[14:01] *** Culator|Work has changed the topic on channel #wookieepedia-inquisitorius to The inquisitorius: Just like a cabal, but with less power. And no free pizza..
[18:07] The4dot|Powah: Alrighty, first up: FA Removal.
[18:08] The4dot|Powah: And the first article is ....
[18:08] The4dot|Powah: Yoda.
[18:08] Ataru: Yoda: Needs sourced. Needs quotes to be sourced. 
[18:08] StarNeptune: I got a laundry list of stuff for almost each article
[18:08] Havac: Source.
[18:08] Ataru: We still don't have a quorum . . . 
[18:08] Havac: Expand the intro too.
[18:08] Ataru: My vote: remove
[18:08] *** Mode change "+o Imperialles" for channel #wookieepedia-inquisitorius by Havac.
[18:08] Darth_Culator: Heh.
[18:08] Havac: Now we do.
[18:08] StarNeptune: several unsourced pics, unsourced quotes, longer intro
[18:08] Imperialles: Remove!
[18:08] The4dot|Powah: Shh!
[18:08] The4dot|Powah: First we figure out what's wrong, then we vote.
[18:09] Darth_Culator: How many people do we need to vote in a new member?
[18:09] Havac: Me.
[18:09] Darth_Culator: Good enough.
[18:09] Ataru: Well, I have to leave early, so I'm going to list my votes and head out. Like really early. Durn weddings
[18:09] Imperialles: Too short intro, fanwanky stuff like "Yoda was a great contributor to the highest level of Jedi strategy, and was also a worldly diplomat comparable to Mace Windu"
[18:09] Imperialles: I mean, what the hell?
[18:09] Darth_Culator: Yeah, POV.
[18:09] The4dot|Powah: By the power of Grayskull, I make Imp an Inq.
[18:09] Havac: Well, he might have been, but that needs backing up.
[18:10] Imperialles: Until then, it's fanwank
[18:10] LordHydronium: there's some POV scattered throughout it
[18:10] LordHydronium: though less than I'd expect
[18:10] The4dot|Powah: Remove?
[18:10] StarNeptune: Go for it
[18:10] Ataru: POV, definitely
[18:10] Imperialles: The article has too many images as well (although that may not be a legitimate complaint)
[18:10] Havac: Remove, but I expect that the issues would be addressable.
[18:11] *** JainaSolo (n=#####) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius.
[18:11] StarNeptune: Most of said images are not sourced, either
[18:11] *** Mode change "+o JainaSolo" for channel #wookieepedia-inquisitorius by Darth_Culator.
[18:11] LordHydronium: it should be easy to fix up, but remove for now
[18:11] Havac: I don't mind the image density.
[18:11] The4dot|Powah: Morning, Jaina. We're voting on whether or not to remove Yoda.
[18:11] LordHydronium: proseline in the "Republic" section
[18:11] The4dot|Powah: I have two votes to remove.
[18:11] JainaSolo: Hi 4dot
[18:11] The4dot|Powah: I need more.
[18:12] Darth_Culator: I just checked it at lowest-common-denominator and high-definition settings, and the pics are spaced OK.
[18:12] Ataru: ISD: Remove. Chiss: Needs longer intro, needs sourced, redlinks
[18:12] Ataru: Fourdot: Remove Yoda
[18:12] The4dot|Powah: 3.
[18:12] Imperialles: I'm unsure if I'm an Inq or not, but I vote to remove Yoda's FA status.
[18:12] Ataru: Like I said, I'm listing everything off because I have 2 minutes
[18:12] Havac: Ataru: Put those votes on the meeting page, so we don't forget.
[18:12] Darth_Culator: Removed as an FA, Yoda must be.
[18:12] The4dot|Powah: Yeah, do that.
[18:12] The4dot|Powah: 4.
[18:13] Havac: Remooooove.
[18:13] Ataru: Ok
[18:13] JainaSolo: Remove
[18:13] The4dot|Powah: 5.
[18:13] The4dot|Powah: 6.
[18:13] The4dot|Powah: One more.
[18:13] The4dot|Powah: Shit, that's me.
[18:13] The4dot|Powah: 7.
[18:13] The4dot|Powah: Consensus says remove.
[18:13] Imperialles: Roger roger.
[18:13] Ataru: Next
[18:13] Ataru: ISD: Remove
[18:13] StarNeptune: ISD
[18:13] The4dot|Powah: Next up: Imperial I-class Star Destroyer.
[18:13] Havac: De-Saxtonization.
[18:14] LordHydronium: sourcing
[18:14] Darth_Culator: WTF is up with the pie chart?
[18:14] Havac: "It was one of the Empire's smaller vessels" What the hell?
[18:14] StarNeptune: Longer intro needed, lead quote unsourced, fan-made chart: Yay or nay? a few unsourced pics
[18:14] Ataru: B.S.
[18:14] The4dot|Powah: Sourcing.
[18:14] Havac: Source, POV-check.
[18:14] LordHydronium: Havac: De-Saxtonization?
[18:14] The4dot|Powah: Saxton is the Devil!
[18:15] Havac: POV-check.
