This page provides a convenient reference for common words, terms, and acronyms that are used on Wookieepedia. If you find a word that isn't on the list, which you think should be, please add it.


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A[edit source]

The AgriCorps, a group that reviews Good article nominations, and is similar to the Inq in function.
Admin, or Sysop, or Mod
Cabal member Administrator. Again, fairly self-evident, but a full list can be found on this page. Administrators have a number of technical powers, are all experienced members of the site, and are generally happy to answer questions on site operations, provided it's done in a civil manner. These contributors are responsible for cleanup and other "housekeeping" chores on the wiki.
An anonymous user going under the alias of an IP address, rather than a user name.
An encyclopedia entry. All articles are pages, but not all pages are articles. See Wikipedia:What is an article

B[edit source]

Removing all of the content of an article. This differs from deletion, as the article link remains valid.
Ban (also Block, Banhammer, or even Modsmack)
Fairly self-explanatory. This results in an IP or username being blocked from editing Wookieepedia. Given out by admins only. Grounds for blocking can be found at this page.
Short for Robot; a program that applies changes on its own. See Wookieepedia:Bots
Broken link
A wiki link (created [[like this]]) for which the article has not yet been created. These links appear in red text. Also known as a redlink.
Broken redirect
A page that redirects to another page that does not yet exist or has been deleted.
"Behind the scenes." Generally listed as a separate section on a Wookieepedia article and used to document background material, author/actor/artist comments, interview material, concept development, creators/inventors, non-canon appearances, and other miscellany.
An administrator who has the ability to modify user rights.

C[edit source]

Comprehensive article. Denoted by the circle in the upper right-hand corner.
Does not exist! Ever!
Comprehensive article nominations, where candidates for comprehensive article status are proposed.
Sometimes used as a slang term for the rollback power. See rollback below for more info.
The official Star Wars universe as defined by Lucasfilm. Some material licensed by Lucasfilm is not officially recognized as canon; however, its license earns this material a mention in "Behind the scenes" sections. Material originating only from the continuity known as "Star Wars Legends" is no longer considered canon as of April 25, 2014, but such subjects continue to receive individual articles, which are labeled "Legends."
When used properly, a term describing a form of weapon. It is not an acceptable substitute for canon. Cannons shoot things. Canon doesn't shoot anything but other canon . . . never mind.
Short for category. Every article is placed into one or more categories to help others find it and to group it with articles on related subjects. See Wookieepedia:Layout_Guide#Category for more information.
Not-quite-acronym for the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license which governs submissions to Wookieepedia.
The term used to describe when a general agreement has been reached among Wookieepedias. Described on Wookieepedia:Consensus, it is applicable not only in the Trash Compactor and Consensus Track, but also on talk pages, Senate Hall forums, etc.
CT or Consensus Track
The policy-making forum on Wookieepedia where specific site-related issues are discussed and debated until a consensus is reached. New policies are often crafted in the fiery crucibles of Consensus Track threads.
An edit that improves a written piece or article's grammar, flow, readability, spelling, and overall quality of the prose.
Short for copyright violation.
Candidate for speedy deletion. Identified by tagging the page with {{delete}}. See speedy below for more info.

D[edit source]

Dead-end page
A page that contains no links to other pages.
Short for "delete"; typically seen in edit summaries.
Short for "difference." Used on Recent Changes and page histories to show the difference between two versions of an article.
Resolving the conflict between two or more subjects with identical or similar titles.
Disambiguation page
A page solely intended to link to different pages with similar titles.
Double redirect
Where an article redirects to another redirect. These typically are broken after the first redirect (see Broken redirect).
Dummy edit
An edit noting an error in a previous edit summary of the same user. It does not change the content of the article and is not marked as a minor edit. Used for incorrect edit summaries and wrong marks of an edit's major or minor status.

E[edit source]

Edit conflict
Two users both attempting to edit the same page at the same time.
Edit summary
A small message that can be made when one makes an edit. It will be visible in recent changes and on the page's history. These are to be used for briefly describing the edits made.
Edit war
To engage in a repeated series of reversions with another person/people over which revision is better. Edit warring is not condoned on Woookieepedia and, should the administration become involved, blocks may be given out. The proper way of resolving a difference is a civil discussion on the talk page.
External link
A link to a page outside of the Wookieepedia domain.

F[edit source]

Featured article. Denoted by a star in the upper right-hand corner of the article.
Featured article nominations, where candidates for featured articles are proposed.
Star Wars material not officially recognized by Lucasfilm. Such content is prohibited from Wookieepedia articles. Particularly, this means material you invented yourself. See also: Non-canon

G[edit source]

Good article. Denoted by the check-box in the upper right-hand corner.
Good article nominations, where candidates for good article status are proposed.

