21:29:36<@exiledjedi>  Okay, Welcome to Inq Meeting 88.
21:29:54<@ecks> KILL
21:29:56<@ecks> erm
21:30:12<@Imperators>  I support the sentiment
21:30:13<@exiledjedi>  Do you guys want to go ahead with the discussion before we start on the mound of articles we have?
21:30:20<@Toprawa>  Sure
21:30:44<@exiledjedi>  Okay, go ahead.
21:31:00<@Toprawa>  Ok
21:31:35<@Toprawa>  One second
21:31:56<@Toprawa>  Ok
21:32:06<@Toprawa>  We have 7 years or so worth of these queue pages sitting around
21:32:28<@Toprawa>  All they do is suck time and resources away in the form of needing to update images, redirects, redlinks, etc.
21:32:46<@Toprawa>  These pages basically serve the exact same purpose of the FAN history page
21:33:02<@Toprawa>  And these queue pages are not updated for recent edited anyways
21:33:17<@Toprawa>  I say we just redirect all of them into some parent page
21:33:25<@Toprawa>  In the unlikely event we need them again, we can always undo the redirect
21:33:28<@Toprawa>  Thoughts?
21:33:42<@Toprawa>  Queue page example, btw:,_2010
21:33:51<@ecks> I think it would be nice if we subst:'d the per-day/week pages
21:34:02<@ecks> that way there would be one page only for every year
21:34:05<@Toprawa>  [[Wookieepedia:Featured article queue]] already redirects to WP:FA, btw
21:34:09<@ecks> instead of 365/52 of them
21:34:34<@ecks> that would allow you to see what the queue looked like but there would be one page only
21:34:37<@Toprawa>  We'd still have to update links and whatnot, though
21:34:42<@exiledjedi>  Yeah, I don't really see the point of these anymore honestly.
21:34:43<@Toprawa>  That's more of my concern
21:34:52<@Toprawa>  Not so much the existence of the pages
21:34:58<@ecks> the difference is you'd only have to do it on one page, though
21:35:03<@Toprawa>  But why do it at all?
21:35:18<@ecks> because I like looking at history :P
21:35:17<@Toprawa>  These pages don't serve any purpose other than to see what was on the Main Page, which is like, so what?
21:35:21<@ecks> but I'm fine either way
21:35:35<@ecks> here's my deal
21:35:39<@ecks> subst them before you redirect them
21:35:38<@Toprawa>  We can create a list of what was on the Main Page if we're so keen on keeping that info
21:35:40<@Toprawa>  We don't need the intros
21:35:48<@ecks> that way there's one revision that you can view for historical reasons
21:36:27<@Toprawa>  I'm not sure I understand the technical advantage of that, forgive my ignorance 
21:37:03<@ecks> essentially, if you just redirect them, there's no way to see what Wookieepedia:Featured articles/History/2015 looked like
21:37:13<@ecks> because even when viewing old revisions, you'd only see the transcluded redirects
21:37:25<@Toprawa>  Right, that's what I'm saying, though -- we can create a list without needing to maintain these obsolete snapshots of article intros
21:37:29<@Toprawa>  We don't need to see the queue page contents
21:37:44<@ecks> but if you subst: them first, and then start redirecting, there will exist one revision where you can see what Wookieepedia:Featured articles/History/2015 looked like
21:37:51<@ecks> the outcome is the same
21:38:03<@Toprawa>  Will we not need to still update links and file pages?
21:38:12<@ecks> nope
21:38:17<@exiledjedi>  I think what he is saying is to do this:
21:38:29<@exiledjedi>  1. Change all of the template links to use subst:
21:39:02<@exiledjedi>  2. Then change the page to remove the intros / take care of the queue pages.
21:39:04<@exiledjedi>  Right?
21:39:10<@ecks> correct
21:39:11<@Toprawa>  Fine
21:39:14<@Toprawa>  Let's do it
21:39:19<@ecks> the outcome is the same: no links or file pages will need to be updated
21:39:34<@exiledjedi>  I'm fine with doing that.
21:39:56<@Imperators>  as am I
21:40:23<@ecks> it is settled, then
21:40:33<@exiledjedi>  Anything else?
21:40:41<@ecks> aw shit, I ran out of Pepsi
21:40:39<@Toprawa>  That's all I got
21:41:12<@exiledjedi>  Okay, if there are not anymore discussion items, onto the articles from last meeting:
21:41:53<@ecks> still seeing a fact tag
21:41:55<@ecks> eliminate
21:41:56<@exiledjedi>  No change, kill.
21:42:06<@Toprawa>  Kill
21:42:11<@exiledjedi>  Just AL-BRT stuff
21:42:21<@Imperators>  Tope will do his battle at some later point. Kill
21:42:29<@ecks> heh
21:42:39<@Toprawa>  Now it's definitely on the list
21:42:43<@exiledjedi>  Battle of Toprawa killed.
