[19:00] <@Toprawa> !inqsignal
[19:00] <@Nuku-Nuku> CavalierOne! CC7567! Cylka! Darth_Culator! Eyrezer! GrandMoffTranner! GreenTentacle! Grunny! IFYLOFD! Jujiggum! Menkooroo! Tommy9281! Toprawa and/or Ralltiir! Xicer9! Xd1358!
[19:00] <@Culator|Away> !hieverybody
[19:00] <@Nuku-Nuku> Hello, CC7567, ChanServ, Culator|Away, IFYLOFD, Menkooroo, Nuku-Nuku, Toprawa, and Xd1358 !!!
[19:00] <@Menkooroo> It's 8:00!
[19:00] <@Menkooroo> Let's do this.
[19:00] <@Menkooroo> I bid you all dark --- wait. Shit. I blew it.
[19:00] <@Menkooroo> First up: Battle of Grassy Plains
[19:00] <@Menkooroo>
[19:01] <@IFYLOFD> Well
[19:01] <@Menkooroo> It's a difficult one to tackle, but Corellian Premier has got spunk.
[19:01] <@IFYLOFD> It seems like Corellian Premier is working on it
[19:01] <@Toprawa> I'm kind of annoyed with the Sources section image.
[19:01] <@IFYLOFD> But he's not done
[19:01] <@Toprawa> But I can overlook that, I guess
[19:01] <@IFYLOFD> So extend?
[19:01] <@Menkooroo> I vote extend.
[19:01] <@Toprawa> Extend
[19:01] <@IFYLOFD> Alright then
[19:01] <@CC7567> Extend
[19:02] <@Culator|Away> Extend is fine if it's actively being worked on.
[19:02] <@Menkooroo> Absentees vote extend.
[19:02] <@Menkooroo> Battle of Grassy Plains extended.
[19:02] <@Menkooroo> Next up: raygar
[19:02] <@Menkooroo>
[19:02] <@IFYLOFD> Gaydar
[19:02] <@IFYLOFD> I mean Raygar
[19:02] <@Menkooroo> Culator got it.
[19:03] <@Culator|Away> I hate intros.
[19:03] <@IFYLOFD> Yep, keep
[19:03] <@Toprawa> the Hyperspace story needs to go into Appearances if it's IU
[19:03] <@Toprawa> I'd do it myself, but I don't know the placement
[19:03] <@Menkooroo> Yeah, I've seen Slave Pits in appearances sections before.
[19:03] <@Culator|Away> Fixed.
[19:03] <@Menkooroo> It takes place during the Galaxy of Fear books.
[19:03] <@Menkooroo> perfect.
[19:03] <@Menkooroo> Keep.
[19:03] <@CC7567> Keep
[19:04] <@IFYLOFD> Alright then
[19:04] <@Toprawa> cool, keep
[19:04] <@IFYLOFD> Keep
[19:04] <@Menkooroo> Absentees all say keep.
[19:04] <@Menkooroo> Raygar kept.
[19:04] <@Menkooroo> Third on the list: Dark Side Elite
[19:05] <@Menkooroo> The bts was added, but there are still a lot of 2007-era... no-no's.
[19:05] <@Toprawa> I see nothing other than a pressing need for organization article layout standards. :P
[19:05] <@Menkooroo> Jujiggum cites POV wording...
[19:05] <@Menkooroo> intro-exclusive info...
[19:05] <@Toprawa> I'll take his word for it.
[19:05] <@Menkooroo> and a lot msising context.
[19:06] <@IFYLOFD> All these 2007-era FAs have crap like this
[19:06] <@Toprawa> per Floyd
[19:06] <@IFYLOFD> Extend probe?
[19:06] <@Toprawa> Aye
[19:06] <@Menkooroo> Extend.
[19:06] <@IFYLOFD> I think we should add this stuff to the Inq/Dark Side Elite page
[19:06] <@Culator|Away> The things that were noted were fixed but clearly there are more. Extend.
