[02/03/13 01:59:59]<@IFYLOFD> 	LET'S GO INQMOOT
[02/03/13 02:00:09]<@GreenTentacle> 	!legionofdoom
[02/03/13 02:00:21]<@IFYLOFD> 	Nuku's gone
[02/03/13 02:00:22]<@GreenTentacle> 	Aw. Does that not work now?
[02/03/13 02:00:28]<@GreenTentacle> 	Oh yeah. :P
[02/03/13 02:00:40]<@GreenTentacle> 	Then wake up people, it's meeting time.
[02/03/13 02:00:44]<@GreenTentacle> 	Dark greetings and all that.
[02/03/13 02:01:02]<@Toprawa> 	I'd send out the Inqsignal, but she left.
[02/03/13 02:01:20]*	Users on #wookieepedia-inquisitorius: @ecks @Menkooroo @CC7567 @GreenTentacle @CavalierOne @Toprawa @IFYLOFD @GT|away @Culator|Away @Jang|Away @Xd1358 @ChanServ
[02/03/13 02:01:25]<@Toprawa> 	All part of Culator's master plan, I suppose. :P
[02/03/13 02:01:26]<@ecks>	Hello @ecks @Menkooroo @CC7567 @GreenTentacle @CavalierOne @Toprawa @IFYLOFD @GT|away @Culator|Away @Jang|Away @Xd1358 @ChanServ
[02/03/13 02:01:28]<@ecks>	!!!
[02/03/13 02:01:40]<@CavalierOne> 	Sure, do it the easy way ....
[02/03/13 02:01:44]<@GreenTentacle> 	We have a new bot.
[02/03/13 02:01:52]<@ecks>	-error- new is not a valid command.
[02/03/13 02:02:00]<@GreenTentacle> 	Right, let's start with the old stuff.
[02/03/13 02:02:00]<@Toprawa> 	heh
[02/03/13 02:02:02]<@CavalierOne> 	!secks
[02/03/13 02:02:04]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:02:06]<@IFYLOFD> 	So lifelike!
[02/03/13 02:02:08]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:02:12]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:02:24]<@CC7567> 	Kill
[02/03/13 02:02:26]<@Culator|Away> 	Can we extend this?
[02/03/13 02:02:37]<@GreenTentacle> 	If you're willing to do it, sure.
[02/03/13 02:02:37]<@Culator|Away> 	I don't want to kill it over a TCW episode.
[02/03/13 02:02:43]<@CC7567> 	Sure
[02/03/13 02:02:48]<@Culator|Away> 	But if nobody else will watch the shitty thing, I will.
[02/03/13 02:02:52]<@Menkooroo> 	sure
[02/03/13 02:02:53]<@IFYLOFD> 	Culator has spoken
[02/03/13 02:02:57]<@IFYLOFD> 	Extend
[02/03/13 02:03:00]<@ecks>	extend
[02/03/13 02:03:00]<@Toprawa> 	Extend
[02/03/13 02:03:06]<@CavalierOne> 	Extend
[02/03/13 02:03:07]<@CC7567> 	Extend
[02/03/13 02:03:07]<@GreenTentacle> 	Extend.
[02/03/13 02:03:11]<@Menkooroo> 	extend
[02/03/13 02:03:16]<@GreenTentacle> 	XJ-2 extended.
[02/03/13 02:03:24]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:03:27]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:03:30]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:03:34]<@IFYLOFD> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:03:39]<@Menkooroo> 	keep
[02/03/13 02:03:42]<@ecks>	keep
[02/03/13 02:03:50]<@CC7567> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:03:52]<@GreenTentacle> 	Updated. Hanzo Hasashi (talk) 16:54, February 1, 2013 (UTC) 
[02/03/13 02:03:57]<@CavalierOne> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:04:21]<@Culator|Away> 	These diffs are annoying to read with the mass dereftemplating.
[02/03/13 02:04:41]<@Menkooroo> 	I'm going to switch to my phone. Can someone kick me out when I leave?
[02/03/13 02:04:48]<@ecks>	sure
[02/03/13 02:04:51]-!-	Menkooroo ([redacted]@wookieepedia/Menkooroo) has quit (Quit: Page closed )
[02/03/13 02:05:10]<@ecks>	looks like no help was needed
[02/03/13 02:05:37]<@GreenTentacle> 	CC kept.
[02/03/13 02:05:45]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:05:49]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:05:53]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:05:58]<@IFYLOFD> 	Inuse tag
[02/03/13 02:06:07]<@Toprawa> 	Yeah, but is he doing anything?
[02/03/13 02:06:07]-!-	Menkooroo ([redacted]@wookieepedia/Menkooroo) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius
[02/03/13 02:06:07]*	ChanServ sets modes [#wookieepedia-inquisitorius +o Menkooroo]
[02/03/13 02:06:09]<@Toprawa> 	It's been almost a month.
[02/03/13 02:06:20]<@Toprawa> 	It's also really annoying when people don't specify on the review pages that they did something.
[02/03/13 02:06:25]<@Toprawa> 	Trayus.
[02/03/13 02:06:27]<@CavalierOne> 	Who "Inused" it
[02/03/13 02:06:27]<@IFYLOFD> 	I don't know who put the tag on there
[02/03/13 02:06:32]<@Toprawa> 	It's Trayus
[02/03/13 02:06:42]<@Toprawa> 	He puts the tag on multiple articles and then forgets about them
[02/03/13 02:06:48]<@IFYLOFD> 	He hasn't edited it in almost a month
[02/03/13 02:06:49]<@GreenTentacle> 	Doesn't look like it's changed much.
[02/03/13 02:06:53]<@IFYLOFD> 	Kill
[02/03/13 02:07:03]<@Menkooroo> 	Kill
[02/03/13 02:07:05]<@Toprawa> 	Kill
[02/03/13 02:07:05]<@CC7567> 	If he had asked for an extension I'd be okay with that, but he hasn't
[02/03/13 02:07:10]<@IFYLOFD> 	He can renominate it if he ever actually finishes
[02/03/13 02:07:10]<@CavalierOne> 	Kill
[02/03/13 02:07:12]<@CC7567> 	Kill
[02/03/13 02:07:16]<@GreenTentacle> 	Per CC. Kill
[02/03/13 02:07:37]<@ecks>	kill
[02/03/13 02:07:39]<@GreenTentacle> 	Malcom killed.
[02/03/13 02:07:52]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:07:56]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:08:00]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:08:09]<@Toprawa> 	This has some conjectural title issues, still.