21:43:09<@exiledjedi>  No change
21:43:15<@Toprawa>  Kill
21:43:17<@exiledjedi>  Kill
21:43:25<@ecks> kill
21:43:34<@Imperators>  so many FAs gonna die
21:43:35<@Imperators>  kill
21:43:44<@exiledjedi>  Davin Fel killed.
21:43:49<@exiledjedi>  I pity the person on paperwork.
21:44:08<@ecks> please don't be me
21:44:14<@exiledjedi>  No change
21:44:15<@exiledjedi>  Kill
21:44:18<@Toprawa>  Kill
21:44:31<@Imperators>  kill
21:44:55<@ecks> kill
21:44:57<@exiledjedi>  Soontir Fel killed.
21:45:20<@exiledjedi>  No change
21:45:21<@exiledjedi>  Kill
21:45:22<@Imperators>  kill
21:45:23<@Toprawa>  Kill
21:45:29<@ecks> kill
21:45:36<@exiledjedi>  Syal Antilles Fel killed.
21:45:55<@exiledjedi>  No change
21:45:56<@Toprawa>  Kill
21:45:57<@exiledjedi>  Kill
21:46:06<@ecks> kill
21:46:06<@Imperators>  kill
21:46:20<@exiledjedi>  Cassus Fett killed.
21:46:41<@exiledjedi>  No non-bot changes
21:46:52<@exiledjedi>  Kill
21:46:55<@Imperators>  kill
21:47:05<@ecks> kill
21:47:03<@Toprawa>  Kill :D
21:47:17<@exiledjedi>  The Legend of Ecclessis Figg killed.
21:47:42<@exiledjedi>  No change.
21:47:46<@exiledjedi>  Kill
21:47:51<@Toprawa>  Kill
21:47:55<@ecks> Kill
21:48:22<@Imperators>  Defeat is bitter, Makurth.
21:48:28<@Imperators>  kill
21:48:31<@exiledjedi>  Fohargh killed.
21:48:53<@exiledjedi>  No change
21:48:55<@Toprawa>  Kill
21:48:56<@exiledjedi>  Kill
21:49:04<@Imperators>  kill
21:49:14<@ecks> kill
21:49:18<@exiledjedi>  Force phantom killed.
21:49:47<@exiledjedi>  No not-bot changes.
21:49:49<@exiledjedi>  Kill
21:49:50<@Imperators>  kill
21:49:54<@ecks> kill
21:49:57<@Toprawa>  Kill
21:50:13<@ecks> I'm annoyed by the fact that four years after Legends' demise, we're STILL killing Legends FAs
21:50:21<@exiledjedi>  Bertroff Hissa killed.
21:50:47<@Toprawa>  It's kind of shocking how much we still haven't mined from CSWE
21:51:03<@Imperators>  ecks thinks it's high time we started killing Canon FAs
21:51:04<@Toprawa>  We got all the subjects with entries, but not the contents
21:51:35<@exiledjedi>  Somebody made some edits, but I don't think they have anything to do with the review.
21:51:44<@Imperators>  nope
21:51:46<@Toprawa>  Kill
21:51:47<@exiledjedi>  Kill
21:51:52<@ecks> kill
21:51:53<@Imperators>  kill
21:52:06<@Imperators>  kill with a thought bomb
21:52:07<@exiledjedi>  Hoth, the Jedi Lord killed.
21:52:34<@Toprawa>  I think the dates are good
21:52:43<@Toprawa>  GT showed me everything
21:52:59<@exiledjedi>  The one guy that still cares about his articles.
21:53:05<@ecks> I am satisfied
21:53:04<@Toprawa>  After like six months, this one survived 
21:53:08<@Toprawa>  Well done, GT
21:53:12<@exiledjedi>  Keep.
21:53:15<@Toprawa>  Keep
21:53:25<@ecks> Keep
21:53:27<@Imperators>  keep
21:53:38<@exiledjedi>  Independence kept.
21:54:06<@exiledjedi>  No change.
21:54:07<@exiledjedi>  Kill
21:54:10<@Imperators>  kill
21:54:17<@Toprawa>  Kill
21:54:48<@ecks> Kill
21:54:49<@exiledjedi>  Jerec killed.
21:55:19<@exiledjedi>  No non-bot changes.
21:55:21<@exiledjedi>  Kill
21:55:22<@Toprawa>  Kill
21:55:29<@ecks> kill
21:55:30<@Imperators>  kill
21:55:42<@exiledjedi>  Kai Justiss killed.
21:58:31<@ecks> he dead
22:01:46<@exiledjedi>  No non-bot changes.
