The Inquisitorius redux process is an active extension of Inquisitorius meetings, wherein Featured articles that have been updated, rewritten, or otherwise overhauled so significantly as to require a review of a section or of the entire article are placed. Articles that are reduxed will be given reviews by Inquisitorius members and members of the community, and when the required number of votes in favor of the article being passed are acquired, the article will pass its redux review and will retain its Featured status.

How the redux page works:

  1. During Inquisitorius meetings, articles that have recently received updates or overhauls so significant as to require a review of the new material will be voted on as "reduxed," tagged with the FA redux template, and placed on the FAN page. Commonly, articles are chosen to be reduxed if they receive additions nearing or exceeding 10,000 bytes in size. Members of the Inquisitorius and the community will then review the article or the section(s) of the article as necessary.
  2. Once an article has achieved the required number of supporting votes and has no outstanding objections, it will be removed from the FAN page and archived, and will keep its status as a Featured article. A nomination will be considered successful once it has achieved four supporting votes (at least two of which must come from Inquisitors) with no outstanding objections. Per Forum:CT Archive:Reduxing Featured articles, votes from all members of the community will be counted.
  3. Any article that has outstanding objections for four weeks will be eliminated from the FAN page by the Inquisitorius pending a removal vote with at least three Inquisitors voting in favor, and will be stripped of its Featured status.
  4. Instructions on how to add articles to Redux can be found here. See the FAN page for existing reduxed articles.
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