[00:11:17] <Cade> We can do it now if that's good for people
[00:11:53] <Cade> It's a really short meeting.
[00:11:58] <CavalierOne> I don't mind
[00:13:48] <exiledjedi> Hey if that works for everyone else, I'm fine with it.
[00:13:56] <Cade> Floyd, Culator
[00:14:02] <exiledjedi> !inqsignal
[00:14:02] <Nuku-Nuku> Cade_Calrayn! CavalierOne! Darth_Culator! GreenTentacle! IFYLOFD! JangFett! Toprawa and/or Ralltiir! Xd1358!
[00:14:02] <IFYLOFD> blehfine
[00:14:07] <IFYLOFD> fuck all yall
[00:14:21] <Cade> Shush Floyd it's Time for Moonbeam City
[00:16:24] <Cade> one sec...
[00:16:53] * CavalierOne has changed the topic to: Wookieepedia:Inquisitorius |
[00:17:38] <Cade> OKAY PEOPLE
[00:17:44] <Cade> TIME FOR INQMOOT 75
[00:17:55] <Cade> To start us off in Aquatica
[00:18:04] <Cade>
[00:18:08] <Cade>
[00:18:13] <Cade>
[00:18:25] <Cade> I mean
[00:18:32] <Cade> No change. Kill.
[00:18:35] <CavalierOne> Kill
[00:18:39] <exiledjedi> Kill.
[00:19:19] * Cade pokes Floyd
[00:19:47] <Cade> Alright, killed.
[00:20:04] <Cade>
[00:20:07] <Cade>
[00:20:12] <Cade>
[00:20:18] <Cade> Updated an hour ago, keep
[00:20:46] <exiledjedi> Keep then.
[00:20:50] <CavalierOne> Keep
[00:21:01] <Cade> Floyd, Culator?
[00:21:04] <IFYLOFD> keep
[00:21:19] <Cade> Alright, thought bomb kept.
[00:21:20] <Cade> ^^^
[00:21:36] <Cade> New things from Kansas
[00:21:42] <Cade>
[00:21:50] <Cade> Hylo, freshly updated for KOTFE
[00:21:56] <Cade> Spare
[00:22:28] <exiledjedi> Spare, I'm guessing we will be back in the future though
[00:22:36] <Cade> Probably
[00:22:43] <CavalierOne> Spare
[00:22:43] <Cade> But she's small fish compared to Valkorion
[00:23:37] <Cade> Floyd, leave the dolphin alone and vote
[00:24:22] <Cade> Okay, Hylo spared
[00:24:30] <Cade> The big one:
[00:24:38] <CavalierOne> Destroy on principle.
[00:24:40] <Cade> Lotta redlinks, but he's almost entirely updated
[00:24:50] <Cade> And he's the subject of an ongoing work
[00:24:58] <CavalierOne> Extension would be fine with me
[00:25:03] <Cade> :D
[00:25:06] <exiledjedi> I hate to say it, but this guy's going to need a redux when he's done.
[00:25:08] <IFYLOFD> BLEP
[00:25:10] <IFYLOFD> extend
[00:25:17] <Cade> He just might
[00:25:21] <exiledjedi> Extend for now
[00:25:27] <Cade> But we've got the rest of the season before that :P
[00:25:27] <CavalierOne> Yeah, redux is probably needed at a later time
[00:25:46] <exiledjedi> Actually it is a new article, so just probe
[00:25:49] <Cade> Valkorion/Vitiate/Tenebrae/the Emperor extended
[00:26:13] <Cade> Hmm... Probe, I guess
[00:26:54] <IFYLOFD> pribgy
[00:27:04] <CavalierOne> Probe/extend/thing
[00:27:28] <Cade> All things applicable to Floyd's earliest outburst.
[00:27:33] <Cade> Valkorion/Vitiate/Tenebrae/the Emperor probed, then
[00:27:49] <IFYLOFD> Valkorion is his name now?
[00:27:52] <Cade> Yes
[00:28:17] <Cade> Dude goes through names like Dazzle through side jobs
[00:28:24] <Cade> Alright, then that's all the articles
[00:28:29] <Cade> On to the FA queue.
[00:28:33] <exiledjedi> And faces
[00:28:37] <Cade> ^
[00:29:01] <IFYLOFD> yuh
[00:29:04] <exiledjedi> Well, we can't get rid of the queue entirely without a sitewide vote.
[00:29:25] <Cade> I'm of the opinion that, what with everything going on lately and in the next month, we leave the queue as one-per-week and hide it when it's empty
[00:29:29] <Cade> Let it build back up
[00:29:32] <IFYLOFD> We can't do it anyway without something to go into the front page in that space
[00:30:07] <IFYLOFD> All that's fine but we need something to go there
[00:30:25] <Cade> Hmm
[00:30:40] <Cade> We could pick an arbitrary point in the queue history that we want to start pulling from
[00:32:01] <Cade> Thoughts?
[00:32:02] <CavalierOne> What about a random pull system for FAs?
[00:32:22] <IFYLOFD> If we can set that up that'd be idea for me
[00:32:43] <Cade> Yeah, but we'll need to pick a certain point from which we'd pull
[00:32:54] <Cade> FAs beyond a certain age aren't good anymore
[00:33:09] <CavalierOne> From the last 2-3 years or so then?
[00:33:15] <IFYLOFD> That's a rather sweeping generalization
[00:34:16] <Cade> I'd say last 2-3 years, yeah
[00:34:43] <Cade> Though what with the end of the semester and the switch, I'm a bit strapped for time at the moment
[00:34:47] <exiledjedi> Where are you going to pull the queue information from?
[00:35:01] <Cade> I think it'd have to be a separate page
[00:35:10] <Cade> Exclude stripped FAs from it and the like
[00:35:33] <exiledjedi> Realistically, we would have to create an all new queue due to article updates.
[00:35:52] <exiledjedi> Some of our FAs have changed substantially.
[00:36:01] <Cade> Yeah.
[00:37:13] <Cade> So, in summary... development of a randomized system to be used while the queue rebuilds, and keeping it at a week per article for now?
[00:37:59] <CavalierOne> Sounds fine to me.
[00:38:49] <exiledjedi> Yeah, I guess that will have to work for now.
[00:38:54] <Cade> Okay, then that's it for the Inqmoot, then
[00:39:03] <Cade> Floyd's on paperwork and Tope's on scheduling.
[00:39:13] <IFYLOFD> fuck
[00:39:17] <CavalierOne> \o/
[00:39:23] <exiledjedi> It's pretty light this time.
[00:39:25] <Cade> It's four articles, wimp
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