00:43:13<@ecks> Welcome to Inqmoot 94
00:43:16<@ecks> Starting with old articles
00:43:29<@ecks> no changes
00:43:30<@ecks> kill
00:43:32<@Toprawa>  Imperators will be counted in my vote to make it 4
00:43:40<@Toprawa>  Oh, wait he left notes
00:43:44<@exiledjedi>  Kill
00:43:50<@ecks> yep, absentees vote kill
00:43:49<@Toprawa>  So did SE
00:43:53<@Toprawa>  Kill
00:43:59<@ecks> Eelysa killed
00:44:12<@ecks> no changes
00:44:13<@ecks> kill
00:44:16<@Toprawa>  Kill
00:44:18<@exiledjedi>  Kill
00:44:22<@ecks> absentees concur
00:44:25<@ecks> Falynn killed
00:44:49<@ecks> no substantial changes
00:44:51<@ecks> kill
00:44:53<@Toprawa>  Kill
00:44:58<@ecks> absentees vote to kill
00:45:19<@exiledjedi>  Kill
00:45:27<@ecks> Frog-dawg killed
00:45:45<@Toprawa>  It's nice that Code-8 showed us where the info is, but that should still be referenced somehow
00:45:49<@ecks> CC-8 left a note
00:45:51<@Toprawa>  So really nothing was done
00:46:03<@ecks> nod
00:46:04<@ecks> kill
00:46:21<@ecks> Imperators votes to extend, SE votes to kill
00:46:05<@Toprawa>  Kill
00:46:08<@exiledjedi>  Kill
00:46:30<@ecks> Ishin killed
00:46:31<@Toprawa>  Sorry, Imperators :P
00:46:48<@ecks> no changes
00:46:49<@ecks> kill
00:46:49<@Toprawa>  Kill
00:46:57<@ecks> absentees vote to kill
00:47:07<@exiledjedi>  Kill
00:47:13<@ecks> Willrow killed
00:47:19<@Toprawa>  KILLROW
00:47:23<@ecks> nice.
00:47:29<@ecks> no changes
00:47:29<@Toprawa>  B)
00:47:30<@ecks> kill
00:47:35<@Toprawa>  Kill
00:47:36<@ecks> absentees concur
00:47:39<@exiledjedi>  Kill
00:47:50<@ecks> Jannik killed
00:48:04<@ecks> whaddaya know, no changes
00:48:05<@ecks> kill
00:48:08<@Toprawa>  Kill
00:48:09<@exiledjedi>  Kill
00:48:13<@ecks> absentees concur
00:48:15<@ecks> and it's dead
00:48:38<@ecks> surprisingly, no changes here
00:48:39<@ecks> kill
00:48:42<@exiledjedi>  Kill
00:48:48<@ecks> absentees are unanimous: it's a kill
00:49:08<@Toprawa>  Kill
00:49:13<@ecks> RIP
00:49:24<@ecks> you guessed it: no changes
00:49:31<@ecks> absentees vote to kill
00:49:32<@exiledjedi>  Kill
00:49:33<@ecks> and so do I
00:49:34<@Toprawa>  Kill
00:49:38<@ecks> down it goes
00:50:22<@ecks> SE votes to Spare/extend, Imperators votes to extend/keep
00:50:38<@ecks> the Council would like to point out that a probed article cannot be spared, only kept
00:51:03<@ecks> seems fine to me
00:51:09<@Toprawa>  Why are we extending it anyways?
00:51:11<@Toprawa>  If he fixed it all?
00:51:25<@exiledjedi>  I don't think he finished when Imperators left his notes.
00:52:01<@ecks> yeah
00:52:04<@exiledjedi>  Considering the last comment is from like an hour ago.
