This page provides a convenient reference for common words, terms, and acronyms that are used on Wookieepedia. If you find a word that isn't on the list that you think should be, please add it.


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Top of pageNotes and references


See Three-revert rule.


AC, AgriCorps
A group that manages Wookieepedia's Good articles (GA), including the Good article nominations (GAN) page. The AgriCorps are similar to the Inquisitorius (Inq) and the EduCorps (EC) in function.
Administrator, Sysop
Wookieepedians elected by the community to carry out a number of political and technical tasks. These duties include deletion of nonsense and blocking of vandals.
Anchor link
A wikilink that leads to a specific section of a page. For example, [[Wookieepedia:Glossary#T]] would take you to the "T" section of this page.
An anonymous user going under the alias of an IP address, rather than a user name.
Archive link
See Backup link.
An encyclopedic entry on Wookieepedia. All articles are pages, but not all pages are articles. There are currently 193,347 articles on Wookieepedia. Articles exist in the main namespace and as such have no prefix, like pages in other namespaces.
Autoconfirmed user
A user whose Fandom account is at least four days old.


Backup link
To combat link rot, all external links, including those in templates, must include a link to an archive site such as archive.org.
The act of removing all content from a page. This differs from deletion, where the page itself is removed from the site.
Block, ban
Under the Blocking policy, administrators can block anons and registered users from editing Wookieepedia. When a block duration is indefinite, it is referred to as a "ban."
The main part of an article that starts with the first heading. The body is preceded by an infobox and an intro.
Automatic or semi-automatic processes run by Wookieepedians to carry out large or monotonous tasks.
Broken link
See Redlink.
Broken redirect
A redirect to a page that does not yet exist or has been deleted. The software automatically generates a list of broken redirects at Special:BrokenRedirects.
BTS, Behind the scenes
A section on in-universe (IU) articles used to document out-of universe (OOU) background material, author/actor/artist comments, interview material, concept development, creators/inventors, non-canon appearances, and other miscellany.
Administrators with additional privileges, including the management of user rights. Elected by the community.


CA, Comprehensive article
A status article fewer than 250 words in length. Denoted by the circle in the upper right-hand corner.
CAN, Comprehensive article nominations
The page used to nominate articles for Comprehensive article (CA) status.
See Rollback.
The official Star Wars universe as defined by Lucasfilm. Some material licensed by Lucasfilm is not officially recognized as canon; however, its license earns this material a mention in "Behind the scenes" sections. Material originating only from the continuity known as "Star Wars Legends" is no longer considered canon as of April 25, 2014, but such subjects continue to receive individual articles, which are labeled "Legends." The Canon policy goes into the specifics of Wookieepedia's approach to canonicity.
When used properly, a term describing a form of weapon. It is not an acceptable substitute for canon. Cannons shoot things. Canon doesn't shoot anything but other canon . . . never mind.
Cat, category
Every article is placed into one or more categories to help others find it and to group it with articles on related subjects. See Wookieepedia:Layout Guide#Category for more information.
Not-quite-acronym for the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license which governs submissions to Wookieepedia.
See References.
Conjectural title
An article title which does not appear in sources at all. If any name—however one may consider it to be informal—is mentioned in a source, then it is not conjectural. Per the Naming policy, articles should only be conjecturally titled if no in-universe designation exists.
Refers to when Wookieepedians reach a general agreement on creating or modifying site-wide policy and procedure. Established via the Consensus track. Other processes regulated by the Consensus policy include the Trash compactor and Wookieepedian of the Month.
Usually refers to the two "timelines" of the Star Wars universe: Canon and Legends (also known as the Expanded Universe, EU).
An edit that improves an article's grammar, flow, readability, spelling, and overall quality of the prose.
Short for copyright violation.
Candidate for speedy deletion. Identified by tagging the page with the {{Delete}} template.
CSS, Cascading Style Sheets
A style sheet language used to modify the appearance of Wookieepedia pages. Administrators can modify site-wide CSS whereas normal users can create CSS pages that apply to themselves. See Help:Personal CSS and JS. See also JS.
CT, Consensus track
The policy-making forum on Wookieepedia where specific site-related issues are discussed and debated until a consensus is reached. New policies are often crafted in the fiery crucibles of Consensus Track threads.
CU, CheckUser
A tool that enables certain administrators to look up the IP address of Wookieepedians, usually in order to combat sockpuppetry.