22:01:47<@Toprawa>  Kill
22:01:47<@Imperators>  kill
22:01:47<@exiledjedi>  Kill
22:01:49<@Imperators>  we better hurry up, the meeting is about to start soon
22:02:06<@exiledjedi>  ecks?
22:02:13<@Toprawa>  SE votes Kill if we want to keep moving
22:02:15<@exiledjedi>  Okay, Cal Omas killed.
22:02:17<@exiledjedi>  No changes.
22:02:17<@exiledjedi>  Kill
22:02:17<@Toprawa>  Kill
22:02:17<@Imperators>  kill
22:02:21<@Toprawa>  SE votes Kill :P
22:02:22<@exiledjedi>  M'iiyoom Onth killed.
22:02:23<@exiledjedi>  *Onith
22:02:28<@exiledjedi>  No changes.
22:02:28<@exiledjedi>  Kill
22:02:28<@Imperators>  kill
22:02:29<@Toprawa>  Kill
22:02:31<@Toprawa>  SE votes Kill :P
22:02:31<@Imperators>  dat merciless SE
22:02:31<@exiledjedi>  Canderous Ordo killed.
22:02:31-NickServ- ecks2! has just authenticated as you (ecks)
22:02:34<@exiledjedi>  Moving on to the new articles:
22:02:48<@exiledjedi>  since they were mentioned in-universe by Darth Bane, who died in 980 BBY, it should be specified that the organization had been founded by that time. Imperators II(Talk) 19:32, February 11, 2018 (UTC) 
22:03:17-!- ecks2 (~ecks@wookieepedia/administrator/ has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius (acc: ecks)
22:03:18* ChanServ sets modes [#wookieepedia-inquisitorius +o ecks2]
22:03:20<@exiledjedi>  since they were mentioned in-universe by Darth Bane, who died in 980 BBY, it should be specified that the organization had been founded by that time. Imperators II(Talk) 19:32, February 11, 2018 (UTC) 
22:03:21<@exiledjedi>  First new article, ecks.
22:03:21<@Toprawa>  "Notable" is an OOU construct unless a source explicitly calls someone notable
22:03:24<@Toprawa>  "Members" would suffice for the section title
22:03:30<@exiledjedi>  The BTS has some full release dates that can't be sourced the way they currently are.
22:03:38<@ecks2>  testing
22:03:40<@ecks2>  ok, that's better
22:03:40<@exiledjedi>  CSWECite needs to be removing in the Sources.
22:03:42<@ecks2>  sorry, freenode died on me
22:03:46<@ecks2>  * Ping reply from ChanServ: 121.454 second(s)
22:03:49<@Toprawa>  I'd rather see the History be four paragraphs (the first one needs a break) and subsection from there
22:04:17-!- ecks2 (~ecks@wookieepedia/administrator/ has left #wookieepedia-inquisitorius ("Leaving")
22:04:27<@ecks> ok, there we go, hopefully
22:04:29<@Toprawa>  Cool
22:04:33<@Toprawa>  Probe
22:04:37<@exiledjedi>  Probe
22:04:38<@Imperators>  probe
22:04:46<@ecks> probe
22:04:54<@exiledjedi>  Seyugi Dervishes probed.
22:05:17<@exiledjedi>  Heavy referencing cleanup needed. Citeweb needs to be added to any external link sources not already utilizing it; CSWECite needs to be implemented; IMDb is not a reliable source of information; Archive links needs to be added for external link refs. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 20:57, February 11, 2018 (UTC) 
22:05:27<@Toprawa>  Going along with all that, this is the reference being used for her birth year:
22:05:30<@Toprawa>  That needs to be explained
22:05:44<@Toprawa>  No normal person will ever understand how the article is arriving at this BBY date
22:06:26<@ecks> the image caption punctuation disappoints me
22:06:53<@Toprawa>  Infobox-exclusive info
22:07:18<@ecks> separate equipment section maybe?
22:07:20<@exiledjedi>  Yeah
22:07:25<@ecks> she seems to have a unique staff
22:07:22<@Toprawa>  Almost certainly
22:07:39<@Toprawa>  Two-speaker quotes need to use Quote, not Dialogue
22:08:04<@ecks> what a piece of junk! --Inq, 2018
22:08:11<@Toprawa>  ^
22:08:13<@Toprawa>  Probe
22:08:15<@exiledjedi>  The BTS could use to be reworked.
22:08:17<@exiledjedi>  Probe
22:08:24<@Imperators>  oldest article on Wookieepedia tho
22:08:25<@Imperators>  probe
22:08:37<@exiledjedi>  For some reason
22:08:56<@ecks> probe
22:09:06<@exiledjedi>  Brianna, the Last Handmaiden probed.