00:52:06<@ecks> I'm fine with keeping this one
00:52:11<@Toprawa>  Keep
00:52:38<@exiledjedi>  Keep
00:52:41<@ecks> Our first keep of tonight
00:52:57<@ecks> nothing done 
00:52:59<@ecks> kill
00:53:02<@ecks> absentees kill
00:53:03<@exiledjedi>  Kill
00:53:14<@Toprawa>  Kill
00:53:36<@ecks> Denetrus? more like destatus
00:53:54<@ecks> untouched
00:53:57<@ecks> unkeepable
00:53:58<@ecks> kill
00:53:59<@Toprawa>  Kill
00:53:59<@exiledjedi>  Kill
00:54:05<@ecks> absentees vote to kill
00:54:11<@ecks> Barrow killed
00:54:30<@ecks> untouched
00:54:33<@exiledjedi>  Kill
00:54:40<@ecks> absentees concur
00:54:40<@Toprawa>  Kill
00:54:47<@ecks> Chertyl killed
00:55:13<@ecks> pretty much untouched
00:55:27<@ecks> Kill away
00:55:30<@Toprawa>  Kill
00:55:32<@exiledjedi>  Kill
00:55:39<@ecks> Absentees vote kill
00:55:46<@ecks> dead she is
00:55:59<@ecks> untouched
00:56:00<@ecks> kill 
00:56:01<@Toprawa>  Kill
00:56:04<@exiledjedi>  Kill
00:56:06<@ecks> absentees vote kill
00:56:13<@ecks> and it's a resounding yes on the kill
00:56:31<@ecks> no changes
00:56:32<@ecks> kill
00:56:45<@exiledjedi>  Kill
00:57:05<@ecks> Absentees concur
00:57:06<@Toprawa>  Kill
00:57:16<@ecks> E-ba-di-ba-dop killed
00:57:34<@ecks> citation is still needed
00:57:55<@ecks> that's a kill from me and my absentee crew
00:58:00<@exiledjedi>  Kill
00:58:01<@Toprawa>  Kill
00:58:11<@ecks> 3B6 killed
00:58:13<@ecks> moving on
00:58:24<@ecks>     BTS is unsourced and should mention dates for sources. Find some places to insert paragraph breaks to break up the wall of text as well.
00:58:24<@ecks>     First, second, and fifth paragraphs in the article body could all use paragraph breaks. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 18:20, August 25, 2018 (UTC) 
00:58:46<@Toprawa>  Probe
00:58:52<@ecks> Probe 
00:58:57<@ecks> Absentees probe
00:58:58<@exiledjedi>  Probe
00:59:09<@ecks> Bane probed
00:59:25<@ecks>     Digitize images
00:59:25<@ecks>     Source BTS
00:59:25<@ecks>     Release dates in BTS are nice
00:59:25<@ecks>     Subsection History; add additional quotes and images if available
00:59:25<@ecks>     Pretty certain not all the BBY dates can stand on the supplied referencing; Power of the Jedi Sourcebook almost certainly doesn't use these dates, for example Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 18:42, August 25, 2018 (UTC) 
00:59:41<@ecks> Linking in references too
00:59:54<@Toprawa>  Probe
00:59:59<@ecks> Probe + absentee probe
00:59:59<@exiledjedi>  Probe
01:00:06<@ecks> Star probed
01:00:15<@ecks>     Unsourced BTS.
01:00:15<@ecks>     Publication dates would be nice in BTS.
01:00:15<@ecks>     Fix all redirects.
01:00:15<@ecks>     I'm not usually one for shoehorning in images into articles just for the sake of having images, but it's probably worth exploring adding one or two.
01:00:15<@ecks>     Confirm/properly reference all BBY/ABY dates. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 17:01, August 26, 2018 (UTC) 
01:00:39<@ecks> why does reference 5 include a page number but none of the other refs do?
01:00:54-!- Toprawa (~Toprawa@wookieepedia/bureaucrat/Toprawa) has left #wookieepedia-inquisitorius ("Greater Javin, Mountain Momma, Take Me Home, Country Roads")
01:00:58-!- Toprawa (~Toprawa@wookieepedia/bureaucrat/Toprawa) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius (acc: Toprawa)
01:00:58* ChanServ sets modes [#wookieepedia-inquisitorius +o Toprawa]
01:01:06<@Toprawa>  We don't formally have a policy on referencing by page numbers
01:01:27<@Toprawa>  I say that a) because I want to create one, and b) admittedly we've unfairly targeted articles for that in the past
01:01:37<@Toprawa>  But probe
01:01:39<@ecks> We, however, vote to probe
01:01:52<@exiledjedi>  Probe
01:02:05<@ecks> holocron probed
01:02:25<@ecks> Mad About Me — BTS needs to be sourced and would greatly benefit from subsectioning and maybe an image or two? Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 00:35, August 27, 2018 (UTC) 
01:02:31<@Toprawa>  Probe
01:02:41<@ecks> Probe x3
01:02:41<@exiledjedi>  Probe
01:03:14<@ecks> Mad About Probe
01:03:31<@ecks> OK; we got a bunch of Hanzo entries here but I think we should start with some maintenance bin entries
01:03:42<@ecks> some of these are super old by now
01:04:23<@ecks> CSWE update required
01:04:36<@ecks> reference 10 requires cite web
01:04:46<@exiledjedi>  Infobox exclusive info
01:04:50<@ecks> Image caption punctuation
01:05:01<@exiledjedi>  BTS is not completely sourced.
