19:04:51<@Toprawa>  We begin with probed articles from last meeting
19:05:09<@Toprawa>  Anil stated that he pretty much rewrote the whole thing
19:05:16<@Toprawa>  He agreed it should be Reduxed
19:05:20<@Toprawa>  Which I support
19:05:26<@Supreme_Emperor>  Agreed
19:05:33<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Redux
19:05:39<@ecks> redux
19:05:42<@Toprawa>  Darth Bane reduxed 
19:06:03<@Toprawa>  This thing is an ongoing massive overhaul, which I'm not looking forward to having to deal with
19:06:11<@Toprawa>  I'm all for kicking the can down the road one more time and extending it
19:06:15<@Toprawa>  Let future Tope deal with it
19:06:21<@ecks> the intro paragraphs still need to be split up
19:06:32<@Supreme_Emperor>  I'm all for future problems
19:06:38<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Sure
19:06:45<@ecks> April Tope is gonna hate you
19:06:47<@ecks> but I'm ok with it
19:06:51<@Toprawa>  He should have thought about that in March :P
19:06:53<@Supreme_Emperor>  APRIL FOOLS
19:06:59<@Toprawa>  Please add any extra issues you may have to the review page, of course
19:07:16<@Toprawa>  I vote Extend
19:07:20<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Extend
19:07:23<@Supreme_Emperor>  Extend
19:07:53<@Toprawa>  Zsinj extended
19:08:11<@Toprawa>  No change
19:08:24<@Supreme_Emperor>  Kill
19:08:26<@Toprawa>  Kill
19:08:32<@Supreme_Emperor>  Pass our Hand of Judgement on it :P
19:08:33<+Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
19:08:40<@ecks> kill
19:08:45<@Toprawa>  Hand of Judgment killed
19:08:56<@Toprawa>  No change
19:09:01<@Supreme_Emperor>  Kill
19:09:04<+Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
19:09:05<@Toprawa>  Kill
19:09:08<@ecks> kill
19:09:10<@Toprawa>  Tarsus Valorum killed
19:09:26<@Toprawa>  No change
19:09:33<+Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
19:09:38<@Toprawa>  Kill
19:09:50<@Supreme_Emperor>  Kill
19:09:53<@ecks> kill
19:09:54<@Toprawa>  Ganner Rhysode killed
19:10:02<@Toprawa>  No change
19:10:06<+Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
19:10:06<@Supreme_Emperor>  Kill
19:10:13<@Toprawa>  Kill
19:10:19<@ecks> kill
19:10:20<@Toprawa>  Jor Torlin killed
19:10:29<@Toprawa>  No change
19:10:33<+Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
19:10:34<@Supreme_Emperor>  Kill
19:10:36<@Toprawa>  Kill
19:10:44<@ecks> kill
19:10:46<@Toprawa>  Plooz killed
19:10:54<@Toprawa>  No change
19:11:05<+Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
19:11:09<@Toprawa>  Kill
19:11:17<@Supreme_Emperor>  Kill
19:11:18<@ecks> kill
19:11:24<@Toprawa>  Aron Peacebringer killed
19:11:31<@Toprawa>  No change
19:11:36<@Supreme_Emperor>  Kill
19:11:40<@Toprawa>  Kill
19:11:43<+Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
19:11:54<@ecks> kill
19:11:55<@Toprawa>  Lorn Pavan killed
19:12:02<@Toprawa>  No change
19:12:03<@Supreme_Emperor>  Kill
19:12:05<+Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
19:12:09<@Toprawa>  Kill
19:12:20<@ecks> kill
19:12:23<@Toprawa>  Record Time killed
19:12:30<@Toprawa>  No change
19:12:32<@Supreme_Emperor>  Kill
19:12:34<+Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
19:12:36<@ecks> kill
19:12:38<@Toprawa>  Kill
19:12:43<@Toprawa>  Oppo Rancisis/Legends killed
19:12:54<@Toprawa>  No change
19:12:58<+Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
19:13:01<@Supreme_Emperor>  Kill
19:13:01<@Toprawa>  Kill
19:13:13<@ecks> kill
