This page exists to explain the powers granted by various "flags" on the freenode IRC network. For more information about Wookieepedia's IRC presence, see Wookieepedia:IRC.


The same information can be seen on IRC by issuing the command /msg ChanServ HELP FLAGS. This information was last updated on September 11, 2016.

-ChanServ-     +v - Enables use of the voice/devoice commands.
-ChanServ-     +V - Enables automatic voice.
-ChanServ-     +o - Enables use of the op/deop commands.
-ChanServ-     +O - Enables automatic op.
-ChanServ-     +s - Enables use of the set command.
-ChanServ-     +i - Enables use of the invite and getkey commands.
-ChanServ-     +r - Enables use of the unban command.
-ChanServ-     +R - Enables use of the recover, sync and clear commands.
-ChanServ-     +f - Enables modification of channel access lists.
-ChanServ-     +t - Enables use of the topic and topicappend commands.
-ChanServ-     +A - Enables viewing of channel access lists.
-ChanServ-     +S - Marks the user as a successor.
-ChanServ-     +F - Grants full founder access.
-ChanServ-     +b - Enables automatic kickban.
-ChanServ-     +e - Exempts from +b and enables unbanning self.