20:15:40<@Toprawa>  Welcome, all, to Inqmoot 102.
20:15:48<@Toprawa>  We will begin with probed articles from last meeting.
20:16:23<@Toprawa>  This article has undergone multiple extensions.
20:16:51<@Toprawa>  He appears to have addressed all issues.
20:16:56<@Tommy-Macaroni>  I think a Redux may be necessary
20:16:58<@Toprawa>  The choice here is basically between Keep and Redux.
20:17:02<@Tommy-Macaroni>  A lot has been changed
20:17:06<@Toprawa>  Indeed it has
20:17:08<@Toprawa>  ecks has voted keep
20:17:14<@Toprawa>  Tommy appears to prefer Redux
20:17:15<@Supreme_Emperor>  Redux is definitely the way to go
20:17:19<@Toprawa>  SE votes Redux
20:17:23<@Toprawa>  Then I will agree to that as well.
20:17:27<@Toprawa>  Zsinj is Reduxed.
20:17:47<@Toprawa>  No change
20:17:52<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Kill
20:17:59<@Toprawa>  Kill
20:18:14<@Toprawa>  For all of these probation articles, ecks votes kill in absentia 
20:18:36<@Toprawa>  SE, if you aren't able to answer immediately, it's fine. I will just take your absentee vote then.
20:18:39<@Toprawa>  SE votes kill.
20:18:43<@Toprawa>  Dice Ibegon/Legends killed
20:19:15<@Supreme_Emperor>  Thanks Tope
20:19:17<@Toprawa>  No problem
20:19:21<@Toprawa>  No change
20:19:26<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Kill
20:19:28<@Toprawa>  Kill
20:19:42<@Toprawa>  SE votes Kill
20:19:44<@Toprawa>  Bentilais san Sk'ar killed
20:20:05<@Toprawa>  No change
20:20:07<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Kill
20:20:14<@Toprawa>  Kill
20:20:23<@Toprawa>  SE votes Kill
20:20:25<@Toprawa>  Drogen Hosh killed
20:20:43<@Toprawa>  No change
20:21:22<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Kill
20:21:32<@Toprawa>  Kill
20:21:35<@Toprawa>  SE votes Kill.
20:21:38<@Toprawa>  N-K Necrosis killed
20:21:46<@Toprawa>  No change
20:22:01<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Kill
20:22:05<@Toprawa>  Kill
20:22:08<@Toprawa>  SE votes Kill.
20:22:10<@Toprawa>  Murk Lundi killed
20:22:35<@Toprawa>  An effort to fix one of the objections was made and reverted by ecks
20:22:39<@Toprawa>  For low quality
20:22:42<@Toprawa>  Kill
20:22:51<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Kill
20:22:54<@Toprawa>  SE votes Kill
20:22:57<@Toprawa>  Nahdar Vebb/Legends killed
20:23:21<@Toprawa>  No change
20:23:22<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Kill
20:23:29<@Toprawa>  Kill
20:23:33<@Toprawa>  SE votes Kill
20:23:36<@Toprawa>  Cody Sunn-Childe killed
20:23:51<@Toprawa>  No change
20:24:05<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Kill
20:24:10<@Toprawa>  Kill
20:24:13<@Toprawa>  SE votes Kill
20:24:14<@Toprawa>  Burra killed
20:24:21<@Toprawa>  No change
20:24:27<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Kill
20:24:34<@Toprawa>  Kill
20:24:38<@Toprawa>  SE votes Kill
20:24:43<@Toprawa>  Saadoon-Kauldi killed
20:24:58<@Toprawa>  No change
20:25:13<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Kill
20:25:16<@Toprawa>  Kill
20:25:19<@Toprawa>  SE votes Kill
20:25:22<@Toprawa>  Unidentified Imperial scout killed
20:26:07<@Toprawa>  There was a lot of editing done by a user in semi-relation to the probation issues
20:26:10<@Toprawa>  But nothing was actually resolved
20:26:35<@Toprawa>  Kill
20:26:36<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Kill
20:26:39<@Toprawa>  SE votes Kill
20:26:45<@Toprawa>  Battle of Bothawui/Legends killed
20:26:48<@Toprawa>  That's all for those
20:26:52<@Toprawa>  Moving on to new articles
20:27:16<@Toprawa>  For the benefit of our mobile-IRC users, I will post the issues here from the meeting page
20:27:35<@Toprawa>  Pretty sure we can just remove the BrS date from the infobox?
