[02:03:47] <Cade> Aye
[02:03:49] <Cade> SO
[02:03:52] <Cade> OLD STUFF
[02:03:56] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Gand
[02:03:59] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/index.php?diff=cur&oldid=4634529
[02:04:02] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Gand
[02:04:03] <IFYLOFD> http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-UxRPYyruFyI/UjMoMsAOZsI/AAAAAAAAC0Y/0-Tm6Pb_U-I/s1600/Chris_Waddle.jpg THIS is a mullet
[02:04:17] <Cade> I updated Gand a few hours ago
[02:04:29] <Cade> So, spare
[02:04:34] <CC7567> Spare
[02:04:37] <CC7567> *Keep
[02:04:48] <IFYLOFD> Keep
[02:04:50] <ecks> keep
[02:04:54] <Culator|Away> K
[02:05:06] <Cade> Tope?
[02:05:13] <Chip_Caray> You know, this article comes up every once in a while.
[02:05:16] <Chip_Caray> Why the fuck does it have intro sourcing?
[02:05:22] <Chip_Caray> That should be put into the body somewhere 
[02:05:31] <Cade> It's the pronounciation
[02:05:34] <CC7567> that's allowed for pronunciation if I remember correctly
[02:05:37] <Cade> I beleive that's accepted, no?
[02:05:39] <Chip_Caray> Why is it allowed?
[02:05:51] <Chip_Caray> If it's in-universe info, it shouldn't be intro-exclusive 
[02:06:01] <CC7567> because usually that's the only place it goes
[02:06:03] <CC7567> in the intro, I mean
[02:06:09] <Chip_Caray> That's a shitty reason
[02:06:26] <CC7567> it's what people do now, at least
[02:06:29] <CC7567> I'm fine with changing it
[02:06:41] <Chip_Caray> It's a poor practice that has gone on for far too long.
[02:07:05] <Cade> I'm not seeing any past CTs/etc codifying it
[02:07:14] <CC7567> it's not policy per se, it's just the general norm
[02:07:42] <Cade> Well, this can be fixed by moving the sourcing to the body
[02:08:07] <Cade> Any objections?
[02:08:10] <Culator|Away> You know what Revan's hair is? It's Hockey Hair. It's MacGyver hair. Also, sourcing for pronunciation is a can of worms we really don't want to deal with right now, because what about crap like converting Essential Guides' 
halfass phonetics to proper IPA?
[02:08:17] <CC7567> not from me
[02:09:01] <Chip_Caray> Why do we even need to use the IPA?
[02:09:10] <Chip_Caray> Why can't we just type it out exactly like the source presents it?
[02:09:26] <Culator|Away> Because it's proper encyclopedic form and we're a proper encyclopedia?
[02:09:39] <Culator|Away> Because we want to be better than the halfassed source?
[02:10:08] <Chip_Caray> And I want our articles to be better than the half-assed practice of leaving things exclusive to the intro.
[02:10:46] <Culator|Away> I'm fine with that, but I don't want to argue about it right now when I'm exactyl drunk enough to type coherently but still rant madly.
[02:10:58] <Cade> Well, I've copied the pronounciation to the body
[02:10:59] <Chip_Caray> Fine, I'm not voting to support this article if that's what's holding this up.
[02:11:21] <Cade> I think that's a CT-worthy topic
[02:11:24] <Culator|Away> ^
[02:11:25] <Culator|Away> that
[02:11:32] <Cade> So, Gand kept
[02:11:40] <CC7567> in terms of this article Cade moved it http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Gand?curid=1309&diff=4786829&oldid=4786654
[02:12:06] <Cade> Next up
[02:12:09] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Star_Wars:_Tales_of_the_Jedi
[02:12:12] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/index.php?diff=cur&oldid=4644303
[02:12:15] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Star_Wars:_Tales_of_the_Jedi
[02:12:26] <Cade> #OperationSaveTOTJ is complete.
[02:12:31] <Cade> Keep
[02:12:35] <IFYLOFD> Go me
[02:12:37] <IFYLOFD> Keep
[02:12:40] * Cade high-fives Floyd
[02:12:41] <Chip_Caray> I'm just point this out:
[02:12:47] <Culator|Away> Dammit, my cigar keeps going out.
[02:12:52] <Culator|Away> Go faster, Cade.
[02:12:53] <Chip_Caray> The OOU LG now calls for a Bibliography section.
[02:13:01] <Chip_Caray> I added one item recently to begin this article's Bib section.
[02:13:08] <Chip_Caray> It is sorely lacking right now.
[02:13:13] <Cade> Hmm
[02:13:37] <Chip_Caray> At the very least, everything in the Notes and references should probably be listed there.