[02/03/13 02:08:18]<@IFYLOFD> 	I has a sad for a TOTJ article
[02/03/13 02:08:18]<@CC7567> 	The core issue still hasn't been fixed
[02/03/13 02:08:24]<@IFYLOFD> 	I can check it
[02/03/13 02:08:26]-!-	grunny (~grunny@wikia/vstf/countervandalism.user.Grunny) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius
[02/03/13 02:08:27]*	ChanServ sets modes [#wookieepedia-inquisitorius +o grunny]
[02/03/13 02:08:27]<@CC7567> 	We still don't know where the title, if it's official, is coming from
[02/03/13 02:08:31]<@IFYLOFD> 	It's TOTJ, this is my wheelhouse
[02/03/13 02:08:32]<@Toprawa> 	Hey, grunny
[02/03/13 02:08:37]<@grunny> 	hey Tope
[02/03/13 02:08:40]<@CC7567> 	Hurry up Floyd, then :P
[02/03/13 02:08:46]<@Toprawa> 	I think this is a legitimate case for the confirm-title template.
[02/03/13 02:08:48]-!-	Nuku-Nuku (~Nuku-Nuku@wookieepedia/bot/Nuku-Nuku) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius
[02/03/13 02:08:48]*	ChanServ sets modes [#wookieepedia-inquisitorius +o Nuku-Nuku]
[02/03/13 02:08:48]*	ChanServ sets modes [#wookieepedia-inquisitorius +o Nuku-Nuku]
[02/03/13 02:08:48]*	ChanServ sets modes [#wookieepedia-inquisitorius +v Nuku-Nuku]
[02/03/13 02:08:49]<@GreenTentacle> 	[00:07]	GreenTentacle
[02/03/13 02:08:50]<@GreenTentacle> 	[00:07]	GreenTentacle
[02/03/13 02:08:52]<@GreenTentacle> 	[00:08]	GreenTentacle
[02/03/13 02:08:52]<@Menkooroo> 	Extend?
[02/03/13 02:08:55]<@GreenTentacle> 	For grunny.
[02/03/13 02:09:02]<@grunny> 	thanks :)
[02/03/13 02:09:07]<@CavalierOne> 	I'd support an extend for Floyd to check it.
[02/03/13 02:09:14]<@Toprawa> 	If Floyd wants to do it, extend
[02/03/13 02:09:16]<@CavalierOne> 	Hey grunny
[02/03/13 02:09:16]<@IFYLOFD> 	Yeah, let me handle it
[02/03/13 02:09:18]<@IFYLOFD> 	Extend!
[02/03/13 02:09:20]<@CC7567> 	Extend
[02/03/13 02:09:21]<@ecks>	k
[02/03/13 02:09:22]<@ecks>	extend
[02/03/13 02:09:24]<@ecks>	hey gruns
[02/03/13 02:09:28]<@GreenTentacle> 	Extend
[02/03/13 02:09:32]<@grunny> 	hey Cav, xd
[02/03/13 02:09:39]<@CavalierOne> 	Extend
[02/03/13 02:09:43]<@grunny> 	extend
[02/03/13 02:10:11]<@GreenTentacle> 	Battle of Coruscant extended.
[02/03/13 02:10:12]<@Toprawa> 	Jimmy Johnson approves.
[02/03/13 02:10:20]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:10:23]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:10:27]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:10:36]<@ecks>	One day there will be a clone CC-1358
[02/03/13 02:10:37]<@CC7567> 	Oh, shoot, I was going to take care of that
[02/03/13 02:10:40]<@CC7567> 	Would you mind extending?
[02/03/13 02:10:47]<@Menkooroo> 	Timeline issues remain, I think
[02/03/13 02:10:47]<@IFYLOFD> 	Fine, extend for See See
[02/03/13 02:10:52]<@Toprawa> 	Only because you're both CCs. :P
[02/03/13 02:10:56]<@CC7567> 	:P
[02/03/13 02:11:03]<@Menkooroo> 	Extend
[02/03/13 02:11:04]<@CavalierOne> 	Extend CC for CC
[02/03/13 02:11:05]<@ecks>	extend
[02/03/13 02:11:16]<@GreenTentacle> 	Extend
[02/03/13 02:11:18]<@grunny> 	extend for CC
[02/03/13 02:12:14]<@GreenTentacle> 	Anyone else?
[02/03/13 02:12:21]<@Culator|Away> 	Nope.
[02/03/13 02:12:24]<@GreenTentacle> 	CC-1138 extended.
[02/03/13 02:12:32]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:12:36]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:12:39]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:12:45]<@IFYLOFD> 	Another TOTJ article? For shame
[02/03/13 02:13:03]<@Culator|Away> 	I re-fixed Cade's fix, so now it's really fixed.
[02/03/13 02:13:06]<@Culator|Away> 	So keep.
[02/03/13 02:13:12]<@Menkooroo> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:13:16]<@IFYLOFD> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:13:19]<@GreenTentacle> 	Heh.
[02/03/13 02:13:19]<@ecks>	keep
[02/03/13 02:13:21]<@CavalierOne> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:13:21]<@GreenTentacle> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:13:25]<@grunny> 	keep
[02/03/13 02:13:33]<@CC7567> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:14:17]<@GreenTentacle> 	Arca Jeth kept.
[02/03/13 02:14:26]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:14:29]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:14:36]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:14:39]<@IFYLOFD> 	Update tag is gone
[02/03/13 02:14:50]<@GreenTentacle> 	Taken care of. Cade Calrayn StupidRepublicEmblem-Traced-TORkit 17:46, January 21, 2013 (UTC) 
[02/03/13 02:14:55]<@GreenTentacle> 	As this was an older FA, please also check for linking, see here. Hanzo Hasashi (talk) 20:54, January 21, 2013 (UTC) 
[02/03/13 02:14:56]<@Menkooroo> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:15:01]<@IFYLOFD> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:15:03]<@ecks>	Keep
[02/03/13 02:15:05]<@CavalierOne> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:15:08]<@grunny> 	keep
[02/03/13 02:15:11]<@Culator|Away> 	Pretty sure I took care of Hanzo's complaint. :P
[02/03/13 02:15:15]<@CC7567> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:15:17]<@Menkooroo> 	Linking is a sofixit per meeting 36
[02/03/13 02:15:45]<@GreenTentacle> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:15:51]<@Toprawa> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:16:09]<@GreenTentacle> 	Alzoc kept.
[02/03/13 02:16:14]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:16:18]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:16:21]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:16:25]<@IFYLOFD> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:16:26]<@GreenTentacle> 	Updated for Annihilation. Cade Calrayn StupidRepublicEmblem-Traced-TORkit 20:48, January 21, 2013 (UTC) 
[02/03/13 02:16:39]<@Menkooroo> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:16:55]<@Culator|Away> 	I went a little nuts with my bot and AWB today.
[02/03/13 02:17:02]<@Toprawa> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:17:02]<@Culator|Away> 	Anyway, keep.
[02/03/13 02:17:13]<@GreenTentacle> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:17:17]<@CC7567> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:17:20]<@ecks>	keep
[02/03/13 02:17:30]<@CavalierOne> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:17:42]<@GreenTentacle> 	Battle of Alderaan kept.