[18:15] StarNeptune: Is the pie chart based on canon figures?
[18:15] Havac: "It was one of the Empire's smaller vessels"
[18:15] The4dot|Powah: Yarp.
[18:15] Darth_Culator: Saxton is the devil? Then consider me a Satanist.
[18:15] StarNeptune: Otherwise, it's wank and needs to go
[18:15] Havac: Make sure it's all canon, and not Saxtonite interpretation of canon.
[18:15] The4dot|Powah: OK, Voting time.
[18:15] Imperialles: "Imperial-class Star Destroyers have featured prominently in many Star Wars computer games. However, they have generally been "toned-down" to allow the player some chance of defeating them with a starfighter."
[18:15] Havac: Remove until sourced.
[18:15] Imperialles: what?
[18:15] Imperialles: Remove.
[18:15] Ataru: Remove
[18:15] The4dot|Powah: 3.
[18:15] LordHydronium: remove
[18:16] The4dot|Powah: 5.
[18:16] StarNeptune: remove
[18:16] JainaSolo: Remove
[18:16] Darth_Culator: Remove, for every reason except those related to your stupid Saxton-bashing.
[18:16] The4dot|Powah: 7.
[18:16] LordHydronium: again, this should be fairly easy to clean up
[18:16] Havac: Source the Saxtonite fanwank in the BTS too.
[18:16] The4dot|Powah: Consensus says Remove.
[18:16] The4dot|Powah: Next: Chiss
[18:16] JainaSolo: Sourcing and expansion
[18:16] LordHydronium: sectioning
[18:16] The4dot|Powah: Sourcing, and at that length, there has to be shit loads of fanwank.
[18:16] Imperialles: Introduction is too short
[18:17] Imperialles: The article desperately needs sourcing
[18:17] Darth_Culator: Bit of POV.
[18:17] LordHydronium: "At this point, however, we must turn to one of the most perplexing of all the problems in the evidence for Chiss society."
[18:17] Havac: Expand, intro, source, and for the love of god give us some subsectioning.
[18:17] LordHydronium: yeah, there needs to be some prose cleanup
[18:18] Havac: It needs to be be de-McEwokified.
[18:18] LordHydronium: "Various explanations for the seeming discrepancies and inconsistencies are possible, but the safest observation to make is that here, as with most other elements of Chiss life, the evidence available does not allow firm conclusions as to the underlying truth of the matter."
[18:18] LordHydronium: WTF?
[18:18] Havac: Has to read like an encyclopedia article and not a scholarly essay.
[18:18] Darth_Culator: "De-McEwokified" is an excellent term. I may have to steal it.
[18:18] The4dot|Powah: Vote time.
[18:19] Havac: Remove.
[18:19] LordHydronium: remove
[18:19] The4dot|Powah: 2.
[18:19] JainaSolo: Remove
[18:19] Imperialles: Remove.
[18:19] Ataru: My votes:
[18:19] Ataru: Yoda; Remove
[18:19] Ataru: ISD: Remove
[18:19] Ataru: Chiss: Remove; redlinks, intro
[18:19] Ataru: Beilert Valance: Keep; intro, sourcing
[18:19] Ataru: Ulic: Remove; intro, sourcing; sectioning
[18:19] Ataru: Pelleaon: Remove; lack of detail in later life, sourcing
[18:19] Ataru: Lumiya: Remove; sectioning
[18:19] Ataru: Anakin Solo: Keep
[18:19] Ataru: Election: Keep
[18:19] Ataru: Darth Bane: Keep
[18:19] The4dot|Powah: 5.
[18:19] Ataru: Rokur Gepta: Remove; intro, redlinks, sectioning
[18:19] Ataru: This is also posted on the meeting page. 
[18:19] The4dot|Powah: Ataru: Put that on the vote page.
[18:19] The4dot|Powah: Oh, right.
[18:19] Ataru: I must be off. I'll check the logs later, but I need to get dressed to go to a wedding. Later all
[18:19] LordHydronium: Let's just get this out of the way and say "sourcing" for all of them.
[18:19] *** Ataru (n=#####) has left #wookieepedia-inquisitorius.
[18:20] The4dot|Powah: 5 votes...
[18:20] The4dot|Powah: Make that 6...
[18:20] Darth_Culator: Oh, yeah. Remove.
[18:20] The4dot|Powah: 7.
[18:21] The4dot|Powah: Consensus says Remove.
[18:21] The4dot|Powah: Next: Liberty Valance.
[18:21] Imperialles: Beilert Valance is an excellent article. But it needs sourcing (easily done)
[18:21] The4dot|Powah: Sorry, Beliert Valance.
[18:21] The4dot|Powah: Sourcing, MASSIVE POV ISSUES.
[18:21] LordHydronium: could use some images in the earlier parts
[18:21] Havac: Source. Check out some of the prose, too.
[18:21] Imperialles: POV?
[18:21] Darth_Culator: Massive?
[18:21] Havac: POV, like 4dot says. And images.
[18:21] LordHydronium: and the later parts
[18:22] The4dot|Powah: It was written by Erik. Therefore - POV.