20:27:35<@Toprawa>  It seems like we have one more image of Xendor in this, correct me if I'm wrong. It would be be best to work this into the article, possibly in substitution of the Arden Lyn image
20:27:37<@Toprawa>  Reformat first Bio subsection image so it's not running next to the quote
20:27:39<@Toprawa>  Redirect(s) and redlink(s)
20:27:41<@Toprawa>  Dates:
20:27:43<@Toprawa>  Pretty sure the 3 ABY date can't be sourced to that Gamer article
20:27:45<@Toprawa>  Requesting confirmation the 36 ABY date can be sourced to Jedi vs. Sith
20:27:47<@Toprawa>  Requesting confirmation the 2000 BBY date can be sourced to that Insider article
20:27:49<@Toprawa>  I don't find the "c. 24,500 BBY" in the infobox and the article body's mention of "sometime in the 24,500s BBY" to be exactly synonymous. The latter could mean anywhere within a span of those 500 years, while the use of "circa" is a much more precise reference.
20:27:53<@Toprawa>  Book of Sith is an in-universe work, so it would be appropriate to work some kind of mention into the article detailing Xendor's inclusion within that text
20:27:56<@Toprawa>  Ref 7 needs to use CSWECite
20:27:58<@Toprawa>  At least one instance of incorrectly-ordered reference notes; i.e., [7][6]
20:28:02<@Toprawa>  Ref 9 needs to use InsiderCite
20:28:04<@Toprawa>  BTS:
20:28:06<@Toprawa>  Unsourced
20:28:08<@Toprawa>  Publication dates would be nice
20:28:10<@Toprawa>  Some restructuring and paragraph organization would be nice, instead of one long text-wall of enumerated facts.
20:28:13<@Toprawa>  Quote needs to format its in-line quotation marks correctly. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 22:58, April 26, 2019 (UTC)
20:28:16<@Toprawa>  Note: ecks votes probe on all articles in absentia 
20:28:18<@Toprawa>  I vote Probe as well
20:28:32<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
20:29:05<@Toprawa>  SE votes Probe
20:29:08<@Toprawa>  Xendor probed
20:29:19<@Toprawa>  Redirects
20:29:19<@Toprawa>  In the infobox, it would be better to use a manual ref note to explain the ship's 22 BBY destruction date rather than double ref notes
20:29:19<@Toprawa>  From the Description, this really isn't relevant to that section and should instead be worked into/linked in the History section: "...that served in the Grand Army of the Republic's navy during the Clone Wars."
20:29:19<@Toprawa>  The second History image doesn't look good where it's currently placed, which is likely a relic of Monobook. The body images should be reformatted for aesthetic purposes, and one may actually need to be removed if they don't all fit well.
20:29:22<@Toprawa>  BTS:
20:29:24<@Toprawa>  Unsourced
20:29:26<@Toprawa>  CSWE full publication date is not self-sourcing and also unnecessary; just say 2008
20:29:28<@Toprawa>  Episode air date would be nice. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 22:58, April 26, 2019 (UTC)
20:29:44<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
20:29:47<@Toprawa>  Probe
20:29:50<@Toprawa>  SE votes Probe
20:29:53<@Toprawa>  Defender/Legends probed
20:30:03<@Toprawa>  Redirects
20:30:03<@Toprawa>  Star Wars Annual 2011 can't be used as a straight source for the 21 BBY date
20:30:03<@Toprawa>  The Clone Wars: Shakedown should use citation template in Appearances and referencing
20:30:03<@Toprawa>  I'm of the opinion that HoloNet News — A Galaxy Divided probably should use something too. We can still access the original mp3 file through the archived page.