[02:13:40] <CC7567> I'd be willing to extend probation for that
[02:13:45] <Cade> Okay, yeah
[02:13:51] <Cade> Extend sounds good
[02:13:58] <IFYLOFD> Ugggggggggh
[02:14:09] <Cade> Back in a minute
[02:14:15] <IFYLOFD> Fine, extend
[02:14:19] <ecks> extend
[02:14:21] <Chip_Caray> Extend
[02:14:28] * IFYLOFD kills self
[02:14:35] <IFYLOFD> RIP Floyd, he was a good man
[02:14:45] <Culator|Away> THAT'S DEBATABLE
[02:14:58] <ecks> 5-0 floyd never forget 5-0
[02:15:03] <Chip_Caray> Also, FWIW: this article should adapt all the <ref>''[[Source]]''</ref> instances to <ref name="Name">''[[Source]]''</ref>
[02:15:08] <Chip_Caray> That's policy now
[02:15:10] <IFYLOFD> Fuck you, Ecks
[02:15:22] <Cade> Back. Extend
[02:15:31] <Chip_Caray> While you're working on it, you might as well get those too
[02:15:44] <Cade> So, #OperationSaveTOTJ extended
[02:16:12] <Cade> Next
[02:16:12] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Derek_Klivian
[02:16:15] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/index.php?diff=cur&oldid=4743103
[02:16:20] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Derek_Klivian
[02:16:22] *** IFYLOFD is now known as GrandyGlaze
[02:16:28] <Cade> Update handled by Floyd
[02:16:29] <Cade> Spare
[02:16:31] <Cade> *Keep
[02:16:33] <GrandyGlaze> yeeeee
[02:16:34] <GrandyGlaze> Keep
[02:16:48] <GrandyGlaze> dat Floyd
[02:16:50] <ecks> keep
[02:17:13] <Chip_Caray> Um.
[02:17:20] <GrandyGlaze> Um?
[02:17:21] <Culator|Away> Cav said a thing.
[02:17:27] <Chip_Caray> Forgive me, but can you show me the specific change you made?
[02:17:30] <Culator|Away> I'm looking for the thing.
[02:17:41] <Chip_Caray> I'm not seeing it as I rush through the history editions before you guys move onto the next article.
[02:17:56] <GrandyGlaze> There was an update tag but not actually anything new, IIRC
[02:18:03] <Chip_Caray> It didn't need an update.
[02:18:12] <GrandyGlaze> It was basically a run-through of who was in Red Squadron
[02:18:13] <Chip_Caray> It needed to be de-Havaced
[02:18:39] <CC7567> how so?
[02:18:41] <GrandyGlaze> Well, I didn't see anything that needed to be added
[02:18:43] <Chip_Caray> We probed it on the fanon in this section:
[02:18:44] <Chip_Caray> Klivian was subsequently injured by fire from one of the walkers, as was his gunner, Kesin Ommis.[6][21] Deciding that his damaged craft and his damaged body could not make it back to the evacuation point, he resolved to ram the 
lead walker. He flew his speeder directly into the command cabin of General Maximilian Veers's Blizzard 1, bringing down the walker immediately after it had...
[02:18:46] <Chip_Caray> ...destroyed the shield generator.[6][22] Klivian and Ommis ejected in time to survive the crash, and were able, despite Klivian's earlier predictions, to make it back to the evacuation staging point.[3][21][22]
[02:18:52] <Cade> Ah
[02:18:54] <Chip_Caray> Do I need to pull up the old Inq logs?
[02:18:57] <Culator|Away> Yeah, that thing.
[02:19:04] <CC7567> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inquisitorius/Log/2014_January_12 for reference
[02:19:06] <GrandyGlaze> I don't remember a thing
[02:19:10] <CC7567> I don't think that made it to the Inq probe page
[02:19:16] <Cade> o.o
[02:19:24] <ecks> thanks, Obama
[02:19:33] <GrandyGlaze> .....thanks for making me look like an idiot, Cade
[02:19:40] <Cade> *GenericCadeExcuse*
[02:19:48] * Cade tips his hat
[02:19:51] <GrandyGlaze> NOTHING IS MY FAULT
[02:20:02] <CC7567> I'd vote for extend to fix this
[02:20:13] <Cade> So, I'm willing to extend on the basis of a Floyd/Cade-fail
[02:20:19] <Chip_Caray> ^
[02:20:49] <Cade> Other thoughts/votes?
[02:21:00] *** Joins: CavalierOne (~chatzilla@wookieepedia/administrator/CavalierOne)
[02:21:00] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o CavalierOne
[02:21:00] *** Nuku-Nuku sets mode: +o CavalierOne
[02:21:06] <GrandyGlaze> Cav!
[02:21:06] <CC7567> hey Cav
[02:21:10] <Cade> Brit
[02:21:12] <CavalierOne> Greeting
[02:21:22] <Culator|Away> Yeah, extend for the thing.
[02:21:33] <ecks> extend, then
[02:21:36] * Cade shudders
[02:21:36] <CavalierOne> Slightly late but here!
[02:21:48] <Cade> Extend, Cav, and thing should never be in the same sentence
[02:22:07] <CavalierOne> Exactly.
[02:22:15] <CavalierOne> That's an action, which is louder than words
[02:22:27] <Cade> CC/Tope, votes?
[02:22:31] <Chip_Caray> I already voted.
[02:22:34] <CC7567> I already voted
[02:22:35] <Cade> Ah, the ^
[02:22:40] <Cade> Bah
[02:22:44] <CC7567> GET IT TOGETHER CADE
[02:22:45] <Chip_Caray> We're going to be here for three hours at this rate, Cade
[02:22:45] <GrandyGlaze> 'tend
[02:22:45] <Cade> Cav's entrance disrupted the flow
[02:23:00] <Cade> CALM DOWN
[02:23:08] <GrandyGlaze> Cade, I have to write 1000 words about the Blue Jays' fifth starter race
[02:23:09] <ecks> it's already a clusterfuck
[02:23:10] <Cade> Hobbie extended
[02:23:21] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Ackmena
[02:23:24] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/index.php?diff=cur&oldid=4743105
[02:23:28] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Ackmena
[02:23:33] <Chip_Caray> I looked into this one sort of, and I have no idea what the update was even for.
