[09:04]	<Cylka>	Welcome to meeting 37.
[09:04]	<Cylka>	First up: probed articles from last time.
[09:05]	<Cylka>	http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Undercity_sewers
[09:05]	<Cylka>	http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Undercity_sewers
[09:06]	<Darth_Burger>	The issue is that whoever is working on it wants a second probation extension
[09:06]	<Cylka>	I'm divided on this one as some work has been done. The biggest problem is that no one has access to the game right now and can't check alternate choices.
[09:07]	<Cylka>	Absentees 3 probe, 3 kill
[09:07]	<Cylka>	So it's up to us.
[09:07]	<IFYLOFD>	Kill.
[09:07]	<Darth_Burger>	We don't even know /when/ someone might have access to the material to fix it satisfactorily
[09:07]	<Darth_Burger>	The article is so short, it could easily go through the review process again
[09:07]	<Darth_Burger>	I vote kill as well
[09:07]	<Cylka>	I won't until November or December.
[09:07]	<grunny>	Kill
[09:08]	<Cylka>	Ok, kill it is.
[09:08]	<grunny>	they can always re-FA it
[09:08]	<Cylka>	Exactly.
[09:08]	<Cylka>	Next:
[09:08]	<Cylka>	http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Ric_Oli%C3%A9
[09:08]	<Cylka>	http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Ric_Oli%C3%A9
[09:09]	<Cylka>	Absentees say kill.
[09:09]	<Darth_Burger>	No work has been done.
[09:09]	<Darth_Burger>	Kill.
[09:09]	<IFYLOFD>	This is a vote to kill the FA status of Ric Olie's article on Wookieepedia.
[09:10]	<grunny>	kill
[09:10]	<grunny>	haha
[09:10]	<Cylka>	Kill.
[09:10]	<Cylka>	Ok, we'll kill Ric. :P
[09:11]	<Cylka>	Next:
[09:11]	<Cylka>	http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Platt_Okeefe
[09:11]	<Darth_Burger>	I have a question for Platt I'm not even sure anyone here can answer.
[09:11]	<Cylka>	http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Platt_Okeefe
[09:11]	<Darth_Burger>	From what I've read on the meeting page, the issue seems to be whether all of the Atlas info has been added.
[09:11]	<Darth_Burger>	Which has not been addressed on the review page.
[09:11]	<Darth_Burger>	Apparently "some" Atlas stuff has been added.
[09:12]	<Cylka>	And everyone on the meeting page has some kind of issue with the article.
[09:12]	<Cylka>	LG, heading name
[09:12]	<Darth_Burger>	Basically because whoever handled the maintenance of the article neglected this Atlas point
[09:12]	<Cylka>	But, also everyone says keep or weak keep.
[09:13]	<Cylka>	Maybe extend probe?
[09:13]	<Darth_Burger>	I agree - extend probe so the Atlas issue is addressed
[09:13]	<Cylka>	Since some work has been done, but not all.
[09:13]	<IFYLOFD>	Extend, I guess.
[09:13]	<grunny>	extend probe then
[09:14]	<Cylka>	Extend probe it is.
[09:14]	<Cylka>	That is all for probed articles. Now on to new articles up for review.
[09:15]	<Cylka>	Unless anyone wants to add something to Platt Okeefe?
[09:15]	<Cylka>	http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Halagad_Ventor
[09:15]	<Cylka>	Underlinking, and could possibly use a small intro expansion. -- 1358 (Talk) 07:28, August 16, 2010 (UTC)
[09:16]	<grunny>	underlinking really isn't a probe-worthy issue
[09:16]	<IFYLOFD>	Yeah, this seems kinda weak.
[09:16]	<grunny>	Fiolli's right, that's basically {{sofixit}}
[09:16]	<Darth_Burger>	I agree with Fioll's comment: "# Halagad Ventor: Weak probe. At this stage, I think the "underlinking issue" probably qualifies as {{Sofixit}}. "
[09:16]	<Darth_Burger>	Fiolli*
[09:16]	<Cylka>	Yes, the others said probe.
