[01:49:27] <Supreme_Emperor> Welcome, one and all, to Inqmoot 80
[01:49:48] <Supreme_Emperor> This will probably be fairly short, so lets begin
[01:49:53] <Supreme_Emperor> First up
[01:50:17] <Supreme_Emperor> From our old articles
[01:50:25] <Supreme_Emperor>
[01:50:39] <exiledjedi> I have list of additional objections/problems with this one.
[01:50:43] <Supreme_Emperor> The noted issue has been resolved, but EJ has another issue with it
[01:50:44] <exiledjedi> *a list
[01:51:07] <exiledjedi> Reference 4 points to some random site now.
[01:51:11] <exiledjedi> The date can't be sourced directly to the game.
[01:51:18] <exiledjedi> There is some optional mission related information that I think should be mentioned in the article as well.
[01:51:34] <exiledjedi> i.e. stuff with the duelists and pazaak players
[01:51:50] <exiledjedi> Inhabitants doesn't seem like the right now for that section.
[01:52:07] <exiledjedi> "contained a bandstand and biological or holographic dancers, which were usually in the form of female Twi'leks."
[01:52:52] <exiledjedi> "usually in the form of female Twi'lek's" is just speculation.
[01:52:59] <exiledjedi> That needs to be reworded.
[01:53:24] <exiledjedi> The whole article has a lot of problems related to it being a 2008-era article.
[01:53:41] <exiledjedi> That's my take.
[01:53:55] <Ralltiir> Extend probe
[01:54:04] <exiledjedi> I also vote extend.
[01:54:05] <Supreme_Emperor> Agreed
[01:54:06] <Supreme_Emperor> Extend
[01:54:27] <Supreme_Emperor> Upper City Cantina Extedned
[01:54:29] <Supreme_Emperor> Extended
[01:54:35] <Supreme_Emperor> Next up
[01:54:50] <Supreme_Emperor>
[01:54:56] <Supreme_Emperor>
[01:54:59] <Ralltiir> I'd like to say something about this one.
[01:55:06] <Supreme_Emperor>
[01:55:54] <Ralltiir> Sorry, one moment
[01:56:00] <Supreme_Emperor> No worries
[01:56:22] <Ralltiir> Ok
[01:56:31] <Ralltiir> I feel like this probably needs a bit of background for the log's record
[01:56:38] <Ralltiir> So I'm going to give a very quick summary of this situation 
[01:57:20] <Ralltiir> In Cade's protracted absence from several months ago, multiple users with no real track record made involved, good-faith efforts to expand/revise two of Cade's articles, namely Revan and Dromund Kaas operation
[01:58:07] <Ralltiir> In response to changes to his articles, Cade knee-jerk reverted all of edits without any kind of real explanation for why they're wrong
[01:58:51] <Ralltiir> Although Revan is not the article in question here at the moment, that is still an ongoing debate in which the user attempting to revise the article is going to the lengths of writing up pdf documents to demonstrate why his changes are correct
[01:59:25] <Ralltiir> Frankly, I find Cade's behavior to these situations to be poor, to put it mildly
[01:59:48] <Ralltiir> He states on the Dromund Kaas review page "Reverted all of the unauthorized changes."
[01:59:57] <Ralltiir> Cade does not have "authority" over this or any other article.
[02:00:32] <Ralltiir> If there's a dispute over an article he authored that he can't resolve by himself with another user, any ruling goes first to the Inquisitorius and then the rest of the site if need be
[02:00:54] <Supreme_Emperor> I'll note for the record as well that myself and EJ discussed this prior to your arrival and we both oppose the full reverting with no explanation 
[02:02:19] <Ralltiir> I'm sure this won't be the last time we have to discuss either of these two articles, but for the purposes of reaching a decision at this meeting, as far as I'm concerned Cade has not satisfactorily addressed this article's probation 
[02:03:03] <Ralltiir> I therefore vote to remove Dromund Kaas's featured status.
[02:03:20] <exiledjedi> I concur.
[02:03:27] <Supreme_Emperor> Agreed
[02:04:39] <Supreme_Emperor> Dromund Kaas removed 
[02:04:53] <Supreme_Emperor> We have one new article as well
[02:05:01] <Supreme_Emperor>
[02:05:24] <Supreme_Emperor> Star Wars Magazine 2, newly added to Sources list, misspells the character's alternate name, which I believe should be mentioned in the BTS, per normal practice. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 21:48, October 25, 2016 (UTC) 
[02:05:46] <Supreme_Emperor> I vote probe
[02:05:49] <exiledjedi> Probe
[02:05:52] <Ralltiir> Probe
[02:06:07] <Supreme_Emperor> Kam Nale probed
[02:06:10] <exiledjedi> There's some stuff in the maintenance bin as well.
[02:06:21] <exiledjedi>
[02:06:52] <Supreme_Emperor> Sorry, slow internet for a moment, I'm lagging
[02:07:03] <Ralltiir> It's cool
[02:07:09] <Ralltiir> Yikes, that's a lot of pages
[02:08:01] <Ralltiir> Here's my suggestion. 
