[20:00] * Sheev_Culator changes topic to 'Wookieepedia:Inquisitorius | THE SHEEVENING | | NOW'
[20:00] <@Cade> Hah
[20:00] <@IFYLOFD> FUCK
[20:00] <@IFYLOFD> FUCK
[20:00] <@IFYLOFD> FUCK
[20:00] <@IFYLOFD> FUCK
[20:00] * @IFYLOFD vomits blood
[20:00] * @Cade starts munching on pizza
[20:00] <@Sheev_Culator> !hieverybody
[20:00] <@Nuku-Nuku> Hello, Cade, ChanServ, ecks, exiledjedi, IFYLOFD, Nuku-Nuku, Sheev_Culator, and Toprawa !!!
[20:01] <@Sheev_Culator> Hello, and welcome to the Sheevtacular meeting 66.
[20:01] <@Sheev_Culator> I already told you it would be Cade.
[20:01] <@Cade> Lies
[20:01] <@Sheev_Culator> Texas has a head start.
[20:01] <@ecks> we can only hope it'll be Cade
[20:01] <@Sheev_Culator> Anyway, do we have any new business before we get rolling?
[20:01] <@Cade> Review people
[20:02] <@IFYLOFD> I have a thing that I'll save for discussion
[20:02] <@Sheev_Culator> Review what people? Who are we reviewing?
[20:02] * SirCavalier (~chatzilla@wookieepedia/administrator/CavalierOne) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius
[20:02] * ChanServ sets mode: +o SirCavalier
[20:02] * Nuku-Nuku sets mode: +o SirCavalier
[20:02] <@IFYLOFD> Cade's mom
[20:02] <@Cade> *Review, people
[20:02] <@ecks> F
[20:02] <@Sheev_Culator> ^
[20:02] <@IFYLOFD> Heck on that
[20:02] <@Sheev_Culator> Grammar fail.
[20:02] <@IFYLOFD> I don't review articles
[20:03] <@IFYLOFD> I only review Revan
[20:03] <@IFYLOFD> For the foreseeable future
[20:03] <@Sheev_Culator> Anyway, if there's no premeeting discussion, on to old articles.
[20:03] <@Sheev_Culator>
[20:03] <@Sheev_Culator>
[20:03] <@Sheev_Culator>
[20:04] <@Toprawa> Look at all those updates. 
[20:04] <@IFYLOFD> Kill.
[20:04] <@Sheev_Culator> What a massive improvement.
[20:04] <@Cade> Kill
[20:04] <@Toprawa> Kill
[20:04] <@IFYLOFD> Just like his horrid abomination Human/Twi'lek children should be killed.
[20:04] <@SirCavalier> Kill
[20:04] <@exiledjedi> Kill
[20:04] <@ecks> kill
[20:04] <@Sheev_Culator> I says kill, the absent tentacled one said kill.
[20:04] <@Sheev_Culator> Cut is therefore cut from the FA roster.
[20:05] <@Sheev_Culator>
[20:05] <@Sheev_Culator>
[20:05] <@Sheev_Culator>
[20:05] <@IFYLOFD> You could thump my Cracian anytime
[20:05] <@Cade> Keep
[20:05] <@IFYLOFD> Keep
[20:05] <@ecks> Keep
[20:05] <@Toprawa> Keep. Ban Cade for not updating the review page.
[20:05] <@Cade> Bah
[20:05] <@exiledjedi> Keep
[20:05] <@Cade> Goway
[20:05] <@IFYLOFD> Seconded.
[20:05] <@SirCavalier> Thirded
[20:05] <@SirCavalier> And keep
[20:06] <@Cade> I'm cleaning up all you peoples' parenthetical and disambig crap
[20:06] <@Sheev_Culator> Keep. Simultaneous Cade winfail.
[20:06] <@SirCavalier> Let me get you a giant can of whoop-de-doo
[20:06] <@Sheev_Culator> GT also say keep.