19:13:15<@Toprawa>  Kapp Dendo killed
19:13:25<@Toprawa>  No change
19:13:28<@Supreme_Emperor>  Kill
19:13:28<+Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
19:13:34<@Toprawa>  Kill
19:13:45<@ecks> kill
19:13:47<@Toprawa>  Sneevel/Legends killed
19:13:51<@Supreme_Emperor>  Kill
19:13:54<@Toprawa>  No change
19:13:57<+Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
19:14:02<@Toprawa>  Kill
19:14:05<@Toprawa>  SE's enthusiasm is noted :P
19:14:07<@ecks> kill
19:14:11<@Supreme_Emperor>  XD
19:14:14<@Toprawa>  Nil Spaar killed
19:14:15<@Supreme_Emperor>  Preemptive killing
19:14:29<@Toprawa>  Changes
19:14:37<@Toprawa>  Not all fixed
19:15:02<@Supreme_Emperor>  He notes that he cannot fix them all
19:15:07<+Tommy-Macaroni>  "I won't be able to completely fix the article, as I don't have Smuggler's Guide"
19:15:10<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Kill
19:15:13<@Toprawa>  Kill
19:15:14<@Supreme_Emperor>  ^^
19:15:16<@Supreme_Emperor>  Kill
19:15:17<@ecks> kill
19:15:25<@Supreme_Emperor>  He's "Finis"ed
19:15:27<@Toprawa>  Finis Valorum killed
19:15:30<@Toprawa>  Thank you, SE :P
19:15:39<@Toprawa>  No change
19:15:43<+Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
19:15:49<@Supreme_Emperor>  Kill the Karking thing
19:15:52<@Toprawa>  Kill
19:16:12<@ecks> kill
19:16:13<@Toprawa>  Kith Kark killed
19:16:20<@Toprawa>  No change
19:16:23<+Tommy-Macaroni>  kill
19:16:23<@Supreme_Emperor>  Kill
19:16:25<@ecks> kill
19:16:28<@Toprawa>  Kill
19:16:31<@Toprawa>  Squib killed
19:16:34<@Toprawa>  Moving on to new articles
19:16:50<@Toprawa>  Use {{Shortstory}} for applicable items throughout article
19:16:50<@Toprawa>  Format DB entry name correctly
19:16:50<@Toprawa>  Format Official Starships & Vehicles for specific entry
19:16:50<@Toprawa>  Article needs to apply {{1stID}} to something
19:16:50<@Toprawa>  Format non-canon Appearances in subsection
19:16:53<@Toprawa>  The last sentence of the first BTS paragraph is useless and should just be removed
19:16:55<@Toprawa>  I find the BTS poorly presented, organized, and worded overall. I would like to see this entire section rewritten and "modernized."
19:16:58<@Toprawa>  The article body image captions are amusingly terrible
19:17:00<@Toprawa>  None of the BBY/ABY dates appear to be referenced properly
19:17:02<@Toprawa>  Infobox-exclusive information
19:17:03<@Toprawa>  Some sort of image could certainly be used for the BTS. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 00:06, March 14, 2019 
19:17:09<@Toprawa>  Tommy, you may, of course, add new items to this list to be fixed for the probation 
19:17:22<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Sure
19:17:31<@ecks> I was gonna say kill
19:17:34<@ecks> but probe
19:17:35<@Supreme_Emperor>  Those are indeed some terrible captions 
19:17:37<@Supreme_Emperor>  Probe
19:17:38<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Probe
19:17:47<@Toprawa>  Probe
19:17:54<@Toprawa>  Dice Ibegon/Legends probed
19:18:12<@Toprawa>  Digitize all comic images
19:18:12<@Toprawa>  Infobox-exclusive info
19:18:12<@Toprawa>  Underlinking
19:18:12<@Toprawa>  None of the ABY dates are referenced correctly
19:18:12<@Toprawa>  Remove GrS date from infobox
19:18:13<@Toprawa>  An image could be worked into the first subsection. Either a new one could be found to use there, or the P/T image could be moved there and another image could be used for the P/T.