Database dump
A machine-readable XML file that contains all pages on Wookieepedia, to be used by Bots. Database dumps are generated automatically and can be downloaded from Special:Statistics.
Dead-end page
A page that contains no links to other pages. The software automatically creates a list of dead-end pages at Special:DeadendPages.
Deletion, del
The act of removing a page from Wookieepedia. Only administrators can delete pages; other users can mark pages for deletion using the CSD or Trash compactor processes. Most deleted pages can be restored by an administrator. See also blanking.
Short for "difference." Used on Recent changes and page histories to show the difference between two revisions of an article.
Resolving the conflict between two or more subjects with identical or similar titles.
Disambiguation page
A page solely intended to link to different pages with similar titles.
A chat platform used by Wookieepedia, where we maintain an official server replacing the defunct IRC chatroom.
A forum for general Star Wars discussion under Wookieepedia's domain. See also Forum.
Double redirect
A redirect that leads to another redirect. This results in a broken redirection of readers. The software automatically creates a list of double redirects pages at Special:DoubleRedirects.


EC, EduCorps
A group that manages Wookieepedia's Comprehensive articles (CA), including the Comprehensive article nominations (CAN) page. The EduCorps are similar to the Inquisitorius (Inq) and the AgriCorps (AC) in function.
Edit conflict
When two or more users are attempting to save an edit to the same page at the same time. The version that is saved first is published.
Edit summary
A message that should briefly explain your edit. Using edit summaries is strongly encouraged and there are standardized summaries available. Edit summaries are visible in the Recent changes and in the page history. See also Minor edit.
Edit war
When two or more users engage in a series of reversions due to disagreement over which revision is better. Engaging in an edit war can lead to the perpetrators being blocked from editing. See also Three-revert rule.
Refers to the editing interface. There are two main options: The source editor and VisualEditor (VE).
EU, Expanded Universe
See Legends.
External link
A link that leads to a page outside Wookieepedia, as opposed to wikilinks that lead to another Wookieepedia page. See also Backup link.


FA, Featured article
A status article longer than 1,000 words in length. Denoted by a star in the upper right-hand corner of the article.
FAN, Featured article nominations
The page used to nominate articles for Featured article (FA) status.
A company that hosts many wikis, including Wookieepedia. Formerly known as Wikia.
Star Wars material not officially recognized by LucasFilm, i.e. fan fiction. Such content is prohibited on Wookieepedia but can be submitted to the Star Wars Fanon Wiki. Fanon is different from non-canon, which is material recognized by LucasFilm but not considered to be canon.
A namespace that hosts three different discussion areas: The Senate Hall (SH), the Consensus track (CT), and the Administrators' Noticeboard. See also Discussions.
Full protection, fprot
A page that can only be modified by an administrator is fully protected. See also semi-protection and Wookieepedia:Protection policy.


GA, Good article
A status article longer than 250 but fewer than 1,000 words in length. Denoted by the check-box in the upper right-hand corner.
Small tools created by Wookieepedians and others to enhance wiki functionality. They can be viewed and enabled in the Gadgets tab of the preferences.
GAN, Good article nominations
The page used to nominate articles for Good article (GA) status.
Good faith
The principle that all edits are assumed to be made in good faith. "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."


Used to structure the body of a page. The content under a heading is called a section.