[18:22] Havac: It gets a little flowery at the end, at least.
[18:22] StarNeptune: intro is too short
[18:22] Darth_Culator: Not nearly as bad as Palpatine, but maybe that's because it's so much shorter.
[18:23] The4dot|Powah: Vote time.
[18:23] Imperialles: Remove.
[18:23] LordHydronium: remove
[18:23] The4dot|Powah: 2.
[18:23] Havac: Remove.
[18:23] The4dot|Powah: Remember, Ataru says keep, though.
[18:23] The4dot|Powah: So what does that mean?
[18:23] The4dot|Powah: We need two people to say no, no?
[18:23] The4dot|Powah: 3.
[18:23] Havac: That means we still need 7 votes.
[18:24] Darth_Culator: That means remove if we're all unanimous, assuming Imp counts.
[18:24] JainaSolo: Remove
[18:24] The4dot|Powah: Oh, right. 7 votes of remove to remove.
[18:24] The4dot|Powah: Imp counts.
[18:24] The4dot|Powah: 4.
[18:24] The4dot|Powah: 5.
[18:24] Darth_Culator: And I say remove, though it shouldn't be hard to clean it up.
[18:24] The4dot|Powah: 6.
[18:24] The4dot|Powah: Almost there...
[18:25] Imperialles: Neptune?
[18:25] StarNeptune: Remove
[18:25] The4dot|Powah: 7.
[18:25] StarNeptune: But I thought the vote had to be unanimouns with all voting
[18:25] The4dot|Powah: Consensus says Remove.
[18:26] The4dot|Powah: Next: Ulic Qel-Droma
[18:26] Havac: Nope. Just 7 votes.
[18:26] StarNeptune: Ataru says keep, so that's not unanimous
[18:26] LordHydronium: Star: under the new rules, 7 with no more than 2 objects
[18:26] StarNeptune: Ah, there are new rules?
[18:26] LordHydronium: oh wait, that's less than 2 objects
[18:26] LordHydronium: since we brought that MAL in as full Inqs
[18:26] LordHydronium: *the MAL
[18:26] StarNeptune: I guess I missed that during my unwilling vacation
[18:26] The4dot|Powah: Ulic: Apart from sourcing...I don't see any major issues.
[18:27] Havac: New infobox pic.
[18:27] Imperialles: Horrible infobox picture, short intro, unsourced images, unsourced
[18:27] StarNeptune: a couple of unsourced pics
[18:27] StarNeptune: unsourced quotes
[18:27] StarNeptune: longer intro
[18:27] Imperialles: Needs personality section
[18:27] LordHydronium: Ataru says sectioning, but I don't see it; they're at the long end of good
[18:28] The4dot|Powah: Is it really in that much trouble that it needs removal?
[18:28] StarNeptune: I say no
[18:28] Havac: Yes it is.
[18:28] Imperialles: I say yes.
[18:28] StarNeptune: Aside from sourcing, the longer intro and a pers/traits, it's not THAT bad
[18:28] Havac: We'd just be putting it on notice.
[18:28] The4dot|Powah: Voting time.
[18:28] Darth_Culator: I don't mind the infobox pic. And aside from sourcing, it looks fine.
[18:28] The4dot|Powah: Keep.
[18:28] Imperialles: Remove.
[18:28] Havac: It has to be sourced, so we say do it or it dies.
[18:29] The4dot|Powah: 2
[18:29] Havac: Fundamentally, it's just a way to get people off their asses to source it.
[18:29] LordHydronium: source or die, but this should be an easy one to get off probation
[18:29] The4dot|Powah: 3.
[18:29] Havac: Remove.
[18:29] The4dot|Powah: Yeah...3.
[18:29] LordHydronium: Ataru voted remove
[18:29] JainaSolo: Remove
[18:29] The4dot|Powah: 4.
[18:29] The4dot|Powah: 5.
[18:30] The4dot|Powah: SN, Culator?
[18:30] Havac: It needs to be sourced or it doesn't meet standards.
[18:30] StarNeptune: Put it on notice
[18:30] The4dot|Powah: So, that's remove.
[18:30] The4dot|Powah: 6.
[18:30] Darth_Culator: Feh.
[18:30] The4dot|Powah: That is neither here nor there.
[18:30] Darth_Culator: Fine, source or die.
[18:30] The4dot|Powah: Bah!
[18:30] The4dot|Powah: 7.
[18:30] The4dot|Powah: Consensus is to remove.
[18:31] The4dot|Powah: Next: The Sith Lord with the almost unfortunate name: Exar Kun.
[18:31] LordHydronium: Anyone think for these easy ones we should take it off probation before two weeks?
[18:31] Darth_Culator: Mmmkay.
[18:31] Imperialles: "Kun's ingenuity served as a source of inspiration for later Sith, and in a few rare cases, Jedi and Dark Jedi, to create their own. Other notable wielders of the double-bladed lightsaber included Bastila Shan, Zez-Kai Ell, Jorak Uln, Uthar Wynn, Darth Zannah, Darth Maul, Asajj Ventress and Azrakel. This weapon was also very popular with the Sith during Darth Revan's Jedi Civil War."