19:18:15<@Toprawa>  BTS unsourced
19:18:17<@Toprawa>  Expand BTS details for things like publication date and authors
19:18:19<@Toprawa>  Format Databank name correctly in template
19:18:23<@Toprawa>  Ref 1 needs citation template
19:18:25<@Toprawa>  The image captions are a little dull. Use them go give some summary context to their sections they're illustrating. "Sk'ar circa 3 ABY" is pretty useless, for example. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 00:10, March 15, 2019 (UTC)
19:18:49<@ecks> probe
19:18:51<+Tommy-Macaroni>  probe
19:18:52<@Supreme_Emperor>  Probe the things
19:18:55<@Toprawa>  Probe
19:19:02<@Toprawa>  Bentilais san Sk'ar
19:19:02<@Toprawa>   probed
19:19:14<@Toprawa>  Intro could use a paragraph break
19:19:14<@Toprawa>  Body could be subsectioned, with additional quotes if available
19:19:14<@Toprawa>  BTS unsourced
19:19:14<@Toprawa>  Details about his military uniform belong in an Equipment section, along with any other weaponry or tech he might use, not the P/T. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 19:47, March 19, 2019 (UTC)
19:19:28<@Supreme_Emperor>  Probe
19:19:30<@ecks> probe
19:19:32<@Toprawa>  Probe
19:19:32<+Tommy-Macaroni>  probe
19:19:35<@Toprawa>  Drogen Hosh probed
19:19:49<@Toprawa>  I'm pretty sure 0 BBY and 1.5 ABY can't be sourced straight to that Galaxies expansion
19:19:49<@Toprawa>  Unsourced item in infobox
19:19:49<@Toprawa>  Infobox-exclusive information
19:19:49<@Toprawa>  Images should be placed better throughout the article body; i.e., below subsection titles and not running into the RPG template
19:19:49<@Toprawa>  Is "Death" really an appropriate subsection title, considering this is a droid?
19:19:53<@Toprawa>  "Death" section could use a paragraph break
19:19:55<@Toprawa>  Are there really no other quotes to be used for the article body?
19:19:57<@Toprawa>  BTS unsourced
19:19:59<@Toprawa>  BTS needs to format article titles correctly
19:20:01<@Toprawa>  Multiple instances of ref notes incorrectly numerically ordered; i.e., [2][1]
19:20:03<@Toprawa>  This sentence (and another infobox item) is sourced to NEGTD, which this character is not mentioned in: "Necrosis's droid body, made of duranium alloy, had the appearance of a Krath war droid. While the entire body was cybernetic, a notable feature was the inclusion of LX-44 legs." Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 18:15, March 20, 2019 (UTC)
19:20:34<@ecks> probe
19:20:40<@Supreme_Emperor>  Probe
19:20:41<+Tommy-Macaroni>  probe
19:20:41<@Toprawa>  Probe
19:20:45<@Toprawa>  N-K Necrosis probed
19:20:55<@Toprawa>  Pretty sure none of the BBY dates can be sourced to that Jedi Apprentice book
19:20:55<@Toprawa>  Infobox-exclusive information
19:20:55<@Toprawa>  Is it really appropriate to list the Believers in the infobox's affiliation field? They're apparently so unimportant to this character that the infobox doesn't even mention them, and the article body just says Lundi came in contact with them
19:20:55<@Toprawa>  Redlink
19:20:56<@Toprawa>  BTS unsourced
19:20:58<@Toprawa>  Would like to see expanded detail in the BTS, including authors and publication years where relevant
19:21:01<@Toprawa>  Ref 4 needs to use CSWECite. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 18:27, March 20, 2019 (UTC)
19:21:18<@ecks> probe
19:21:20<@Supreme_Emperor>  Probe
19:21:24<+Tommy-Macaroni>  probe
19:21:32<@Toprawa>  For the Believers objection, I meant to say "intro doesn't even mention them"
19:21:39<@Toprawa>  Probe
19:21:42<@Toprawa>  Murk Lundi probed
19:21:52<@Toprawa>  I'm pretty sure none of the 22 BBY dates in the article are referenced correctly. I know for sure that it can't be sourced straight to Essential Reader's Companion, and I seriously doubt it works with Clone Wars Visual Guide
19:21:52<@Toprawa>  Infobox-exclusive information
19:21:52<@Toprawa>  An Equipmention section would be appropriate to detail his lightsaber, Jedi robes, and any other weaponry or tech he might use
19:21:53<@Toprawa>  With the switch to Oasis, I think we could definitely fit a few more images in there, namely in the "Tracking Gunray" section and possibly even the "Hunted" section with the inclusion of a paragraph break. Almost certainly another image could be found for the BTS, though I'd prefer to see that LEGO image and the mention of all non-canon LEGO mentions in the first BTS section moved into the following section, where 
19:21:58<@Toprawa>  this stuff is discussed.