22:09:19<@ecks> rest in pepperoni
22:09:29<@exiledjedi>  External-link referencing needs to use appropriate citation templates. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 18:38, February 15, 2018 (UTC) 
22:09:29<@Imperators>  because Wookieepedia was originally the KOTOR Wiki
22:09:34<@Toprawa>  Infobox-exclusive info
22:10:35<@Imperators>  oh man, we're already ten minutes in.
22:10:36<@Imperators>  probe
22:10:40<@Toprawa>  Probe
22:10:46<@ecks> Probe
22:10:46<@exiledjedi>  Probe
22:10:52<@exiledjedi>  Raana Tey probed.
22:11:08<@exiledjedi>  'd like to see the Biography subsectioned, with the addition of any images or quotes as available. The second Bio paragraph doesn't look good in Oasis stacked against that image. It becomes a 17-line paragraph, which should be able to be split up. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 18:38, February 15, 2018 (UTC) 
22:11:12<@Toprawa>  The first P/T paragraph is similarly ridiculous at 14 lines
22:11:45<@Toprawa>  I kind of can't believe there aren't additional images that could be used for the Bio besides Tol Braga
22:12:06<@exiledjedi>  I'm sure there are more images.
22:12:13<@Imperators>  wow why no Bio subsections. probe
22:12:19<@Toprawa>  Probe
22:12:23<@exiledjedi>  Probe
22:12:29<@ecks> probe
22:12:32<@exiledjedi>  Sajar probed.
22:12:34<@Toprawa>  One more thing, also
22:12:36<@Toprawa>  For Sajar
22:12:39<@Toprawa>  Just to note on the review page
22:12:44<@ecks> and I just managed to close the Inqmoot page for the 88th time tonight
22:12:47<@Toprawa>  Some dude was making a bunch of wording changes recently to the article
22:12:51<@Toprawa>  Those should all be checked over
22:13:13<@exiledjedi>  The external link-referencing should do a better job of employing the Citeweb template. Currently, those references are only using like three of that template's available parameters, when they could be using pretty much all of them. Redlink. Infobox-exclusive information. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 18:38, February 15, 2018 (UTC) 
22:13:44<@Toprawa>  General cleanup for redirects as well
22:13:54<@Toprawa>  Look out for needed paragraph breaks
22:14:03<@Toprawa>  The second para of Final days>Contact is insane
22:14:12<@Toprawa>  17 lines
22:14:17<@Toprawa>  Others, too
22:14:27<@Toprawa>  Full circle 1st para, 18
22:14:41<@Imperators>  porg
22:14:51<@Toprawa>  Probe
22:14:58<@exiledjedi>  Probe
22:15:09<@ecks> why is there a scroll box for the references?
22:15:10<@ecks> Probe
22:15:15<@exiledjedi>  Celeste Morne probed.
22:15:35<@Imperators>  for Celeste, there's also at least Template:Faraway to be implemented
22:15:37<@Imperators>  sorry
22:16:00<@exiledjedi>  I split the History into four paragraphs with a few breaks. There is enough space there now to divide it into two subsections with an additional quote and image. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 21:44, February 18, 2018 (UTC)
22:16:00<@exiledjedi>  This is a GA?
22:16:10<@ecks> haha
22:16:12<@Toprawa>  Oh, shit
22:16:13<@Toprawa>  Sorry
22:16:15<@Toprawa>  hah
22:16:17<@exiledjedi>  This seems to be going around...
22:16:19<@Toprawa>  Save it for the AC meeting :P
22:16:26<@exiledjedi>  I did it again at the last EC meeting.
22:16:29<@Imperators>  this is like a reverse of what we did with Ord Antalaha
22:16:46<@exiledjedi>  Poor linking throughout; infobox-exclusive information; LG compliance (PT should be Characteristics) plus expansion of that section to include physical appearance and traits; body could use an image; BTS should include some sort of release date. 1358 (Talk) 00:57, February 20, 2018 (UTC) 
22:17:06<@ecks> the Bts in general is pretty bad
22:17:15<@exiledjedi>  3956 BBY date needs another source.
22:17:28<@Toprawa>  Probe
22:17:37<@exiledjedi>  Probe
22:17:49<@ecks> Probe
22:17:49<@Imperators>  Mark VII experimental prototype uglyface. probe
22:17:59<@exiledjedi>  MVIIEPAD probed.
22:18:12<@exiledjedi>  Speaking of...
22:18:19<@Imperators>  Ord Antalahahaha
22:18:24<@ecks> on a tangential note, we need an LG for droid class articles
22:18:27<@exiledjedi>      There seems to be some confusion in the article about when it was colonized and made a Ordnance/Regional Depot. The intro says it happened during the Clone Wars and the body says it happened during the Pius Dea Era. The CSWE states that it was colonized in the Clone Wars. It looks like there are probably some inconsistencies that need to be worked out.