20:30:04<@Toprawa> Databank page name should be formatted correctly
20:30:06<@Toprawa>  Intro and Description could each probably use a paragraph break
20:30:08<@Toprawa>  History definitely should have subsectioning introduced. Add additional images and/or quotes as available. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 22:58, April 26, 2019 (UTC)
20:30:23<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
20:30:25<@Toprawa>  Probe
20:30:27<@Toprawa>  SE votes Probe
20:30:32<@Toprawa>  Triumphant/Legends probed
20:30:47<@Toprawa>  Some infobox issues:
20:30:47<@Toprawa>  Since the two games aren't explicitly connected, there's no basis for asserting that the Ison Corridor battle from Rogue Squadron II preceded this battle
20:30:47<@Toprawa>  Numerals instead of words are preferred for quick-reference items such as infobox battle statistics
20:30:47<@Toprawa>  Boba Fett doesn't need to be listed in the Strength field if he's already in the Commanders field
20:30:49<@Toprawa>  I feel like the reference for this battle's placement in 0.5 ABY needs a little more to nail this event down. Yes, we know this battle takes place after the evacuation of Yavin 4, but how far after? How do we explicitly know it takes place within the next six months and not 1 ABY, for example?
20:30:52<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
20:30:53<@Toprawa>  Infobox-exclusive information:
20:30:55<@Toprawa>  TIE bombers
20:30:57<@Toprawa>  Renegade Squadron Rebel troopers
20:31:01<@Toprawa>  Wookiee Warriors - and does this really need to be capitalized?
20:31:01<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Oh there’s more :O
20:31:03<@Toprawa>  Rebel Vanguard - and does this really need to be capitalized?
20:31:05<@Toprawa>  Corellian Corvette
20:31:07<@Toprawa>  BTL Y-wing starfighters
20:31:09<@Toprawa>  B-wing starfighters
20:31:11<@Toprawa>  A-wings -- BTS mention doesn't count
20:31:13<@Toprawa>  Casualty figures
20:31:15<@Toprawa>  The article randomly alternates between using formal class names for some capital ships and starfighters and not doing so for others. This should be made uniform throughout.
20:31:18<@Toprawa>  This is a video game level and there aren't any images used in the article body? Really?
20:31:21<@Toprawa>  BTS:
20:31:23<@Toprawa>  Unsourced
20:31:25<@Toprawa>  Game release date and developer and/or publisher would be nice. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 22:58, April 26, 2019 (UTC)
20:31:28<@Toprawa>  Probe
20:31:32<@Toprawa>  SE votes Probe
20:31:34<@Toprawa>  Battle of the Graveyard probed
20:31:38<@Toprawa>  You might be getting a lag from the big text copy-and-paste
20:31:46<@Toprawa>  It showed up ok on my end, though :P
20:31:50<@Toprawa>  Moving along
20:31:51<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Ah okay cool
20:32:06<@Toprawa>  Per policy, parenthetical descriptor not necessary in infobox for official article name
20:32:06<@Toprawa>  I feel like the reference for this battle's placement in 0.5 ABY needs a little more to nail this event down. Yes, we know this battle takes place after the evacuation of Yavin 4, but how far after? How do we explicitly know it takes place within the next six months and not 1 ABY, for example?
20:32:06<@Toprawa>  Infobox-exclusive information
20:32:06<@Toprawa>  Imperial-class Star Destroyers
20:32:07<@Toprawa>  Renegade Squadron Rebel troopers
20:32:09<@Toprawa>  Wookiee warriors
20:32:11<@Toprawa>  Rebel vanguards - should this be capitalized? See same issue in article above.
20:32:13<@Toprawa>  Casualty figures
20:32:15<@Toprawa>  "The battle" could use subsectioning, with additional quotes and/or images as available
20:32:17<@Toprawa>  BTS:
20:32:19<@Toprawa>  Unsourced
20:32:21<@Toprawa>  Full release date for game is unnecessary; just say 2007
20:32:23<@Toprawa>  Publication data for that Fact File issue would be nice
20:32:45<@Toprawa>  Probe
20:32:49<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
20:32:53<@Toprawa>  SE votes Probe
20:33:00<@Toprawa>  Battle of Boz Pity (Galactic Civil War) probed
20:33:10<@Toprawa>  There's no reason why his homeworld needs double referencing in the infobox. The Biography didn't do this.