[18:31] Imperialles: What the hell is that doing in an article about Exar kun?
[18:31] StarNeptune: The "Homage" section is fanwank
[18:31] JainaSolo: Needs a personality section
[18:31] Darth_Culator: What does that have to do with the price of spice on Nar Shaddaa?
[18:31] Imperialles: It's POV, and the list of users doesn't belong
[18:31] The4dot|Powah: Sourcing
[18:32] The4dot|Powah: Personality section
[18:32] StarNeptune: longer intro
[18:32] LordHydronium: that double-bladed lightsaber section needs to go
[18:32] LordHydronium: the legacy one, tha tis
[18:32] Imperialles: Yes.
[18:32] Darth_Culator: Quite.
[18:32] Havac: Expand intro. Source. Personality section.
[18:32] Imperialles: Votin' time!
[18:33] The4dot|Powah: Voting time.
[18:33] Imperialles: Remove.
[18:33] Darth_Culator: Strike it down.
[18:33] The4dot|Powah: Remove
[18:33] The4dot|Powah: 3.
[18:33] Havac: Remove.
[18:33] The4dot|Powah: 4.
[18:33] LordHydronium: imprison it in the Massassi Temples
[18:33] StarNeptune: get rid of the Homage section too
[18:33] The4dot|Powah: 5.
[18:34] JainaSolo: Remove
[18:34] The4dot|Powah: 6.
[18:34] LordHydronium: Ataru forgot to vote on this one
[18:35] The4dot|Powah: SN?
[18:35] StarNeptune: remove
[18:35] The4dot|Powah: Consensus says Remove
[18:35] The4dot|Powah: Next: Pellaeon
[18:35] Imperialles: The article is tagged with an improvement tag (violation of rule 6) and iit lacks sources
[18:35] Imperialles: it*
[18:35] The4dot|Powah: Sourcing, lacks personality section
[18:35] Havac: Personality section. Source.
[18:36] LordHydronium: this is the first with a proper-sized intro, I think
[18:36] LordHydronium: expansion of "Later life", like the tag says
[18:36] StarNeptune: That's because I wrote it :P
[18:36] Darth_Culator: Should we let Sikon in as an observer?
[18:36] The4dot|Powah: No!
[18:36] StarNeptune: Anyway, needs pers/traits
[18:36] The4dot|Powah: He must not see the evil goings on in here!
[18:36] StarNeptune: sourcing all around
[18:36] Darth_Culator: I wouldn't voice him.
[18:37] The4dot|Powah: Voting time.
[18:37] Imperialles: Remove.
[18:37] The4dot|Powah: 1.
[18:37] The4dot|Powah: Make that 2.
[18:37] *** LucidFox (n=#####) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius.
[18:37] The4dot|Powah: Aah!
[18:37] Darth_Culator: Remove.
[18:37] The4dot|Powah: An intruder! From the outside!
[18:37] Havac: Kick the bureaucrat!
[18:37] The4dot|Powah: 3.
[18:37] LordHydronium: remove
[18:37] Darth_Culator: He's unvoiced.
[18:37] StarNeptune: remove
[18:37] Darth_Culator: For a reason.
[18:37] The4dot|Powah: Enter the bureaucrat!
[18:37] Havac: Remove.
[18:37] The4dot|Powah: 6.
[18:38] LordHydronium: Ataru voted remove; did you count that?
[18:38] The4dot|Powah: 7.
[18:38] The4dot|Powah: Consensus says REMOVE
[18:38] LordHydronium: we're brutal here
[18:38] The4dot|Powah: Next: Lumiya.
[18:38] LordHydronium: but most of these are easy fixes
[18:38] StarNeptune: sourcing
[18:38] *** Imperialles (n=#####) has signed off IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
[18:38] LordHydronium: sectioning
[18:38] *** Imperialles_: No such nick/channel.
[18:39] The4dot|Powah: Sourcing, sectioning, but otherwise, it's a pretty darn good job...I think.
[18:39] *** Imperialles (n=#####) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius.
[18:39] *** Mode change "+o Imperialles" for channel #wookieepedia-inquisitorius by Darth_Culator.
[18:39] Darth_Culator: Lumiya is nice.
[18:39] Darth_Culator: The only signifcant objection would be the sourcing.
[18:39] StarNeptune: Keep
[18:39] Imperialles: Needs personality section
[18:39] Havac: Personality. Sourcing.
[18:40] The4dot|Powah: Voting time.
[18:40] The4dot|Powah: Keep.
[18:40] Imperialles: Remove.
[18:40] The4dot|Powah: 1.
[18:40] Havac: Remove.
[18:40] The4dot|Powah: 2.
[18:40] JainaSolo: Remove
[18:40] LordHydronium: if SN and 4dot vote keep, we can't have 7
[18:40] Darth_Culator: Gonna have to go keep on this one.
[18:40] LordHydronium: I'd say source or die, but that's kind of irrelevant now
[18:40] The4dot|Powah: Ah...then it stays, no?
[18:40] Havac: But it needs sourcing.