22:18:27<@exiledjedi>      Reference 8 should use CSWECite.
22:18:27<@exiledjedi>      Infobox-exclusive information
22:18:27<@exiledjedi>      The BTS should be fleshed out more and be fully sourced.--Exiled Jedi (talk) 01:42, February 20, 2018 (UTC) 
22:18:42<@ecks> references need dat linking
22:18:39<@Toprawa>  Probe it, sucka
22:18:48<@exiledjedi>  Probe
22:18:55<@ecks> probe
22:19:06<@Imperators>  probe
22:19:16<@exiledjedi>  Ord Antalalalalaha probed.
22:19:43<@Toprawa>  Look at this intro
22:19:44<@exiledjedi> needs to be cleaned up.
22:19:51<@Toprawa>  18 lines
22:19:56<@Toprawa>  That must look bad even in Monobook
22:20:06<@ecks> almost :P
22:20:08<@exiledjedi>  Redirects everywhere
22:20:12<@ecks> Body could definitely use one or two more images
22:20:33<@Imperators>  yes, images and para breaks
22:20:53<@Toprawa>  Probe
22:21:02<@exiledjedi>  Probe
22:21:14<@ecks> probe
22:21:11<@Imperators>  should the members list in the infobox be alphabetized?
22:21:14<@Imperators>  probe
22:21:33<@exiledjedi>  Imperial Guard probed.
22:22:08<@exiledjedi>  is lazy sourcing. The previous information can't be sourced to that IMDB entry. Imperators II(Talk) 10:29, February 23, 2018 (UTC) 
22:22:15<@exiledjedi>  Response
22:22:15<@exiledjedi>  The IMDB link was just for reader convenience. The information is actually self-sourcing as it comes from the credits in the games mentioned. Anyway, since it's not really relevant as Max isn't voiced in any Star Wars appearance, I've removed it entirely. Green Tentacle (Talk) 20:36, February 24, 2018 (UTC) 
22:22:47<@Toprawa>  That'll be fine...until March 3
22:23:00<@Toprawa>  We can always come back :3
22:23:25<@ecks> spare, I suppose
22:23:25<@exiledjedi>  Okay, spare then.
22:23:33<@Toprawa>  Spare
22:23:38<@Toprawa>  Remember it for us, Imperators
22:24:07<@Imperators>  um
22:24:17<@Imperators>  Bio, 2nd sentence
22:24:21<@Imperators>  "unidentified"
22:24:32<@Imperators>  I thought that was OOU
22:24:46<@Toprawa>  IIRC, the source literally calls him an "unidentified sentient dog"
22:24:53<@Toprawa>  I think I recall going over this during the nomination
22:24:56<@ecks> XD
22:25:00<@Imperators>  Cosmo :P
22:25:05<@Imperators>  spare
22:25:28<@exiledjedi>  Max spared.
22:25:28<@Imperators>  take your Easter egg stuff outta here
22:25:40<@Toprawa>  I could be wrong, though
22:25:42<@Toprawa>  I'm trying to look
22:26:06<@Toprawa>  Actually, I have this ref guide
22:26:09<@Toprawa>  I can check it after the meeting
22:26:15<@exiledjedi>  is inconsistent with the article's body. Imperators II(Talk) 10:36, February 23, 2018 (UTC) 
22:26:22<@exiledjedi>  Response:
22:26:22<@exiledjedi>  Double checked every TIE Defender mission in TIE Fighter and you can only use a tractor beam. Other beam weapons are available in the combat simulator in X-Wing Alliance but there's no evidence of them being fitted to an actual TIE Defender. I've therefore reverted that edit. Green Tentacle (Talk) 20:36, February 24, 2018 (UTC) 
22:26:42<@ecks> The Inquisitorius accept your apology
22:26:43<@ecks> spare
22:26:54<@Toprawa>  We could be mean and make GT go through the date refs again
22:27:03<@ecks> although some of those sections are /huge/
22:27:08<@Imperators>  I hate to say it, but missing backup link(s)
22:27:27<@Imperators>  did we just list three reasons for a probe?
22:27:31<@Toprawa>  The BTS needs to be self-sourced
22:27:33<@Toprawa>  I mean
22:27:34<@Toprawa>  sectioned*
22:27:57<@ecks> poor GT can't catch a break
22:28:15<@Toprawa>  As an aside, I freaking hate two-column Notes and references
22:28:49<@Toprawa>  Sorry, GT
22:28:52<@Toprawa>  Probe
22:29:01<@ecks> Probe
22:29:01<@exiledjedi>  Probe
22:29:14<@Imperators>  we love the article. therefore probe
22:29:27<@exiledjedi>  TIE/D Defender probed.