[02/03/13 02:17:50]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:17:53]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:17:57]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:18:08]<@GreenTentacle> 	Handled as well, since Fourdot doesn't seem to be coming back anytime soon. Cade Calrayn StupidRepublicEmblem-Traced-TORkit 17:56, January 21, 2013 (UTC) 
[02/03/13 02:18:13]<@IFYLOFD> 	Update tag is gone
[02/03/13 02:18:25]<@Menkooroo> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:18:26]<@IFYLOFD> 	Maybe Cade should post that shit on the Inq review page
[02/03/13 02:18:31]<@IFYLOFD> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:18:35]<@CC7567> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:18:38]<@CavalierOne> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:18:39]<@ecks>	Motion to slap Cade
[02/03/13 02:18:39]<@grunny> 	keep
[02/03/13 02:18:39]<@ecks>	Keep
[02/03/13 02:18:54]<@Culator|Away> 	Motion seconded. And also keep.
[02/03/13 02:19:53]<@GreenTentacle> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:20:01]<@GreenTentacle> 	Adas kept.
[02/03/13 02:20:12]<@GreenTentacle> 	On to the new ones.
[02/03/13 02:20:18]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:20:28]<@GreenTentacle> 	Unsure if this makes it probeworthy, but Voren Na'al really needs some general image cleanup. The infobox should ideally have a headshot instead of a full-body shot, and the article could use some image placement changes to make it look better in general. CC7567 (talk) 23:08, January 25, 2013 (UTC) 
[02/03/13 02:20:37]<@GreenTentacle> 	Hanzo has also raised an issue on the talk page about Voren's actor, which in turn draws attention to the fact that the BTS is sorely lacking for an article with this many appearances and sources. —MJ— Training Room 23:10, January 25, 2013 (UTC) 
[02/03/13 02:20:43]<@IFYLOFD> 	Probe then
[02/03/13 02:20:43]<@GreenTentacle> 	Actor dealt with. If I have time before going into the field on Monday, I'll beef up the BTS a bit more, too. As for image, a dispute over whether using a full-body shot was appropriate made up the entirety of the objections in the original FA nomination. I hold no strong opinion on the matter, so if the Inq wants a chopped-down headshot, that should be doable. jSarek (talk) 16:09, February...
[02/03/13 02:20:45]<@GreenTentacle> 	...2, 2013 (UTC) 
[02/03/13 02:20:59]<@ecks>	it could use some cleanup
[02/03/13 02:21:04]<@ecks>	I'm seeing some linking issues
[02/03/13 02:21:06]<@IFYLOFD> 	Maybe I should read the whole thing before I vote
[02/03/13 02:21:07]<@Toprawa> 	I'm ok with an upper-body shot for the main image.
[02/03/13 02:21:07]<@ecks>	and possible speculation
[02/03/13 02:21:08]<@Menkooroo> 	Probe. Jsarek can work on it while it's probed.
[02/03/13 02:21:11]<@Toprawa> 	It is rather enormous 
[02/03/13 02:21:13]<@ecks>	"Though his parents apparently survived,"
[02/03/13 02:21:28]<@GreenTentacle> 	The infobox image is laughably big.
[02/03/13 02:21:32]<@CC7567> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:21:34]<@CavalierOne> 	Full probe then
[02/03/13 02:21:37]<@GreenTentacle> 	Though I remember this being discussed ages ago.
[02/03/13 02:21:37]<@Toprawa> 	Probe for all of these issues.
[02/03/13 02:21:38]<@IFYLOFD> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:21:39]<@ecks>	probe
[02/03/13 02:21:41]<@GreenTentacle> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:21:48]<@CC7567> 	(also, pink as a skin color?)
[02/03/13 02:21:52]<@CC7567> 	just sounds weird
[02/03/13 02:21:53]<@grunny> 	probe
[02/03/13 02:21:59]<@Culator|Away> 	He's not a damn Zeltron.
[02/03/13 02:22:11]<@ecks>	Spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does
[02/03/13 02:22:12]<@CavalierOne> 	Or is he?
[02/03/13 02:22:19]<@GreenTentacle> 	Na'al probed.
[02/03/13 02:22:27]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:22:37]<@GreenTentacle> 	Duel on Ambria—requires sourcing throughout, as there is more than one appearance. 
[02/03/13 02:22:40]<@Toprawa> 	I believe this is a conjectural title, correct me if I'm mistaken.
[02/03/13 02:22:41]<@GreenTentacle> 	From looking at the history and seeing the other appearance provides no new info, have sourced it all. Hanzo Hasashi (talk) 19:44, February 1, 2013 (UTC) 
[02/03/13 02:23:11]<@CC7567> 	It sounds like one, since the Bts doesn't capitalize it
[02/03/13 02:23:15]<@GreenTentacle> 	Could well be.
[02/03/13 02:23:16]<@Toprawa> 	Someone even raises the point on the talk page.
[02/03/13 02:23:21]<@Toprawa> 	I'm just assuming it is.
[02/03/13 02:23:32]<@Toprawa> 	This is an easy fix if we're in agreement to change it to this.
[02/03/13 02:23:32]<@IFYLOFD> 	So probe and check this issue out?
[02/03/13 02:23:34]<@Menkooroo> 	Prove
[02/03/13 02:23:38]<@Menkooroo> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:23:43]<@CavalierOne> 	Slap a {{Confirm-battletitle}} on it and probe the sucker
[02/03/13 02:23:52]<@GreenTentacle> 	Per Cav.
[02/03/13 02:24:04]<@Toprawa> 	If these books are on Hungry Ewok, it'll be an easy text search.
[02/03/13 02:24:12]<@CC7567> 	I'll go check
[02/03/13 02:24:25]<@GreenTentacle> 	Even better.
[02/03/13 02:24:51]<@CC7567> 	Nope
[02/03/13 02:24:59]<@Culator|Away> 	One moment.
[02/03/13 02:25:00]<@Toprawa> 	Ok, confirm-battle and probe.
[02/03/13 02:25:14]<@Culator|Away> 	What are we looking for exactly?
[02/03/13 02:25:15]<@CC7567> 	I mean, it's not an official title
[02/03/13 02:25:16]<@ecks>	!utilities sample 1 kill probe spare redux
[02/03/13 02:25:16]<@Nuku-Nuku> 	ecks: kill
[02/03/13 02:25:17]<@CC7567> 	:P
[02/03/13 02:25:20]<@Toprawa> 	"Duel on Ambria"
[02/03/13 02:25:32]<@CC7567> 	I'll go in and change it; no need for a probe, unless there's something else
[02/03/13 02:25:35]<@Toprawa> 	In these two books.
[02/03/13 02:25:47]<@CavalierOne> 	CC says its not real!
[02/03/13 02:25:54]<@CavalierOne> 	Think of the children!
[02/03/13 02:25:57]<@IFYLOFD> 	Delete
[02/03/13 02:26:11]<@CC7567> 	Delete?