20:33:10<@Toprawa>  Essential Reader's Companion can't be used as a straight source for 22 BBY
20:33:10<@Toprawa>  Infobox affiliations should be listed to one cascading item
20:33:10<@Toprawa>  "Attack on the Malevolence" could probably be subsectioned, with additional quotes and/or images as available
20:33:11<@Toprawa>  Format Databank entry name correctly
20:33:13<@Toprawa>  The Clone Wars: Procedure should use citation template in Appearances and referencing
20:33:16<@Toprawa>  Missing archive link
20:33:18<@Toprawa>  BTS:
20:33:20<@Toprawa>  Not fully sourced
20:33:22<@Toprawa>  Things like author date of comic and air date for episode would be nice. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 22:58, April 26, 2019 (UTC)
20:33:26<@Toprawa>  listed to one = limited* to one
20:33:43<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
20:33:47<@Toprawa>  Probe
20:33:50<@Toprawa>  SE votes Probe
20:33:56<@Toprawa>  Matchstick/Legends probed
20:34:04<@Toprawa>  Update needed
20:34:04<@Toprawa>  Would prefer to see a more customary beginning to the intro than "The battle on Deneba," since this is a conjectural title.
20:34:04<@Toprawa>  Infobox:
20:34:04<@Toprawa>  Unnecessary to use bullets for fields with only one item
20:34:04<@Toprawa>  "Unidentified" is OOU nomenclature and should be avoided
20:34:06<@Toprawa>  Disguised attack droid and about half of the Casualty figures are infobox-exclusive
20:34:08<@Toprawa>  "See also" section needs to be removed
20:34:10<@Toprawa>  The first paragraph of the Prelude is unsourced
20:34:12<@Toprawa>  Digitize all comic images
20:34:14<@Toprawa>  Article needs to be formatted and sectioned according to the Layout Guide
20:34:16<@Toprawa>  Remove period from second image caption
20:34:18<@Toprawa>  BTS partially unsourced. And publication date for the comic would be nice.
20:34:20<@Toprawa>  Format Databank entry correctly. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 23:52, April 26, 2019 (UTC)
20:34:23<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
20:34:25<@Toprawa>  Probe
20:34:28<@Toprawa>  SE votes Probe
20:34:33<@Toprawa>  Battle of Deneba probed
20:34:41<@Toprawa>  Update needed
20:34:43<@Toprawa>  Digitize all comic images
20:34:45<@Toprawa>  Most of the BBY date referencing appears to not work
20:34:47<@Toprawa>  Article needs to be formatted and sectioned according to the Layout Guide
20:34:49<@Toprawa>  In infobox, "unidentified" is OOU nomenclature and should be avoided
20:34:51<@Toprawa>  In intro, all of the alternate names in bold should also be featured in the article body
20:34:54<@Toprawa>  There appears to be multiple instances of infobox-exclusive info, particularly among the participants
20:34:57<@Toprawa>  "Arrival on Deneba" section quote needs to use Quote template, not Dialogue
20:35:01<@Toprawa>  Format Databank entry correctly.
20:35:03<@Toprawa>  Chronicles of the Old Republic should probably use some kind of citation template
20:35:05<@Toprawa>  Several redirects
20:35:07<@Toprawa>  Ref 14 needs to use CSWECite
20:35:09<@Toprawa>  BTS partially unsourced. And publication date for the comic would be nice. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 23:52, April 26, 2019 (UTC)
20:35:24<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
20:35:26<@Toprawa>  Probe
20:35:28<@Toprawa>  SE votes Probe
20:35:33<@Toprawa>  Conclave at Deneba probed
20:35:40<@Toprawa>  Update needed
20:35:40<@Toprawa>  Digitize all comic images
20:35:41<@Toprawa>  At least two redlinks
20:35:43<@Toprawa>  Redirects
20:35:45<@Toprawa>  This BTS sentence is unnecessary and should just be removed: "Additional information on Sunrider has come in a multitude of sources, including mentions in the Tales of the Jedi Companion and Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force, along with entries in the Star Wars Encyclopedia and its successor, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia."
20:35:50<@Toprawa>  Format Databank entry correctly
20:35:52<@Toprawa>  The intro just looks unnecessarily huge. The issue is certainly being exasperated by the narrower margins in Oasis, and I'm sure it looked better in Monobook, but we've got to adapt to our current design aesthetic. In addition, it could certainly use a could paragraph breaks, depending on the final size.
20:35:56<@Toprawa>  Many paragraphs are unnecessarily large in size. Article would benefit from additional paragraph breaks throughout.