01:05:23<@ecks> Probe
01:05:33<@Toprawa>  Probe
01:05:43<@exiledjedi>  Probe
01:05:47<@ecks> Spiker probed
01:05:55<@ecks> CSWE update
01:06:06<@exiledjedi>  That's the same article.
01:06:09<@ecks> er
01:06:16<@ecks> CSWE update :P
01:06:26<@ecks> reference 8 requires archive link or cite web or something
01:06:27-!- Ralltiir (~Toprawa@wookieepedia/bureaucrat/Toprawa) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius (acc: Toprawa)
01:06:27* ChanServ sets modes [#wookieepedia-inquisitorius +o Ralltiir]
01:06:35<@Ralltiir>  Probe if you didn't see that
01:06:53<@exiledjedi>  Missing backup links
01:06:59<@Ralltiir>  Where are we, sorry?
01:07:07<@Ralltiir>  Thanks
01:07:18<@Ralltiir>  Digital images pls
01:07:33<@ecks> the intro is kinda long
01:07:39<@exiledjedi>  I'm pretty sure this guy could have some kind of equipment section.
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01:07:51* ecks sets modes [#wookieepedia-inquisitorius -i]
01:08:11<@ecks> alright, let's probe it
01:08:28-!- Awarpot (~Toprawa@wookieepedia/bureaucrat/Toprawa) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius (acc: Toprawa)
01:08:28* ChanServ sets modes [#wookieepedia-inquisitorius +o Awarpot]
01:08:34<@exiledjedi>  Probe
01:08:52<@ecks> Tope wields the power of both SE and Imperators
01:08:58<@Awarpot>  Gosh
01:09:00<@Awarpot>  Probe
01:09:05<@ecks> Janek probed
01:09:11-!- Zeible ([REDACTED]@gateway/web/freenode/ip.[REDACTED]) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius (acc: Zeible)
01:09:17<@ecks> CSWE update required
01:09:34<@ecks> again, some references have page numbers, other's dont
01:09:40<@ecks> missing backup links
01:09:52<@Awarpot>  Infobox-exclusive info
01:10:02-!- Toprawa (~Toprawa@wookieepedia/bureaucrat/Toprawa) has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
01:10:08<@Awarpot>  Redirects
01:10:21<@Awarpot>  Probe
01:10:23<@ecks> that's a probe
01:10:26<@exiledjedi>  Probe
01:10:40<@ecks> Solomahal probed
01:10:45<@ecks> Update needed
01:10:59<@ecks> missing backup links
01:11:12<@Awarpot>  DB entries are Last name, First name
01:11:32<@exiledjedi>  Reference 4 is dead.
01:11:42-!- Ralltiir (~Toprawa@wookieepedia/bureaucrat/Toprawa) has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
01:11:54<@Awarpot>  I sort of can't believe another image can't be found from Planet of the Mists for the first subsection
01:11:58<@Awarpot>  There has to be /something/
01:12:19<@ecks> Probe
01:12:30<@Awarpot>  No dates. Certainly it gives some kind of time frame?
01:12:50<@exiledjedi>  Does the introduction seem a little too long for an article of this size?
01:13:03<@Awarpot>  If nothing else, I think the original WEG RPG stuff states that it's all set in the OT era
01:13:16<@Awarpot>  It could certainly be cut down
01:13:24<@Awarpot>  Oasis changes our perception, of course
01:13:28<@Awarpot>  It probably looked better in Monobook
01:13:36<@exiledjedi>  No doubt.
01:13:45<@exiledjedi>  Probe
01:13:45<@Awarpot>  Probe
01:13:51<@ecks> Vost probed
01:13:57<@ecks> Update needed
01:14:00<@ecks> Missing backup links
01:14:18<@Awarpot>  Never heard of it
01:14:38<@Awarpot>  More images could be used in the article body
01:14:59<@ecks> Probe
01:15:04<@Awarpot>  ERC cannot be used as a ref for the date
01:15:12<@Awarpot>  That's some extrapolation 
01:15:20<@Awarpot>  Probe
01:15:26<@exiledjedi>  Probe
01:15:30<@ecks> Kharrus probed
01:15:35<@ecks> I need a short bathroom break
01:15:42<@Awarpot>  Ok
01:15:46* Awarpot is now known as Toprawa
01:16:09<@Toprawa>  I sure I hope I don't have paperwork
01:17:36<@exiledjedi>  It's going to be fun for somebody.