[09:16]	<IFYLOFD>	The intro could definitely be expanded though.
[09:16]	<IFYLOFD>	Probe.
[09:17]	<Cylka>	So that is 5 for probe.
[09:17]	<Darth_Crumpet>	Indeed. Probe.
[09:17]	<Darth_Burger>	Probe
[09:17]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[09:17]	<grunny>	probe for intro expansion only
[09:17]	<Cylka>	OK, Ventor probed for intro.
[09:17]	<grunny>	linking is {{sofixit}}
[09:17]	<Cylka>	Next: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/XJ-6_airspeeder
[09:18]	<Cylka>	Needs general cleanup with sentence/paragraph structure and seems to be missing some sources, as well. (Pre-Inq FA, too.) — Fiolli {Alpheridies University ComNet} 15:19, August 16, 2010 (UTC)
[09:18]	<grunny>	probe
[09:19]	<Darth_Burger>	probe
[09:19]	<IFYLOFD>	Probe.
[09:19]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[09:19]	<Darth_Crumpet>	Probe.
[09:19]	<Cylka>	Alright, XJ-6 is probed.
[09:19]	<grunny>	Cav appears :P
[09:19]	<Cylka>	http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Myhr_Rho
[09:19]	<Darth_Crumpet>	Nap time is over :P
[09:20]	<grunny>	haha
[09:20]	<Cylka>	Update tag.
[09:20]	<Darth_Burger>	probe
[09:20]	<grunny>	Probify
[09:20]	<Darth_Crumpet>	Probe.
[09:20]	<Cylka>	Nice to see you Cav.
[09:20]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[09:20]	<IFYLOFD>	Probulate.
[09:20]	<Cylka>	Rho is probed.
[09:21]	<Cylka>	http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kopecz
[09:21]	<Cylka>	Tommy seems to have addressed this.
[09:21]	<Cylka>	There was a fact tag.
[09:21]	<grunny>	no probe
[09:21]	<IFYLOFD>	Keep.
[09:21]	<Darth_Burger>	No probe
[09:21]	<Cylka>	Spare
[09:21]	<Darth_Crumpet>	No probing.
[09:22]	<Cylka>	Kopecz is spared.
[09:22]	<Cylka>	http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Bevel_Lemelisk
[09:22]	<Cylka>	—update needed from Starships and Vehicles 9.
[09:22]	<IFYLOFD>	Probe!
[09:23]	<Darth_Burger>	the update tag should be on there
[09:23]	<Darth_Burger>	but probe
[09:23]	<Darth_Crumpet>	Probe.
[09:23]	<Cylka>	OK, the tag needs to be added.
[09:23]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[09:23]	<grunny>	probe
[09:23]	<Darth_Crumpet>	Damn Starships and Vehicles ... :P
[09:23]	<Cylka>	Bevel is probed.
[09:23]	<Cylka>	Next: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Zuckuss
[09:24]	<Cylka>	—update needed from Starships and Vehicles 8.
[09:24]	<Cylka>	* The update is not the only issue with this one. It needs a good copyedit, expanded introduction, slight reworking of some of the prose that lends to OR; it also fails the LG as it stands now and desperately needs the Bts rewritten and sectioned for cohesion. — Fiolli {Alpheridies University ComNet} 01:36, September 3, 2010 (UTC
[09:24]	<grunny>	Probe.
[09:24]	<Darth_Burger>	STRONG PROBE
[09:24]	<IFYLOFD>	Probe.
[09:24]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[09:25]	<Darth_Burger>	!!!!!!!!!!!
[09:25]	<Nuku-Nuku>	Darth_Burger: Error: "!!!!!!!!!!" is not a valid command.
[09:25]	<grunny>	haha
[09:25]	<Darth_Burger>	haha
[09:25]	<Darth_Crumpet>	Probe.
[09:25]	<Cylka>	Zuckuss is probed.
