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This page or section is an official policy on Wookieepedia.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone must follow. Please use the Consensus track to propose changes to this policy.

This is the policy for uploading and using files on Wookieepedia. Uploads that fail to meet the criteria listed here may be deleted by an administrator and the uploader may be blocked in accordance with the blocking policy.

Upload form

The only supported upload form is Special:Upload.

None of the non-standard Fandom upload forms are officially supported by Wookieepedia. If you find and use a non-standard upload form that we have not yet disabled, and then fail to add all the required data to the file information page as outlined below, you can expect your upload to be quickly deleted, and you may be blocked.

By default, the Special:Upload page operates in "basic" mode, which will preload the code of the required {{information}} template but does not prevent files from being uploaded with missing information. However, we have provided a more user-friendly form which can be accessed by by clicking "switch to guided upload form" in the top-right corner of the purple box.

The guided upload form will provide you with text fields and drop-down menus to fill in the information required on all uploads, and will prompt you to provide missing source information.

We suggest using the guided form unless you are a highly proficient user with specific need to edit the file information page in its raw format.

Upload eligibility

In order to upload any files to Wookieepedia, users must meet the following criteria:

  1. The user account must have "autoconfirmed" status.
  2. The user must have a confirmed email address in their user preferences.
  3. The user must have contributed a minimum of 50 edits.

Users must also meet additional criteria to upload images specifically for personal use, as detailed in our user image policy.

If you meet the criteria listed above and continue to encounter errors when attempting to upload a non-personal file, you may contact an administrator for assistance.

File formats

  1. PNG format is generally preferred for most types of images.
  2. JPEG can be used, but it is preferable to use it only if the file's native format was JPEG and minimal editing has been done, or if it is required to compress a file to fit the Fandom server limitations (see the Quality section for more information).
  3. Logos and other line-art may be redrawn as SVG, though a source image should be uploaded and linked in the {{information}} template.
  4. Audio file formats may include MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGA, Ogg Vorbis, and Opus.
  5. Animations and videos may be uploaded, with a Consensus track vote started within 24 hours of the upload for the community to decide whether the file should be kept. Animations and videos without a Consensus track vote after 24 hours will be deleted.

Technical notes

  1. Large progressive JPEGs may not display or thumbnail properly. For maximum compatibility, non-progressive JPEG format and Huffman coding rather than arithmetic are preferred. (If you do not understand what this means, you probably do not need to be concerned, as these are the default settings for most graphics programs.)
  2. Lossless JPEG may upload successfully but will not display or thumbnail properly. Only use the original lossy JPEG format.
  3. Do not simply rename BMP or other file formats to PNG or JPG as they will not display or thumbnail properly.
  4. Whenever possible, retain the original file format instead of converting it to another format. If an original audio file cannot be uploaded to Wookieepedia due to its format, it may be preferable to convert it to the lossless FLAC format.
  5. If the only modification you make to a JPEG is cropping, please use JPEGCrop or a similar lossless editor.


  1. Files on Wookieepedia are subject to the same canon policy as all content. Unless used for specific "behind the scenes" illustrative purposes, files in articles must come from official sources.
  2. Do not upload files found on an image search engine such as Google Images.
  3. Do not upload any file which is simply a resized and not otherwise altered version of an image that already exists on Wookieepedia. For help resizing images on a Wookieepedia page, refer to the editing FAQ or ask an administrator for assistance.
  4. Fan art should not be uploaded, unless exclusively as a user image or to illustrate specific "behind the scenes" topics, such as cases where fan art has influenced canon (e.g. Shaala Doneeta). Fan art that fails these criteria will be speedily deleted.
  5. Do not upload files found on any website other than an officially licensed Star Wars site unless their official provenance can be confirmed.
  6. Video game files should be captured directly from the games themselves whenever possible. However, they may be taken from third-party sites when they meet the following criteria:
    1. They are of reasonably high quality.
    2. They do not bear any watermarks, excepting cases in which NO alternative source is available.
    3. No unofficial "mods" are used, except when the file is explicitly used to document a specific "behind the scenes" topic requiring a "mod," such as displaying cut or hidden content.
    4. The third-party site from which the file is taken is credited and linked in the {{Information}} template along with the game itself.

File descriptions

  1. File information must be formatted using the {{Information}} template. Special:Upload will preload this template.
    • As mentioned above, we suggest that users click "switch to guided upload form" and fill in the blanks, unless they have specific need to edit the file information page directly.
  2. Always tag your file with the appropriate copyright template.
  3. Always specify where the file came from, such as a website URL or the name of the source from which the file is scanned or captured.
  4. Do not upload content with falsified sources or copyright tags. The file will be deleted and you may be blocked.
  5. Files should be categorized by source, subject, and type, if relevant categories are available.


  1. Always use a clear, recognizable, non-duplicated filename, preferably using the following nomenclature guidelines. Note that if any file with the same title has already been uploaded, it will be replaced with your new one.
  2. Filenames should preferably be relevant to the subject matter.
  3. Do not simply name your file as a random alphanumeric string.
  4. Non-ASCII characters and excessive punctuation should be avoided.
  5. Extensions must be in short form (e.g. "jpg" over "jpeg") and lowercase.
  6. Do not include a space before the file extension.
  7. Inappropriate filenames may be changed by an administrator at any time, and name changes may be requested using the {{FTBR}} template.


  1. Files for use in articles should be of the highest quality available.
  2. There is a hard limit of 10 megabytes and 12.5 megapixels for any upload. Uploads larger than this will be rejected by the server, and if the upload succeeds, the file may not display properly. This limit is enforced by Fandom and not by Wookieepedia and may be changed by Fandom at any time, and this policy page may be updated accordingly. Wookieepedia administrators will not delete a successful upload that violates these limits, but may be forced to delete any excessively large file that causes any kind of page rendering errors.