[19:06] <@IFYLOFD> 2007 sucked
[19:06] <@IFYLOFD> All the FAs were subpar
[19:06] <@IFYLOFD> The Dolphins went 1-15
[19:06] <@IFYLOFD> Gilbert Arenas blew out his knee
[19:06] <@CC7567> Article body needs to clarify the multiple names, I think
[19:06] <@IFYLOFD> Bad times
[19:06] <@Toprawa> the White Sox lost *90 GAMES* 
[19:06] <@Menkooroo> Re-featuring articles hasn't been the walk in the park we thought it would be, as they're all from 2007 so far.
[19:06] <@Toprawa> XD
[19:07] <@Menkooroo> Anyway.
[19:07] <@Menkooroo> Absentees say extend.
[19:07] <@Culator|Away> Bah! That's like saying cars from the 60s are now sub-par. The standards were just different then.
[19:07] <@Menkooroo> Dark Side Elite extended.
[19:07] <@Menkooroo> wait....
[19:07] <@Menkooroo> CC, are you cool with extend?
[19:07] <@IFYLOFD> :o
[19:08] <@CC7567> Yeah,e xtend
[19:08] <@CC7567> sorry
[19:08] <@CC7567> My Firefox just closed :/
[19:08] <@Menkooroo> No worries.
[19:08] <@Menkooroo> Numbah five: Ossus.
[19:09] <@Menkooroo> I looked through every Legacy/Legacy war issue from 2010 and 2011.
[19:09] <@Menkooroo> Added all the new mentions.
[19:09] <@Menkooroo> No new info on the planet, though.
[19:09] <@Toprawa> If I were reviewing this, I'd question whether the contents of the Flora and fauna are deserving of the "particularly notable" LG clause.
[19:09] <@Menkooroo> Just stuff like "We can't let the Massacre of Ossus happen again!"
[19:09] <@CC7567> Thanks Menk
[19:09] <@CC7567> Can the Bts be expanded a bit, though?
[19:09] <@CC7567> It looks really rather scant
[19:10] <@Menkooroo> Yes, it could.
[19:10] <@IFYLOFD> Yeah, the Flora and fauna stuff should really be folded into the Description
[19:10] <@Menkooroo> Bts could be beefed up for sure.
[19:10] <@IFYLOFD> So extend?
[19:10] <@CC7567> Extend for Bts and flora/fauna
[19:10] <@Toprawa> I'd like to hear other opinions on the flora and fauna stuff.
[19:10] <@CC7567> I agree about the flora/fauna issue
[19:11] <@Menkooroo> If we all vote extend, we're outnumbered by the five absentees who all voted "Keep." In that case, do we keep?
[19:11] <@Toprawa> No.
[19:11] <@Menkooroo> er, it's a tie.
[19:11] <@IFYLOFD> Shit changed
[19:11] <@Toprawa> We agreed to a provision in which we essentially ignore them based on new info that has come to light
[19:11] <@Toprawa> Since they are basically now outdated comments
[19:11] <@Menkooroo> Fair enough.
[19:11] <@CC7567> In-meeting votes supersede pre-meeting votes, basically
[19:11] <@CC7567> when new issues arise
[19:11] <@Toprawa> yes
[19:12] <@Culator|Away> So extend, then.
[19:12] <@Menkooroo> I vote extend. It seems like really simple stuff. I'll take care of it some time this month.
[19:12] <@Toprawa> Extend
[19:12] <@IFYLOFD> Muy bien
[19:12] <@IFYLOFD> Extendo
[19:13] <@Menkooroo> Quorum for extending!
[19:13] <@Menkooroo> Ossus extended.
[19:13] <@Menkooroo> Next: Jace Dallin
[19:13] <@Menkooroo> I started a copy-edit a few days ago.
[19:13] <@Menkooroo> Linking was bad, and there's little bits of speculation here and there.
[19:14] <@IFYLOFD> Extend for Menk, then?
[19:14] <@CC7567> Extend
[19:14] <@Menkooroo> "It is possible that Tarkin selected him because..."
[19:14] <@Toprawa> Extend with extreme prejudice. :P
[19:14] <@Menkooroo> The point is I'm getting rid of it. :)
[19:14] <@IFYLOFD> I don't like people called "Jace"
[19:14] <@Toprawa> hahahaha
[19:14] <@IFYLOFD> Or that call themselves "Jace"
[19:14] <@Menkooroo> Bror Jace was OK. :P
[19:14] <@IFYLOFD> Who?