[09:25]	-->|	Fiolli (~Fiolli@wikia/Jedimasterfiolli) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius
[09:25]	=-=	Mode #wookieepedia-inquisitorius +o Fiolli by ChanServ
[09:25]	=-=	Mode #wookieepedia-inquisitorius +o Fiolli by Nuku-Nuku
[09:25]	<grunny>	hey Fiolli
[09:25]	<Cylka>	Hey Fiolli.
[09:26]	<Fiolli>	Hey, guys. Sorry I'm late, but I made it.
[09:26]	<grunny>	:)
[09:26]	<Fiolli>	Where are we at?
[09:26]	<Darth_Burger>	hey Fiolli
[09:26]	<Cylka>	Good. We're about halfway through the new articles.
[09:26]	<Cylka>	http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kouhun
[09:26]	<Fiolli>	Ah, yes. "Kill with insecticide"
[09:26]	<Cylka>	update needed from Starships and Vehicles 31.
[09:27]	<grunny>	Probe.
[09:27]	<IFYLOFD>	Probe.
[09:27]	<Cylka>	probe
[09:27]	<Darth_Crumpet>	Probe.
[09:27]	<Cylka>	Tope?
[09:27]	<Darth_Burger>	PROBE THAT POS! :P
[09:27]	<Cylka>	The insects are probed. :D
[09:28]	<Cylka>	http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Slave_Leia_costume
[09:28]	<Cylka>	Recently added material has been tagged {{Fact}} and needs to be verified and either sourced/cleaned up or removed if incorrect. (I can hear the probe jokes already.) —Master Jonathan (Jedi Council Chambers) 01:06, September 3, 2010 (UTC)
[09:28]	<Darth_Burger>	AUTOMATIC PROBE
[09:29]	<IFYLOFD>	Probe.
[09:29]	<Fiolli>	Probation
[09:29]	<Darth_Crumpet>	Probe joke.
[09:29]	<IFYLOFD>	*insert probe joke*
[09:29]	<grunny>	probe
[09:29]	* Fiolli	refuses to oblige probe jokes on this one.
[09:29]	<Cylka>	Actually that is from Robot Chicken.
[09:30]	* Fiolli	is unfamiliar with Robot Chicken
[09:30]	<Cylka>	I remember seeing it. I can fix that if that is the only issue.
[09:30]	* Fiolli	prefers real chicken; baked with apples and spinach.
[09:31]	<Cylka>	I would spare it and fix it.
[09:31]	<Cylka>	Others say probe, so probe?
[09:32]	<Cylka>	OK, Slave Leia is probed.
[09:32]	<Cylka>	http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Vuffi_Raa
[09:32]	<Cylka>	Underlinking and some POV issues. Cylka-talk- 09:47, September 10, 2010 (UTC) 
[09:33]	<Darth_Crumpet>	Probe.
[09:33]	<Cylka>	The undelinking could probably be {{sofixit}}, but I did notice some POV issues.
[09:33]	<IFYLOFD>	Probe.
[09:33]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[09:33]	<Darth_Burger>	probe
[09:34]	<Fiolli>	Yes, underlinking is definitely a {{Sofixit}} thing, in my opinion.
[09:34]	<Fiolli>	POV issues, warrants a probe.
[09:34]	<grunny>	probe for POV
[09:34]	<Cylka>	Alright Vuffi probed for POV.
[09:34]	<Cylka>	http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Diergu-Rea_Duhnes%27rd
[09:34]	<Cylka>	—Fact tags in infobox and body. Grunny (talk) 14:41, September 11, 2010 (UTC)
[09:35]	<grunny>	Probe.
[09:35]	<Darth_Crumpet>	Probe.
[09:35]	<Cylka>	probe
[09:35]	<IFYLOFD>	Probe.
[09:35]	<Fiolli>	...probation...
[09:36]	<Darth_Burger>	PROBE WITH SCISSORS
[09:36]	<Cylka>	Right. Duhnes'rd is probed.