[02:23:37] <Cade> See the comment I made questioning if there was any new info about her, as I was told by Tim that there wasn't, though I've never watched the Holiday Special and have no familiarity with other stuff related to her. Hanzo Hasashi (talk) 
02:28, February 14, 2014 (UTC)
[02:24:14] <Cade> I'd say if there's no proof that there's no new info, we can't do anything but keep...
[02:24:21] <GrandyGlaze> ye
[02:24:45] <Chip_Caray> Yeah, I still don't know what the update is for.
[02:24:52] <CavalierOne> Where was the new info supposed to come from?
[02:24:56] <Chip_Caray> Or why it was probed. 
[02:25:06] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/index.php?title=Ackmena&diff=4773829&oldid=4761417
[02:25:10] <Culator|Away> Seriously, can we ban people for false update tagging?
[02:25:18] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Ackmena?diff=4695496&oldid=4695065
[02:25:19] <ecks> sure
[02:25:20] <CC7567> http://starwarsblog.starwars.com/2013/12/2/the-star-wars-holiday-special-cantina-we-may-not-thrive-friend-but-we-survive-friend/
[02:25:26] <Cade> Alright, so we ban CC?
[02:25:39] <CC7567> I added it cuz I wasn't sure what was new and what was pre-existing info
[02:25:46] <Culator|Away> DAMMIT CC
[02:25:46] <CC7567> if there's nothing, then that's fine
[02:26:02] <Chip_Caray> Keep
[02:26:05] <CC7567> keep
[02:26:06] <Cade> Keep
[02:26:08] <Culator|Away> YOU ARE WORSE THAN HITLER
[02:26:11] <GrandyGlaze> Keep
[02:26:13] <CavalierOne> Keep
[02:26:14] <ecks> keep
[02:26:20] <Cade> *than Filoni
[02:26:28] <Cade> Ackmena kept
[02:26:28] <Culator|Away> No.
[02:26:55] <GrandyGlaze> As our resident Jew, I can say that Filoni is better than Hitler
[02:26:55] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Imperial_Hyperspace_Security_Net
[02:26:59] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/index.php?diff=cur&oldid=4743108
[02:27:01] <Culator|Away> Filoni's worse than Hitler, CC's not worse than Filoni.
[02:27:05] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Imperial_Hyperspace_Security_Net
[02:27:11] <Cade> Shush drunk people/Floyd
[02:27:28] <CC7567> looks updated so keep
[02:27:32] <Chip_Caray> Keep
[02:27:33] <GrandyGlaze> Keep
[02:27:37] <CavalierOne> Keep
[02:27:45] <Cade> ProtectorCull updated, so keep
[02:28:19] <Cade> ecks, Culator?
[02:28:22] <Culator|Away> K
[02:28:23] <ecks> keep
[02:28:33] <Cade> Alright, Something-Net kept
[02:28:45] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Ecclessis_Figg
[02:28:49] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/index.php?diff=cur&oldid=4743110
[02:28:54] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Ecclessis_Figg
[02:29:05] <Cade> Culltorate updated
[02:29:07] <Cade> Keep
[02:29:22] <CC7567> keep
[02:29:26] <ecks> keep
[02:29:29] <Culator|Away> K
[02:29:31] <CavalierOne> Keep
[02:29:36] <GrandyGlaze> Keep
[02:29:53] <Cade> Figg kept
[02:30:04] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Cracian_thumper
[02:30:07] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/index.php?diff=cur&oldid=4743112
[02:30:09] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Cracian_thumper
[02:30:16] <Cade> Updated by Jinzler
[02:30:17] <Cade> Keep
[02:30:25] <GrandyGlaze> Keep
[02:30:28] <Chip_Caray> Keep
[02:30:29] <CC7567> keep
[02:30:33] <ecks> keep
[02:30:43] <CavalierOne> Keep
[02:30:50] <Culator|Away> K
[02:30:58] <Cade> Thumper kept
[02:31:02] <ecks> Culator is saving bandwidth tonight
[02:31:05] <GrandyGlaze> On Instagram straight flexin
[02:31:08] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Mantis_Syndicate
[02:31:11] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/index.php?diff=cur&oldid=4743114
[02:31:14] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Mantis_Syndicate
[02:31:25] <Cade> Just updated it a few hours ago
[02:31:32] <Cade> Keep
[02:31:43] <Chip_Caray> Keep
[02:31:44] <ecks> keep
[02:31:51] <CavalierOne> Keep
[02:31:53] <Culator|Away> ^
[02:31:56] <CC7567> keep
[02:32:01] <GrandyGlaze> Keep
[02:32:16] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Sriluur
[02:32:19] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/index.php?diff=cur&oldid=4743117
[02:32:22] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Sriluur
[02:32:38] <Cade> Not enough change
[02:33:05] <Cade> I think there's still infobox-exclusive info
[02:33:21] <Chip_Caray> Did someone try to update it?
[02:33:23] <Cade> Like the astrographical section
[02:33:26] <Chip_Caray> I'm confused why it doesn't have an update tag.
[02:33:46] <Cade> I removed it. DOTJ doesn't give enough to confirm it as Sriluur
[02:34:10] <Cade> They show captive Weequays, but that's not really enough to say that Sriluur was conquered
[02:34:20] <Chip_Caray> It does have infobox-only info.
