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This page lists the procedural bylaws of the Inquisitorius for posterity and quick reference.


  • If a nomination has outstanding objections for more than a week from a nominator who has not edited in more than a month, and if no one else has displayed a willingness to adopt the nomination, the nomination may be removed after one week of idleness.
  • Nominations that exhibit strong evidence showing that the nominator has no inclination to work on the article during the review process will be candidates for the "nonsense nomination clause" and may be removed short of the stipulated two-week idle period with a consensus of three Inq support votes. This consensus of three support votes may alternatively be obtained from present users in IRC, in which case a note will be left on the FAN page that the nomination has been removed via Inq consensus.
  • It is the responsibility of the Inq who added the {{Inqapproved}} template to a successful nomination to archive that nomination within the next 24 hours.
  • As standard, Inqmoots will be held at 2:00 PM ET. All Inquisitors are expected to respond to the meeting page's attendance section.

Paperwork and meeting-scheduling dutiesEdit

Per Inqmoot 105, paperwork and meeting scheduling are assigned to one Inquisitorius member at the conclusion of each meeting. Both duties must be completed within one week after the last meeting. Failure to complete the meeting duties will result in a strike against the offending Inquisitorius member, as will failure to participate in a meeting, either through attendance or absentee notes. After accumulating two strikes, the member will be placed on membership probation, with potential removal from the Inquisitorius upon a third strike. Each individual strike will expire three years after it was given.

The following table lists individual paperwork and meeting-scheduling duties for upcoming Inquisitorius meetings. This list was last updated on August 17, 2019.

Meeting Meeting 105 Meeting 106 Meeting 107 Meeting 108 Meeting 109 Meeting 110 Meeting 111
Member Supreme Emperor Imperators II Tommy-Macaroni Exiledjedi Toprawa and Ralltiir Xd1358 AnilSerifoglu

Current strikesEdit

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