[02/03/13 02:26:15]<@CavalierOne> 	The madness! Oh, the bearmanity!
[02/03/13 02:26:22]<@ecks>	CSD
[02/03/13 02:26:29]<@CavalierOne> 	STD
[02/03/13 02:26:50]<@Toprawa> 	I'm very ok with just assuming it's conjectural, because we know it most likely is.
[02/03/13 02:26:51]<@ecks>	that escalated quickly
[02/03/13 02:26:52]<@Culator|Away> 	Nope.
[02/03/13 02:26:53]<@IFYLOFD> 	OPP
[02/03/13 02:26:56]<@Toprawa> 	If we want to be procedural and just probe it, fine.
[02/03/13 02:26:58]<@IFYLOFD> 	Yeah you know me
[02/03/13 02:27:12]<@Culator|Away> 	The phrase "duel on Ambria" appears only once and does not refer to that event.
[02/03/13 02:27:29]<@Toprawa> 	You checked both books?
[02/03/13 02:27:32]<@Culator|Away> 	Yep.
[02/03/13 02:27:36]<@Toprawa> 	Ok, thanks
[02/03/13 02:27:42]<@Toprawa> 	I'll just fix it, unless CC is on it already.
[02/03/13 02:27:54]-!-	grunny (~grunny@wikia/vstf/countervandalism.user.Grunny) has quit (Remote host closed the connection )
[02/03/13 02:28:04]<@Menkooroo> 	Then... Spare
[02/03/13 02:28:16]<@ecks>	spare
[02/03/13 02:28:21]<@GreenTentacle> 	Ok, spare and fix.
[02/03/13 02:28:25]<@Toprawa> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:28:26]<@CavalierOne> 	Kill! No, wait, spare.
[02/03/13 02:28:32]<@CC7567> 	fixed:
[02/03/13 02:28:42]<@IFYLOFD> 	Spae
[02/03/13 02:28:43]<@CC7567>
[02/03/13 02:28:45]-!-	grunny (~grunny@wikia/vstf/countervandalism.user.Grunny) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius
[02/03/13 02:28:45]<@IFYLOFD> 	*Spare
[02/03/13 02:28:45]*	ChanServ sets modes [#wookieepedia-inquisitorius +o grunny]
[02/03/13 02:28:45]*	Nuku-Nuku sets modes [#wookieepedia-inquisitorius +o grunny]
[02/03/13 02:28:46]<@CC7567> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:29:10]<@GreenTentacle> 	Shouldn't duel be lower case now?
[02/03/13 02:29:19]<@Culator|Away> 	We should do that dealy with the wording in the intro like "a duel occurred on Ambria yada yada"
[02/03/13 02:29:30]<@CC7567> 	GT: yeah, just fixed that too
[02/03/13 02:29:48]<@Culator|Away> 	Good, good...
[02/03/13 02:30:01]<@Culator|Away> 	The system works!
[02/03/13 02:30:02]<@GreenTentacle> 	Great.
[02/03/13 02:30:07]<@GreenTentacle> 	Duel on Ambria kept.
[02/03/13 02:30:16]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:30:26]<@GreenTentacle> 	Battle of the City of Bone—{{Confirm-battletitle}}; requires some confirmation regarding the listed name. Also has several redlinks in one of the nav templates. 
[02/03/13 02:30:28]<@Toprawa> 	This is definitely conjectural.
[02/03/13 02:30:32]<@GreenTentacle> 	Another iffy title.
[02/03/13 02:30:33]<@Culator|Away> 	Yeah, I don't have ePubs of that one. :P
[02/03/13 02:30:33]<@Toprawa> 	I can confirm this.
[02/03/13 02:30:33]<@IFYLOFD> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:30:49]<@CavalierOne> 	I don't think we should punish the article for having redlinks in a nav template either.
[02/03/13 02:31:00]<@ecks>	wasn't there some clause about that
[02/03/13 02:31:01]<@Toprawa> 	Just make Cade fill them in. :P
[02/03/13 02:31:02]<@CavalierOne> 	Not one added after the article promotion.
[02/03/13 02:31:04]<@CC7567> 	Yeah, I was going to ask how we should treat the redlink issue
[02/03/13 02:31:05]<@Toprawa> 	He created the dumb thing. :P
[02/03/13 02:31:23]<@Culator|Away> 	Motion to slap Cade again for those templates.
[02/03/13 02:31:30]<@Toprawa> 	Seconded. 
[02/03/13 02:31:31]<@GreenTentacle> 	Seconded.
[02/03/13 02:31:31]<@ecks>	Seconded
[02/03/13 02:31:33]<@Toprawa> 	XD
[02/03/13 02:31:36]<@CC7567> 	Seconded
[02/03/13 02:31:36]<@IFYLOFD> 	Fifthed
[02/03/13 02:31:41]<@ecks>	brb
[02/03/13 02:31:50]<@Toprawa> 	Anyways, I'll fix City of Bone
[02/03/13 02:31:55]<@Toprawa> 	We can keep it 
[02/03/13 02:32:00]<@CC7567> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:32:02]<@CavalierOne> 	Keep the bone!
[02/03/13 02:32:03]<@GreenTentacle> 	Great. Spare.
[02/03/13 02:32:04]<@CavalierOne> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:32:04]<@IFYLOFD> 	Fine, spare
[02/03/13 02:32:07]<@Toprawa> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:32:07]<@Menkooroo> 	Fill in redlinks and spare? Change to a conjectural name.
[02/03/13 02:32:24]<@GreenTentacle> 	Meh to the redlinks.
[02/03/13 02:32:29]<@CavalierOne> 	Agreed
[02/03/13 02:32:29]<@Toprawa> 	I'll try and help Cade fill them in.
[02/03/13 02:32:37]<@IFYLOFD> 	I'm gonna start using "City of Bone" as a sexual euphemism
[02/03/13 02:32:39]<@GreenTentacle> 	If they were in the body it would be worse.
[02/03/13 02:33:09]<@GreenTentacle> 	We have five spares so unless there's any objections...
[02/03/13 02:33:20]<@IFYLOFD> 	Man, I'd take her to the City of Bone
[02/03/13 02:33:26]<@GreenTentacle> 	City of Bone kept.
[02/03/13 02:33:38]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:33:43]<@GreenTentacle> 	Mission to Monastery—same redlink problem. 
[02/03/13 02:33:46]<@CavalierOne> 	Same redlink issue. Meh to it.
[02/03/13 02:33:51]<@GreenTentacle> 	Yeah.
[02/03/13 02:33:58]<@CavalierOne> 	Cade shouldn't be so lazy.
[02/03/13 02:34:06]<@IFYLOFD> 	Fucking Cade
[02/03/13 02:34:12]<@IFYLOFD> 	This is why you're my whipping boy
[02/03/13 02:34:13]<@CavalierOne> 	Motion to slap Cade for laziness.