[02:34:33] <Chip_Caray> Did it fix the original LG item we probed for?
[02:34:41] <Cade> Yeah, I moved that
[02:34:52] <Chip_Caray> Ok
[02:34:56] <Chip_Caray> We should re-extend for the infobox, then
[02:34:59] <CC7567> extend
[02:35:04] <Cade> ^
[02:35:07] <ecks> extend
[02:35:12] <CavalierOne> extend
[02:35:14] <GrandyGlaze> Extend
[02:35:44] <Cade> Sriluur extended
[02:35:56] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Bidlo_Kwerve
[02:36:00] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/index.php?diff=cur&oldid=4743119
[02:36:02] <GrandyGlaze> Kwerve
[02:36:03] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Bidlo_Kwerve
[02:36:04] <GrandyGlaze> Yeah
[02:36:06] <GrandyGlaze> Kwerve
[02:36:07] <Cade> Cav Kwerved
[02:36:09] <GrandyGlaze> Kwerve
[02:36:09] <CC7567> keep
[02:36:12] <Chip_Caray> Keep
[02:36:12] <Cade> Keep
[02:36:14] <GrandyGlaze> Keep
[02:36:15] <CavalierOne> Keep
[02:36:18] <ecks> keep
[02:36:18] <ecks> brb
[02:36:20] <Culator|Away> Kwerp
[02:36:24] <CC7567> also Cav, ageing? :P
[02:36:30] <Cade> Ugh
[02:36:32] <Cade> Brit-speak
[02:36:50] <CavalierOne> We are all ageing
[02:36:55] <CavalierOne> Universal truth
[02:37:01] <Cade> Kwerve kept
[02:37:09] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Battle_of_Kemplex_IX
[02:37:11] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/index.php?diff=cur&oldid=4743120
[02:37:14] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Battle_of_Kemplex_IX
[02:37:17] <GrandyGlaze> Hey look, a Floyd thing
[02:37:30] <Culator|Away> !andtherewasmuchrejoicing
[02:37:30] <Nuku-Nuku> Yay.
[02:37:36] <Chip_Caray> KEep
[02:37:40] <Cade> Keep
[02:37:41] <CC7567> keep
[02:37:42] <GrandyGlaze> Keep
[02:38:07] <CavalierOne> Keep
[02:38:41] <Cade> Kemplex Kept
[02:38:46] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Battle_of_Koros_Major
[02:38:49] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/index.php?diff=cur&oldid=4743124
[02:38:51] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Battle_of_Koros_Major
[02:38:56] <Cade> Same, keep
[02:38:59] <GrandyGlaze> Hey look, another Floyd thing
[02:39:01] <CC7567> keep
[02:39:02] <GrandyGlaze> Keep
[02:39:11] <CavalierOne> Keep
[02:39:20] <GrandyGlaze> I wrote that article back in the days when no one gave a shit about {{Conjecture}}
[02:39:27] <CC7567> we do now
[02:39:29] <CC7567> a lot of shits
[02:39:31] <Culator|Away> Still kinda don't.
[02:39:40] <Chip_Caray> Keep
[02:39:44] <CC7567> maybe it's just me :P
[02:39:48] <Chip_Caray> I definitely care.
[02:39:51] <Culator|Away> Just bein honest.
[02:39:57] <Chip_Caray> It's one of my pet peeves. 
[02:40:21] <Cade> Koros Kept
[02:40:49] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Gaeriel_Captison
[02:40:53] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/index.php?diff=cur&oldid=4743125
[02:40:57] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Gaeriel_Captison
[02:40:58] <CC7567> you mean http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Gaeriel_Captison_%28third_review%29
[02:41:03] <Cade> >_>
[02:41:07] <Cade> ^_^
[02:41:12] <CC7567> :P
[02:41:15] <CC7567> keep
[02:41:20] <Cade> Cull handled, so keep
[02:41:21] <GrandyGlaze> Keep
[02:41:28] <CC7567> wait
[02:41:41] <CC7567> this wasn't in the original probe notes, but the succession box needs its years filled fully out
[02:41:41] <Cade> or
[02:41:46] <CC7567> "before-years" and "after-years"
[02:42:10] <GrandyGlaze> extend for that then?
[02:42:15] <Cade> one moment
[02:42:29] <Cade> oh, yeah, extend
[02:42:32] <CC7567> extend
[02:42:34] <Cade> That'll require research
[02:42:43] <ecks> extend
[02:42:48] <CavalierOne> extend
[02:42:49] <Chip_Caray> Extend
[02:43:18] <GrandyGlaze> Extend
[02:43:22] <Cade> K, Gaeriel extended
[02:43:23] <Culator|Away> sigh
[02:43:39] <CC7567> no probe joke
[02:43:43] <Cade> ^
[02:43:50] <Culator|Away> Gaeriel causes Luke to extend.
[02:43:56] <CC7567> I suppose she's probe-worthy
[02:43:58] * Cade slow-claps
[02:43:58] <Culator|Away> THERE
[02:44:05] <CC7567> I like mine better :P
[02:44:14] <GrandyGlaze> I would probe that
[02:44:22] <GrandyGlaze> USING MY........... PENIS.
[02:44:36] <Culator|Away> YES FLOYD WE INFERRED THAT
[02:44:37] <Cade> Moving on from that short topic
[02:44:45] <ecks> heheh he said penis
[02:44:47] <ecks> short topic
[02:44:48] <CC7567> it's not short anymore
[02:44:48] <ecks> ha
[02:44:50] <ecks> great
[02:44:53] <ecks> Cade delivers
[02:44:56] <Chip_Caray> Come on.