[19:14] <@Toprawa> some loser pilot who got himself killed :P
[19:15] <@Culator|Away> I've only known one I can recall and he was... special. Special Ed special.
[19:15] <@Menkooroo> Extend.
[19:15] <@IFYLOFD> In my experience people called "Jace" always talk about boats and hoes
[19:15] <@Toprawa> XD
[19:16] <@Menkooroo> Everybody good with extension?
[19:16] <@CC7567> Yep
[19:16] <@Menkooroo> Jace Dallin extended.
[19:16] <@Toprawa> go for the gold
[19:16] <@Menkooroo> Sagoro Autem:
[19:16] <@Menkooroo> Same deal as Jace.
[19:16] <@Menkooroo> I'm workin' on it.
[19:16] <@Menkooroo> Extend, I say!
[19:16] <@Toprawa> Extend is fine
[19:16] <@IFYLOFD> Extend
[19:17] <@CC7567> Extend
[19:17] <@Menkooroo> Sagoro extended.
[19:17] <@Menkooroo> Lady Fay:
[19:17] <@Menkooroo> :(
[19:18] <@IFYLOFD> She gone
[19:18] <@Toprawa> Kill the freakish catwoman!
[19:18] <@CC7567> Eh, kill
[19:18] <@Menkooroo> Kill. Poor gal.
[19:18] <@IFYLOFD> Goodbye hot elf chick
[19:18] <@Menkooroo> Absentees all say kill.
[19:18] <@Menkooroo> Fay killed.
[19:18] <@Menkooroo> Final item of old business: Telos IV
[19:18] <@Menkooroo>
[19:19] <@Toprawa> Kill that too
[19:19] <@Menkooroo> It's been more than two months since the comic with new info came out.
[19:19] <@IFYLOFD> My favorite planet in KOTOR 2
[19:19] <@IFYLOFD> GTFO
[19:19] <@IFYLOFD> Kill
[19:19] <@Menkooroo> Kill.
[19:19] <@Toprawa> Go To Floyd's Opera?
[19:20] <@CC7567> Kill
[19:20] <@IFYLOFD> Thanks for the advertisement
[19:20] <@IFYLOFD> I wrote an opera about the Mike Piazza-Gary Sheffield trade
[19:20] <@Menkooroo> Telos IV killed.
[19:20] <@Toprawa> hahahaha
[19:20] <@IFYLOFD> Kirk Cameron is playing Jim Eisenreich
[19:20] <@Menkooroo> Absentees agree.
[19:21] <@Menkooroo> On to new business.
[19:21] <@Menkooroo> Cognus and Vectivus.
[19:21] <@Menkooroo> New business found here:
[19:22] <@Menkooroo> Tommy seems to have added the necessary info to Vectivus's succession box.
[19:22] <@Toprawa> yeah, keep
[19:22] <@IFYLOFD> Keep
[19:22] <@Menkooroo> However, I think that Imperators II is onto something here:
[19:22] <@Menkooroo>
[19:23] <@Menkooroo> The succession box currently implies that Vectivus immediately succeeded Cognus.
[19:23] <@Menkooroo> At the very least, I think an "eventually" is in order.
[19:24] <@Toprawa> Fine with me
[19:24] <@Toprawa> You guys hammer out your Force stuff
[19:24] <@Toprawa> I'm good with whatever is determined
[19:24] <@Menkooroo> I can add that if everyone's OK with it.
[19:24] <@Menkooroo> I'd rather just add it now than probe it over a single word.
[19:24] <@Menkooroo> Cognus, in turn, currently says "eventually darth vectivus" for successor.
[19:25] <@Toprawa> Go for it.
[19:25] <@Menkooroo> er, "eventually Darth Plagueis."
[19:25] <@Menkooroo> I'll change it to Vectivus.
[19:25] <@Toprawa> Reach for the stars
[19:25] <@Toprawa> go for the gold
[19:25] <@Toprawa> touch the rainbow
[19:25] <@Toprawa> and so forth
[19:25] <@CC7567> Are there years that can be added to the boxes?
[19:25] <@CC7567> They're missing for both articles
[19:26] <@Menkooroo> a start date for Cognus could be added.
[19:26] <@Menkooroo> I think that's all we know until the Plagueis novel is released.