[18:40] Havac: The quites aren't even sourced.
[18:41] Imperialles: We need a template that says "This article needs to cite its sources"
[18:41] Darth_Culator: The only problem is a retroactive requirement. We should probably make a template that says an article needs sourcing.
[18:41] StarNeptune: That should be easy enough to do
[18:41] StarNeptune: I thought we had one of those
[18:41] Havac: BTW, LucidFox, I order you to integrate sourcing into the dialogue templates as well.
[18:41] The4dot|Powah: Everything that we've voted to have removed has had other major issues. This doesn't.
[18:41] Darth_Culator: We have one for sourcing in progress.
[18:41] Havac: Needs personality.
[18:41] Darth_Culator: But not for sourcing needed.
[18:41] The4dot|Powah: Consensus says Keep.
[18:41] The4dot|Powah: Doesn't it?
[18:41] Darth_Culator: Yep.
[18:42] Imperialles: Actually the rules say keep; consensus says remove :p
[18:42] Darth_Culator: Meh.
[18:42] The4dot|Powah: Next: Anakin Solo
[18:42] StarNeptune: sourcing
[18:42] Darth_Culator: Sectioning.
[18:42] The4dot|Powah: Sourcing, sectioning, personality section
[18:42] StarNeptune: pers/traits
[18:42] LordHydronium: "The First Corellian Insurrection" contains a lot that doesn't have anything to do with the section title
[18:43] Imperialles: Horrible introduction
[18:43] LordHydronium: Which falls under sectioning
[18:43] The4dot|Powah: Looks like Carey Lowell - (Link:
[18:43] JainaSolo: Too many pics
[18:43] LordHydronium: "Anakin's death during the Mission to Myrkr marked the heroic sacrifice of a Jedi Knight"?
[18:43] Darth_Culator: Yeah, pov.
[18:44] The4dot|Powah: Voting time
[18:44] The4dot|Powah: Remove
[18:44] JainaSolo: Remove
[18:44] LordHydronium: remove
[18:44] Imperialles: Remove.
[18:44] LordHydronium: Ataru voted remove
[18:44] The4dot|Powah: 5.
[18:44] Darth_Culator: Remove per rules 2, 7, 11, 14, and 16.
[18:44] Havac: Remove.
[18:45] StarNeptune: "Originally, Anakin was to be named Han Solo Jr., but Leia decided to name the boy after his grandfather—partly because she had wanted to redeem her father's name, but mostly due to the fact that she thought she could get rid of her fears of Darth Vader by seeing what her father could have been and once was through her son."
[18:45] The4dot|Powah: 7.
[18:45] StarNeptune: Couldn;t that be in the BtS?
[18:45] The4dot|Powah: Remove.
[18:45] StarNeptune: anyway, remove
[18:45] LordHydronium: SN: It's in-universe
[18:45] The4dot|Powah: Consensus says Remove
[18:45] The4dot|Powah: Next: Galactic Republic Chancery Election: KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!
[18:45] Imperialles: Horrible image. Sourcing. Length.
[18:45] LordHydronium: sourcing
[18:46] StarNeptune: That composite image needs to have all four souces cited, no?
[18:46] Darth_Culator: Minor rule 3/11 problem. Other than that I'm OK with it.
[18:46] The4dot|Powah: Sourcing.
[18:46] The4dot|Powah: But otherwise, there's no real precedent for this type of article.
[18:46] Havac: Sourcing.
[18:47] Havac: Could maybe use some expansion.
[18:47] LordHydronium: Imp: I don't think this is even the shortest FA
[18:47] Darth_Culator: It already goes into more detail about the background then I would expect for coverage of this type of thing.
[18:47] The4dot|Powah: That would be Mt. Sorrow.
[18:47] Imperialles: That may be, but this is only 2 screens long
[18:48] The4dot|Powah: Not if you have a widescreen monitor.
[18:48] Imperialles: I do.
[18:48] The4dot|Powah: In that case, it's a good length.
[18:48] Imperialles: It's 2 screens at 1680x1050 resolution
[18:48] Imperialles: Bah!
[18:48] The4dot|Powah: Voting time.
[18:48] The4dot|Powah: Keep
[18:48] Imperialles: Remove.
[18:48] StarNeptune: Remove
[18:48] LordHydronium: Ataru sez: "Keep"
[18:48] JainaSolo: Remove
[18:48] Havac: If we're not enforcing source or die anymore (you bastards!) then keep.
[18:48] The4dot|Powah: Ah, well, we keep.
[18:48] LordHydronium: source or die, but again, irrelevant now
[18:49] Darth_Culator: Keep due to lack of precedent and the fact that it's only major problem is 3/11.
[18:49] The4dot|Powah: Consensus says Keep. Actually, rules say keep.
[18:49] The4dot|Powah: Could someone take the chair for a sec?
[18:49] *** The4dot|Powah is now known as The4dot|Menial.
[18:49] Imperialles: Sure
[18:49] Imperialles: Next up is Darth Bane.
[18:49] LordHydronium: sourcing
[18:49] Darth_Culator: Mmkay, Darth Bane.
