Vima SunriderEdit

Things to doEdit

  • Update needed
  • Digitize all comic images
  • At least two redlinks
  • Redirects
  • This BTS sentence is unnecessary and should just be removed: "Additional information on Sunrider has come in a multitude of sources, including mentions in the Tales of the Jedi Companion and Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force, along with entries in the Star Wars Encyclopedia and its successor, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia."
  • Format Databank entry correctly
  • The intro just looks unnecessarily huge. The issue is certainly being exasperated by the narrower margins in Oasis, and I'm sure it looked better in Monobook, but we've got to adapt to our current design aesthetic. In addition, it could certainly use a could paragraph breaks, depending on the final size
  • Many paragraphs are unnecessarily large in size. Article would benefit from additional paragraph breaks throughout
  • All of the BBY dates except the last one are sourced to the TOTJ comics, which doesn't work
  • I'd like to see better image aesthetics. There are some thumbnails that are just weirdly small, while others are so large that they dominate the section they're in, and then there are wide swaths of text with no images at all
  • Infobox-exclusive information

Removal of FA statusEdit


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