[19:26] <@Menkooroo> wait, no
[19:26] <@Menkooroo> a start date for Zannah is known, but not Cognus
[19:26] <@Menkooroo> I don't think there are any dates to be had.
[19:27] <@Menkooroo> And I was wrong; Cognus DOES list "Eventually Vectivus"
[19:27] <@Menkooroo> and I just changed Vectivus
[19:27] <@Menkooroo> so everything should be OK.
[19:27] <@Menkooroo> I vote spare!
[19:27] <@Culator|Away> 7-10 split!
[19:28] <@IFYLOFD> So are we keeping it or not?
[19:28] <@CC7567> I have no idea what's going on right now, to be honest
[19:28] <@Menkooroo> haha, sorry
[19:28] <@Menkooroo> I just needed to add an "Eventually" to Vectivus's succession box.
[19:28] <@Menkooroo> Which I've done.
[19:28] <@Menkooroo> So everything should be OK.
[19:29] <@Culator|Away> "I have no idea what's going on right now"
[19:29] <@Culator|Away> You're the worst character ever, Towelie.
[19:29] <@Menkooroo> There are no years to be added to either his or Cognus's succession boxes.
[19:29] <@Menkooroo> Because Cognus's reign, Vectivus's reign, and Plagueis's reigns are not known.
[19:29] <@Menkooroo> The years are not known, that is.
[19:29] <@CC7567> Keep, then
[19:29] <@CC7567> Wait...
[19:30] <@CC7567> According to, the "years" field must be specified for an infobox
[19:30] <@CC7567> *succession box
[19:30] <@CC7567> Otherwise I don't think the succession box can exist
[19:30] <@Toprawa> That might need to be revised
[19:30] <@Toprawa> It's possible we know an eventual succession without really knowing years
[19:31] <@CC7567> I was going to hammer out a CT to clarify the succession box policy if necessary in the near future, but okay
[19:31] <@Menkooroo> Is spare OK, then?
[19:32] <@CC7567> Yeah, I guess
[19:32] <@CC7567> Spare
[19:32] <@Menkooroo> Absentees all say spare.
[19:32] <@Menkooroo> Is everyone here OK with that?
[19:32] <@IFYLOFD> Fine
[19:32] <@Menkooroo> The Darths spared.
[19:32] * Jang|Away (~JangFett@wikia/JangFett) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius
[19:33] <@Menkooroo> Welcome, Jang.
[19:33] <@Toprawa> yo Jang
[19:33] <@Menkooroo> Next on new business: Naga Sadow and Tahv.
[19:33] <@Menkooroo> Both of which require an update from something released all of SIX days ago.
[19:33] <@Menkooroo> Accordingly, I say spare.
[19:33] <@Toprawa> Yeah, spare until next meeting
[19:34] <@CC7567> Spare
[19:34] <@Culator|Away> SIX DAYS?
[19:34] <@Culator|Away> UNEXCUSABLE!
[19:34] <@IFYLOFD> Spare
[19:34] * Kilson (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/kilson) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius
[19:34] <@Toprawa> I still want an extension on TIE shuttle, but whatever. :P
[19:35] <@Menkooroo> Everyone present says spare.
[19:35] <@Menkooroo> Assuming Culator's comments count as a "spare" vote. :P
[19:35] <@Culator|Away> Quite.
[19:36] <@Menkooroo> Naga Sadow and Tahv spared.
[19:36] <@Menkooroo> Naga has some problems as listed on the RFAN page, but Tm_T is working on them.
[19:36] <@Menkooroo> Also, welcome Kilson!
[19:36] <@Toprawa> oh, wait
[19:36] <@Toprawa> before we go further
[19:36] <@Toprawa> I was supposed to present GT's comment about the next bunch of articles
[19:36] <@Menkooroo> Yes
[19:36] <@Toprawa> # The same guy who added update tags to Zam Wesell, CC-1004, CC-5052, B'omarr Order, Wam Lufba, CC-1138, Sabé, Sio Bibble and Beru Whitesun Lars also noted on Forum:SH:Updates needed that there was no new info for any of them. Having bought that book because of the update tag on OOM-9, I seriously doubt there is anything for most of them. If anybody knows there is anything missing then we...