19:22:00<@Toprawa>  Redlinks and redirects
19:22:02<@Toprawa>  BTS unsourced
19:22:04<@Toprawa>  Would like to see BTS expanded to give TCW air date. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 18:40, March 20, 2019 (UTC)
19:22:08<@Supreme_Emperor>  Probe
19:22:14<@Toprawa>  Probe
19:22:15<+Tommy-Macaroni>  probe
19:22:20<@ecks> probe
19:22:23<@Toprawa>  Nahdar Vebb/Legends probed
19:22:32<@Toprawa>  All comic images should be digitized
19:22:33<@Toprawa>  Comic image thumbnail sizes are much too small for Oasis formatting
19:22:33<@Toprawa>  With Oasis, there's certainly enough room for a few more body images. Perhaps even one more for each subsection.
19:22:34<@Toprawa>  Infobox-exclusive information
19:22:36<@Toprawa>  None of the ABY dates are referenced properly
19:22:38<@Toprawa>  Just remove GrS date from infobox, per policy
19:22:40<@Toprawa>  As this is an original Monobook-era article, several paragraphs in the article are now rather big and could use a paragraph break
19:22:43<@Toprawa>  BTS is not completely sourced. Also, revise any instances of improperly ordered ref notes; i.e., [7][6]
19:22:46<@Toprawa>  Redirect(s)
19:22:48<@Toprawa>  Fix Databank name format
19:22:52<@Toprawa>  Ref 6 needs to use Citeweb with archive link. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 20:45, March 21, 2019 (UTC)
19:23:03<@Supreme_Emperor>  Probe
19:23:03<+Tommy-Macaroni>  probe
19:23:05<@Toprawa>  Probe
19:23:16<@ecks> probe
19:23:18<@Toprawa>  Cody Sunn-Childe probed
19:23:25<@Toprawa>  I question whether Outcast can be used as a proper reference for either of the BBY/ABY dates
19:23:27<@Toprawa>  Both paragraphs in the second Bio subsection could use paragraph breaks, as probably could the P/T paragraph.
19:23:30<@Toprawa>  BTS is unsourced and doesn't need to mention the full publication date for the novel. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 20:49, March 21, 2019 (UTC)
19:23:45<+Tommy-Macaroni>  probe
19:23:47<@Toprawa>  Probe
19:23:49<@Supreme_Emperor>  Probe
19:23:53<@ecks> probe
19:23:54<@Toprawa>  Burra probed
19:24:02<@Toprawa>  First intro paragraph could use a paragraph break
19:24:03<@Toprawa>  None of the BBY/ABY dates are referenced properly
19:24:03<@Toprawa>  A bit of underlinking
19:24:03<@Toprawa>  Redlink
19:24:03<@Toprawa>  The lone body image thumbnail could be enlarged with Oasis
19:24:03<@Toprawa>  BTS is unsourced and should be expanded to mention publication date, author, illustrator, and relationship to Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. Short story should also be formatted correctly.
19:24:06<@Toprawa>  I have no idea what is going on with the referencing. I have never in all my time on Wookieepedia seen an article use citations in this manner, nor do I know what they're even supposed to mean. "page 61+"? What is that? Just reference the article normally like every other article on Wookieepedia. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 20:56, March 21, 2019 (UTC)
19:24:12<+Tommy-Macaroni>  probe
19:24:17<@Toprawa>  Probe
19:24:19<@Supreme_Emperor>  Probe
19:24:36<@ecks> probe
19:24:37<@Toprawa>  Saadoon-Kauldi probed
19:24:47<@Toprawa>  Digitize all the comic images
19:24:47<@Toprawa>  No ABY dates? I'm pretty sure we can pin down this Marvel comic to 4 ABY.