[02:44:59] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Lumiya
[02:45:02] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/index.php?diff=cur&oldid=4743135
[02:45:05] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Lumiya_(second_review)
[02:45:14] <Cade> Keep
[02:45:17] <CC7567> I have something for this one
[02:45:24] <CC7567> this ref http://starwars.wikia.com/index.php?diff=cur&oldid=4743135#cite_note-TLEblog-79 is no longer accessible
[02:45:30] <CC7567> so some archive link needs to be provided
[02:45:40] <CC7567> preferably through {{Cite web}} since the ref doesn't use {{Cite web}}
[02:45:54] <Cade> So, extend
[02:46:04] <GrandyGlaze> Extend
[02:46:07] <Chip_Caray> Extend
[02:46:09] <CC7567> extend
[02:46:10] <CavalierOne> extend
[02:46:13] <Culator|Away> Ugh
[02:46:17] <Culator|Away> Extend just for that?
[02:46:25] <Culator|Away> Come on.
[02:46:30] <Chip_Caray> It's tantamount to an unsourced sentence. 
[02:46:43] <Cade> ^
[02:46:45] <ecks> extend
[02:46:49] <Culator|Away> Links die. It happens.
[02:47:13] <CC7567> I'd rather err on the side of caution and probe to make sure it gets done
[02:47:42] <Cade> Yeah
[02:48:18] <Chip_Caray> ...
[02:48:25] <Cade> So, Lumiya extended
[02:48:35] <Cade> Sorry, got called away for just a sec
[02:48:42] <GrandyGlaze> Hurry up
[02:48:49] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Freedon_Nadd
[02:48:52] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/index.php?diff=cur&oldid=4743136
[02:48:55] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Freedon_Nadd_(second_review)
[02:48:58] <GrandyGlaze> Freedon's Nadds
[02:49:04] <Cade> >_>
[02:49:07] <GrandyGlaze> Keep
[02:49:10] <CC7567> keep
[02:49:10] <Cade> I'd say extend, now
[02:49:17] <GrandyGlaze> ......Why
[02:49:17] <Cade> The new story is a month old.
[02:49:19] <CC7567> wait
[02:49:24] <Cade> There's an {{Update}}
[02:49:28] <GrandyGlaze> Oh
[02:49:30] <GrandyGlaze> Wasn't there before
[02:49:42] <GrandyGlaze> Fair enough, probe
[02:49:44] <Chip_Caray> I added the update recently. 
[02:49:47] <GrandyGlaze> Or, extend
[02:50:04] <Cade> Extend.
[02:50:05] <Chip_Caray> Extend. 
[02:50:16] <CavalierOne> extend
[02:50:17] <CC7567> extend
[02:50:25] <ecks> extend
[02:50:43] <Cade> Nadds extended
[02:50:54] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Chertyl_Ruluwoor_(Human)
[02:50:57] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/index.php?diff=cur&oldid=4743133
[02:51:05] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Chertyl_Ruluwoor_(Human)
[02:51:07] <CC7567> also, Nadds has some infobox-exclusive info
[02:51:10] <CC7567> add that to the probe notes
[02:51:16] <Cade> ^
[02:51:18] <Chip_Caray> So does Miss Ruluwoor.
[02:51:36] <Cade> ?
[02:52:01] <CC7567> physical traits
[02:52:07] <CC7567> should be an easy fix
[02:52:11] <Cade> Ah, yeah
[02:52:21] <CC7567> extend
[02:52:26] <Cade> Extend
[02:52:32] <GrandyGlaze> Extend
[02:52:36] <Chip_Caray> I'll add it in right now.
[02:52:37] <CavalierOne> extend
[02:52:40] <Chip_Caray> I don't think we need to extend this.
[02:52:42] <Chip_Caray> It needs one sentence.
[02:52:57] <CC7567> alright keep
[02:53:03] <Cade> Keep
[02:53:14] <GrandyGlaze> Keep then
[02:53:20] <Culator|Away> Heh.
[02:53:29] <CavalierOne> Keep
[02:53:38] <Chip_Caray> Done.
[02:53:40] <Chip_Caray> Keep.
[02:53:57] <Cade> Galaxies screwup kept.
[02:54:10] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Stranglethorn_crisis
[02:54:13] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/index.php?diff=cur&oldid=4743132
[02:54:20] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Stranglethorn_crisis
[02:54:44] <CC7567> I'm adding the date to the intro and body
[02:54:45] <Cade> Hmm.
[02:55:03] <Cade> Where's the sourcinhg issue?
[02:55:19] <Chip_Caray> The intro shouldn't treat the title as a real name.
[02:55:23] <Cade> Yeah
[02:55:30] <Cade> And the captions have links
[02:55:49] <Chip_Caray> The captions may have links. 
[02:55:55] <Chip_Caray> That's left up to editor preference. 
[02:56:00] <Cade> Really?
[02:56:03] <Chip_Caray> Yes
[02:56:07] <Cade> I'm confusing it with quotes, then
[02:56:12] <Chip_Caray> The quote captions should be Wookified, though
[02:56:59] <Cade> So...
[02:57:04] <Chip_Caray> I really can't stand 2007 articles.
[02:57:11] <Cade> Extend or kill?