[02/03/13 02:34:17]<@IFYLOFD> 	Seconded
[02/03/13 02:34:21]<@CC7567> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:34:29]<@CavalierOne> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:34:32]<@ecks>	Automatic support for motion
[02/03/13 02:34:32]<@GreenTentacle> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:34:33]<@ecks>	spare
[02/03/13 02:34:34]<@grunny> 	spare
[02/03/13 02:34:53]<@Menkooroo> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:35:03]<@IFYLOFD> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:35:05]<@GreenTentacle> 	Mission to Monastery kept.
[02/03/13 02:35:10]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:35:12]<@GreenTentacle> 	Same deal.
[02/03/13 02:35:18]<@CC7567> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:35:21]<@IFYLOFD> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:35:24]<@GreenTentacle> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:35:56]<@Menkooroo> 	Spare them all
[02/03/13 02:35:56]<@CavalierOne> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:36:05]<@grunny> 	spare
[02/03/13 02:36:19]<@GreenTentacle> 	Battle of Kuat kept.
[02/03/13 02:36:30]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:36:36]<@GreenTentacle> 	Etahn A'baht—two minor {{Fact}} tags. Also needs to be updated to follow the decision about two-speaker quotes. 
[02/03/13 02:36:41]<@IFYLOFD> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:36:43]<@CavalierOne> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:36:46]<@Culator|Away> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:36:47]<@GreenTentacle> 	Fixed both issues earlier.
[02/03/13 02:36:55]<@Menkooroo> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:37:09]<@CC7567> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:37:17]<@ecks>	spare
[02/03/13 02:37:29]<@GreenTentacle> 	Etahn A'baht kept.
[02/03/13 02:37:37]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:37:44]<@GreenTentacle> 	Soon Bayts—this is going to get messy, but since Leland Chee has stated that Star Wars: Obsession is now non-canon, some decision needs to be reached about what to do with Bayts, since the current version of the article may not be entirely up to date with current canon. 
[02/03/13 02:37:48]<@GreenTentacle> 	As an older FA, check for linking, see here. Hanzo Hasashi (talk) 19:44, February 1, 2013 (UTC) 
[02/03/13 02:37:54]<@IFYLOFD> 	Noooooo Master Bayts
[02/03/13 02:37:55]<@GreenTentacle> 	Fucking TCW.
[02/03/13 02:37:59]<@CavalierOne> 	Read the comment; he doesn't invalidate the entirety of Obsession, just certain parts. It still needs checking, but its not that bad in terms of canon/non-canon material.
[02/03/13 02:38:18]<@IFYLOFD> 	Still probe
[02/03/13 02:38:28]<@CC7567> 	Yeah, just has to be checked in general
[02/03/13 02:38:29]<@CC7567> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:38:36]<@GreenTentacle> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:38:39]<@CavalierOne> 	Still probe, but it needs to be made clear that Obsession, for the most part, is still canon.
[02/03/13 02:38:49]<@grunny> 	probe
[02/03/13 02:38:55]<@Toprawa> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:38:56]<@Menkooroo> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:38:57]<@CC7567> 	well... we'll see about that, Cav :P
[02/03/13 02:39:14]<@CavalierOne> 	I did say for the most part :P
[02/03/13 02:39:15]<@IFYLOFD> 	Probe the masturbation
[02/03/13 02:39:19]<@GreenTentacle> 	Master Bayts probed.
[02/03/13 02:39:46]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:39:53]<@IFYLOFD> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:39:57]<@GreenTentacle> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:39:58]<@Toprawa> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:40:06]<@CavalierOne> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:40:09]<@CC7567> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:40:40]<@grunny> 	probe
[02/03/13 02:40:50]<@GreenTentacle> 	Clone shadow trooper probed.
[02/03/13 02:40:56]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:40:58]<@Menkooroo> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:41:03]<@CavalierOne> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:41:08]<@GreenTentacle> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:41:14]<@CC7567> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:41:16]<@Toprawa> 	lolmaul
[02/03/13 02:41:18]<@Toprawa> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:41:20]<@grunny> 	probe
[02/03/13 02:41:23]<@IFYLOFD> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:41:38]<@Toprawa> 	Just when you thought your canon was safe...
[02/03/13 02:41:40]<@Toprawa> 	MAUL
[02/03/13 02:41:55]<@GreenTentacle> 	Mandalore thingy probed.
[02/03/13 02:42:03]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:42:11]<@IFYLOFD> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:42:12]<@CavalierOne> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:42:20]<@GreenTentacle> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:42:24]<@CC7567> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:42:35]<@Toprawa> 	You know, that Description section is kind of pathetic too.
[02/03/13 02:42:40]<@Toprawa> 	I just watched these episodes recently.
[02/03/13 02:42:43]<@Toprawa> 	That could be a lot longer.
[02/03/13 02:42:55]<@CC7567> 	Toprawa watches TCW?
[02/03/13 02:42:58]<@CC7567> 	heaven forbid :P
[02/03/13 02:43:00]<@Toprawa> 	I did. :P
[02/03/13 02:43:04]<@Toprawa> 	Don't tell anyone. :P
[02/03/13 02:43:11]<@CC7567> 	you're on record
[02/03/13 02:43:22]<@grunny> 	probe
[02/03/13 02:43:22]<@Toprawa> 	STRICKEN FROM THE RECORD!
[02/03/13 02:43:26]<@Toprawa> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:43:33]<@GreenTentacle> 	Add the description thing to the issues.
[02/03/13 02:43:36]<@GreenTentacle> 	Skytop probed.
[02/03/13 02:43:56]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:44:09]<@GreenTentacle> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:44:12]<@CavalierOne> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:44:13]<@CC7567> 	for the record, the comic has been out for a month today
[02/03/13 02:44:15]<@CC7567> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:44:19]<@Toprawa> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:44:21]<@IFYLOFD> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:44:22]<@Menkooroo> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:44:43]<@GreenTentacle> 	Has too many redlinks too.
[02/03/13 02:45:07]<@CC7567> 	that fourth one is a typo
[02/03/13 02:45:10]<@grunny> 	probe
[02/03/13 02:45:22]<@ecks>	probe
[02/03/13 02:45:23]<@GreenTentacle> 	Has a typo too. :P
[02/03/13 02:45:37]<@GreenTentacle> 	Myneyrsh probed.
[02/03/13 02:45:55]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:46:04]<@GreenTentacle> 	Lepi—update tag.
[02/03/13 02:46:06]<@GreenTentacle> 	Updated. ~SavageBOB sig 00:18, February 2, 2013 (UTC) 
[02/03/13 02:46:15]<@Menkooroo> 	Keep
[02/03/13 02:46:17]<@CC7567> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:46:18]<@Menkooroo> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:46:20]<@CavalierOne> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:46:24]<@IFYLOFD> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:46:25]<@ecks>	spare
[02/03/13 02:46:32]<@GreenTentacle> 	Spare
[02/03/13 02:46:44]<@GreenTentacle> 	Lepi spared.