[09:36]	<grunny>	just as long as you're not running while you do it
[09:36]	<Fiolli>	XD
[09:37]	<Cylka>	Running with scissors has a great game out: Postal 2
[09:37]	<Cylka>	You go postal and kill eeveryone. :P
[09:37]	<Cylka>	Next: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Carth_Onasi
[09:37]	<Cylka>	update tag.
[09:37]	<grunny>	Probe.
[09:37]	<Cylka>	probe.
[09:37]	<Darth_Crumpet>	Probe.
[09:38]	<IFYLOFD>	Probe.
[09:38]	<grunny>	:O
[09:38]	<grunny>	:P
[09:38]	<Cylka>	Onasi is probed.
[09:39]	<Fiolli>	Oh yeah. Probe.
[09:39]	<Cylka>	Now for the last one, from the maintenance page: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Noval_Garaint
[09:39]	<Cylka>	update tag.
[09:39]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[09:39]	<grunny>	the user who added the update tag, didn't add it to the sources
[09:40]	<IFYLOFD>	Probe.
[09:40]	<Darth_Burger>	PROBE WITH GUILLOTINE
[09:40]	<grunny>	Probe.
[09:40]	<Fiolli>	Probe, I suppose.
[09:40]	<Darth_Crumpet>	SavageBob put it on the talk page.
[09:40]	<Fiolli>	Not sure what the source is, though.
[09:40]	<Darth_Crumpet>	Probe.
[09:40]	<Fiolli>	Oh, I see now.
[09:41]	<grunny>	ah
[09:41]	<Cylka>	Garaint is a probe then.
[09:41]	<Darth_Burger>	I have another one.
[09:41]	-->|	Xicer9 (~hasankhan@urwireless-dhcp-128-151-21-202.wireless.rochester.edu) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius
[09:41]	=-=	Mode #wookieepedia-inquisitorius +o Xicer9 by ChanServ
[09:41]	<grunny>	Hey Xicer
[09:41]	<Darth_Burger>	This requires some explanation too.
[09:41]	<Cylka>	Hey Xicer.
[09:41]	<grunny>	almost missed it :P
[09:41]	<Xicer9>	Meeting still going on?
[09:42]	<Cylka>	Go ahead Tope.
[09:42]	<grunny>	yep, just at the end of new articles
[09:42]	<Xicer9>	Cool
[09:42]	<Darth_Burger>	Drovian was reviewed last meeting for LG issues. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Drovian
[09:42]	<Darth_Burger>	I convinced everyone not to probe, since I thought it was an easy enough fix that I could just do it.
[09:42]	<Darth_Burger>	I did fix some of it, but as I was going through I realized it was beyond my knowledge.
[09:43]	<Darth_Burger>	Meaning the original nominator should go in and finish the fix-up.
[09:43]	<Darth_Burger>	I left a discussion topic on the Drovian talk page, which has not received a response.
[09:43]	<Fiolli>	Ok. Probe, then.
[09:43]	-->|	GrandMoffTranner (~Tranner@wikia/GrandMoffTranner) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius
[09:43]	=-=	Mode #wookieepedia-inquisitorius +o GrandMoffTranner by ChanServ
[09:43]	<Darth_Burger>	I recommend probe so the article can be fixed completely
[09:43]	=-=	Mode #wookieepedia-inquisitorius +o GrandMoffTranner by Nuku-Nuku
[09:43]	<Cylka>	Hey Tranner.
[09:43]	<Xicer9>	Tranner
[09:43]	<Fiolli>	Hello, Xicer; Tranner.
[09:43]	<Darth_Crumpet>	Probe.
[09:43]	<grunny>	hey Tranner
[09:43]	<Xicer9>	Probify
[09:43]	<Darth_Burger>	I vote probe.
[09:43]	<Cylka>	Eyrezer is still around so he can fix it.
[09:43]	<grunny>	Probe.
[09:44]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Hey everyone. Sorry I'm late.
[09:44]	<Cylka>	Probe.
[09:44]	<Fiolli>	Probe-a-licious.