[02:57:18] <Chip_Caray>  There are so many little formatting errors that drive me nuts that you guys don't think are enough to probe or kill on.
[02:57:26] <CC7567> hang on, I'm fixing all of these right now
[02:57:27] <Chip_Caray> It makes me want to murder people looking at these articles. 
[02:58:22] <Cade> Shall we move on to new stuff while CC finishes?
[02:58:35] <GrandyGlaze> ye
[02:58:43] <Cade> Alrighty
[02:58:49] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Treuten_Teradoc
[02:58:52] <Cade> Floyd fixed this
[02:59:18] <GrandyGlaze> Yes I did
[02:59:22] <Cade> Spare
[02:59:30] <Chip_Caray> Reference 8 needs CSWECite.
[02:59:31] <CavalierOne> Spare
[02:59:35] <GrandyGlaze> I like how the blog article made it so everything he literally ever did was to piss of his douchebag brother
[02:59:48] <GrandyGlaze> Shit, we can take care of that in five seconds
[02:59:54] <Chip_Caray> Please do so
[02:59:55] <Cade> Then dewit, Floydbro
[03:00:03] <Chip_Caray> Spare, then
[03:00:08] <ecks> spare
[03:00:13] <GrandyGlaze> Spare
[03:00:17] <Culator|Away> Heh.
[03:00:35] <GrandyGlaze> .....and it's a fucking double ref
[03:00:39] <Cade> Teradouche spared
[03:00:40] <GrandyGlaze> We could just cut that out
[03:00:44] <Cade> Dewit
[03:01:08] <Cade> Moving on
[03:01:08] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Battle_of_Rhen_Var_(Great_Galactic_War)
[03:01:10] <CC7567> also, I gave up on stranglethorn
[03:01:11] <CC7567> wait
[03:01:14] <CC7567> let's go back to stranglethorn
[03:01:16] <Cade> Ah, k
[03:01:17] <Chip_Caray> You should check to make sure the CSWE doesn't have a specific purpose there.
[03:01:25] <Chip_Caray> Like sourcing part of that sentence 
[03:01:26] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Stranglethorn_crisis
[03:01:31] <GrandyGlaze> That's true, yeah
[03:01:51] <CC7567> stranglethorn has too much small stuff to fix quickly
[03:02:02] <CC7567> like adhering to the new rank capitalization policy
[03:02:35] <Cade> I've got no problem with killing, then
[03:02:36] <Chip_Caray> The body also never mentions that it takes place on Endor.
[03:02:39] <CC7567> I know we don't usually treat "needs a copy-edit" as probe-worthy, but since this article's so old, I would say extend it to bring it up to current standards
[03:02:53] <Chip_Caray> per CC
[03:02:57] <Cade> Sounds good.
[03:03:00] <CC7567> so I vote extend
[03:03:03] <Cade> Extend.
[03:03:07] <CC7567> for rank capitalization, links, etc.
[03:03:45] <Chip_Caray> You did good on your cleanup, though, CC
[03:03:56] <CC7567> as much as can be done in 2 min :P
[03:04:08] <CC7567> I don't have much of an attention span beyond that
[03:04:21] <ecks> extend
[03:04:28] <Cade> Cav, Floyd, Culator
[03:04:43] <CavalierOne> extend
[03:04:56] <Culator|Away> ^
[03:05:00] <Cade> K
[03:05:01] <GrandyGlaze> Extend
[03:05:11] <Cade> Stranglethorn extended for copy-editing
[03:05:28] <Cade> And I've fixed the CSWE thing on Teradoc
[03:05:34] <Cade> So, next
[03:05:39] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Battle_of_Rhen_Var_(Great_Galactic_War)
[03:05:48] <Chip_Caray> Thanks, Cade
[03:05:54] <Cade> Found additional info hidden away in a corner of the text files. Cade StupidRepublicEmblem-Traced-TORkit Calrayn 01:37, February 14, 2014 (UTC)
[03:05:55] <CC7567> probe
[03:05:58] <Cade> Probe
[03:06:05] <Chip_Caray> Probe 
[03:06:07] <Cade> I'll end up saving it most likely :/
[03:06:10] <CavalierOne> Probe
[03:06:12] <GrandyGlaze> Probe
[03:06:22] <CC7567> Trayus is in and out right now
[03:06:28] <Cade> Aye
[03:06:38] <Cade> Though he rarely fixes his articles.
[03:06:46] <Cade> Battle of Rhen Var probed
[03:06:52] <Chip_Caray> Motion to make Cade adopt all TOR articles.
[03:06:52] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wampa'
[03:06:56] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wampa
[03:07:03] <Cade> Motion denied
[03:07:25] <Cade> The Ralltiirious handled the update
[03:07:27] <Cade> Spare
[03:07:32] <CC7567> spare
[03:07:33] <CavalierOne> Spare
[03:07:40] <Chip_Caray> Spare
[03:07:42] <CC7567> I still have Lockdown sitting somewhere on my shelf
[03:07:44] <CC7567> haven't read it yet
[03:07:52] <Chip_Caray> I enjoyed it. 
[03:07:55] <GrandyGlaze> Spare
[03:08:00] <Chip_Caray> It's a fast-paced story
[03:08:02] <ecks> spare
[03:08:13] <CC7567> if it's by the guy who wrote Death Troopers, definitely :P
[03:08:35] <Cade> Wampa spared
[03:08:55] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/11-4D
[03:09:00] <Cade>  Update from Lockdown.