[02/03/13 02:46:48]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:47:03]<@IFYLOFD> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:47:07]<@CavalierOne> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:47:19]<@CC7567> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:47:21]<@Menkooroo> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:47:22]<@grunny> 	probe
[02/03/13 02:47:24]<@GreenTentacle> 	Probe
[02/03/13 02:47:47]<@ecks>	probe
[02/03/13 02:48:04]<@GreenTentacle> 	Yoxgit probed.
[02/03/13 02:48:20]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 02:48:26]<@GreenTentacle> 	Anything we've not covered?
[02/03/13 02:48:33]<@CavalierOne> 	Maintenance issues?
[02/03/13 02:49:16]<@Culator|Away> 	Thank whatever deities you believe in that the new Star Wars comic is less than a month old.
[02/03/13 02:49:29]<@GreenTentacle> 	Yeah, Wedge escapes.
[02/03/13 02:49:34]<@GreenTentacle> 	And we've covered all the rest.
[02/03/13 02:49:43]<@CavalierOne> 	And Keshiri is being reduxed
[02/03/13 02:50:12]<@GreenTentacle> 	So on to the discussion.
[02/03/13 02:50:22]<@GreenTentacle> 	I'd like us to brainstorm ways to get more non-INQs actively reviewing on the FAN page. There are a lot of talented reviewers on this site, but most of them stick to the GAN page --- there are really only three non-INQs who review consistently on the FAN page. In June 2010, at Meeting 33, the Inquisitorius discussed (ctrl + f "standardized" in the log) the idea of replacing the INQ's closed...
[02/03/13 02:50:23]<@GreenTentacle> 	...admissions process with an open admissions process similar to the Request for user rights page. Some ideas were tossed around, and it was agreed to discuss it further at the next meeting. However, further discussion never happened, and I want to bring the idea back now. If we turn our admissions process into a public one, I'm hoping it will change our image from that of an old boy's club...
[02/03/13 02:50:24]<@Menkooroo> 	On my phone; typing will be a little slow. Sorry.
[02/03/13 02:50:25]<@GreenTentacle> 	...that lets in one, maybe two new people every year, to an organization with much more community-driven membership. If the community's bevy of talented reviewers knew that their potential admission to the INQ could come from a community nomination rather than exclusively from the INQs, I can see them being much more likely to consistently review FANs with the hope of being noticed. A...
[02/03/13 02:50:26]<@GreenTentacle> 	...possible downside: People shouldn't review just for the sake of joining the INQ. An upside: Who cares? The FAN page would get more reviewers. And it's not like any of us never wanted to join the INQ. :P Menkooroo (talk) 04:35, January 27, 2013 (UTC) 
[02/03/13 02:50:31]<@GreenTentacle> 	Addendum: If you don't like my solution, that's cool --- it's just one proposed solution to a problem that I hope itself can be the main crux of our discussion. That is, the lack of people involved in the reviewing process. For example, after IRC discussion, I realized that Tope agrees with me about the problem, even if he doesn't like my proposed solution. So, yeah, let's brainstorm ways to...
[02/03/13 02:50:32]<@GreenTentacle> 	...change attitudes and mindsets about reviewing. Menkooroo (talk) 05:17, January 27, 2013 (UTC) 
[02/03/13 02:50:38]<@GreenTentacle> 	Over to Menk.
[02/03/13 02:51:06]<@IFYLOFD> 	tl;dr
[02/03/13 02:51:13]<@IFYLOFD> 	:P
[02/03/13 02:51:27]<@Menkooroo> 	Ok
[02/03/13 02:51:38]<@Menkooroo> 	I know my solution won't be popular
[02/03/13 02:51:48]<@Menkooroo> 	So let's discuss the problem
[02/03/13 02:52:39]<@Toprawa> 	If we want to talk about the pros and cons of potential members and how it relates to this, I suggest this be stricken from the record.
[02/03/13 02:52:40]<@Menkooroo> 	How do we get more people involved?
[02/03/13 02:52:44]<@CC7567> 	Per Toprawa
[02/03/13 02:52:59]<@Toprawa> 	I could say things that I would prefer be off the record.
[02/03/13 02:53:00]<@Menkooroo> 	Not about potential members
[02/03/13 02:53:07]<@CavalierOne> 	Candy. Lots and lots of candy.
[02/03/13 02:53:10]<@Menkooroo> 	I hope this can be public
[02/03/13 02:53:23]<@Toprawa> 	Your topic relates exactly to who we want to admit and why we're not admitting them.
[02/03/13 02:53:29]<@Toprawa> 	That doesn't belong in the public eye.
[02/03/13 02:53:30]<@Menkooroo> 	About potential non inq reviewera
[02/03/13 02:53:31]<@Culator|Away> 	Yes. Candy. In our totally not suspicious-looking Inquisitorius van.
[02/03/13 02:53:45]<@ecks>	We totally need an Inq van
[02/03/13 02:53:50]<@Menkooroo> 	That's not it at all
[02/03/13 02:53:51]<@ecks>	for the next Celebration
[02/03/13 02:53:54]<@CavalierOne> 	Like the A-Team van.
[02/03/13 02:53:55]<@IFYLOFD> 	It'll be a sick Winnebago, brah
[02/03/13 02:54:24]<@GreenTentacle> 	General idea is public, but if we get into names it should be off the record.
[02/03/13 02:54:26]<@Menkooroo> 	Forget my proposed aolution. Let's just talk about the problem.
[02/03/13 02:54:36]<@Menkooroo> 	Ok, strike the names
[02/03/13 02:54:40]<@Menkooroo> 	But keep the
[02/03/13 02:54:43]<@Menkooroo> 	Convo
[02/03/13 02:54:52]<@ecks>	k
[02/03/13 02:55:05]<@Menkooroo> 	Our site has a lot of talented reviewers who stick to the gan page
[02/03/13 02:55:30]<@Menkooroo> 	And also talented writers who
[02/03/13 02:55:44]<@Menkooroo> 	Write fans but never review
[02/03/13 02:55:46]<@CavalierOne> 	You can't force them to review FANs. We 're all volunteers. You can ask them, but we can't reqard them for doing so.
[02/03/13 02:56:00]<@Culator|Away> 	I'll tell you one problem is that the current Inqs don't review enough, and one reason the current Inqs don't review enough is because nobody wants to queue things, and nobody wants to queue things because it's like doing oral surgery on yourself with gardening tools.
[02/03/13 02:56:14]<@Menkooroo> 	How do we get more non inqs reviewing?
[02/03/13 02:56:19]<@GreenTentacle> 	I like queuing stuff. :P
[02/03/13 02:56:32]<@CavalierOne> 	I don't mind queueing stuff either
[02/03/13 02:56:35]<@ecks>	ever since we got the GA queue, I've hated GANs as well :P
[02/03/13 02:56:35]<@Culator|Away> 	What is WRONG with you?