[02:08:21] <Supreme_Emperor> For the four in need of updating should we just vote to probe all of them?
[02:08:28] <Supreme_Emperor> Or do them individual 
[02:08:51] <Ralltiir> Wait...
[02:09:15] <Ralltiir> Ah, sorry. I had opened this instead.
[02:09:18] <Ralltiir> We're still coming to that.
[02:09:45] <Ralltiir> Make sure what needs to be updated is a month old
[02:09:50] <exiledjedi> Yeah, I just wanted to show the redlinks during the meeting.
[02:10:03] <exiledjedi> I figured we'd go through those at future meetings.
[02:10:34] <Supreme_Emperor> All are over a month old
[02:11:01] <Ralltiir> I vote probe on all, then
[02:11:14] <Supreme_Emperor> I vote probe as well
[02:11:23] <exiledjedi> Probe four articles in maintenance bin
[02:11:49] <exiledjedi>
[02:11:54] <exiledjedi>
[02:12:01] <exiledjedi>
[02:12:06] <exiledjedi>
[02:12:09] <exiledjedi> For the record
[02:12:15] <exiledjedi> Those are the four.
[02:12:16] <Supreme_Emperor> Ulic Qel-Droma, Coruscant Security Force, Lutrillian, and Cay Qel-Droma probed
[02:12:16] <Supreme_Emperor> Sorry lag again
[02:12:34] <Supreme_Emperor> Thanks EJ
[02:12:47] <Ralltiir> Here's my suggestion for the redlinks
[02:13:13] <Ralltiir> Throw it to the community in a SH. Tell them to check this for their own articles and fix the redlinks if they don't want them probed.
[02:13:19] <Ralltiir> Give it a month.
[02:13:38] <Ralltiir> We'll start probing things next meeting (which will probably be longer than a month away)
[02:13:38] <exiledjedi> I added it to the SH last week.
[02:13:43] <Ralltiir> Ok, good
[02:13:48] <Ralltiir> Ah, yeah
[02:13:50] <Supreme_Emperor> Excellent
[02:13:51] <Ralltiir> I see that
[02:13:58] <exiledjedi>
[02:14:18] <Ralltiir> I say wait till next meeting to begin looking at it
[02:14:27] <exiledjedi> That was my plan.
[02:14:30] <Supreme_Emperor> Agreed
[02:14:33] <Ralltiir> Cool
[02:14:50] <exiledjedi> I was hoping more people would be here to see it, but this is the way it goes...
[02:14:53] <Supreme_Emperor> Does anyone have any discussion points they'd like to address?
[02:15:00] <Ralltiir> Well, people don't look at shit
[02:15:06] <Ralltiir> That's why we had to put things in bold in the RCs
[02:15:08] <Supreme_Emperor> I knew it was just going to be the three of us
[02:15:13] <Ralltiir> And people still don't participate in community efforts
[02:15:18] <Ralltiir> But I'm going to put this in a site notice
[02:15:23] <Ralltiir> Maybe people will...take notice
[02:15:33] <exiledjedi> Okay, I was thinking about doing that.
[02:15:52] <Supreme_Emperor> I'm not really sure what else we can do at this point to make people notice
[02:15:55] <Ralltiir> If I forget, please remind me
[02:16:02] <Ralltiir> Yeah, it's up to them to fix their own bullshit
[02:16:07] <exiledjedi> Will do.
[02:16:12] <Ralltiir> I have no fucking sympathy for people who don't look at community pages
[02:16:14] <Supreme_Emperor> We can't force people to read, unfortunately 
[02:16:15] <Ralltiir> It just pisses me off
[02:16:22] <Supreme_Emperor> ^
[02:16:24] <Supreme_Emperor> ^^
[02:17:10] <exiledjedi> As we go through them, I am going to use the opportunity to go after other issues.
[02:17:20] <Ralltiir> Good
[02:17:37] <Supreme_Emperor> Time permitting, I will as well, once my data resets
[02:17:49] <exiledjedi> There was a lot of crap in a lot of those articles.
[02:18:05] <Supreme_Emperor> Yeah, lots of 2008 era articles there as well
[02:19:45] <Supreme_Emperor> Does anyone have any other discussion points they would like to bring up?
[02:19:55] <exiledjedi> That's all I have.
[02:19:58] <Ralltiir> Not that I can think of :P
[02:20:27] <Supreme_Emperor> Then I officially declare Meeting 80 adjourned 
[02:20:45] <Ralltiir> State who does paperwork and minutes, SE
[02:20:50] <Supreme_Emperor> Right
[02:20:58] <Supreme_Emperor> Lets see
[02:21:25] <Supreme_Emperor> EJ is on paperwork and Floyd is scheduling Meeting 81
[02:21:35] <exiledjedi> lovely
[02:21:37] <Ralltiir> Cool
[02:21:40] <Ralltiir> Thanks for hosting, SE
[02:21:49] <Supreme_Emperor> No probs, thanks for coming on short notice 
[02:21:59] <Ralltiir> No problem, thanks for reminding me
[02:22:00] <Supreme_Emperor> Thanks EJ as well
[02:22:08] <exiledjedi> No problem.
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