[03:09:08] <Cade> Dogma updated
[03:09:08] <CC7567> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/11-4D?diff=4784674&oldid=4782986
[03:09:09] <Cade> Spare
[03:09:14] <GrandyGlaze> Spare
[03:09:32] <Chip_Caray> Spare
[03:10:06] <Culator|Away> ^
[03:10:17] <CC7567> spare
[03:10:22] <CavalierOne> Spare
[03:10:45] <Cade> Droid spared
[03:10:55] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kardue%27sai%27Malloc
[03:11:07] <Cade> Cull updated whatever it was
[03:11:19] <Cade> Spare
[03:11:21] <GrandyGlaze> Spare
[03:11:26] <CavalierOne> Spare
[03:11:31] <Chip_Caray> Spare
[03:11:36] <CC7567> spare
[03:12:13] <Culator|Away> Not a huge update. Spare.
[03:12:20] <Cade> Spared
[03:12:30] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Ranat
[03:12:34] <Cade> Probe
[03:12:37] <ecks> probe
[03:12:51] <Culator|Away> ^
[03:12:55] <CavalierOne> Probe
[03:12:55] <Chip_Caray> Probe
[03:12:55] <GrandyGlaze> Probe
[03:13:06] <CC7567> probe
[03:13:15] <Cade> Ranat probed
[03:13:29] <Chip_Caray> It'd be really nice if people bothered to tell us the updated things on the Inqmoot page.
[03:13:36] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Valarian
[03:13:53] <Cade> Protectorate handled the update
[03:13:54] <Cade> Spare
[03:13:57] <CC7567> spare
[03:13:58] <Culator|Away> Bleh. Glad we had Gaeriel earlier. Even Lumiya is more probe-worthy.
[03:14:07] <CavalierOne> Spare
[03:14:11] <Culator|Away> There. Probe joke quota maintained.
[03:14:17] <Culator|Away> Also, spare.
[03:14:22] <GrandyGlaze> Spare
[03:14:36] <ecks> spare
[03:14:45] <Cade> Valarian spared
[03:14:49] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Bane_Malar
[03:14:58] <Cade> Hanzo updated
[03:14:59] <Cade> Spare
[03:15:10] <CC7567> spare
[03:15:27] <CavalierOne> Spare
[03:15:39] <GrandyGlaze> Spare
[03:15:43] <ecks> spre
[03:15:44] <Culator|Away> ^
[03:16:00] <Culator|Away> Wait, no. Spare.
[03:16:05] <Culator|Away> Not "spre". I can spell.
[03:16:11] <Cade> Spred
[03:16:33] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Zsinj
[03:16:47] <Cade> Culator updated finally
[03:16:48] <Cade> Spare
[03:16:48] <Culator|Away> YEAH BOY
[03:16:52] <ecks> SPRE
[03:17:03] <Culator|Away> TRAGIC BACKSTORY
[03:17:03] <GrandyGlaze> Spare
[03:17:26] <CC7567> spare
[03:17:33] <CavalierOne> Spare
[03:18:21] <Cade> Zsinj spared
[03:18:30] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Peccati_Syn
[03:18:33] <Cade> Floyd handled
[03:18:34] <Cade> Spared
[03:18:38] <GrandyGlaze> Spare
[03:19:34] <CavalierOne> Spare
[03:19:34] <Culator|Away> Spare
[03:20:27] <Cade> Tope, ecks, CC?
[03:20:33] <ecks> spre
[03:21:11] <CC7567> fixing some physical description stuff in the article
[03:21:40] <Cade> So, Syn spared
[03:21:56] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Foga_Brill
[03:22:02] <Cade> Floyd updated
[03:22:03] <Cade> Spare
[03:22:09] <GrandyGlaze> Spare
[03:22:13] <GrandyGlaze> This one was kind of a clusterfuck
[03:22:15] <Chip_Caray> Spare 
[03:22:35] <CavalierOne> Spare
[03:22:47] <CC7567> spare
[03:23:20] <ecks> spare
[03:23:24] <Cade> Foga spared
[03:23:33] <Cade> And lastly
[03:23:34] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Knight_Hammer
[03:23:54] <Cade> CC just added a {{Fact}}
[03:24:01] <CC7567> someone should get that if it's an easy fix
[03:24:07] <CC7567> I assume Darksaber works
[03:24:26] <Culator|Away> Pretty sure it does. Hang on.
[03:27:03] <CC7567> any word Culator?
[03:27:27] <Culator|Away> Yeah, she doesn't explicitly call it a flagship, but that's the function it serves, and since she does explicitly say "that will be my ship" as the commanding officer of the fleet I think we cal call it.
[03:28:07] <Cade> I say spare
[03:28:29] <CC7567> spare
[03:28:34] <Culator|Away> KJA dialogue is so... simplistic. Daala sees a ship she really likes, so she says out loud "that will be my ship." Yep.
[03:28:35] <CC7567> as long as someone adds the right ref
[03:29:14] <Cade> Spare.
[03:29:26] <GrandyGlaze> spare
[03:29:54] <CavalierOne> Spare
[03:30:34] <ecks> spare
[03:30:43] <Cade> Knight Hammer spared.
[03:30:48] <Cade> And that's it.
[03:31:04] <Culator|Away> Nthing left on the maintenance page?