[20:06] <@Sheev_Culator> Thumper unthumped. Moving on.
[20:06] <@Sheev_Culator>
[20:07] <@Sheev_Culator>
[20:07] <@Sheev_Culator>
[20:07] <@IFYLOFD> more like TIE/shit
[20:07] <@IFYLOFD> Keep
[20:07] <@Cade> Kill!
[20:07] <@Cade> :{
[20:07] <@Toprawa> Can I ban this guy?
[20:07] <@Cade> Keep Tope's magnificent work
[20:07] <@ecks> Keep
[20:07] <@exiledjedi> Keep
[20:07] <@SirCavalier> Yes.
[20:07] <@Toprawa> It is magnificent, isn't it?
[20:07] <@SirCavalier> Yes you can
[20:07] <@Sheev_Culator> Oh dear. I'm afraid we may be in reduxland.
[20:08] <@IFYLOFD> oh lord no
[20:08] <@Cade> Not reduxland
[20:08] <@Cade> Anywhere but reduxland
[20:08] <@Toprawa> This was the article originally:
[20:08] <@SirCavalier> Reduxland is a made up place.
[20:08] <@SirCavalier> Liek Neverland, or Belgium.
[20:08] <@Toprawa> It's not changed so much. It's just...better written. 
[20:08] <@Toprawa> Plus the updates, of course
[20:08] * @Cade boots Cav to Belgium
[20:09] <@SirCavalier> Bitch, please. They have decent beer.
[20:09] <@Sheev_Culator> Hang on, let me do the math.
[20:10] <@Sheev_Culator> Ah. "Commonly, articles are chosen to be reduxed if they receive additions nearing or exceeding 10,000 bytes in size."
[20:10] <@Toprawa> What is mine? 5,000?
[20:10] <@SirCavalier> About 6000
[20:10] <@IFYLOFD> KEEP
[20:10] <@Sheev_Culator> Revision where we added FAR was 15992 bytes. Now it's 21416. That's 5424. So we're good.
[20:10] <@SirCavalier> 15000 up to 21000
[20:10] <@Sheev_Culator> YAY
[20:10] <@SirCavalier> Keep!
[20:10] <@Toprawa> !sunglasses
[20:10] <@Nuku-Nuku>
[20:11] <@Toprawa> I will vote Keep, then
[20:11] <@Sheev_Culator> Shuttle kept, moving on to
[20:11] <@Sheev_Culator>
[20:11] <@Sheev_Culator>
[20:12] <@IFYLOFD> Saved it
[20:12] <@IFYLOFD> Keep
[20:12] <@ecks> keep
[20:12] <@Toprawa> Keep
[20:12] <@exiledjedi> keep
[20:12] <@SirCavalier> Keep
[20:12] <@Cade> Keep
[20:12] <@SirCavalier> Ait, I'm seeing capitalisation issues in the pipelinks.
[20:13] <@Cade> Floyd/Culator fail
[20:13] <@Sheev_Culator> That's probably my bot's fault.
[20:13] <@Cade> ^
[20:13] <@Cade> She's no RobCade
[20:13] <@IFYLOFD> Rob Cade
[20:13] <@exiledjedi> Rob Cade
[20:13] <@IFYLOFD> Professional stuntman
[20:13] <@Cade> heh
[20:13] <@Sheev_Culator> I'll be fixing that sooner or later and it's not a major issue.
[20:13] <@IFYLOFD> Known for "Zoolander" and "Steel Magnolias"
[20:14] <@IFYLOFD> Other than Exar Kun
[20:14] <@IFYLOFD> TOTJ is pretty much the first complete WookieeProject
[20:14] <@IFYLOFD> Whoops, wrong channel
[20:14] <@IFYLOFD> But also
[20:14] <@Sheev_Culator> Anyway, I'll manually fix this one after the meeting and we'll move on.
[20:14] <@IFYLOFD> It applies here
[20:15] <@Sheev_Culator> Absentee says keep, I says keep, the probeworthy Nomi is unprobed.