[02/03/13 02:56:46]<@IFYLOFD> 	Queuing sucks ass
[02/03/13 02:56:57]<@Menkooroo> 	I like queueing.
[02/03/13 02:57:07]<@ecks>	well
[02/03/13 02:57:10]<@ecks>	I mean, I can queue
[02/03/13 02:57:14]<@ecks>	but I'd rather not
[02/03/13 02:57:25]<@CavalierOne> 	British = queuing god!
[02/03/13 02:57:38]<@ecks>	it's something with the UK
[02/03/13 02:57:59]<@Culator|Away>
[02/03/13 02:58:09]<@Menkooroo> 	I know we can't force anyone to review
[02/03/13 02:58:16]<@IFYLOFD> 	So then what is the issue here?
[02/03/13 02:58:23]<@Menkooroo> 	But I'd lime to try to wncourage them too
[02/03/13 02:58:29]<@ecks>	I'm getting too little paid
[02/03/13 02:58:42]<@CavalierOne> 	We can ask for help from the non-AC/Inq reviewers, but that's about it.
[02/03/13 02:59:07]<@Menkooroo> 	The issue is the lack of people reviewing. 
[02/03/13 02:59:11]<@Menkooroo> 	How do we ask for help?
[02/03/13 02:59:23]<@IFYLOFD> 	Just ask people who are reviewing elsewhere
[02/03/13 02:59:27]<@ecks>	Recruitment posters. Who is good at Photoshop?
[02/03/13 02:59:27]<@IFYLOFD> 	It isn't exactly rocket science
[02/03/13 02:59:33]<@Menkooroo> 	Without looking... Pathetic?
[02/03/13 02:59:37]<@CavalierOne> 	We go to them and say, "Hey User X, mind reviewing a few FANs when you have the time?"
[02/03/13 02:59:43]<@IFYLOFD> 	Just say "Hey [insert reviewer] here, we'd like to see you reviewing FANs
[02/03/13 02:59:44]<@Toprawa> 	You know, I think this should turn into membership discussion.
[02/03/13 02:59:45]<@IFYLOFD> 	"
[02/03/13 02:59:51]<@ecks>	tell them to get on IRC and subtly push them to the FAN
[02/03/13 02:59:55]<@Toprawa> 	Because I want to talk about people, and this is just a natural transition.
[02/03/13 03:00:03]<@Menkooroo> 	Ok
[02/03/13 03:00:05]<@Toprawa> 	We need more help, sure.
[02/03/13 03:00:06]<@IFYLOFD> 	And we shouldn't care how we look doing it
[02/03/13 03:00:08]<@GreenTentacle>
[02/03/13 03:00:09]<@Toprawa> 	Why aren't we admitting new people?
[02/03/13 03:00:11]<@Menkooroo> 	I'll ask people to review
[02/03/13 03:00:12]<@IFYLOFD> 	We're the Inq! Kings among men!
[02/03/13 03:01:24]<@Toprawa> 	No one wants to review; they just want to write.
[02/03/13 03:02:08]<@Menkooroo> 	Yeah. That's exactly the problem.
[02/03/13 03:03:15]<@Menkooroo> 	So
[02/03/13 03:03:26]<@Menkooroo> 	Let's all encourage people to review more
[02/03/13 03:03:48]<@IFYLOFD> 	Didn't we just have this same discussion a while back?
[02/03/13 03:03:59]<@IFYLOFD> 	"Let's all encourage people to review more"
[02/03/13 03:04:10]<@Menkooroo> 	That was for inqs
[02/03/13 03:04:32]<@Menkooroo> 	Now it's about non inqs.
[02/03/13 03:04:47]<@IFYLOFD> 	No, we had the whole thing in the main channel
[02/03/13 03:05:24]<@Menkooroo> 	Ah
[02/03/13 03:05:35]<@Menkooroo> 	That was after I wrote this on the meeting page

[02/03/13 03:06:00]<@Menkooroo> 	I'll appeal to a bunch of people to review
[02/03/13 03:06:01]<@Menkooroo> 	More
[02/03/13 03:06:38]<@IFYLOFD> 	K
[02/03/13 03:06:42]<@Menkooroo> 	Are we good?
[02/03/13 03:06:50]<@Menkooroo> 	Next item?
[02/03/13 03:06:55]<@IFYLOFD> 	Yup
[02/03/13 03:06:55]<@GreenTentacle> 	Yes.
[02/03/13 03:06:56]<@GreenTentacle> 	The queue is over nine months long. We showcase just over eight FAs on the Main Page per month, and if we close more than eight successful FANs per month, then the queue is only going to keep getting longer. We closed fourteen in January, admittedly only seven in December, eight in November, and seventeen in October --- and winter is the FAN page's slow season. To keep the queue from growing...
[02/03/13 03:06:58]<@GreenTentacle> 	...too bloated, I was wondering if we could temporarily return to the FA-a-day system for four weeks in January. It will require a CT, but I wanted to bring it before the INQ first for ideas, as it's really only a temporary solution. Anything more permanent we could do? Like... every January? Menkooroo (talk) 00:46, February 1, 2013 (UTC) 
[02/03/13 03:07:02]<@GreenTentacle> 	Non-Inq suggestion: A possible compromise between 2/week and 1/day would be one every two days. This would be easily doable with redirects (i.e. place the intro at [[Queue/May 6]], then redirect [[Queue/May 7]] to [[Queue/May 6]]. However, I haven't looked to see if the rate of successful noms would support this; it would require about 15 per month or 3.5 per week. A downside to this,...
[02/03/13 03:07:04]<@GreenTentacle> 	...however, may be that the days on which the FA changes are not the same every week, potentially confusing readers. —MJ— Jedi Council Chambers 01:05, February 1, 2013 (UTC) 
[02/03/13 03:07:09]<@GreenTentacle> 	We close fifteen per month semi-often, but not routinely. Not frequently enough to make one every two days a permanent thing, but every six months or so might work. Menkooroo (talk) 02:00, February 1, 2013 (UTC) 
[02/03/13 03:07:14]<@GreenTentacle> 	Throwing a virtual blindfolded dart here: What about a three per week system like many webcomics (say a new one on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)? This would only require an average of 13 per month, and if we can average that over an entire year, then we should be able to weather the slow times if we start the system with enough articles already queued. Yes, this means one-third of the...
[02/03/13 03:07:16]<@GreenTentacle> 	...articles get three days and the rest two days, but perhaps the extra day can be given to very large articles (say 100+ KB), while the natural rotation determines the extra day otherwise (in other words, simply fill in slots in order like done now except that large articles are placed in the next open Friday slot even if they would otherwise get a Monday or Wednesday). —MJ— War Room...
[02/03/13 03:07:18]<@GreenTentacle> 	...05:59,...