[03:31:19] <Cade> A bunch of TCW stuff
[03:31:22] <CC7567> the rest of the stuff on the maintenance page is TCW
[03:31:28] <CC7567> which is less than a month old
[03:31:42] <Culator|Away> And is TCW which doesn't matter anyway.
[03:31:43] <Cade> Then there's this
[03:31:44] <Cade> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Forum:SH:Table_of_Contents_requested_for_Status_Articles_pages
[03:31:48] <CC7567> plus, I think it would be fair if the month update period started on March 7, when everything actually comes out in English
[03:31:53] <CC7567> are we done with articles then?
[03:32:00] <Cade> Yeah
[03:32:03] <Cade> Also, sounds good
[03:32:25] <Chip_Caray> Didn't we make that policy anyway?
[03:32:39] <CC7567> I think we originally sent it back with suggestions
[03:32:41] <Chip_Caray> We recognize the US release as TCW's official release date for our purposes 
[03:32:43] <CC7567> cuz we haven't adopted it yet
[03:32:47] <Chip_Caray> Hmm
[03:33:33] <CC7567> yeah, we talked about it and sent it back at http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Inq/Meeting_59
[03:33:38] <CC7567> so we haven't adopted it yet, technically
[03:33:56] <Cade> The AC adopted it
[03:34:00] <Cade> I say we should
[03:34:12] <CC7567> the current version looks good to me
[03:34:17] <CC7567> the lighter version (second down)
[03:34:33] <CC7567> here's what it looks like on the GA page: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/WP:GA
[03:34:55] <CavalierOne> I made it a separate template transcluded to the GA page to prevent clogging the page with code
[03:35:03] <CC7567> sounds good
[03:35:10] <CC7567> I'd vote to adopt it
[03:35:19] <Cade> Same here
[03:35:25] <CavalierOne> Aye
[03:35:56] <Culator|Away> Ja.
[03:35:57] <Chip_Caray> Do it
[03:36:03] <Cade> Floyd, ecks
[03:36:19] <ecks> KILL
[03:36:21] <ecks> i mean
[03:36:23] <ecks> go ahead
[03:36:51] <Cade> Alright, then
[03:36:56] <Cade> Passed
[03:37:12] <GrandyGlaze> ye
[03:37:18] <Cade> SO
[03:37:23] <CC7567> Voila: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Featured_articles
[03:37:32] <Cade> Paperwork duties go to....
[03:37:35] <CC7567> anyone want it moved around?
[03:37:39] <CC7567> wait, Tope had something else
[03:37:40] <Cade> ECKSDEE
[03:37:45] <CC7567> Cade
[03:37:49] <CC7567> check the discussion items
[03:37:50] <Cade> Go ahead, Tope
[03:37:53] <Chip_Caray> Right.
[03:37:53] <Cade> Yeah
[03:38:12] <Chip_Caray> I don't believe we should have to suffer another instance in which 4dot or anyone drops 17 noms onto the FAN page and then disappears. 
[03:38:33] <Chip_Caray> Currently, we are restricted to waiting three weeks before we can remove a nom for idleness. 
[03:38:48] <Chip_Caray> I propose making an exception for instances like what 4dot has done to us twice now.
[03:38:57] <Culator|Away> CC, the FA page has a GA table of contents.
[03:39:09] <CC7567> haha whoops
[03:39:15] <CC7567> I'll fix it
[03:39:22] <Culator|Away> Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt, but kind of a major booboo.
[03:39:29] <Chip_Caray> It's fine.
[03:39:37] <Chip_Caray> Proposal: If a nomination has outstanding objections for more than a week from a nominator who has not edited in more than a month and if no one else is willing to adopt the nomination, it can removed after one week of idleness. 
[03:39:41] <Chip_Caray> Does that make sense?
[03:40:05] <Cade> Yeah
[03:40:05] <Culator|Away> Quite.
[03:40:14] <GrandyGlaze> Like it
[03:40:29] <GrandyGlaze> I grant it the Floyd Seal of Approval
[03:40:36] <CC7567> sure
[03:41:16] <CavalierOne> Approved
[03:42:09] <Cade> Alrighty
[03:42:11] <Cade> Anything else?
[03:42:26] <GrandyGlaze> With the Floyd Seal of Approval, it is now eligible to be sold at participating Wal-Mart and Sam's Club locations
[03:43:21] <CC7567> who's scheduling the next meeting?
[03:43:32] <Cade> Floyd
[03:43:32] <Culator|Away> Not it.
[03:43:47] <Cade> Who also has paperwork that meeting too
[03:43:54] <Cade> Ecks is on paperwork tonight
[03:43:57] <GrandyGlaze> wever
[03:44:21] <ecks> FUCK
[03:44:30] <ecks> i'm resigning
[03:45:00] <Cade> This is the fewest number of new articles I've seen
[03:45:03] <Cade> So quit your bitching
[03:46:12] <GrandyGlaze> You
[03:46:13] <CC7567> technically we still aren't done
[03:46:16] <GrandyGlaze> You're welcome, ecks
[03:46:18] <Cade> wat
[03:46:19] <GrandyGlaze> I got like five of them
[03:46:24] <CC7567> Cade, you have to say we're done :P
[03:46:27] <CC7567> I'm semi-serious
[03:46:29] <Cade> WE
[03:46:30] <Cade> ARE
[03:46:32] <Cade> D
[03:46:32] <Cade> O
[03:46:33] <ecks> I'm willing to pay big money
[03:46:35] <Cade> N
[03:46:36] <Cade> E
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