[20:15] <@IFYLOFD> Because I am cool.
[20:15] <@Sheev_Culator>
[20:15] <@Sheev_Culator>
[20:15] <@Sheev_Culator>
[20:15] <@IFYLOFD> Keep
[20:15] <@ecks> Keep
[20:15] <@Cade> Keep
[20:15] <@SirCavalier> Keep, although capitilisation issues again
[20:15] <@Sheev_Culator> YES I KNOW DAMMIT
[20:16] <@Sheev_Culator> Keep
[20:16] <@IFYLOFD> Oh no Rob Cade died
[20:16] <@exiledjedi> keep
[20:16] <@Toprawa> Keep
[20:16] <@IFYLOFD> RIP Rob Cade
[20:17] <@Sheev_Culator> Andur kept.
[20:17] <@Sheev_Culator>
[20:17] <@Cade> DOOM
[20:17] <@IFYLOFD> Yeah, gonna have to request an extend
[20:17] <@Sheev_Culator>
[20:17] <@IFYLOFD> The final part of the Insider article hasn't come out yet
[20:17] <@Sheev_Culator> Ah. Was wondering why nothing was done there.
[20:18] <@Toprawa> Yeah, this a three-part Insider article update
[20:18] <@Sheev_Culator> I'm good with extending in that case.
[20:18] <@Toprawa> The third part was supposed to be out in Insider 152, but they shunted it to 153 for Rebels
[20:18] <@SirCavalier> I'm happy with an extend
[20:18] <@Toprawa> So Floyd gets a pass
[20:18] <@IFYLOFD> Thank you Rebels
[20:18] <@exiledjedi> Extend
[20:18] <@Toprawa> Extend
[20:18] <@Sheev_Culator> Per GT, "extend if anyone's willing to commit to it"
[20:18] <@Cade> Extend
[20:18] <@Sheev_Culator> Floyd should definitely be committed. Floyd is certifiable.
[20:19] <@IFYLOFD> ho ho ho look a joke
[20:19] <@Sheev_Culator> Indeed.
[20:19] <@IFYLOFD> Shut it ya mug
[20:19] <@Sheev_Culator> Aaaaanyway,
[20:19] <@Sheev_Culator>
[20:19] <@Sheev_Culator>
[20:20] <@SirCavalier> Apparently Tarkin is dropping "Conan" from the canon name.
[20:20] <@Sheev_Culator> WHAT
[20:20] <@IFYLOFD> But that doesn't matter here
[20:20] <@IFYLOFD> also lol
[20:20] <@SirCavalier> "Antonio Motti"
[20:20] <@IFYLOFD> Just Antonio?
[20:20] <@IFYLOFD> I can dig it.
[20:20] <@Toprawa> Should have gone back to Zi
[20:21] <@SirCavalier> Apparently from what I've seen on forums.
[20:21] <@SirCavalier> Anyway, keep
[20:21] <@Cade> Keep
[20:21] <@Sheev_Culator> Yes keep. In memoriam of Antonio.
[20:22] <@Sheev_Culator> GT says keep.
[20:22] <@Sheev_Culator> Anyone else?
[20:23] <@ecks> keep
[20:23] <@IFYLOFD> Keep
[20:23] <@exiledjedi> keep
[20:23] <@Sheev_Culator> OK, Antonio kept.
[20:24] <@Sheev_Culator>
[20:24] <@Sheev_Culator>
[20:24] <@IFYLOFD> Phennir was survived by his two brothers, Hurr and Durr.
[20:24] <@Cade> Keep
[20:24] <@IFYLOFD> Keep
[20:25] <@SirCavalier> Question for the gallery - should the BTS info about his parentage be in the BTS or in the article proper?
[20:26] <@Toprawa> We don't typically treat endnotes as canon unless there's a level of recognition for them
[20:26] <@Toprawa> So I would say BTS
[20:27] <@exiledjedi> Yeah, I think the BTS is the most appropriate place.