I[edit source]

A Wikicode template that displays a number of facts about a topic in an aesthetically pleasing form. Infoboxes are generally placed at the beginning of an article.
The Inquisitorius. A group of users dedicated to defining the cutting edge of article quality and who are endowed with oversight of the Featured Articles of Wookieepedia, as well as Featured Article nominations.
Internal link
A link to a page inside the Wookieepedia domain. Also known as a wikilink.
A link from Wookieepedia to another wiki, such as Wikipedia.
Introduction of an article.
Internet Relay Chat, of which Wookieepedia has a channel (#wookieepedia). See WP:IRC for more information. The channel always has people in it who are usually able to assist with questions.
In-universe. The perspective of treating the Star Wars universe as if it were real. A corollary to this is to treat all events of the Star Wars galaxy as real, but having happened in the distant past, i.e. "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away . . . ." This perspective should be used on virtually all Wookieepedia articles, except for the "Behind the scenes" sections and real-world articles.

K[edit source]

KB or Knowledge Bank
A place to ask general questions about Star Wars. Follow ALL of the rules when using this, please, or your thread will be pwned deleted without warning.

M[edit source]

The wiki software that runs Wookieepedia. [1] Also, the namespace used for system and interface messages.
Meta page
A non-article page that defines policy, or other administrative details. Meta pages carry the Wookieepedia: namespace.
An irregularly scheduled meeting of Wookieepedians sometimes described as Consensus Track on speed or as a bunch of arguing with no results, depending on whose perspective you get. A list of Mofference topics and times can be found at WP:M. These always occur on IRC on the #wookieepedia channel.

N[edit source]

A designated prefix for a segment of Wookieepedia that defines the purpose and jurisdiction of a Wookieepedia page. A number of namespaces exist, such as Forum, (e.g. Forum:Senate Hall) User, (e.g. User:Atarumaster88), Talk (e.g. Talk:Main Page), User talk (e.g. User talk:Atarumaster88 and Wookieepedia (e.g. Wookieepedia:FAQ). Other namespaces include Template, Template talk, Wookieepedia talk, File, and File talk. The "Main" namespace, which includes all Wookieepedia articles, does not have a prefix. As such, articles such as Luke Skywalker do not contain a prefix in their title.
Material that is not considered canon but which nevertheless originated from a source considered official, or licensed by Lucasfilm. This generally includes comic or "what if" types of material and is distinct from fanon, which originates from sources not recognized by Lucasfilm.
More formally the Administrators' noticeboard, a place to place notes that the administration will read and deal with accordingly, whether that be notification of harassment or requests for protection/un-protection/deletion. Please place vandalism alerts on the appropriate page though.
Neutral Point of View. The idea that Wookieepedia does not exist to exhibit a particular bias or slant and must treat all Star Wars topics with neutrality in our reporting. Similar to the cherished ideal of journalist non-bias (smart comment removed) and, yes, Jar Jar Binks and all Star Wars authors fall under this policy. Actually, every Wookieepedia article does.

O[edit source]

"Out-of-universe." Writing from the perspective of the real world. This is used, unsurprisingly, for discussing real-world aspects of a particular character, battle, location, etc. or for real-world topics such as George Lucas. It should not be employed in in-universe articles, except in the "Behind the scenes" section.
A page that has no other pages linking to it.

P[edit source]

Personality and traits section for a character article. Describes, creatively enough, the personality and traits of a character.
Powers and Abilities sections for characters who are Force-sensitive or particularly notable for their skills.
Page move
When a given page on Wookieepedia is moved to a different title, in essence renaming the page. A redirect (see below) is created from the original page name to the new one.
Any individual topic at Wookieepedia, regardless of namespace. Page content is defined as the text contained on a page, minus the auto-generated top, bottom and side bars.
Patent nonsense
Text with no practical meaning.
Piped link
A piped link uses the | character to allow a link to show up differently than the page it is named after. E.g. [[Jar Jar Binks/Legends|Binks]] shows up as Binks.
Point of View (POV)
The perspective from which an article is written. On Wookieepedia, most articles are written from the point of view of a character inside the Star Wars universe.
Protection or Shield
A term used when an administrator blocks access to an article with one of two choices: Semi-protect, which blocks new and anonymous users from editing the page, and sysop-only-protect, which allows only administrators to edit the page.This is done to protect a page from vandalism or edit warring. See Wookieepedia:Protection policy.

Q[edit source]

Quote of the day. A place where the quotes that appear on the Main Page are discussed.
In reference to Featured Articles, the list of upcoming Featured Articles set to appear on the Main Page.