[18:50] The4dot|Menial: REMOVE THIS BASTARD TO HELL!
[18:50] Imperialles: Needs sourcing and personality section.
[18:50] Havac: Source, personality, expand the New Sith Wars section.
[18:50] Imperialles: Flowery prose: "Bane survived the crash, but his ship was destroyed beyond hope of repair. The jungle itself seemed intent on stopping Bane, but he pushed on nonetheless. He was attacked by beasts and monsters, and cried out in frustration."
[18:50] Imperialles: Dude.
[18:50] Havac: Should also probably be removed period  due to issues of conflicting canon.
[18:50] LordHydronium: Havac: NSW I believe is largely based off just a few passages in PoD
[18:51] LordHydronium: Are there that many issues surrounding Bane himself?
[18:51] Havac: The whole Gloom Walkers section in the book has a lot more info than is presented there.
[18:51] Havac: And the timeline is all screwed up.
[18:52] LordHydronium: oh, I see what you mean now
[18:52] Imperialles: Voting time!
[18:52] LordHydronium: the whole thing at Phaseera is just skipped over
[18:52] Imperialles: Remove.
[18:52] LordHydronium: eh, source or die if nothing else
[18:53] Havac: Remove.
[18:53] Imperialles: 3
[18:53] LordHydronium: Ataru says Keep
[18:53] JainaSolo: Remove
[18:53] Darth_Culator: Does {{Twoconflicting}} break rule 6? It might. And it needs PoD expansion, so rule 9. Combined with rule 14 and 11 (which I wouldn't just enforce on their own) that means remove.
[18:53] Havac: I think the conflict template does break it.
[18:53] Imperialles: 5
[18:53] Imperialles: Neptune?
[18:53] StarNeptune: Remove
[18:53] Imperialles: 6
[18:54] Imperialles: 4dot said remove earlier, no?
[18:54] Havac: Yes he did.
[18:54] Darth_Culator: [18:50] The4dot|Menial: REMOVE THIS BASTARD TO HELL!
[18:54] Imperialles: Consensus sez: "Remove."
[18:54] Imperialles:  Rokur Gepta.
[18:54] LordHydronium: hey, we're right on target for 4
[18:54] LordHydronium: serious sectioning
[18:54] JainaSolo: Longer intro
[18:54] LordHydronium: intro
[18:54] LordHydronium: sourcing
[18:55] StarNeptune: remove
[18:55] Imperialles: length
[18:55] Imperialles: This guy was a Sith?
[18:55] Imperialles: He's in Category:Sith acolytes and apprentices
[18:56] Havac: Prose issues. "He followed the Vader style of command and took it to the extreme,"
[18:56] LordHydronium: the Sorcerers of Tund are a Sith cult, I believe
[18:56] Havac: No sectioning whatsoever.
[18:56] Imperialles: Voting time.
[18:56] Havac: Intro's too short.
[18:56] Imperialles: 1
[18:56] Havac: Remove.
[18:56] Imperialles: 2
[18:56] Darth_Culator: Rule 7, 12, 2 somewhat, and of course 11 and 14. Remove.
[18:56] Imperialles: 3.
[18:56] JainaSolo: Remove
[18:57] Imperialles: 4
[18:57] Imperialles: Remove. 5.
[18:57] LordHydronium: remove
[18:57] Imperialles: 6.
[18:57] LordHydronium: Ataru says remove
[18:57] Imperialles: Removed!
[18:57] Imperialles: Great work, people.
[18:57] Imperialles: Now for The Other Issues.
[18:57] StarNeptune: Joy
[18:57] Imperialles: "Notifying the main contributor of articles? Should we do this? Or is a template on the article's main and talk pages good enough?"
[18:58] Imperialles: How does one determine the main contributor?
[18:58] The4dot|Menial: Sorry about that.
[18:58] Darth_Culator: If we can figure out how to determine that, then it's a good idea.
[18:58] Havac: If they don't have the article watchlisted, screw them. It's their problem.
[18:58] LordHydronium: as a courtesy, I don't see a problem with it
[18:58] Darth_Culator: We're not evil, just efficient.
[18:58] Imperialles: It should not be a requirement, though.
[18:58] Havac: If you want to do it, do it, but it shouldn't be policy.
[18:59] *** The4dot|Menial is now known as The4dot|Powaa.
[18:59] The4dot|Powaa: Yes, I can leave the Inq template on their page.
[18:59] The4dot|Powaa: But we shouldn't have to do it.
[18:59] StarNeptune: Some people have FAs they contributed to listed on their userpage
[18:59] Darth_Culator: Use the template with Master Bunny.
[18:59] Imperialles: So we all agree: Do it if you feel like it, but don't make it a requirement.
[19:00] Havac: Seems to be consensus.
[19:00] The4dot|Powaa: Yeah, well, the Mt. Sorrow one is gone because someone whined about it.
[19:00] Imperialles: Issue resolved.
[19:00] Imperialles: "New Inquisitors, apparently Imp and McEwok want a shot. Should we put them up for community vote right away or wait a little?"
