[20:00] <@Toprawa> !inqsignal
[20:00] <@Nuku-Nuku> Cade_Calrayn! CavalierOne! Darth_Culator! GreenTentacle! IFYLOFD! JangFett! Toprawa and/or Ralltiir! Xd1358!
[20:00] <@Toprawa> and EJ
[20:00] <@Toprawa> Welcome to Inqmoot 76.
[20:00] <@Toprawa> Stop me if you have any off-the-topic stuff to get to
[20:00] <@Toprawa> We'll begin with probed articles from last meeting
[20:00] <@Toprawa>
[20:00] <@Cade> \o/
[20:00] <@Toprawa>
[20:01] <@Toprawa>
[20:01] <@Cade> Keep
[20:01] <@Toprawa> uh
[20:01] <@Cade> It's the subject of an ongoing work for at least the next seven months, after which it can be reduxed
[20:01] <@GreenTentacle> Wrong diff.
[20:01] <@Toprawa> That link shows Tian Chyler for some reason
[20:01] <@Cade> hah
[20:01] <@GreenTentacle>
[20:01] <@Toprawa> Thanks
[20:02] <@Toprawa> What did you even update?
[20:02] <@Cade> The update had been done before, but there were a lot of redlinks
[20:02] * IFYLOFD (~chatzilla@wookieepedia/administrator/IFYLOFD) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius
[20:02] * ChanServ sets mode: +o IFYLOFD
[20:02] <@IFYLOFD> I'm here!
[20:03] <@IFYLOFD> I may have to leave soon, but for now I'm here
[20:03] <@Toprawa> We're on the first article
[20:03] <@Toprawa> I guess this is the update
[20:03] <@Toprawa>
[20:03] <@Toprawa> Keep
[20:03] <@exiledjedi> Keep
[20:03] <@CavalierOne> Keep
[20:03] <@GreenTentacle> Keep
[20:04] <@Toprawa> Valkorion kept
[20:04] <@Toprawa> New articles
[20:04] <@Cade> yay
[20:04] <@Toprawa>
[20:04] <@Toprawa> Enhanced Security and Enforcement Act - another unresolved continuity mess courtesy of TCW. This policy was precipitated by Valorum's assassination (21 BBY), which was overwritten when Valorum was still alive one year later in TCW's "The Lost One" (20 BBY). Hanzo Hasashi (talk) 01:23, January 6, 2016 (UTC)
[20:04] <@Toprawa> Someone decipher this for me
[20:04] <@Cade> *sigh* he just can't leave it alone
[20:04] <@Toprawa> What does he want done?
[20:04] <@Cade> He wants someone to make it all better
[20:05] <@Cade> To make sense of the TCW Valorum mess
[20:05] <@GreenTentacle> So not much then. :P
[20:05] <@Toprawa> Well, what specifically does he want done?
[20:05] <@Cade> He doesn't specify
[20:05] <@Toprawa> I don't understand what change he wants to see
[20:05] * @Toprawa shrugs
[20:05] <@Cade> And frankly, with the state of that whole mess, I wouldn't mind leaving it as is
[20:06] <@GreenTentacle> No specifics, no probe.
[20:06] <@Cade> ^
[20:06] <@Toprawa> I mean, if he had a specific nit to pick here, like he wants a BTS note or something, fine
[20:06] <@Toprawa> But, yeah
[20:06] <@Toprawa> No probe
[20:06] <@CavalierOne> The only thing i can see is that he wants some type of date shift in the article to account for Valorum being alive in 20 BBY
[20:06] <@IFYLOFD> No probe
[20:06] <@Toprawa> Do you have a suggestion, Cav?
[20:07] <@Cade> Yeah, the options are declare it all noncanon or move the date, and we don't know if Valorum's death was moved
[20:07] <@CavalierOne> Not really. Just trying to figure out what he actually wants.
[20:07] <@Cade> So there's nothing to do. No probe.
[20:07] <@Toprawa> Ok
[20:07] <@CavalierOne> Republic comic dates are spotty at best if I recall.
[20:07] <@Toprawa> If Hanzo wants to see something done, be more specific for next meeting
[20:07] <@Toprawa> Moving on
[20:07] <@Toprawa>
[20:07] <@Toprawa>     The last section of the BTS needs to be sourced.
[20:07] <@Toprawa>     I believe that the introduction could use a small expansion.
[20:07] <@Toprawa>     The linking, formatting, and style of the article could use a revamp.--Exiled Jedi (talk) 03:52, January 8, 2016 (UTC)
[20:08] <@Toprawa> Works for me
[20:08] <@Toprawa> Probe
[20:08] <@exiledjedi> Probe
[20:08] <@CavalierOne> Probe
[20:08] <@GreenTentacle> Probe
[20:08] <@Cade> Probe
[20:08] <@Toprawa> Say probe, Cade
[20:08] <@Toprawa> Davish Krail probed
[20:08] <@Cade> Sorry, pizza was delivered
[20:08] <@Toprawa> onto....the Bin
[20:09] <@Toprawa> Ok, I'm just grouping these next four articles
[20:09] <@Toprawa> They all need an update from the same source
[20:09] <@exiledjedi> Heh.
[20:09] <@Toprawa>
[20:09] <@Toprawa>
[20:09] <@Toprawa>
[20:09] <@Toprawa>
[20:09] <@Cade> Gosh, thanks a lot EJ
[20:10] <@exiledjedi> No problem, Cade.
[20:10] <@GreenTentacle> Probes all round
[20:10] <@IFYLOFD> Probe the lot
[20:10] <@exiledjedi> Probe
[20:10] <@Toprawa> Probes
[20:10] <@CavalierOne> Probe all
[20:10] <@Cade> Probe
[20:10] <@Toprawa> Iyra, Whaladon, Cragmoloid, and Knowledge Bank probed
[20:10] <@Toprawa> I have one more
[20:11] <@Toprawa>
[20:11] <@Toprawa> Starsider added Galaxies to the Sources list to signify Morag was a cut character, and he included a picture in the BTS
[20:11] <@Toprawa> That should be detailed in letters and words, which we like
[20:12] <@exiledjedi> Probe
[20:12] <@GreenTentacle> Probe
[20:12] <@Toprawa> Probe
[20:12] <@CavalierOne> Probe
[20:12] <@Cade> Galaxies and Ewoks
[20:12] <@Toprawa> Say probe, Cade
[20:12] <@Cade> Probe
[20:12] <@Toprawa> Morag probed
[20:12] <@Toprawa> Anything else from anyone?
[20:12] <@Cade> The two most visually unappealing Star Wars sources
[20:13] <@Toprawa> Meeting duties...
[20:13] <@Toprawa> Cade, paperwork
[20:13] <@Toprawa> GT, Meeting 77
[20:13] <@Cade> FUCK
[20:13] <@Toprawa> Goodnight
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