Edited images

Files should be true to their source. However, a small amount of editing is permissible in order to enhance a file's usefulness or illustrative capability. Excessively edited files may be deleted at the discretion of the administration. These file editing policies do not apply to edits related to a transgender person's deadname.


  1. If an image has unsightly letterbox frames or other segments that distract from the primary image, it must be cropped to remove these segments.
  2. Ideally, speech bubbles should be completely cropped out of an image. If it is not possible to crop them out, the text in the bubbles should be left in if the bubble is intact. If any part of the text in the bubble is cut off, the remaining text must be removed.
  3. An uploader may remove a speech bubble entirely using "cloning" or other photo editing tools, provided the primary content of the image is not substantially altered.

Restoration and enhancement

  1. Minor variations in color such as brightness, contrast, and saturation may be adjusted to the uploader's satisfaction in order to improve the visibility of a subject or otherwise enhance the impact of an image, provided the editing is not taken to extremes.
  2. Other minor edits to improve or restore the quality of an image, such as scratch removal, denoising, or other minor modifications may also be applied, provided the purpose of the editing is to improve the visibility and/or usefulness of an image and not to alter its original content.
  3. Artist signatures should never be edited out of images unless the signature happens to be removed through simple cropping.


  1. Three-dimensional objects from video games and computer software may be rendered independently of their source in order to enhance their clarity.


  1. "Compilation" or "collage"-type images may be uploaded for certain illustrative purposes (as seen here or here) provided the following criteria are met:
    1. All components of the compilation are properly sourced in the {{information}} template.
    2. All components of the compilation meet all the upload requirements listed here.
    3. No effort is made to give the deliberate impression that the compilation is an in-universe creation.


  1. Cover the deadname with a solid-colored box in a color derived from that image (for instance, orange if the image is largely orange, but black if the deadname is on a black background). Do not add any new text to the solid-colored box.

Outlines of routes

  1. An image of a map can be modified to include a user-made outline to highlight routes, tracks, paths, etc. as long as no official illustration already serves the exact same purpose. The modified image needs to be identified as such through the use of the "description" and "filespecs" parameters in the {{Information}} template on their File page, as well as linking to an unmodified version of the original image using the "other versions" parameter on the same template.
  2. Use of such a modified image must be limited to the "Behind the scenes" section of an article, with the image caption reflecting its modified state.

4K screenshots

  1. Screenshots from 4K/2160p releases with "high dynamic range" (HDR) color must be converted to the "standard dynamic range" (SDR) supported by JPEG or PNG before being uploaded to Wookieepedia. As the HDR conversion process was not intended to be reversed, this is a necessarily imprecise process with subjective results. All uploaders submitting screenshots from HDR releases must make their best effort to adjust the image coloration for optimal realism and clarity. Ideally, uploaders should make an effort to replicate the color scheme of the closest equivalent SDR release.
  2. Due to the limited availability of 4K/2160p sources and the difficulty of HDR to SDR color conversion, it may not be possible to acquire 4K/2160p replacements for some 2K/1080p images. Therefore, 2K/1080p will remain the minimum standard of quality for all images taken from film, television, or digital productions that have been released in high-definition formats, and 4K/2160p captures will be considered optional.
  3. Any 4K/2160p replacement with coloration that diverges significantly from a comparable 2K/1080p image may be reverted at the discretion of the administration.


  1. As Wookieepedia uses a standardized {{information}} template for copyright and description information, file metadata such as Exif tags in JPEG files or the VorbisComment in OGG files will be considered optional.
  2. However, if metadata is present, it must accurately reflect the content of the upload.
  3. Metadata may not contain tags attributing the source or copyright of a file to an illegitimate third party. Some "free" comic sites and other such sources will insert their name or web address into a file's metadata. If such tags are found, an upload may be speedily deleted.
  4. Hiding data on Wookieepedia is strictly forbidden. Wookieepedia may not be used to transfer any data covertly. Attempts to use Wookieepedia for this purpose, including but not limited to steganographic embedding within files will be penalized with an immediate permanent block from editing. Detection and determination of such attempts is at the discretion of the administration, and the administrator who discovers the data trafficking attempt has final blocking authority. Such files will be immediately deleted when found.


  1. Files must be used in a page within a reasonable time from when they are uploaded. Unused images are deleted weekly, if not sooner.
  2. Images may not be uploaded for use in an image gallery, with the exception of media galleries on articles for individual out-of-universe works, as outlined in the Published narrative works subsection of the Layout Guide.
    See Forum:CT:Uploading gallery-exclusive images
  3. Files not included in a page directly must be tagged with the {{notorphan}} template to identify their purpose or they will be deleted.
    1. Social media screenshots used for reference purposes must be tagged with {{notorphan}} and listed on Wookieepedia:Social media screenshots.
    2. Other files used for reference purposes must be tagged with {{notorphan}} and should be listed on Wookieepedia:Reference images
  4. Hotlinking files uploaded from Wookieepedia on external sites for personal use is prohibited. Non-article files found to be hotlinked in such a way are subject to immediate deletion. This does not prohibit the hotlinking of files which are used in the content namespace for discussion or research purposes. If a file in the content namespace is found to be hotlinked for personal use, it may be moved to a new location without notice.
    1. For free image hosting, try Imgur or a similar provider. Abuse of Wookieepedia's upload function for personal use may result in a temporary or permanent block per our blocking policy. Please remember that your user page is not your primary contribution to this wiki, and Wookieepedia is not a free host or webpage provider.

Shared images

Star Wars wikis included on Wookieepedia's {{Interlang}} template may request for Fandom staff to enable the shared images tool, so long as their image licensing templates specify the origin of the corresponding image on the English wiki.

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