R[edit source]

Recent changes, a location where the most recent edits to the wiki are displayed.
A link that exists only to point to another article. For example, Darth Vader redirects to Anakin Skywalker. The code to do this is #REDIRECT [[Article name]]
A link to a location that does not exist yet.
The equivalent of a footnote on a Wookieepedia article. A general rule of thumb is to reference virtually all content on Wookieepedia articles. The exceptions and exact rules can be found on Wookieepedia:Sourcing.
The opposite of speedy. An admin power that allows the instant resurrection of a deleted article.
A term used in the Star Wars universe to indicate that part of canon has been retroactively changed after it was introduced.
Changing an article back to a previous revision. In general, anyone can do this, but causing an edit war over the article may lead to a ban.
Requests for adminship. A weighted vote to determine if a user is worthy of receiving administrator powers. See WP:RFU.
Requests for bureaucratship. A weighted vote to determine is an administrator is worthy of receiving bureaucrat status. See WP:RFU.
Candy-like award Requests for rollback power, determined by vote on WP:RFU.
Requests for user rights. The page where discussions over user status are held.
Short for "removed"; typically seen in edit summaries.
To revert a page to a previous version. Also, a MediaWiki power that allows a user to more quickly make reversions. Not a default user ability; it must be awarded.
Short for "revert"; typically seen in edit summaries.
Short for "revert vandalism"; typically seen in edit summaries.

S[edit source]

Sandbox or Jundland Wastes
A place for you to test edits without actually saving them into Wookieepedia articles. It is not a free place to insert vandalism and is emptied regularly.
Senate Hall
The general discussion area on Wookieepedia for overall site issues. It is not a discussion board about Star Wars or a substitute for article talk pages.
Sig or Signature
The text displayed upon typing ~~~~ and clicking save. By default, this produces a username linked to your user page and a time stamp. Custom signatures can be made at "My preferences" by checking the "Custom signatures" option and entering your own code. Please ensure your signature follows policy.
Signing your posts. Like this
~~~~ Do it on all talk pages, votes, Senate Hall posts, forums, etc. and it will go well for you. Always.
Sockpuppet, puppets, or sock
A user who possesses multiple accounts. These will be banned on sight, regardless if it is your brother, or your friend, or your friend's brother who is allegedly using the computer. Socks are typically used to "bump up" vote counts or attack other users.
Speedy or Speedy-delete
Admin power that allows the instant destruction of an article. Generally used on fanon, vandalism, and user pages that consistently violate user page policy.
An article that fails to cover the necessary information on a subject.
A page associated with an article, usually as a subdivision of the subject in question. Subpages are generally frowned upon, unless as part of a copyvio procedure.
See Administrator.

T[edit source]

Talk page
A page set aside for the discussion of an article or page.
TC or Trash Compactor
A place on Wookieepedia where the worthiness of articles to exist is debated.
A piece of code that is essentially an abbreviation for a larger piece of more complicated code. When in "edit mode", templates are denoted by curly braces. Hundreds of these are used on Wookieepedia and have their own namespace. It is possible to link to a template without displaying by using this format: {{Tl|TEMPLATENAME}}.
Someone who feels that arguing over an essentially trivial matter endlessly is a good thing to do on Wookieepedia. The best thing to do is ignore trolls and let the administration ban them.

U[edit source]

Small boxes that display a small nugget of information about the user and are employed by some users to showcase tidbits of their personality or interests on their page. Official Wookieepedia userboxes can be found at this page.

V[edit source]

An individual who makes bad-faith edits to Wookieepedia and/or inserts nonsense, often in the form of vulgar or obscene content and/or blanks pages and/or moves articles to ridiculous titles. Vandalism should be reported at Wookieepedia:Vandalism in progress and is a sure way to get oneself banned from Wookieepedia. It is not funny. Ever.
Short for "votes for deletion". See Trash compactor.

W[edit source]

Wookification or Wookify
To transform information from another format, e.g. Wikipedia's style, to be consistent with Wookieepedia form and practice. See Wookify for more information.
The programming language of wiki pages, including Wookieepedia.
An unacceptable substitute for Wookieepedia. Failure to use the appropriate number of letters may result in mild derision from other users.
The best Star Wars site ever. More complete than either the Encyclopedia or its predecessor, the Databank. A fascinating repository of all things Star Wars. Less egotistically, the free-edit online Star Wars encyclopedia hosted by Wikia.
A user on Wookieepedia.
Wookieepedian of the Month, an award given out based on popular vote here to a deserving Wookieepedian each month. Please read the instructions before voting.
A collaborative effort of Wookieepedians to improve a particular aspect of Wookieepedia.
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