22:29:57<@exiledjedi>  if correct, this should have grammar corrected and the info noted in the intro and infobox. Imperators II(Talk) 10:39, February 23, 2018 (UTC) 
22:30:08<@Imperators>  backup link(s)
22:30:15<@ecks> honestly I'd just revert that for being unsourced
22:30:40<@Toprawa>  BBY dates need proper referencing 
22:30:52<@Toprawa>  BTS is a mess
22:30:58<@Toprawa>  It's like a list of trivia
22:30:59<@exiledjedi>  Okay, what is the logic for having Juyo and Vaapad in the same article?
22:31:00<@Imperators>  infobox is messy, needs linking and alphabetizing/chronologizing
22:31:08<@exiledjedi>  I've always wondered this.
22:31:13<@Toprawa>  I have no idea, EJ
22:31:19<@Toprawa>  I'm unfamiliar with the subject matter
22:31:25<@ecks> some of the references have questionable formatting at best
22:31:32<@ecks> ↑ 20.0 20.1 20.2 20.3 Revenge of the Sith novelization
22:31:30<@exiledjedi>  I just know Mace Windu created Vaapad.
22:31:39<@exiledjedi>  But Juyo is in KOTOR II, I believe.
22:32:18<@exiledjedi>  Vaapad should be mentioned here, but I think there should also be a separate article for it.
22:32:21<@Toprawa>  We could leave that as a probation reason: Explain for us why they should be in the same article
22:32:32<@exiledjedi>  Yeah.
22:32:56<@Imperators>  non-canon appearances need to be formatted properly within Appearances
22:33:18<@Toprawa>  I've never been a fan of the infobox's formatting like this:
22:33:28<@Toprawa>  Juyo: 
22:33:28<@Toprawa>  Atris[1]
22:33:28<@Toprawa>  Gnost-Dural[4]
22:33:36<@Toprawa>  i.e., not referencing "Juyo"
22:33:41<@Toprawa>  Same with Vaapad
22:34:03<@Imperators>  wait, so the subject was retconned into Ep I and Ep II, but not into their adaptations?
22:34:13<@Imperators>  riiiiight
22:34:15<@Toprawa>  Good point
22:34:25<@Toprawa>  That's a mess in itself
22:34:34<@Toprawa>  Trying to figure all everything that needs to be listed there
22:34:39<@Toprawa>  Good luck
22:34:47<@Toprawa>  This is why you should never write a film subject :P
22:35:00<@Imperators>  Qeimet. I mean, amen.
22:35:05<@Imperators>  probe
22:35:05<@Toprawa>  Good luck :P
22:35:07<@Toprawa>  Probe
22:35:44<@exiledjedi>  Probe
22:35:53<@ecks> probe
22:35:57<@exiledjedi>  Form VII probed.
22:36:04<@Imperators>  that's what we'll be adding to FAN in the Mofference: "... is not about a subject appearing in any of the films."
22:36:13<@ecks> man there's a ton of crap in the maintenance bin
22:36:15<@Toprawa>  ^
22:36:22<@exiledjedi>  Okay, do we want to go on to the maintenance bin?
22:36:24<@exiledjedi>  If so, how much?
22:36:31<@ecks> we've probed 11 articles
22:36:35<@ecks> how about 9 more
22:36:33<@Toprawa>  Things that need updating
22:36:54<@Toprawa>  Whatever EJ wants to do
22:37:00<@Toprawa>  He controls our destinies 
22:37:07<@Imperators>  lead us forth, EJ
22:37:18<@exiledjedi>  Update needed.
22:37:40<@Imperators>  def a template for Ref 6
22:37:45<@ecks> cite web pls
22:37:44<@Toprawa>  I'd rather see the ABY date explained in a ref note
22:37:49<@Toprawa>  Since he's only indirectly mentioned in that book
22:38:04<@ecks> image caption punctuation
22:38:07<@Imperators>  probably {{Shortstory}} for "In His Image"
22:38:11<@Toprawa>  infobox-exclusive info
22:38:20<@ecks> hair and eye color should be in PT
22:38:20<@ecks> yeah
22:38:39<@ecks> probe
22:38:37<@Toprawa>  Probe
22:38:45<@Imperators>  probe
22:38:47<@exiledjedi>  Probe
22:38:52<@exiledjedi>  Erv Lekauf probed.
22:39:04<@exiledjedi>  Update needed.
22:39:25<@Imperators>  template for Ref 3
22:39:37<@ecks> wouldn't mind another body image tbh
22:39:43<@exiledjedi>  Does the novel really state when he was born?
22:39:44<@Toprawa>  Infobox-exclusive info
22:39:55<@Toprawa>  Request for it to be verified 
22:40:18<@Imperators>  def not, EJ
22:40:33<@ecks> let's probe dat shit
22:40:32<@exiledjedi>  We should also verify that it mentions his height.