[09:44]	<Cylka>	Tranner: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Drovian
[09:44]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Ah, thank you.
[09:45]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Probe.
[09:45]	<Cylka>	Darth_Burger> I convinced everyone not to probe, since I thought it was an easy enough fix that I could just do it.
[09:45]	<Cylka>	[19:43] <Darth_Burger> I did fix some of it, but as I was going through I realized it was beyond my knowledge.
[09:45]	<Cylka>	[19:43] <Darth_Burger> Meaning the original nominator should go in and finish the fix-up.
[09:45]	<Cylka>	[19:43] <Darth_Burger> I left a discussion topic on the Drovian talk page, which has not received a response.
[09:45]	<Cylka>	Alrighty, Drovian is a probe.
[09:45]	<Cylka>	Does anyone else have any other articles they want reviewed?
[09:45]	<grunny>	nope
[09:46]	<Cylka>	Otherwise we move onto the discussion topic.
[09:47]	<Cylka>	Reducing the amount of time for a nom to be considered inactive from one month to three weeks. We have a barrage of noms on the page and inactivity shouldn't be tolerated. Similar to the current inactivity policy of two weeks on the GAN. Grunny (talk) 06:08, August 16, 2010 (UTC)
[09:48]	<grunny>	Jiggles, CC and Chack would all be for lowering it to two weeks.
[09:48]	<Fiolli>	Absolutely not.
[09:48]	<Fiolli>	Three weeks, not two.
[09:48]	* Fiolli	had to get that in.
[09:48]	<Xicer9>	Two seems a bit too restrictive
[09:48]	<IFYLOFD>	I vote for three.
[09:49]	<Cylka>	Eh, I could go for either one, but I think that three would probably be better.
[09:49]	<Darth_Burger>	Three isn't bad at all.
[09:49]	<Darth_Burger>	I support three.
[09:49]	<GrandMoffTranner>	As do I.
[09:49]	<grunny>	eh, if you can't stay on top of your nom's objections, you shouldn't have nominated it
[09:49]	<Xicer9>	Three for now, and if it's still a problem we could talking about lowering it more later
[09:49]	<grunny>	but I support three for now
[09:49]	<Cylka>	The other absentees support three.
[09:49]	<Darth_Crumpet>	Support for three.
[09:50]	<Cylka>	Alright, so we vote to reduce the time for objections from four to three weeks.
[09:50]	<Fiolli>	Now, I want us to make sure we have (while not a codified procedure) a plan to warn users after 14-17 days that idleness has come up.
[09:50]	<Fiolli>	I think that is only proper.
[09:50]	<Darth_Burger>	I disagree with that, for one reason:
[09:50]	<grunny>	I'm not really sure about that
[09:50]	<grunny>	people should be aware of their nom's situation
[09:51]	<Darth_Burger>	What we do on the GAN page is just a post a big honking bold big as hell warning: All nominations will be considered idle and are subject to removal by AgriCorps vote if objections are not addressed after a period of 2 weeks.
[09:51]	<Darth_Burger>	You can't miss it.
[09:51]	<IFYLOFD>	If they can't stay on top of their noms, to hell with them.
[09:51]	<Cylka>	Yeah, I don't think that it's our responsibility to warn users.
[09:51]	<Darth_Burger>	If people can't read the rules, that's not our problem
[09:51]	<grunny>	per Floyd :P
[09:51]	<Darth_Burger>	We shouldn't be chasing after them off the page
[09:51]	<Fiolli>	I'm absolutely not suggesting that we list it on their talk page. I'm only saying that someone would say something on the nom page.
[09:51]	<Darth_Burger>	Ok, I read you wrong then
[09:51]	<Darth_Burger>	But even so, I don't think it's our responsibility.
[09:52]	<GrandMoffTranner>	I believe a general warning would be sufficient. Individual warnings are unnecessary, imo.