A template that displays a number of facts about a topic in an aesthetically pleasing form. Infoboxes are placed at the top of an article, before the intro.
Inq, Inquisitorius
A group that manages Wookieepedia's Featured articles (FA), including the Featured article nominations (FAN) page. The Inquisitorius are similar to the AgriCorps (AC) and the EduCorps (EC) in function.
Internal link
See wikilink. See also External link.
Interwiki, interlang
A link from Wookieepedia to a Star Wars encyclopedia in another language. These are located in the {{Interlang}} template at the bottom of articles.
The introductory part of an article, located between the infobox and the first heading. Its length depends on the overall article length.
See Anon.
Internet Relay Chat, a chat protocol that was used by Wookieepedia. Obsoleted by Discord.
IU, in-universe
All articles that cover subjects within the Star Wars universe are written from a perspective that treats the Star Wars universe as if it were real. Consequently, they are written in past tense ("A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away . . . .") and from a neutral point of view (NPOV). Articles on real-world subjects and the Behind the scenes (BTS) sections of IU articles are instead written from an out-of-universe (OOU) perspective.


JS, JavaScript
A programming language used to change the behavior of Wookieepedia pages. Administrators can modify site-wide JS whereas normal users can create JS pages that apply to themselves. See Help:Personal CSS and JS. See also CSS.


Refers to the old, pre-2014 continuity. Also called the Expanded Universe (EU). The current continuity is simply called Canon.
LG, Layout Guide
Together with the Manual of Style (MoS), the Layout Guide outlines basic formatting and layout of Wookieepedia articles.
A special page located at Special:Log that shows actions other than edits, including file uploads ("upload log") and page deletions ("deletion log"). Most, but not all, log entries are also visible in the Recent changes.


Mainspace, main namespace
The namespace where all Wookieepedia articles are located. The main namespace, unlike other namespaces, has no namespace prefix.
MediaWiki is the software that powers all Fandom wikis, including Wookieepedia, and all Wikimedia sites, such as Wikipedia. "MediaWiki pages" refers to system messages located in the MediaWiki namespace. These can only be edited by administrators.
Meta page, project page
Pages located in the Wookieepedia namespace are referred to as meta or project pages. Content includes policy pages and other Wookieepedia-related pages.
Minor edit
When saving an edit, you can choose to tag it as a minor edit. This is displayed as a lowercase "m" in the page history and the Recent changes. Edits that add more than 500 bytes cannot be tagged as minor edits.
MoS, Manual of Style
Together with the Layout Guide (LG), the Manual of Style outlines basic formatting and layout of Wookieepedia articles.
Renaming a page to a new title. A redirect is automatically created, leading from the old title to the new one. See also Help:Renaming pages.


All pages are sorted into different namespaces. The main namespace hosts articles and has no namespace prefix. All other namespaces have a namespace prefix, for example "Wookieepedia:" for the project namespace and "Template:" for template messages. Pages in most namespaces have an associated talk page.
A template located at the bottom of an article, listing related topics.
NB, Administrators' noticeboard
A forum for some administrative matters, including reports of harassment and sockpuppetry. Reports of vandalism belong on the Vandalism in progress (VIP) page.
Official or licensed material that is not considered canon. This is distinct from fanon—fan fiction—which originates from sources not recognized by LucasFilm.
NPOV, neutral point of view
The perspective used on all Wookieepedia articles. Wookieepedia does not exist to exhibit a particular bias or slant and must treat all Star Wars topics with neutrality in our reporting.
Null edit
An "edit" where the page content is unchanged. This forces an update of the page, including its categorization. See also Purge.


OOU, out-of-universe
Articles on real-world subjects and the Behind the scenes section of in-universe (IU) articles are written from the perspective of the real world.
A page that has no other pages linking to it. The software automatically generates a list of orphaned pages at Special:LonelyPages. See also Dead-end page.