01:17:37<@ecks> alright, resuming
01:17:49<@ecks> alright, let's do some Hanzo articles
01:17:57<@ecks>     Infobox exclusive info.
01:17:57<@ecks>     1990s ABY citations.
01:17:57<@ecks>     BTS not sourced. 
01:18:03<@ecks> redlink
01:18:08<@Toprawa>  Probe
01:18:13<@ecks> missing backup links
01:18:16<@exiledjedi>  Probe
01:18:18<@Toprawa>  I'm not even looking at these :P
01:18:22<@Toprawa>  I'm just probing on Hanzo's stuff
01:18:35<@ecks> Probed
01:18:51<@ecks>     1990s B/ABY citations.
01:18:51<@ecks>     Verify "details surrounding the founding of the B'omarr were largely unknown" and "Although the connection between it and the order is unknown" text.
01:18:51<@ecks>     BTS not sourced. 
01:18:59<@Toprawa>  Probe
01:19:10<@ecks> some of these paragraphs are pretty huge
01:19:18<@ecks> missing backup links
01:19:29<@ecks> Probe
01:19:52<@exiledjedi>  Probe
01:20:08<@ecks> B'omarr probed
01:20:20<@ecks>     Infobox exclusive crew members, most likely "unidentified" not literally used IU.
01:20:20<@ecks>     Check golden dish "purpose unknown" text.
01:20:20<@ecks>     Underlinking. 
01:20:24<@Toprawa>  Probe
01:20:30<@ecks> reference linking
01:20:36<@exiledjedi>  Probe
01:20:44<@ecks> some sort of year would be nice in the Bts
01:20:47<@ecks> Harbinger probed
01:21:00<@ecks>     Infobox lists at least 6 Dark Jedi casualties, but no specific number mentioned in article.
01:21:00<@ecks>     Context needed.
01:21:00<@ecks>     Verify BBY citations.
01:21:00<@ecks>     Verify if "nearly all base personnel" casualties can be confirmed. 
01:21:20<@ecks> reference 3 needs a page number for the CSWE citation
01:21:33<@exiledjedi>  Depends on how thorough the player is.
01:21:35<@exiledjedi>  Probe
01:21:38<@Toprawa>  Probe
01:21:46<@ecks> Raid probed
01:21:56<@ecks>     Infobox exclusive info.
01:21:56<@ecks>     Equipment not mentioned. 
01:22:03<@ecks> Missing backup links
01:22:20<@ecks> at least one image has intact speech bubbles without text
01:22:20<@Toprawa>  Probe
01:22:28<@exiledjedi>  Probe
01:22:36<@ecks> Kol probed
01:22:43<@ecks>     Infobox exclusive info.
01:22:43<@ecks>     Equipment not mentioned.
01:22:43<@ecks>     In cut content section, checking the cited link doesn't mention "whether or not he succeeded in repelling the Yuuzhan Vong threat is unknown."
01:22:43<@ecks>     BTS not completely sourced. 
01:22:51<@ecks> Missing backup links
01:23:09<@Toprawa>  Probe
01:23:10<@ecks> some sort of image could be nice
01:23:12<@ecks> Probe
01:23:33<@exiledjedi>  Probe
01:23:37<@ecks> Octavian probe
01:23:38<@ecks> d
01:23:46<@ecks> OK, we've done 15 new articles now, do we want to go on?
01:24:18<@Toprawa>  I'm just probing what you put in front of me :P
01:24:28<@Toprawa>  I'm ok with finishing the agenda, at least
01:24:38<@ecks> aight
01:24:45<@ecks>     Infobox exclusive info.
01:24:45<@ecks>     "Unidentified envoy" not proper MoS.
01:24:45<@ecks>     Infobox mentions 9 double laser cannons, article mentions at least 9 ("Each side of the ship (3 total) was equipped with at least three double-barreled laser cannons")
01:24:45<@ecks>     BTS not sourced. 
01:24:59<@ecks> linking in references
01:25:09<@ecks> ref 10 needs some sort of cite web or something
01:25:25<@Toprawa>  Probe
01:25:26<@exiledjedi>  Probe
01:25:43<@ecks> Fairwind probed
01:26:00<@ecks>     Infobox exclusive info.
01:26:00<@ecks>     Ghoel "presumably (tried to lick passersby) to communicate with them" is one's own conjecture, not said in cited stuff.