[19:36] <@Toprawa> ...should probe, but if the tag was just added because there was a new source but there's no info then we should just remove the update tags, not probe them.
[19:36] <@Toprawa> # Support for all three proposals. Green Tentacle (Talk) 19:45, July 23, 2011 (UTC) 
[19:36] <@Menkooroo> For Zam Wessell, CC-1004, CC-5052, B'Omarr Order, Wam Lufba, CC-3636, CC-1138, Sabe, Sio Bibble, Agen Kolar, and Beru Whitesun lars.
[19:37] <@Toprawa> I'm perfectly fine operating under that assumption 
[19:37] <@Toprawa> If there's new info, prove it, basically
[19:37] <@Menkooroo> Wait, not Corran Horn.
[19:37] <@Toprawa> Don't just throw an update tag on stuff you haven't checked
[19:37] <@CC7567> Not for CC-3636
[19:37] <@Culator|Away> If the source is the Character Encyclopedia, I automatically vote spare on all of them.
[19:37] <@Menkooroo> 3636 has new info, apparently...
[19:37] <@Culator|Away> That book is a piece of crap.
[19:38] <@Menkooroo> as does Agen Kolar.
[19:38] <@Menkooroo> Ok, so for the following articles:
[19:38] <@CC7567> 3636 is for a different source, though, not the Character Encyclopedia
[19:38] <@Menkooroo> For Zam Wessell, CC-1004, CC-5052, B'Omarr Order, Wam Lufba,  CC-1138, Sabe, Sio Bibble, and Beru Whitesun lars.
[19:39] <@Menkooroo> all of which apparently have no new info in the character encyclopedia...
[19:39] <@Menkooroo> Shall we spare them all?
[19:39] <@Toprawa> No probe
[19:39] <@IFYLOFD> Spare
[19:39] <@CC7567> Spare
[19:39] <@CC7567> People can re-add the update tag if indeed there is new info
[19:39] <@Menkooroo> GT votes spare in absentee
[19:40] <@Menkooroo> Zam Wessell, CC-1004, CC-5052, B'Omarr Order, Wam Lufba,  CC-1138, Sabe, Sio Bibble, and Beru Whitesun lars spared. Whoever is doing the paperwork, please remove the update tags.
[19:40] <@Toprawa> how much did that book cost?
[19:40] <@Menkooroo> Next in new business: CC-3636.
[19:40] <@Menkooroo> Who needs an update from the Clone Wars MMO.
[19:40] <@Toprawa> I assume that means no one actually bought it.
[19:40] <@Toprawa> Good for all of you.
[19:41] <@Menkooroo> I think Culator did. :(
[19:41] <@Culator|Away> I bought it to spare others the total waste of money.
[19:41] <@Menkooroo> Poor guy.
[19:41] <@Toprawa> hahahaha
[19:41] <@CC7567> The Clone Wars MMO update for 3636 was released less than a week ago
[19:41] <@IFYLOFD> He's a saint
[19:41] <@Culator|Away> And because it does have a few nice pictures. :P
[19:41] <@Menkooroo> In that case, spare.
[19:41] <@Toprawa> "Iceberg Three"
[19:41] <@IFYLOFD> They're making a Clone Wars MMO?
[19:41] <@CC7567> I appreciate the mercy on my article :P
[19:42] <@Toprawa> Totally reasonable name
[19:42] * @IFYLOFD shits out of his eyeballs
[19:42] <@CC7567> Floyd: where have you been for the past year? :P
[19:42] <@IFYLOFD> Not paying attention to TCW
[19:42] <@CC7567> It's seriously old news :P
[19:42] <@Toprawa> There's going to be TIE shuttles in it.
[19:42] <@CC7567> The Clone is disappointed in you :P
[19:42] <@Toprawa> In fact, it's the clones' standard mode of transport
[19:43] <@Menkooroo> On account of the new-ness of the update, is everybody good with spare>
[19:43] <@Menkooroo> ?
[19:43] <@Toprawa> Spare
[19:44] <@Toprawa> !inqsignal
[19:44] <@Nuku-Nuku> CavalierOne! CC7567! Cylka! Darth_Culator! Eyrezer! GrandMoffTranner! GreenTentacle! Grunny! IFYLOFD! Jujiggum! Menkooroo! Tommy9281! Toprawa and/or Ralltiir! Xicer9! Xd1358!