[09:52]	<Darth_Burger>	They can and should be reading the rules. And we can make it huge and bold for them so they can't miss it
[09:52]	<Cylka>	Oh, sure. We'll add a notice like on the AC page.
[09:52]	<grunny>	I say we just put the same warning that is on the GAN on the FAN
[09:52]	<Fiolli>	It may not be, and I don't think it is. But, saying simply "this nomination has been sitting idle for two weeks now, please get working or it will be removed" is not difficult.
[09:52]	<Darth_Burger>	If you, personally, and I say that for everyone in general, want to leave a notice, by all means.
[09:52]	<Darth_Burger>	But I don't think it should be required as practice
[09:52]	<Cylka>	Per Tope.
[09:53]	<Cylka>	Users need to be responsible for the noms.
[09:53]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Per Tope.
[09:53]	<Cylka>	their*
[09:53]	<Darth_Burger>	I don't want some wikilawyer coming to me after I remove a nom and complain that it should be put back up because I didn't leave a removal notice
[09:53]	<Xicer9>	I guess I have to agree
[09:53]	<Fiolli>	We should be making it easier for users to become involved, not aiming to "kick them off the page" or damn them to hell. Seriously, that's a huge attitude problem.
[09:53]	<grunny>	plus, we may not notice that a nom has been inactive until it gets to three weeks, and we're not going to wait until we warn them first
[09:53]	<IFYLOFD>	If some fucker can't be responsible for his affairs, to hell with him!
[09:53]	<grunny>	haha
[09:54]	<Fiolli>	Shut up, Floyd.
[09:54]	<Cylka>	I don't want to kick users off the page, but if someone wants to nominate an article, they need to keep up with it.
[09:54]	<Fiolli>	I'm not saying we have a codified policy. I'm saying that informally, when someone notices there is a nom that has been 14-17 days, tell them!
[09:54]	<IFYLOFD>	Well if you want to do it yourself Fiolli, do it.
[09:55]	<Cylka>	I think that is fine as long as there isn't a policy.
[09:55]	<Fiolli>	I have done it, but I can't keep track of every nom.
[09:55]	<Cylka>	Otherwise we will have wikilawering.
[09:55]	<Darth_Crumpet>	Seriously, though, I thought that's why we switched to subpages - so nominators could keep better track of their noms.
[09:55]	<grunny>	^
[09:55]	<Cylka>	Ok, and I can't spell. :P
[09:56]	<Cylka>	Crumpet?
[09:56]	<Fiolli>	Again... let me make this clear: no codified "policy" that "requires" us to do this. I'm saying we have an "informal procedure" whereby someone does it as a "courtesy."
[09:56]	<Cylka>	Ok, if someone notices an inactive nom, they can inform the nominator.
[09:57]	<Cylka>	But not required to.
[09:57]	<Cylka>	Nor, will the removal be delayed because of a nominator not being informed.
[09:57]	<Fiolli>	It's simply an act of good faith, people.
[09:57]	<Cylka>	We can try to be nice. :P
[09:58]	<Xicer9>	It should be encouraged, yes
[09:58]	<Xicer9>	But no policy
[09:58]	<IFYLOFD>	Well if its totally informal and has nothing to do with making a policy, why bring it up here?
[09:58]	<IFYLOFD>	Just do it.
[09:58]	<grunny>	if an Inq chooses to, they can, but there's no reason to put anything down
[09:58]	<Fiolli>	I bring it up because it (sadly) needs to be brought up.
[09:58]	<Xicer9>	And I'd go for having that GAN notice on the FAN page
[09:59]	<Cylka>	Ok, so we can informally tell other Inqs, but not have it written anywhere but on the meeting log.
[09:59]	<grunny>	(y)
[09:59]	<Darth_Crumpet>	Aye.
[10:00]	<Darth_Burger>	per Xicer
[10:00]	<Xicer9>	Sure
[10:00]	<Cylka>	SO we are all agreed?
[10:01]	<Fiolli>	Fair enough.
[10:01]	<Cylka>	Alright, just an offical switch from four to three weeks on objections.