[20:27] <@Toprawa> Keep, I guess
[20:27] <@ecks> keep
[20:27] <@SirCavalier> Keep
[20:27] <@exiledjedi> Keep
[20:28] <@Sheev_Culator> Turr kept.
[20:28] <@Sheev_Culator> OK, new articles.
[20:28] <@Sheev_Culator> Um.
[20:28] <@Toprawa> There's one in maintenance 
[20:28] <@Toprawa> That's it
[20:29] <@exiledjedi> I thought there were two.
[20:29] <@Sheev_Culator>
[20:29] <@Cade> I fixed it :P
[20:29] <@Sheev_Culator> OK, yeah, that thingy is a month old.
[20:29] <@Sheev_Culator> 9/12 for the last installment of Author's Cut.
[20:30] <@Toprawa> Probe
[20:30] <@ecks> probe
[20:30] <@IFYLOFD> Probe
[20:30] <@Sheev_Culator> The other 2 are TOTJ which Floyd is working on and Cut Lawquane which we killed.
[20:30] <@Sheev_Culator> So probe Bey and that's that.
[20:30] <@Cade> Probe
[20:30] <@exiledjedi> Probe
[20:30] <@Cade> Nothing probe-joke worthy.
[20:30] <@SirCavalier> Probe
[20:31] <@Sheev_Culator> We'll have to re-probe Nomi.
[20:31] <@IFYLOFD> nah
[20:32] <@Sheev_Culator> OK, so Bey is probed, and the floor is open to discussion.
[20:32] <@IFYLOFD> OK
[20:33] <@IFYLOFD> I think we've discussed this before, but I'd like to bring it up again
[20:33] <@IFYLOFD> The fate of the RFAN
[20:33] <@IFYLOFD> Some articles on there have been there since 2011.
[20:33] <@IFYLOFD> Activity is less than zero.
[20:33] <@IFYLOFD> Should we just scrap the damn thing and be done with it?
[20:34] <@ecks> It contains Cal Inqvotes
[20:34] <@ecks> we need to make it a museum
[20:34] <@exiledjedi> Personally, I forget it's there.
[20:35] <@SirCavalier> At the end of the day, we can scrap it and if we ever get to the point where we need to re-feature articles, we could always use the GA system.
[20:35] <@IFYLOFD> I'd prefer this.
[20:35] <@Toprawa> All it takes is a little work.
[20:35] <@Toprawa> If you guys paid attention, I moved eight of them off the page two meetings ago when this was an issue
[20:36] <@SirCavalier> I mean, at this point, do we even need to re-feature articles? How far ahead is the queue?
[20:36] <@IFYLOFD> Queue is up to August 2015
[20:36] <@exiledjedi> Could we possibly put them in a separate section at the bottom of the FAN page? That way people might notice them.
[20:37] <@Toprawa> If the group wants to scrap it, I'm not going to object 
[20:38] <@SirCavalier> At the very least, its obvious a secondary page isn't working.
[20:38] <@Toprawa> I don't want to put them on the FAN page.
[20:38] <@IFYLOFD> I mean, like EJ said
[20:38] <@Cade> Yeah
[20:38] <@Toprawa> Reviewing is poor enough
[20:38] <@IFYLOFD> I don't think it's a lack of people willing to do anything
[20:38] <@Toprawa> Adding 20 new articles is just going to have a demoralizing effect 
[20:38] <@exiledjedi> True
[20:38] <@IFYLOFD> It's just the fact that we completely forget that it even exists
[20:38] <@IFYLOFD> It's off on its own page isolated from the world
[20:39] <@Toprawa> Well, that's your fault, then
[20:39] <@Toprawa> I haven't forgotten they exist
[20:39] <@Toprawa> It's just a lot of work
[20:39] <@Toprawa> I feel like my editing time is often stressed just forcing myself to review fresh FANs and GANs
[20:39] <@SirCavalier> The other problem is the articles are by users no longer here.