22:41:06<@Toprawa>  Is the intro a little long for the Bio length?
22:41:10<@Toprawa>  Just a little?
22:41:11<@exiledjedi>  I think it is.
22:41:11<@Imperators>  BTS talks about the height
22:41:19<@exiledjedi>  But does it say 1.83 meters?
22:41:36<@exiledjedi>  Looking at the BTS, it doesn't look like it.
22:42:00<@Imperators>  to put it in one word? probe.
22:42:05<@exiledjedi>  Probe
22:42:16<@ecks> probe
22:42:19<@Toprawa>  probe
22:42:50<@exiledjedi>  Jangotat probed.
22:43:06<@Toprawa>  sigh
22:43:06<@exiledjedi>  Update needed.
22:43:11<@exiledjedi>  What is this?
22:43:11<@Toprawa>  This is one of my very old FAs
22:43:24<@Toprawa>  I've admittedly not done much to keep it maintained 
22:43:42<@Toprawa>  I leave it to this august body to do with it as they will
22:43:52<@exiledjedi>  Content approaching. Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back
22:44:00<@ecks> Insta-kill
22:44:01<@ecks> XD
22:44:04<@exiledjedi>  What does he mean by this?
22:44:04<@Toprawa>  I don't know
22:44:08<@Toprawa>  I've been Hanzoed
22:44:13<@Imperators>  heh
22:45:15<@Imperators>  well, backup link(s), a couple citation templates, BTS sectioning/parabreaking
22:45:30<@Toprawa>  Yeah, it's a mess
22:45:33<@Toprawa>  It's pretty much 2008-era
22:45:46<@Toprawa>  It needs a top-to-bottom cleanup
22:45:50<@ecks> that one's garbage! --Inq, 2018
22:45:49<@Toprawa>  I'd rather just rewrite the thing from scratch
22:45:49<@Imperators>  would be nice if the image layout/captioning was formatted for Oasis
22:46:04<@Imperators>  intro parabreaking
22:46:13* @exiledjedi shakes his head at Imperators.
22:46:20<@Toprawa>  Just probe it, because I'm not going to fix it for the next meeting
22:46:31<@ecks> probe
22:46:28<@Toprawa>  We can kill it, and I can rewrite it whenever
22:46:32<@exiledjedi>  Probe
22:46:34<@Toprawa>  Probe
22:46:35<@Imperators>  probe
22:46:49<@exiledjedi>  Tarrin Batch probed.
22:46:49<@Toprawa>  The next one is the same thing
22:46:56<@Imperators>  Tope will get this one™
22:47:14<@exiledjedi>  Needs an update.
22:47:23* @exiledjedi waves on Imperators.
22:47:43<@Imperators>  yeah, backup(s)
22:47:45<@Toprawa>  Just probe it for general cleanup + whatever update there might be
22:47:54<@exiledjedi>  Probe
22:47:54<@Toprawa>  Probe
22:47:59<@ecks> probe
22:47:56<@Imperators>  probe
22:48:04<@exiledjedi>  Tenk Lenso probed.
22:48:11<@Imperators>  Content approaching. Hanzo-class
22:48:11<@exiledjedi>  Tope: I've been waiting for years for someone to say that Lennox needs a redux / cleanup.
22:48:20<@Toprawa>  Don't tell Hanzo :P
22:48:39<@exiledjedi>  Needs an update.
22:48:59<@Imperators>  why is the infobox date bolded, I have no idea
22:49:08<@ecks> important date
22:49:22<@ecks> body could probably have an image or even two
22:49:20<@Toprawa>  That's actually going to be one of my Mofference items
22:49:32<@exiledjedi>  The BBY dates should be verified.
22:49:37<@Imperators>  The BTS...
22:49:43<@exiledjedi>  (955BrS)
22:49:59<@exiledjedi>  I'll bet that isn't in the novel.
22:50:03<@exiledjedi>  It would be weird if it was.
22:50:08<@ecks> the Bts seems pretty speculative
22:50:15<@ecks> if anything the claims need to be sourced
22:50:19<@ecks> otherwise it's just OR
22:50:16<@Toprawa>  Just remove that BrS
22:50:20<@Toprawa>  It's supposed to be a GrS date
22:50:27<@Toprawa>  But it's totally unnecessary to list it here
22:50:34<@exiledjedi>  Does that intro seem long to anyone else?
22:50:46<@ecks> a bit
22:50:51<@ecks> infobox-exclusive information
22:50:51<@Toprawa>  Yeah, intro could probably be two paragraphs
22:50:57<@Toprawa>  Linking in infobox
22:51:05<@Toprawa>  Probe
22:51:20<@Imperators>  in any case, the last sentence of the BTS should be cut
22:51:21<@Imperators>  probe
22:51:26<@exiledjedi>  Probe
22:51:38<@Imperators>  also, why no images?