[10:01]	<Cylka>	Anyone have anything else they want to bring up?
[10:01]	<Fiolli>	Yes, I do.
[10:02]	<Cylka>	Go ahead.
[10:02]	<Fiolli>	Since I'm not making friends tonight, I'll bring up something that also came up earlier.
[10:02]	<IFYLOFD>	Aw Fiolli, you're still my friend :P
[10:02]	* grunny	throws Fiolli a cookie
[10:03]	* Cylka	blows Fiolli a kiss.
[10:03]	<Darth_Burger>	we all need beer
[10:03]	<Darth_Burger>	beer fixes everything
[10:03]	<Fiolli>	I would like for articles under review (not nominations) that underlinking issues fall solely under {{Sofixit}}. AWB can help in really bad cases. This should not be an issue for too many noms, as most newer ones have been thoroughly searched.
[10:03]	<IFYLOFD>	Then it's settled. Tranner buys the beer.
[10:03]	* Fiolli	doesn't drink, so that's one less beer.
[10:03]	<GrandMoffTranner>	Meh. Fair enough.
[10:03]	<grunny>	yeah, we kinda settled that while probing earlier, fiolli
[10:03]	<Fiolli>	Ok.
[10:04]	* Darth_Crumpet	will have a whisky and cigars.
[10:04]	<Fiolli>	I've spoken my peace on that one, then.
[10:04]	<grunny>	but we can make a note on the meeting minutes for those who won't read the log :P
[10:04]	<Fiolli>	Yes, please.
[10:04]	<Cylka>	That we can do.
[10:04]	<Xicer9>	Hydro says there's nothing new to add to Kouhun
[10:04]	<IFYLOFD>	Dammit Cav, you will have a beer, and you will like it!
[10:04]	<Cylka>	Anything else?
[10:04]	* Fiolli	thanks grunny for the cookie and Cylka for the kiss.
[10:04]	<Xicer9>	Did you guys vote to probe that one?
[10:05]	<grunny>	which one?
[10:05]	<IFYLOFD>	Kouhun.
[10:05]	<Darth_Crumpet>	Well, I probably would enjoy the beer, but I'd prefer the whisky.
[10:05]	<Xicer9>	Kouhun
[10:05]	<Cylka>	Yes, we did.
[10:05]	<grunny>	yes
[10:05]	<Fiolli>	Is that for certain?
[10:05]	<Fiolli>	We can vote to keep at the next meeting, then.
[10:05]	<Fiolli>	;)
[10:06]	<Xicer9>	The only thing I recall that could be added is that they release that flesh-liquefying agent through their saliva
[10:06]	<Xicer9>	I'm not sure there's anything else that needs to be updated
[10:07]	<Cylka>	Well, maybe we should keep the probe then so it can be checked out if no one is really sure.
[10:07]	<Darth_Burger>	works for me
[10:07]	<Xicer9>	Alright
[10:07]	<grunny>	sure
[10:07]	<Fiolli>	Probably the wise idea, just to be safe.
[10:07]	<Cylka>	K, we keep the probe.
[10:07]	<Fiolli>	It's not like it was up for kill.
[10:07]	<Fiolli>	Although... talk about last minute if it was.
[10:08]	<Cylka>	haha
[10:08]	<Xicer9>	heh
[10:08]	<Cylka>	Anything else?
[10:08]	<Cylka>	going once...
[10:08]	* Fiolli	passes a bottle of scotch to Darth_Crumpet and a beer to Darth_Burger
[10:08]	<Fiolli>	Anyone else? ;)
[10:08]	<Cylka>	going twice...
[10:08]	<Cylka>	aaaaaand we are done. :p
[10:09]	* Darth_Crumpet	thanks Fiolli for the scotch :)
[10:09]	<Fiolli>	No problem, Cav.
[10:09]	<Cylka>	Thanks to everyone for coming. :)
[10:09]	<Fiolli>	:)
[10:09]	* Darth_Crumpet	lights up a nice montechristo cigar.
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