20:36:01<@Toprawa>  All of the BBY dates except the last one are sourced to the TOTJ comics, which doesn't work
20:36:04<@Toprawa>  I'd like to see better image aesthetics. There are some thumbnails that are just weirdly small, while others are so large that they dominate the section they're in, and then there are wide swaths of text with no images at all.
20:36:08<@Toprawa>  Infobox-exclusive information. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 23:52, April 26, 2019 (UTC)
20:36:11<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
20:36:16<@Toprawa>  Probe
20:36:17<@Toprawa>  SE votes Probe
20:36:20<@Toprawa>  Vima Sunrider probed
20:36:32<@Toprawa>  Update needed
20:36:34<@Toprawa>  The Docking Bay 42 Bio image could almost certainly be uploaded at higher resolution with a better scan
20:36:37<@Toprawa>  I don't believe either the BBY date or the ABY date are referenced properly
20:36:39<@Toprawa>  By definition Givins have no hair; thus, it is unnecessary to include the detail that this character is hairless
20:36:42<@Toprawa>  BTS subsectioning would be nice
20:36:44<@Toprawa>  List the Star Wars Tales 14 item in a "Non-canon appearances" subsection
20:36:46<@Toprawa>  Missing archive links
20:36:48<@Toprawa>  "Nightlily" needs to use the Shortstory template in the Appearances and referencing.
20:36:50<@Toprawa>  Cantina Roll-Call needs to use the citation template. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 23:52, April 26, 2019 (UTC)
20:36:55<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
20:37:05<@Toprawa>  Probe
20:37:07<@Toprawa>  SE votes Probe
20:37:10<@Toprawa>  Elis Helrot/Legends probed
20:37:32<@Toprawa>  Rahm Kota -- Update needed. Has been inuse and without further additions for nearly a month. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 23:52, April 26, 2019 (UTC)
20:37:35<@Toprawa>  Update completed, mainly additions from feats/talents in the RPG biography. - Sir Cavalier of OneFarStar(Squadron channel) 14:28, April 27, 2019 (UTC)
20:37:56<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
20:38:14<@Toprawa>  Tommy, "No probe" may be more to your liking :P
20:38:19<@Toprawa>  Read those two lines again :P
20:38:28<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Oh shut
20:38:30<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Lol
20:38:38<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Spare
20:38:41<@Toprawa>  Spare
20:38:43<@Toprawa>  SE votes Spare
20:38:46<@Toprawa>  Rahm Kota spared
20:38:47<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Sorry, I need to pay more attention
20:38:50<@Toprawa>  No problem
20:38:54<@Toprawa>  I know you have limited capabilities atm
20:38:57<@Toprawa>  That's all for new articles
20:39:01<@Toprawa>  Moving on to our lone discussion item
20:39:07<@Toprawa>  {{FeaturedOn}} link. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 22:06, April 23, 2019 (UTC)
20:39:10<@Supreme_Emperor>  Ah I arrive at the right moment
20:39:13<@Toprawa>  I'll just quickly summarize for you guys:
20:39:33<@Toprawa>  The FeaturedOn template on our FA talk pages says "This Featured article as featured on the Main page on [[date]]." etc.
20:39:38<@Toprawa>  That date link used to link to individual queue pages
20:40:02<@Toprawa>  But all of those queue pages have been redirected to the FA page because we discontinued the queue
20:40:08<@Toprawa>  So all of those links are now redirects
20:40:18<@Toprawa>  Therefore, I propose we remove the auto-link from this category
20:40:48<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Yes that’s completely unnecessary
20:40:51<@Tommy-Macaroni>  Support
20:40:54<@Toprawa>  Support
20:41:17<@Toprawa>  SE?
20:41:28<@Toprawa>  SE votes Support, then. :P
20:41:33<@Toprawa>  Motion passes.
20:41:43<@Toprawa>  Meeting duties:
20:42:06<@Toprawa>  SE, you're still on penalty paperwork. I think this is your last one, so finish up strong, please.
20:42:19<@Toprawa>  EJ schedules Meeting 103.
20:42:28<@Toprawa>  Thank you, Tommy and SE, for making an effort to be here.
20:42:41<@Toprawa>  The meeting is adjourned. 
20:42:44<@Tommy-Macaroni>  No worries. Thanks 
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