01:26:00<@ecks>     Doesn't document Ghoel's info from RotJ.
01:26:00<@ecks>     Holonet News Article for 22 BBY only mentions 13:4:11 as date.
01:26:00<@ecks>     Does the Galaxies portion definitely happen in 1 ABY, instead of any vague range between 0 and 3 ABY?
01:26:00<@ecks>     BTS not sourced. 
01:26:07<@ecks> Missing backup links
01:26:12<@ecks> redlink
01:26:21<@Toprawa>  Probe
01:26:25<@ecks> infobox linking?
01:26:25<@exiledjedi>  Probe
01:26:29<@ecks> Wol probed
01:26:40<@ecks>     1990s ABY citations.
01:26:40<@ecks>     Infobox exclusive info.
01:26:40<@ecks>     BTS not completely sourced. 
01:26:50<@ecks> Missing backup links
01:26:59<@ecks> Bts partially unsourced
01:27:02<@ecks> ah, Hanzo noted that
01:27:13<@ecks> an image or two more wouldn't hurt
01:27:15<@ecks> Probe
01:27:28<@Toprawa>  Probe
01:27:31<@exiledjedi>  Probe
01:27:57<@ecks> Probed
01:28:03<@ecks>     BTS not completely sourced.
01:28:03<@ecks>     19 BBY citations to Revenge of Sith novel. Hanzo Hasashi (talk) 03:46, August 29, 2018 (UTC) 
01:28:14<@Toprawa>  Probe
01:28:24<@ecks> the intro is kinda huge
01:28:47<@ecks> Probe
01:28:51<@exiledjedi>  Probe
01:28:56<@ecks> Probed
01:29:01<@ecks> alright, let's do the rest of the bin while we're here
01:29:12<@ecks> CSWE update needed
01:29:22<@ecks> a bunch of redirects
01:29:22<@exiledjedi>  Please don't be me on paperwork, please don't be me on paperwork.
01:29:25<@ecks> haha
01:29:27<@Toprawa>  Probe
01:29:44<@ecks> Probe
01:29:44<@Toprawa>  I have to check...
01:29:47<@exiledjedi>  Probe
01:29:56<@Toprawa>  It's me...
01:29:57<@Toprawa>  Of course it's me
01:30:05<@ecks> My condolences
01:30:08<@ecks> Do you want to go on? :P
01:30:11<@Toprawa>  No :P
01:30:14<@exiledjedi>  Let's not.
01:30:19<@ecks> alright, let's leave the rest
01:30:24<@ecks> Discussion items?
01:30:28<@Toprawa>  No :P
01:30:37<@ecks> the usual from me
01:30:42<@ecks> the FAN is pretty fucking stagnant 
01:30:48<@Toprawa>  Yeah...
01:30:50<@ecks> got a bunch of Inq objections sitting for months
01:30:51<@Toprawa>  We fixed the GAN
01:30:58<@ecks> I don't really know what we need to do to fix the FAN
01:30:58<@Toprawa>  Now I'm moving to FAN myself
01:31:04<@Toprawa>  We need to review :P
01:31:07<@Toprawa>  I haven't done anything for a while
01:31:08<@ecks> I've said the same every meeting
01:31:09<@Toprawa>  I'm getting back to it now
01:31:13<@ecks> I'm as guilty as anyone
01:31:15<@Toprawa>  I know, but I'm really getting back to it now :P
01:31:19<@Toprawa>  I'm doing Qeimet next
01:31:21<@ecks> :P
01:31:38<@ecks> if it's not moving by the next meeting, I'm proposing review quotas
01:31:55<@Toprawa>  We'll see :P
01:31:55<@ecks> alright
01:32:01<@ecks> duties...
01:32:10<@ecks> Tope is on paperwork (lol)
01:32:16<@ecks> Meeting 95 is scheduled by EJ
01:32:25<@exiledjedi>  I'll help with that if you need it, Tope.
01:32:28<@ecks> And we're done, 1.5 hours before the meeting is scheduled
01:32:29<@Toprawa>  Thanks
01:32:30<@ecks> impressive.
01:32:34<@ecks> Thanks for coming
01:32:35<@Toprawa>  Excsellent
01:32:37<@Toprawa>  Thanks for hosting
01:32:43<@ecks> my pleasure
01:32:43<@Toprawa>  Wait
01:32:46<@Toprawa>  Ecksellent
01:32:46<@Toprawa>  There
01:32:49<@ecks> ^
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