[02/03/13 03:07:20]<@GreenTentacle> 	...February 1, 2013 (UTC) 
[02/03/13 03:07:33]<@GreenTentacle> 	The old queue problem. Too many for two a week, too few for one a day.
[02/03/13 03:07:53]<@CavalierOne> 	See, I feel that changing the frequency will back us into another corner where we will be forced to revert to another system again a few months down the line.
[02/03/13 03:07:55]<@Toprawa> 	You say the queue is getting long like it's a bad thing.
[02/03/13 03:07:58]<@Toprawa> 	Isn't this what we want?
[02/03/13 03:08:04]<@Toprawa> 	I'm ok with two a week.
[02/03/13 03:08:07]<@CC7567> 	I remember when we had a year queued in advance
[02/03/13 03:08:10]<@Menkooroo> 	Fuck I gotta refresh
[02/03/13 03:08:14]-!-	Menkooroo ([redacted]@wookieepedia/Menkooroo) has quit (Quit: Page closed )
[02/03/13 03:08:26]<@ecks>	.
[02/03/13 03:08:27]<@GreenTentacle> 	Yeah, the queue's been far longer.
[02/03/13 03:08:35]<@CC7567> 	If it were going over a year I would be concerned, but I'm not sure there's a problem here
[02/03/13 03:08:43]<@ecks>	goddamn weeks, being 7 long
[02/03/13 03:08:55]<@ecks>	everything would be easy if they were like... 8... or 12
[02/03/13 03:08:57]<@IFYLOFD> 	Nine months isn't that long
[02/03/13 03:08:59]<@CavalierOne> 	Three a week is silly in terms of showcasing them for equal lengths
[02/03/13 03:09:13]<@GreenTentacle> 	Agreed.
[02/03/13 03:09:14]<@IFYLOFD> 	Let's just keep it the way it is and just keep an eye on it
[02/03/13 03:09:21]<@GreenTentacle> 	And I'm sure we discussed every other day before.
[02/03/13 03:09:22]<@Toprawa> 	I'm ok with that.
[02/03/13 03:09:27]<@GreenTentacle> 	Per Floyd.
[02/03/13 03:09:29]<@CavalierOne> 	And how many 100+KB articles does he think we have to queue?
[02/03/13 03:09:41]<@ecks>	see, if this becomes a problem, we could try three or four a week
[02/03/13 03:09:50]-!-	Menkooroo ([redacted]@wookieepedia/Menkooroo) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius
[02/03/13 03:09:50]*	ChanServ sets modes [#wookieepedia-inquisitorius +o Menkooroo]
[02/03/13 03:09:50]<@ecks>	does anyone vehemently oppose a system of randomizing 3 or 4 every week
[02/03/13 03:09:58]<@Culator|Away> 	Bleh.
[02/03/13 03:10:00]<@ecks>	like, randomize-on-refresh
[02/03/13 03:10:04]<@CC7567> 	"Meh"
[02/03/13 03:10:10]<@IFYLOFD> 	Fleh
[02/03/13 03:10:13]<@Culator|Away> 	I honestly don't see the need to shrink the queue at all.
[02/03/13 03:10:29]<@Menkooroo> 	I like designating every january as one-a-day
[02/03/13 03:10:34]<@grunny> 	I think it would be a lot easier if we just randomized on refresh
[02/03/13 03:10:43]<@ecks>	well, for now, me neither, but there will be a time when the queue is getting too long
[02/03/13 03:10:57]<@GreenTentacle> 	Randomized would actually solve a lot of problems.
[02/03/13 03:10:59]<@Menkooroo> 	Nine months now
[02/03/13 03:11:04]<@grunny> 	would mean we could alter how many we are showing per week, without having to deal with how many days each appears
[02/03/13 03:11:13]<@Menkooroo> 	Will only get longer if we close more than eight a month
[02/03/13 03:11:28]<@GreenTentacle> 	And make queuing less work for you lazy Inqs. :P
[02/03/13 03:11:44]<@ecks>	once I eventually start reviewing, we'll archive about 22.7 per month
[02/03/13 03:11:46]<@IFYLOFD> 	Who gives a shit
[02/03/13 03:11:48]<@ecks>	I've counted all this
[02/03/13 03:11:52]<@IFYLOFD> 	We're rebuilding the queue
[02/03/13 03:11:56]<@IFYLOFD> 	It used to be a lot longer
[02/03/13 03:12:06]<@IFYLOFD> 	Nine months is not that long, let's keep it moving
[02/03/13 03:12:15]<@Toprawa> 	I say revisit this in the future when the queue goes over a year.
[02/03/13 03:12:20]<@IFYLOFD> 	Per Tope
[02/03/13 03:12:25]<@CC7567> 	Per Tope
[02/03/13 03:12:25]<@Menkooroo> 	How long is too long?
[02/03/13 03:12:29]<@GreenTentacle> 	Agreed.
[02/03/13 03:12:36]<@IFYLOFD> 	Going back to one a day is how you evaporate the queue fast
[02/03/13 03:12:37]<@CC7567> 	Two years is too long in my opinion
[02/03/13 03:12:42]<@Menkooroo> 	Over a year sounds good.
[02/03/13 03:12:44]<@IFYLOFD> 	We already bade that crap goodbye and good riddance
[02/03/13 03:12:45]<@CavalierOne> 	Per Tope
[02/03/13 03:12:45]<@ecks>	I'm against making a certain period a "one-a-day" time
[02/03/13 03:12:50]<@ecks>	I'd rather be randomizing them
[02/03/13 03:13:10]<@GreenTentacle> 	Revisit when it's over a year.
[02/03/13 03:13:21]<@Toprawa> 	Ok, if we're done, meeting duties:
[02/03/13 03:13:24]<@Menkooroo> 	One a day for just one month... We could fill that within two months
[02/03/13 03:13:26]<@Toprawa> 	CC paperwork 
[02/03/13 03:13:28]<@Toprawa> 	Tope schedules 
[02/03/13 03:13:34]<@Menkooroo> 	Close fifteen per month
[02/03/13 03:13:39]<@ecks>	Culator volunteers for the log.
[02/03/13 03:14:10]<@GreenTentacle> 	And I think we're done.
[02/03/13 03:14:11]*	@Culator|Away sighs.
[02/03/13 03:14:16]<@IFYLOFD> 	Not happening now, Menk
[02/03/13 03:14:25]<@IFYLOFD> 	Let's just move on from this Inqmoot
[02/03/13 03:15:30]<@CavalierOne> 	Great work guys. Let's all not come in tomorrow. Who's up for some Shawarma?
[02/03/13 03:16:34]<@IFYLOFD> 	Alright fellas
[02/03/13 03:16:38]<@IFYLOFD> 	Meeting ADJOURNED
[02/03/13 03:16:45]<@IFYLOFD> 	LET'S ALL GET DRUNK
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