Things to doEdit

  • Redirects
  • In the infobox, it would be better to use a manual ref note to explain the ship's 22 BBY destruction date rather than double ref notes
  • From the Description, this really isn't relevant to that section and should instead be worked into/linked in the History section: "...that served in the Grand Army of the Republic's navy during the Clone Wars."
  • The second History image doesn't look good where it's currently placed, which is likely a relic of Monobook. The body images should be reformatted for aesthetic purposes, and one may actually need to be removed if they don't all fit well
  • BTS:Unsourced
  • BTS:CSWE full publication date is not self-sourcing and also unnecessary; just say 2008
  • BTS:Episode air date would be nice

Removal of FA statusEdit


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