19:24:47<@Toprawa>  Infobox-exlusive information.
19:24:47<@Toprawa>  We've discontinued the practice of beginning unidentified article intros with "This [subject]"
19:24:47<@Toprawa>  BTS is unsourced and should expand to include publication date for comic issue.
19:24:49<@Toprawa>  The article is 1038 words, by my count. And the intro looks unnecessarily enormous in relation to the rest of the article body. By comparison, the intro is 321 words, while the Biography is 517. That's not a good ratio. I'd estimate the intro could be cut by about half, in which case I can't see how this article could remain above 1000 words. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 21:06, March 21, 2019 (UTC)
19:25:01<+Tommy-Macaroni>  probe
19:25:08<@Toprawa>  Probe
19:25:10<@Supreme_Emperor>  Probe
19:25:14<@ecks> probe
19:25:17<@Toprawa>  Unidentified Imperial scout probed
19:25:24<@Toprawa>  Infobox-exclusive information. Specifically, the OOM command battle droid who assumes command of the Separatist fleet after Grievous bails is never mentioned in the article body. This is a fairly significant detail in regards to this battle. Also, if anyone actually is going to take care of this, there's only one OOM command battle droid in this battle (this dude), not "at least 1," as a certain editor has recently 
19:25:29<@Toprawa>  been trying to stick into this article.
19:25:31<@Toprawa>  I'd like to see the BTS mention the air date for the episode. The second BTS paragraph is also unsourced. Toprawa and Ralltiir (talk) 23:13, March 22, 2019 (UTC)
19:25:34<+Tommy-Macaroni>  probe
19:25:37<@ecks> probe
19:25:38<@Toprawa>  Probe
19:25:46<@Supreme_Emperor>  Probe
19:25:50<@Toprawa>  Battle of Bothawui/Legends probed
19:25:57<@Toprawa>  That's the end of the agenda list
19:26:04<@Toprawa>  Does anyone want to propose any other articles for consideration?
19:26:04<@Supreme_Emperor>  Woot
19:26:24<@Toprawa>  If not, we'll get into the discussion items
19:26:34<@ecks> the probe button on my keyboard is all worn out
19:26:41<@Supreme_Emperor>  Nothing on my end for new articles
19:26:41<+Tommy-Macaroni>  I'm fine going onto discussions
19:26:45<@Toprawa>  Ok, then
19:26:52<@Toprawa>  This template has some issues
19:27:24<@Toprawa>  Note the "this article's entry" link
19:27:26<@Toprawa>  That link:
19:27:32<@Toprawa>  1) Doesn't work with /Legends articles
19:27:40<@Toprawa>  2) Doesn't work with secondary reviews, like (third review)
19:27:56<@Toprawa>  I figure there are two solutions here
19:28:10<@Toprawa>  One, we can either send someone into fix the template coding, if possible
19:28:27<@Toprawa>  Two, we remove that link and just rely on the same identical link found in the article milestones template
19:28:41<@Toprawa>  Option 2 is the easier solution, obviously
19:28:46<@Supreme_Emperor>  I'm useless with coding im
19:28:48<@Supreme_Emperor>  imo
19:29:06<@Toprawa>  I should note this affects a fair number of articles
19:29:13<@ecks> I wonder why it doesn't work, it defaults to {{BASEPAGENAME}} unless you supply a parameter and that strips /Legends
19:29:24<@ecks> do you happen to have an example of a Legends page where it doesn't work properly?
19:29:29<@Toprawa>  Let me see
19:29:35<@Toprawa>  Not offhand, sorry
19:30:01<@Toprawa>  You'll notice it links to
19:30:16<@Toprawa>  Which still applies to this particular page (since it was an earlier probe)
19:30:24<@Toprawa>  But that wouldn't work for more recent articles/probes
19:30:31<@Supreme_Emperor>  So it's defaulting to the earliest one
19:30:35<@Toprawa>  Right
19:30:46<@Toprawa>  So it has to be manually updated every time, which I don't even think is possible with the current coding
19:30:50<@ecks> if we probed Dooku now, would the Inq page be at Wookieepedia:Inq/Dooku/Legends ?