[19:44] <@Menkooroo> Only two votes for spare so far...
[19:44] <@Toprawa> Vote
[19:44] <@Culator|Away> FINE
[19:44] <@IFYLOFD> Spare
[19:44] <@CC7567> Abstain, since it's my article
[19:44] <@Menkooroo> Four votes spare.
[19:44] <@Menkooroo> In light of the new info, does that supersede the absentee votes?
[19:45] <@Toprawa> Yeah
[19:45] <@Menkooroo> CC-3636 spared.
[19:45] <@Menkooroo> Next; Agen Kolar, with legitimate new info from the Character Encyclopedia.
[19:45] <@Toprawa> Probe
[19:46] <@IFYLOFD> Probe
[19:46] <@Toprawa> and shame on whoever wrote the Agen Kolar entry for that book
[19:46] <@CC7567> Probe
[19:46] <@Menkooroo> probe.
[19:46] <@Menkooroo> Absentees all say probe.
[19:46] <@Menkooroo> Agen Kolar probed.
[19:47] <@Menkooroo> Next: Corran Horn, Jagged Fel, and TIE/sh shuttle, all missing new info from Conviction.
[19:47] <@Menkooroo> Which is over a month old now.
[19:47] <@Toprawa> Extend it!
[19:47] <@CC7567> Probe
[19:47] <@Toprawa> I can't be held responsible for terrible stories in hardcover format! :P
[19:47] <@IFYLOFD> Probe
[19:47] <@Culator|Away> Dammit, I wrote an article you can easily plagiarize for the shuttle.
[19:48] <@Menkooroo> Just read "Vote Snaplaunce."
[19:48] <@Menkooroo> haha
[19:48] <@Toprawa> Nonsense!
[19:48] <@Menkooroo> per culator
[19:48] <@Menkooroo> Probe.
[19:48] <@Menkooroo> Absentees all say probe.
[19:49] <@Menkooroo> Jagged, Corran, and TIE shuttle all probed.
[19:49] <@Menkooroo> Sorry, Tope. :P
[19:49] <@Menkooroo> And finally...
[19:49] <@Menkooroo> Keshiri.
[19:49] * @Toprawa is weeping
[19:49] <@Menkooroo> Like Naga and Tahv, needs an update from the six-day old eBook.
[19:49] <@Menkooroo> Spare!
[19:49] <@Toprawa> Spare
[19:50] <@CC7567> Spare
[19:50] <@Menkooroo> Absentees said probe, so: Culator and Floyd? Thoughts?
[19:50] <@IFYLOFD> Spare
[19:50] <@Culator|Away> Spare.
[19:50] <@Menkooroo> Keshiri spared.
[19:50] <@Menkooroo> Onto the FA maintenance issues page.
[19:51] <@Menkooroo>
[19:51] <@Menkooroo> Rune Haako also needs an update from the character encyclopedia.
[19:51] <@Menkooroo> It wasn't brought to the meeting page, however.
[19:51] <@Toprawa> Runey, Runey, Runey
[19:51] <@Toprawa> Probe it
[19:51] <@Menkooroo> It also has some large issues on the RFAN page that are more than three weeks old.
[19:51] <@CC7567> Probe
[19:51] <@IFYLOFD> Probe
[19:51] <@Menkooroo> Remove from RFAN and probe.
[19:52] <@Toprawa> That ^
[19:52] <@Menkooroo> Rune Haako probed.
[19:52] <@Menkooroo> I'll remove it from the RFAN.
[19:52] <@Menkooroo> The rest is up to this month's paperwork boy.
[19:52] <@Toprawa> Hooray
[19:53] <@Menkooroo> Ozrei N'takkilomandrife had an unsourced quote.
[19:53] <@Menkooroo> But I just sourced it!
[19:53] <@Menkooroo> Bria Tharen and Bright Hope are currently undergoing major edits.
[19:54] <@Menkooroo> Bria is in response to some stuff I brought to GT's attention on the RFAN page.
[19:54] <@Menkooroo> He's actively working on it, so it's all good.
[19:54] <@Toprawa> Bright Hope is going to end up reduxed once it's done.
[19:54] <@Menkooroo> Tope: Hope?