P&T, Personality and traits
A section used on character articles to describe the personality and traits.
P&A, Powers and abilities
A section used on Force-sensitive character articles to describe their powers and abilities. Non-Force-sensitive characters instead a section called "Skills and abilities."
All entries on Wookieepedia are called pages. Pages are sorted into different namespaces; the main namespace contains all articles. There are currently 632,362 pages on Wookieepedia, of which 193,347 are articles.
Page history
All pages have a page history, accessed via the edit drop-down menu. The page history shows all past revisions and can be used to compare revisions ("diff").
Input to templates is done via parameters, which usually look like {{Template|parameter1=value1|parameter2=value2}}.
A wikilink that allows a link to show up differently than the page it links to. E.g. [[Jar Jar Binks|Binks]] shows up as Binks.
Rules and guidelines that apply to all Wookieepedians. Policies are created and modified through consensus. For a comprehensive list of policies on Wookieepedia, see Category:Policies on Wookieepedia.
POV, point of view
The perspective from which an article is written. On Wookieepedia, most articles are written from an in-universe (IU) perspective, as if the Star Wars universe was real. See also Neutral point of view (NPOV).
A process where review panels suggest the removal of a status article.
Administrators can restrict editing access to certain articles if they are persistent targets of vandals. There are two different main protection levels: semi-protection (sprot) and full protection (fprot). See also Wookieepedia:Protection policy.
The act of forcibly refreshing a page to reload its categories and templates. This is done by appending ?action=purge to the end of an URL. See also Null edit.


RBMN, Review board membership nominations
Nominations for membership of the status article review boards
RC, Recent changes
A feed of all actions on Wookieepedia, including edits.
A page that exists only to point to another page. For example, Darth Vader redirects to Anakin Skywalker. See also Broken redirect and Double redirect.
A wikilink to a page that does not exist.
A process where review panels deem a status article has to undergo a new review process to maintain its status.
Ref, reference
The equivalent of a footnote on a Wookieepedia article. Virtually all content on Wookieepedia articles should have references; this is called sourcing. Information that is not properly sourced is called unverified information and is subject to removal. For more information, see Wookieepedia:Sourcing.
A list of all references used in an article, located toward the bottom of the page in a section called "Notes and references".
See Moving.
The undeletion of a page by an administrator.
A term used in the Star Wars universe to indicate that part of canon has been retroactively changed after it was introduced.
Revert, undo
Changing a page back to a previous revision. This is done via the page history. Two or more users reverting each other back and forth is called an edit war. See also Three-revert rule.
The process of reading, objecting to, and voting for a status article nomination.
Review board/panel
An umbrella term for the three groups that manage Wookieepedia's status articles: The Inquisitorius (Inq), the AgriCorps (AC), and the EduCorps (EC).
A version of a page. Old revisions (i.e. not the current revision) can be accessed and compared through the page history.
RevisionDelete, rev delete, revdelete, revdel
The RevisionDelete tool, used by bureaucrats to hide the visibility of certain revisions of a page's history.
RFA, Requests for adminship
The process where the community elects new administrators.
RFB, Requests for bureaucratship
The process where the community elects new bureaucrats.
RFR, Requests for rollback
The process where the community elects new rollback users.
RFU, Requests for user rights
An umbrella term for the three processes listed above.
RFRU, RFRUR, Requests for removal of user rights
The process where the community votes to strip an administrator, a bureaucrat, or a rollback user from their user rights.
Rm, rmvd
Short for "removed"; typically seen in edit summaries.
A user right granted by the community through the Requests for rollback (RFB) process to users who fight vandalism. Enables one-click reversion of edits. Sometimes jokingly referred to as "candy."
Rv, rvv
Short for "revert"; typically seen in edit summaries.


Sandbox, Jundland Wastes
A page dedicated to test edits. A personal sandbox is usually called workbench.
The part of an article under a heading is called a section. Usually contains two or more paragraphs, a quote, and an image. The Layout Guide establishes rules for sectioning.
Semi-protection, sprot
A page that can only be modified by registered users is semi-protected. See also full protection and Wookieepedia:Protection policy.
SH, Senate Hall
A forum dedicated to discussing topics related to Wookieepedia, including changes to site-wide procedure and policy. Proposals are then taken to the Consensus track, where the community votes for or against adopting new policies. Issues related to a specific article should be discussed at the associated talk page.
Sig, signature
When participating in forums and on talk pages you must sign your comments using four tildes ~~~~. By default, this produces a link to your user page, your user talk page, and a timestamp. You can create a custom signature via your preferences, but please ensure that your signature follows the Signature policy.
Sockpuppet, sock
An alternate account created by a user, usually to evade blocks. Sockpuppetry is not allowed on Wookieepedia and both the sockpuppet and the sockpuppeteer will be banned on sight.
Source editor
The editor preferred by most Wookieepedians. See also VisualEditor (VE).
The act of properly attributing information added to Wookieepedia. This is usually done by adding references. Unsourced additions are usually called "unverified" and are subject to removal. See Wookieepedia:Sourcing for more information.
Special pages
Maintenance pages automatically generated by the software. A full list is found at Special:SpecialPages.
Speedy deletion
See CSD.
Refers to Fandom employees rather than Wookieepedia administrators. Fandom staff does not get involved in Wookieepedia matters.
Status article
An umbrella term for articles that have passed peer review: Featured articles (FA), Good articles (GA), and Comprehensive articles (CA).
A short article that can be expanded. A short article that covers all available information is not a stub.
A page attached to another page. Subpages are denoted by a forward slash in the page title; "Foo/Bar" would be a subpage of "Foo". Personal workbenches are an example of subpages, usually located at "User:Foo/Workbench".
See Administrator.


