Things to doEdit

  • 5000 BBY cannot be sourced straight to the TOTJ comics and is infobox-exclusive
  • Other infobox-exclusive info
  • Underlinking
  • Hutts don't naturally have hair, so specifying "None" in that infobox field is unnecessary
  • A Hutt wearing clothing is fairly unique and deserves to be detailed in the P/T or an Equipment section, depending on how it's being framed
  • Just because he resided on Koros Major doesn't mean that's his homeworld, as the infobox is saying
  • There's no reason for this double reference. Move ref notes into the sentence to cite individual portions as necessary: The Daragons were grateful, but the Hutt insisted that they keep his generosity a secret from the other customers.[4][3]
  • If all of this article's material comes from comics, I don't see why another image can't be had for "The younger Daragons" subsection
  • The Bio should be reorganized so the first paragraph is placed within a subsection
  • Many redirects
  • Articles need to be referenced by individual comic issue, not story arcs
  • BTS unsourced.

Removal of FA statusEdit


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