[19:54] <@Toprawa> though I admittedly haven't gotten to it in a little while
[19:54] <@Toprawa> You're welcome to do with it as you please...but it is coming.
[19:55] <@Toprawa> it's not that it's missing anything exactly
[19:55] <@Toprawa> I'd just like to beef it up a little bit
[19:55] <@Menkooroo> If you're just sprucing it up, I see no reason to probe it.
[19:55] <@Toprawa> cool
[19:56] <@CC7567> Discussion items, then?
[19:56] <@Menkooroo> Are we cool sparing Bright Hope and Bria?
[19:56] <@Menkooroo> And, sorry...
[19:56] <@Menkooroo> Culator:
[19:56] <@Toprawa> I'm good with Bria
[19:56] <@Menkooroo> Do you vote probe Rune Haako?
[19:56] <@Culator|Away> Yes.
[19:57] <@Menkooroo> Cool. Five inqvotes to remove from the RFAN page.
[19:57] <@Menkooroo> And everyone is OK with sparing Bria and Bright Hope?
[19:57] <@CC7567> Yes
[19:57] <@Culator|Away> Yes... for now.
[19:58] <@Menkooroo> Good stuff.
[19:58] <@Menkooroo> That's all the new business. On to discussion items!
[19:58] <@Menkooroo> #1) Would anybody object if I created a Re-featured article nominations history page? --- Some dumb guy
[19:58] <@CC7567> Nope
[19:58] <@IFYLOFD> Go ahead
[19:58] <@Menkooroo> I like archiving.
[19:58] <@Menkooroo> Absentees support. Tope and Culator: Any objections?
[19:59] <@Toprawa> There probably should have been one already
[19:59] <@Culator|Away> Per Tope.
[19:59] <@Menkooroo> Perfect.
[19:59] <@Menkooroo> Passed!
[19:59] <@Menkooroo> #2) I'm also hoping we can reduce the number of Inqvotes needed to remove a nom from the RFAN page from five down to three. As the RFAN page is a bit more informal than the FAN page, and also more sparsely attended, this hopefully shouldn't be a big deal. I feel like a lot of IRC pokes and talk page requests will be necessary to get five votes for any removal.  - some guy who's currently eating toast and drinking
[20:00] <@CC7567> I'm confused with the last "five votes for any removal"
[20:00] <@Menkooroo> (for the record, I'm the dumb guy)
[20:00] <@Menkooroo> poor grammar. Sorry.
[20:01] <@Menkooroo> It would take a lot of IRC pokes and talk page requests in order to get five Inquisitors to add their vote to a nom's removal.
[20:01] <@Menkooroo> I'm hoping we can reduce the number to three.
[20:01] <@CC7567> Three is fine with me
[20:01] <@Toprawa> do it
[20:01] <@Menkooroo> 4/5 absentees say go, the other abstained.
[20:02] <@Menkooroo> Culator, Floyd: Any objections?
[20:02] <@IFYLOFD> Dewit
[20:02] <@Menkooroo> Proposal passed!
[20:02] <@Culator|Away> Yay.
[20:02] <@Menkooroo> #3) Arca Jeth would have been the next article to go onto the RFAN page if it had still been an FA. It's currently a FAN, though --- how about putting it onto the queue if it passes? It was last featured in January 2008, but this is a pretty exceptional case. --- some handsome guy
[20:02] <@Menkooroo> Addendum from Master Jonathan:
[20:03] <@Menkooroo> Outsider's perspective: How about keeping a list of all former FAs that get skipped for RFAN because they're no longer an FA, and then if and when each one of those articles is re-FAed (like Arca Jeth), automatically put it on the queue? With the way the system works currently (articles being nominated in the order they were last featured), an article which is re-featured once could theoretically be re-featured a
[20:03] <@Menkooroo> skipped, it cannot ever appear on the Main Page again for as long as Wookieepedia exists because the date of its last Main Page appearance will never come up again. Just a couple of pennies tossed in from the peanut gallery. Master Jonathan — Jedi Council Chambers Thursday, July 21, 2011, 16:15 UTC
[20:03] <@Toprawa> I consider GT the queue guy.
[20:03] <@Toprawa> If he's ok with it, I'm ok with it
[20:03] <@IFYLOFD> Per Tope
[20:04] <@Menkooroo> He threw in his support for the proposal after MJ wrote that.