[19:00] The4dot|Powaa: Ataru clearly did not understand that "Bitch" and "Fool" are terms of endearment in Australia
[19:00] Havac: One down, one to go.
[19:00] LordHydronium: screw Imp
[19:00] Darth_Culator: Imp is in. McEwok, I don't know.
[19:00] The4dot|Powaa: Imp, I'm more than happy to appoint.
[19:00] LordHydronium: what has he ever done?
[19:00] Imperialles: :(
[19:00] LordHydronium: Nah, Imp's cool
[19:00] StarNeptune: He wrote the Chiss article :P
[19:01] Darth_Culator: I'm conflicted about McEwok.
[19:01] The4dot|Powaa: McEwok is not a major contributor, and is more interested in bitching with VT-16.
[19:01] The4dot|Powaa: Apart from the Chiss article.
[19:01] Imperialles: McEwok knows his canon, but he's inactive and fanwanky
[19:01] The4dot|Powaa: Yup. Too Fanwanky.
[19:01] Havac: McEwok knows what he's doing. His writing style wouldn't come in here.
[19:01] The4dot|Powaa: It'd be like making Sompeetalay an Inq.
[19:01] Darth_Culator: On one hand, he's clearly a smart guy. On the other hand, he annoys the crap out of me sometimes.
[19:01] Havac: And he's not fanwanky. He's odd-interpretationy.
[19:02] Havac: He doesn't make up canon. He just points out all the different stuff you can do with it.
[19:02] Imperialles: Sorry.
[19:02] The4dot|Powaa: Well...I say yes to Imp, no to McEwok.
[19:02] LordHydronium: Havac: and the stuff you can't do with it
[19:02] Imperialles: Anyway, he hasn'tparticipated in any Inqing, as far as I know
[19:02] JainaSolo: Yes for Imp but I'm not sure about McEwok
[19:02] Havac: I vote for.
[19:03] Imperialles: I'll vote for once he starts participating.
[19:03] LordHydronium: Aye for Imp
[19:03] Darth_Culator: I'm more interested in someone's view of what you should and shouldn't do with canon rather than what you can and can't do. I say yes Imp, no McEwok.
[19:03] The4dot|Powaa: So...
[19:04] Imperialles: Consensus seems to be: Admit Imp, unsure/no to McEwok
[19:04] Imperialles: Next issue.
[19:04] Imperialles: Writing the reasons and putting up the template. We need to make sure this is done write away. Should we assign people to do it or will a few be taking personal responsibilty?
[19:04] Darth_Culator: Make 4dot do it.
[19:04] Imperialles: We shouldn't assign people. It should just be done.
[19:04] Havac: We shoud de-Inq anyone who says "write away".
[19:04] LordHydronium: we need to make sure it's done "right" away too
[19:04] The4dot|Powaa: I'll do the template.
[19:04] The4dot|Powaa: And, are we happy with the template as it is?
[19:05] LordHydronium: aw, Havac got there first
[19:05] Havac: What, the Ikrit happy bunny one?
[19:05] Havac: Or the Mount Sorrow ass-kicking template?
[19:05] The4dot|Powaa: No, the Tremayne one.
[19:05] The4dot|Powaa: The Ikrit/Sorrow one is for user's talk pages.
[19:05] The4dot|Powaa: To inform them that their article is about to be bitch-slapped.
[19:05] Havac: I miss the Mt. Sorrow one.
[19:05] JainaSolo: I like the Ikrit happy bunny one
[19:06] LordHydronium: Where is this template?
[19:06] Darth_Culator: Yay bunnies!
[19:06] LordHydronium: not Tremayne
[19:06] Havac: Best. Template. Evar.
[19:06] The4dot|Powaa: Havac: Me too.
[19:06] Imperialles: I think we should use Hoojibs, but hey.
[19:06] The4dot|Powaa: But it also correlates with a certain RFA objection.
[19:06] LordHydronium: anyone?
[19:06] The4dot|Powaa: Hydronium: (Link:
[19:07] Imperialles: Eh, we're going off topic.
[19:07] The4dot|Powaa: And: (Link:
[19:07] The4dot|Powaa: Anyway, yeah, topic.
[19:07] The4dot|Powaa: I'll put up the Tremayne template on articles.
[19:07] Imperialles: Let's just do it after this meeting.
[19:07] Imperialles: It should take ten minutes.
[19:07] The4dot|Powaa: Yah.
[19:07] The4dot|Powaa: Next topic.
[19:07] Imperialles: "Why not do FA nom passage on the IRC too?"
[19:07] Imperialles: No, no.
[19:07] Imperialles: No.
[19:08] Darth_Culator: No?
[19:08] Imperialles: No.
[19:08] The4dot|Powaa: Yes!
[19:08] Darth_Culator: But Imp says no. Why no?
[19:08] Imperialles: We don't want to go there.
[19:08] The4dot|Powaa: Just the Inq FA nom passage, not the full fledged one.
[19:08] Imperialles: Why not have CTs on IRC too?!
[19:08] Imperialles: Oh.
[19:08] The4dot|Powaa: Because it desperately needs to be sped up.