Talk page
A page set aside for the discussion of an article or other page.
TC, Trash compactor
Pages that do not meet the criteria for speedy deletion can be nominated for deletion in the Trash compactor.
A piece of code that is essentially abbreviation for a larger piece of more complicated code. Templates are transcluded onto pages by using curly braces: {{Template}}. There are numerous templates, all located in the template namespace. Some templates take input, referred to as "parameters". Templates can be linked to using conventional wikilinks or by using the {{Tl}} template, e.g. {{Delete}} links to Template:Delete. For more information, see Wookieepedia:Templates.
Three-revert rule, 3RR
A policy that states that no Wookieepedian may revert edits to an article more than three times in a 24-hour span. See also Edit war.
The common way to display images in articles. See Wookieepedia:Layout Guide#Images for more information.
TOC, Table of contents
A list of headings generated automatically. Located between the intro and the body of an article.
Displaying a template on a page.
Someone who feels that arguing over an essentially trivial matter endlessly is a good thing to do on Wookieepedia. The best thing to do is ignore trolls and let the administration ban them.


See revert.
Content that does not have references, i.e. is not properly sourced. Subject to removal.
Small boxes that display a small nugget of information about the user and are employed by some users to showcase tidbits of their personality or interests on their page. Official Wookieepedia userboxes can be found on this page.
A personal page used by Wookieepedians to tell others a bit about themselves. You can find your personal userpage by clicking on this link. Users can also have subpages, such as a workbench.
User talk page
A talk page used to communicate with a specific Wookieepedian.
User right
Various access levels granted to Wookieepedians via various processes, for example administrators. A list of user access levels can be found at Wookieepedia:User access levels.


Vandal, vandalism
Bad-faith edits, including the addition of vulgar content, blanking, and more, is termed vandalism. Those who vandalize Wookieepedia are termed vandals and will be blocked from editing by administrators. Vandalism can be reported via the Vandalism in progress (VIP) page or Discord.
VE, VisualEditor
The default editor. Easier to use but less powerful than the source editor, which is what most Wookieepedians prefer.
VIP, Vandalism in progress
A page used to report vandalism to the administrators. Vandalism can also be reported via Discord.
Short for "votes for deletion". See Trash compactor.


Wookification, Wookify
To transform information from another format, e.g. Wikipedia's style, to be consistent with Wookieepedia form and practice.
See Fandom.
Wikilink, internal link
A link that leads to another Wookieepedia page. See also External link.
Wikitext, wikicode, wiki markup
The syntax used to format text on Wookieepedia. Wikitext is seen in the source editor.
A special page that shows all pages linking to a certain page. Accessible from the My Tools drop-down in the bottom navbar.
An unacceptable misspelling of Wookieepedia. Failure to use the appropriate number of letters may result in mild derision from other users.
A user on Wookieepedia.
A user subpage that acts as a personal sandbox page, usually used for big projects like rewriting major subjects. You can create your own workbench by clicking here.
WotM, Wookieepedian of the Month
An award given out based on popular vote to a deserving Wookieepedian each month. Please read the instructions before voting.
A collaborative effort of Wookieepedians to improve a particular aspect of Wookieepedia.