[20:04] <@Menkooroo> I can create the list and link to it on the RFAN page.
[20:04] <@Menkooroo> And then add a note to each article's talk page ---
[20:04] <@Menkooroo> "If this is restored, add it to the queue!"
[20:05] <@Menkooroo> Sound good?
[20:05] <@CC7567> Sure
[20:05] <@Toprawa> sho
[20:05] <@Menkooroo> 4/5 absentees support; one abstained.
[20:05] <@Menkooroo> I think we have a winner.
[20:05] <@Menkooroo> That's all the new business. Does anybody have anything else to bring to the table?
[20:06] <@Menkooroo> Oh, oh, I do!
[20:06] <@Menkooroo> I'd like to make a request that we pay a little more attention to the redux page. Because currently... we don't.
[20:06] <@Toprawa> haha
[20:06] <@Toprawa> true
[20:06] <@Menkooroo> We threw quite a few articles onto it last month, and nobody's really looked at them.
[20:06] <@Menkooroo> Me included.
[20:06] <@Menkooroo> Nothing official, but to anybody in attendance, and anybody reading this later:
[20:06] <@Menkooroo> Go review something on the redux page.
[20:07] <@CC7567> Sure thing
[20:07] <@Menkooroo> Also, consider looking at the RFAN page!
[20:07] <@Menkooroo> We can keep the queue strong if we re-feature.
[20:08] <@Menkooroo> I spruced up Olana Chion, Knife, and Teek
[20:08] <@Menkooroo> Go give 'em a look
[20:08] <@Toprawa> Agreed
[20:08] <@Menkooroo> That's all from me. Anybody else have anything to bring to the table?
[20:09] <@Toprawa> Just naming paperwork guy and next meeting scheduler 
[20:09] <@Menkooroo> Also, whose turn is it to be paperwork boy?
[20:09] <@Menkooroo> Ah, good.
[20:09] <@Toprawa> We postponed Xd for both tasks from last month since he was out of town
[20:09] <@Toprawa> Unfortunately, he's out of town again
[20:09] <@Toprawa> so I guess we'll postpone him one more time
[20:09] <@Culator|Away> CONVENIENT
[20:09] <@Menkooroo> Good ol' summer.
[20:09] <@Toprawa> Meaning this week's paperwork guy is Jugs
[20:09] <@Toprawa> and next meeting will be scheduled by Grunny
[20:10] <@IFYLOFD> Alright
[20:10] <@IFYLOFD> Good Inqmoot, everyone
[20:10] <@IFYLOFD> Even though last time it only took like 20 minutes
[20:10] <@Menkooroo> Jolly good show.
[20:10] <@Menkooroo> Lies!
[20:10] <@Menkooroo> So if Jugs is the paperwork boy...
[20:11] <@Menkooroo> Should one of us provide him with the chat log?
[20:11] <@Toprawa> if you want
[20:11] <@Toprawa> I'm sure he knows he can find it in the minutes if not
[20:11] <@Toprawa> the log link usually get posted as the first thing
[20:11] <@Menkooroo> I thought the paperwork boy posted it?
[20:12] <@Toprawa> he can't post it if he's not here to log :P
[20:12] <@Menkooroo> Hence the conundrum! Ahhhh!
[20:12] <@Toprawa> Culator usually handles it anyway, if I may speak for him
[20:12] <@Menkooroo> Culator: Got it?
[20:12] <@Culator|Away> Bah! I'll allow it. This time.
[20:13] <@Menkooroo> I did it last month, but since I log in through my web browser, it only displayed the minutes and not the seconds. A crying shame.
[20:13] <@Toprawa> Those seconds can mean the difference between life and death.
[20:13] <@Culator|Away> Eh, I only log minutes.
[20:14] <@Menkooroo> OK. I'll remove Rune Haako and Guardian of Forever (now with three votes!) from the RFAN page and then go back to bed.
[20:14] <@Toprawa> see ya
[20:14] <@Toprawa> thanks for running it
[20:14] <@CC7567> Later Menk :)
[20:14] <@Menkooroo> Just in case it's necessary... I declare the meeting officially closed.
[20:14] <@Menkooroo> Bam!
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