Battle of DenebaEdit

Things to doEdit

  • Update needed
  • Would prefer to see a more customary beginning to the intro than "The battle on Deneba," since this is a conjectural title
  • Infobox:Unnecessary to use bullets for fields with only one item
  • Infobox:"Unidentified" is OOU nomenclature and should be avoided
  • Infobox:Disguised attack droid and about half of the Casualty figures are infobox-exclusive
  • "See also" section needs to be removed
  • The first paragraph of the Prelude is unsourced
  • Digitize all comic images
  • Article needs to be formatted and sectioned according to the Layout Guide
  • Remove period from second image caption
  • BTS partially unsourced. And publication date for the comic would be nice
  • Format Databank entry correctly

Removal of FA statusEdit


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