[20:39] <@Toprawa> I just don't want to have to go back and do more work on RFAN
[20:39] <@SirCavalier> So finding someone willing to update them is hard as well.
[20:40] <@Toprawa> Like I said, if you want to scrap it, I won't object 
[20:40] <@SirCavalier> From the current crop of RFANs, only GT and Jorrel are still active
[20:40] <@IFYLOFD> IIRC, the RFAN was born out of concerns that our queue wouldn't last
[20:41] <@IFYLOFD> Our queue is at a healthy place right now
[20:41] <@Cade> Yeah.
[20:41] <@Toprawa> Also IIRC, RFAN was created when we had an FA-a-day
[20:41] <@Cade> ^
[20:41] <@IFYLOFD> We can move to the GAN system if we want to refeature articles, that's great
[20:41] <@Toprawa> That was where the concern came from
[20:41] <@IFYLOFD> Yeah
[20:42] <@SirCavalier> And any articles that far away frm current standards should land on the INQMOOT page in any case
[20:42] <@Toprawa> Right
[20:42] <@IFYLOFD> Take an existing FA, give it a once- or twice-over, if there's anything wrong put it up for probing, if not we can put it on the queue
[20:42] <@SirCavalier> Right.
[20:42] <@SirCavalier> Like we do with old GAs for the GAN queue
[20:43] <@ecks> sounds good to me
[20:43] <@Toprawa> I'd rather just not put up old FAs at all
[20:44] <@IFYLOFD> Well we don't have to
[20:44] <@SirCavalier> Well, with the queue where it is, hopefully we wont have to
[20:44] <@Toprawa> Menkooroo thought it was unfair that some FAs never saw the light of the Main Page
[20:44] <@Toprawa> I could care less, frankly 
[20:45] <@Toprawa> It's not like we have a shortage of articles
[20:45] <@SirCavalier> There was a time when FAs didn't make the front page?
[20:45] <@Toprawa> And no one gives a shit about our MP status articles anyway
[20:45] <@Toprawa> Am I remembering wrong?
[20:45] <@Toprawa> Maybe that was for GA
[20:45] <@SirCavalier> No idea
[20:45] <@SirCavalier> It might have been before my time
[20:46] <@IFYLOFD> Yeah, that was GA
[20:46] <@IFYLOFD> Pretty sure FAs have always been on the Main Page
[20:46] <@Sheev_Culator> They have.
[20:47] <@Sheev_Culator> We even once had an 'honorary' featured article before we had the first makeshift FA nomination process.
[20:48] <@Sheev_Culator> Just something someone picked to stick up there because it was big.
[20:48] <@Toprawa> All right
[20:48] <@IFYLOFD> Heh
[20:48] <@ecks> I nominate Sheev Palpatine for honorary FA
[20:48] <@Toprawa> I propose scrapping the system and not adding old FAs to the MP for now, with the option to revisit this if the queue becomes a problem.
[20:48] <@IFYLOFD> That sounds great to me.
[20:48] <@SirCavalier> Agreed
[20:48] <@exiledjedi> Sure
[20:49] <@Cade> Yeah.
[20:49] <@Toprawa> We'll remove the nominations and archive the page.
[20:51] <@Toprawa> Are we don, then?
[20:51] <@Toprawa> done*
[20:51] <@Sheev_Culator> Sounds like it.
[20:52] <@Toprawa> Cade, you're on paperwork 
[20:52] <@Toprawa> I'm scheduling next meeting. 
[20:52] <@IFYLOFD> ha
[20:52] <@Cade> BLAST
[20:53] <@Sheev_Culator> You're all welcome to the after-party. Musical entertainment will be provided by Sheevy McSheevington and the Sheevtones. Refreshments will be catered by O'Sheev's Bar and Grill.
[20:53] <@SirCavalier> Chuck-E-Sheev's
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