[19:08] The4dot|Powaa: Imp: Not the layman one!
[19:08] The4dot|Powaa: Oh.
[19:08] Imperialles: I agree then!
[19:08] Havac: It wouldn't work.
[19:08] Darth_Culator: I'm all for CTs on IRC.
[19:08] *** Mode change "-o Darth_Culator" for channel #wookieepedia-inquisitorius by Imperialles.
[19:08] The4dot|Powaa: Havac: Why so?
[19:08] *** Mode change "+o Darth_Culator" for channel #wookieepedia-inquisitorius by ChanServ.
[19:09] Havac: We wouldn't be able to go in-depth enough.
[19:09] Imperialles: That is a good point.
[19:09] The4dot|Powaa: Well, the way I was thinking it would go is this:
[19:09] Darth_Culator: I'd do CTs at 2 AM and pass all kinds of great rules.
[19:09] The4dot|Powaa: If we all like an article, we pass it.
[19:09] The4dot|Powaa: If there is an objection, however, we take it back to the Forum.
[19:09] Havac: As it stands, we have a give-and take where we list issues, and they get addressed.
[19:09] Imperialles: Besides, if we can't get 5 people to vote on the wiki, something's seriously wrong.
[19:10] The4dot|Powaa: It's just a cleansing agent, really.
[19:10] Havac: Over about a week, it gets passed or denied.
[19:10] The4dot|Powaa: Imp: Yeah, something is wrong.
[19:10] Havac: With IRC, it would be too superficial.
[19:10] Imperialles: Per Havac.
[19:10] Havac: If anyone objected, we'd still have to just list the objections and do it the old way.
[19:10] Havac: And someone will always object.
[19:10] The4dot|Powaa: Yeah.
[19:10] The4dot|Powaa: Not always.
[19:10] Havac: Always.
[19:11] Darth_Culator: Often.
[19:11] The4dot|Powaa: So...other opinions?
[19:11] The4dot|Powaa: Often.
[19:11] Darth_Culator: I say do EVERYTHING on IRC.
[19:11] The4dot|Powaa: No one important has objected to Sun King yet.
[19:11] Darth_Culator: Including CTs, VFDs, and RFAs.
[19:11] Havac: I haven't looked at it. yet.
[19:11] Havac: I'm too scared.
[19:11] The4dot|Powaa: And, Culator, while we're at it - Are you going to help Orman a bit? Or is it just a write off?
[19:11] Imperialles: RFB?
[19:11] Havac: RFA and CT should be done on IRC, it's true.
[19:11] The4dot|Powaa: Havac: The power of Mt. Sorrow compells you!
[19:11] Darth_Culator: Oh, yes. Orman.
[19:11] Imperialles: I'll nom you if you nom me
[19:12] Darth_Culator: I'll do some work on it tomorrow, since I have the ALTAs handy.
[19:12] The4dot|Powaa: Thanks.
[19:12] The4dot|Powaa: I don't think there's a lot that needs to be done, anyway.
[19:13] Havac: So no to IRC. The motion fails.
[19:13] Imperialles: Case closed: No consensus.
[19:13] The4dot|Powaa: Bah!
[19:13] Darth_Culator: Bah, indeed.
[19:13] The4dot|Powaa: Requirements: Yes, we should have them.
[19:13] The4dot|Powaa: Because we need to do *something* to get Inq moving.
[19:13] The4dot|Powaa: In the non-evil department, that is.
[19:13] Havac: I wouldn't mind.
[19:13] The4dot|Powaa: Frankly, at the moment, we're the Wookieepedia SS.
[19:13] The4dot|Powaa: Which could be a good thing.
[19:14] The4dot|Powaa: We're just persecuting piss-ant users instead of Sam Etic.
[19:14] Imperialles: We're like SS, except not effective
[19:14] Darth_Culator: They shouldn't be too strict, since some of us have to divide our attention more than others.
[19:14] Darth_Culator: But there should be requirements.
[19:15] Darth_Culator: And the channel goes dark.
[19:15] Havac: I think two or three noms voted up or down per week isn't asking too much.
[19:15] The4dot|Powaa: Bah.
[19:15] The4dot|Powaa: age.
[19:15] Imperialles: Unless you're on vacation, you should be able to do three articles per week
[19:15] The4dot|Powaa: Whatever happened to StarNeptune? Well...we know now...don't we?
[19:16] Imperialles: She got busy.
[19:16] StarNeptune: No
[19:16] Darth_Culator: Stupid motherboard.
[19:16] Darth_Culator: I've had that happen.
[19:16] StarNeptune: My computer went boom
[19:16] The4dot|Powaa: Wowser.
[19:16] Darth_Culator: Once quite spectacularly. Sparks even.
[19:16] The4dot|Powaa: Cull Tremayne was fretting that you were in hospital or something.
[19:16] The4dot|Powaa: It was quite the panic room.
[19:16] StarNeptune: Aww
[19:17] Darth_Culator: See, we're not evil. We worry about people.
[19:17] The4dot|Powaa: Inquisitorius: The Superevilacracy that cares.
[19:17] StarNeptune: ...unless we hate you :P
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