (15) Zsinj (52) Zsinj Vote Snaplaunce
Darth Trayus 40 (?) Mission to Yavin 4 (11) Sacking of Coruscant (70) Battle of Ryloth (Clone Wars) Invasion of the Minos Cluster
Dionne Jinn 4 34 Lost Reef (17) Hand of Judgment (57) Trial of Tycho Celchu (37) Lost Reef
Exiled Jedi 9 12.5 Granakk (7.9) Rukil (26.2) Rukil Granakk
Eyrezer* 27 20 Slith (10) Atrivis sector (68) Empire Reborn Shredder bat
Skippy Farlstendoiro*† 15 Lens Reekeene (9) Yinchorri (36) Karazak Slavers Cooperative Vodran (30)
Fiolli*† 8 33 Yashuvhu (13) Zam Wesell (93.5) Manaan Great Manifest Period
Grand Moff Tranner* 20 24 Llon Banjeer (10) Kendal Ozzel (53) Osvald Teshik (14) Sim Aloo (16)
Green tentacle* 65 24.9 S'man (9) Dash Rendar (101) Bria Tharen Zodoh
Grunny* 15 16 Duqua Dar (9) Form VII: Juyo / Vaapad (29.5) Darth Azard (29) Martio Batch (15)
Graestan*† 8 26 A-3DO (11) Thon (52) Amanoa Battle of Khar Delba
Hanzo Hasashi 9 ? Grondorn Muse M'Kae Kensaric Cabbel
Harrar*† 12 Ngaaluh (16) Viqi Shesh (104) Harrar (24) Viqi Shesh (104)
Havac*† 48 57 Todr Fel (10) Darth Caedus (441) Brenn Tantor Utoxx Prentioch
Hunter Kahn* 16 45 Dlarit estate (10) Peter Cushing (126) Zekka Thyne Peter Cushing
IFYLOFD* 33 16.13 Adanar (9.1) Gav Daragon (38.6) Goran Beviin Starstorm One
Imperators II 14 Te Hasa Juris sector Te Hasa O'reen
Imperialles* 9? TK-622 (9) Durge (29) Durge (29) Vulpter (19)
JangFett 10 21 Axe (clone trooper) (11) CT-21-0408 (40) CC-3714 R3-S6
JethLordMaster 3 41.7 Brianna (34) Canderous Ordo (49) Brianna Canderous Ordo
Jinzler 15 20 Drogen Hosh (9) Darkstaff (51) Valin Draco Kibh Jeen
JMAS 1 13.7 Raid on Ziro the Hutt's Coruscant club (13.7) Raid on Ziro the Hutt's Coruscant club (13.7) Raid on Ziro the Hutt's Coruscant club Raid on Ziro the Hutt's Coruscant club
Jonjedigrandmaster 21 21 Syndor (10) Darth Zannah (74) Raid on the Armand Isard Correctional Facility Confrontation on Ambria
jSarek* 5 20 Cracian thumper (14) Rawmat shortage of 1–2 ABY (27) Voren Na'al Rivoche Tarkin
Kilson 7 14 Obex (12) Matchstick (18) Lok Durd Obex
LelalMekha 7 23.7 Talisman of the Raven (13.65) Sanyassan (32.95) Charal Otto
Lord Hydronium* 34 21 Alkhara (9) Sate Pestage (57) Pre-Republic era Alkhara
Master Fredcerique 3 20.75 Gallo (13.665) Duel of the Fates (33.3) The Arena Gallo
Master Jonathan 1 22 Young–Elders War (22) Young–Elders War (22) Young–Elders War Young–Elders War
Menkooroo 47 30.43 Salak Weet (12.24) Lumpawaroo (92.89) Droma (41.82) Saun Dann (27.57)
NaruHina* 5 28.3 Gelesi (9.4) Darth Nihilus (51.7) Myneyrsh (25) Darth Nihilus (51.7)
Nayayen 3 18 Little Bivoli (15.5) Jedi Tower (26) Little Bivoli (15.5) Goethar Kleej (18)
Obi-wan Jacobi 2 26.5 Dathka Graush (18) Ravilan Wroth (35) Ravilan Wroth (35) Dathka Graush (18)
QuiGonJinn 49 28,9 Tauht (11.5) Zygerrian/Legends (88.4) Mission to Monastery (04/19/2009) Vill Goir (03/21/2019)
SavageBob* 74 24 Unidentified Dulok (diamond) (10) Sakiyan (69) Squib (62) Unidentified Dulok (O) (19)
Silly Dan* 2 25 Tirog (17) Gotal (34) Gotal Tirog
Shayanomer 3 16.2 Vharn (10.9) Winshur Bratt (21.8) Vharn Winshur Bratt
SoresuMakashi 1 11 Chameleon droid (11) Chameleon droid (11) Chameleon droid Chameleon droid
Thefourdotelipsis 127 (?) Mount Sorrow (6) Marn Hierogryph (102) Rune Haako The Written Word: A Brief Introduction to the Writing Systems of Galactic Basic
Tm_T 2 13.8 Zhug brothers (13.3) Mission to Nar Shaddaa (First Jedi Purge) (14.3) Zhug brothers Mission to Nar Shaddaa (First Jedi Purge)
Tommy-Macaroni 2 16.25 Secutor-class Star Destroyer (15.6) One Oh Third Task Force (16.9) One Oh Third Task Force Secutor-class Star Destroyer
Tommy9281* 71 20 Duel on Ambria (9) Darth Zannah (74) Aleema Keto Bane's Heart (lightsaber) (15)
Toprawa and Ralltiir* 12 23 Tenk Lenso (11) Wampa (57) Wampa Gandolo IV
Trak Nar* 3 60-ish Gand (49) Zuckuss (67) Zuckuss Gand
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