22:51:47<@ecks> 22:49:22<@ecks> body could probably have an image or even two
22:51:51<@ecks> you're late, old man
22:51:52<@ecks> Probe
22:51:54<@exiledjedi>  Hetton probed.
22:51:54<@Imperators>  I just want to repeat it :P
22:52:12<@exiledjedi>  Update needed.
22:52:14<@Toprawa>  Oh, HK...
22:52:19<@Imperators>  oh dear
22:52:19<@exiledjedi>  For some reason, this thing is full protected.
22:52:23<@Toprawa>  yes, hah
22:52:31<@ecks> wtf
22:52:28<@Toprawa>  (Another Mofference item of mine)
22:52:28<@Imperators>  because he's cool, probably.
22:52:37<@exiledjedi>  This will be the last one btw.
22:52:42<@Imperators>  aw
22:52:56<@Imperators>  ecks is on paperwork, we could do so much more
22:52:57<@Toprawa>  The intro is ridiculous
22:53:00<@ecks> backup links etc etc
22:53:03<@ecks> am I?
22:53:02<@Toprawa>  There's only six Bio sections
22:53:30<@ecks> the intro is Darth Caedus sized
22:53:41<@exiledjedi>  The BTS is really messy.
22:54:07<@Toprawa>  I question all of the body's BBY refs
22:54:11<@ecks> Abilities should probably be a subsection of Characteristics
22:54:17<@ecks> WP:LG allows no leeway here
22:54:15<@Toprawa>  The intro's look solid
22:54:17<@Imperators>  formatting non-canon Appearances blah blah
22:54:46<@ecks> {{Doomed}}
22:54:49<@Toprawa>  Image formatting in general is terrible for Oasis
22:54:59<@Toprawa>  Images need to go after Quotes, not before
22:55:02<@Imperators>  some of the body date refs are good, but not all of them
22:55:42<@Toprawa>  If anyone fixes all of this, I'll be impressed
22:55:45<@Toprawa>  Then we can give them more probably
22:55:47<@Toprawa>  Probe
22:55:52<@exiledjedi>  It will have to be an admin right now.
22:55:53<@exiledjedi>  Probe
22:55:58<@Imperators>  probe
22:56:01<@ecks> probe
22:56:07<@exiledjedi>  HK-47 probed.
22:56:09<@Imperators>  ecks will fix it as part of paperwork
22:56:24<@exiledjedi>  All right, that's all I think we will do this time.
22:56:30<@ecks> due to paperwork duty, I will be resigning from the Inq, effective immediately
22:56:34<@ecks> so long suckers
22:56:36<@exiledjedi>  Meeting duties...
22:56:40<@Toprawa>  Request denied
22:56:44<@Toprawa>  You've been conscripted 
22:57:20<@exiledjedi>  ecks in on paperwork.
22:57:30<@ecks> must be a typo
22:57:27<@exiledjedi>  We need to redo the duties.
22:57:31<@Imperators>  lol, I even have more articles that were queued up for this meeting
22:57:32<@Toprawa>  You meant ecks2 :P
22:57:34<@exiledjedi>  But I've got to run.
22:57:41<@Toprawa>  Thanks, EJ
22:57:44<@Imperators>  thanks
22:57:44<@Toprawa>  I can redo it
22:57:44<@exiledjedi>  Could you take care of it for me?
22:57:49<@ecks> I can shuffle them as part of the paperwork
22:57:47<@exiledjedi>  Thanks.
22:57:49<@Toprawa>  Sure, ecks
22:58:04<@ecks> my name might not be on the renewed list due to technical reasons
22:58:04<@Imperators>  roulette the shit out of duties
22:58:31<@Toprawa>  Want me to just do it now for the log?
22:58:34<@Toprawa>  I have it open
22:58:39<@ecks> sure
22:58:42<@Imperators>  looks like it was a good call to start the meeting early
22:59:18<@Toprawa>  Scheduling:
22:59:20<@Toprawa>  Imperators II*
22:59:20<@Toprawa>  Toprawa and Ralltiir*
22:59:20<@Toprawa>  Xd1358*
22:59:20<@Toprawa>  Supreme Emperor
22:59:22<@Toprawa>  Exiledjedi*
22:59:30<@Toprawa>  Paperwork:
22:59:30<@Toprawa>  Xd1358*
22:59:30<@Toprawa>  Exiledjedi*
22:59:30<@Toprawa>  Toprawa and Ralltiir*
22:59:33<@Toprawa>  Imperators II*
22:59:34<@Toprawa>  Supreme Emperor
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