19:30:54<@Toprawa>  Yes
19:31:08<@ecks> OK, I /think/ that should be doable with coding
19:31:19<@ecks> the (second review) thing obviously doesn't work but that's how it's always been
19:31:25<@ecks> you can just manually supply a page name there
19:31:29<@Toprawa>  Do we want to do that, though?
19:31:33<@ecks> {{FormerFA|Dooku (second review)}}
19:31:35<@Toprawa>  That's a manual fix of quite a lot of pages
19:31:57<@Toprawa>  As noted, the easier solution is just to remove that link and rely on the article milestones template
19:32:09<@Supreme_Emperor>  If we go that route, theoretically we could just add it to the to do list when archiving 
19:32:10<@ecks> This isn't a recent change in behavior, so I don't think the (second review) issue is as big
19:32:15<@Supreme_Emperor>  But that is indeed a lot of fixe
19:32:17<@ecks> but the milestones work just as well I guess
19:32:18<@Supreme_Emperor>  fixes
19:32:36<@Toprawa>  I don't have a problem with fixing the template to work, but I don't want to have to do the work to update everything
19:32:45<+Tommy-Macaroni>  I'm fine with using the milestones
19:32:52<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Too much work
19:33:03<@ecks> I don't think you would need to update any old ones
19:33:06<@Supreme_Emperor>  It isn't like it's a necessary thing anyways
19:33:16<@ecks> just make sure to do {{formerFA|whatever (second review)}} now
19:33:23<@ecks> but I'm fine either way, as I said
19:33:42<@Toprawa>  That's for all future cases, though
19:33:49<@Toprawa>  It wouldn't automatically apply to preexisting ones, would it?
19:34:01<@Toprawa>  You'd still have to manually update every use of the template
19:34:05<@Toprawa>  Where applicable 
19:34:09<@ecks> the /Legends fix would apply to all pre-existing ones
19:34:19<@ecks> the (second review) thing has always been there
19:34:23<@Toprawa>  But not secondary reviews, correct?
19:34:34<@Toprawa>  The template works with secondary reviews?
19:34:39<@Toprawa>  I was under the impression it didn't
19:34:54<@ecks> if you do {{formerFA|whatever (second review)}} it does
19:34:57<@ecks> always has, I think
19:35:10<@Toprawa>  I'm going to test it on Dooku right now, since this is a perfect example
19:35:48<@Toprawa>  It does work
19:36:04<@Toprawa>  So to be clear, any article we've probed more than once would need this manual fix
19:36:14<@Toprawa>  Which isn't an insignificant number
19:36:20<@ecks> yes, but this "fix" should already be in place 
19:36:24<@Toprawa>  Right
19:36:25<@ecks> this feature has existed forever
19:36:28<@Toprawa>  It's manually updating the template, I mean
19:36:33<@Toprawa>  On each case
19:36:40<@Supreme_Emperor>  Still a metric fuckton of fixes
19:36:48<@Toprawa>  So through our own ineptitude, we have a problem
19:36:50<@ecks> actually I might be able to automate that as well
19:36:58<@Supreme_Emperor>  You have my attention
19:36:59* @ecks dives into the world of parser functions
19:37:34<@ecks> I'll have to get back on that though
19:37:48<+Tommy-Macaroni>  If it's possible we may as well
19:37:56<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Unless it's unrealistically difficult
19:38:11<@Supreme_Emperor>  I'd say let ecks look into it and get back to it at a later date
19:38:18<@ecks> if I can't get it to work, I'm fine with nuking the link altogether
19:38:24<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Yeah same
19:38:26<@Toprawa>  The easier solution is just to remove the link in the template and change the wording to "Please see this article's most recent entry..."
19:38:58<@ecks> I'm inclined to vote on my own option just because I like technical tweaking
19:39:16<@Toprawa>  Ok, I say we give ecks a chance to fix it. If it can't be done, we remove the link and reword as suggested.
19:39:24<@ecks> \o/
19:39:23<@Supreme_Emperor>  ^^
19:39:25<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Agreed
19:39:26<@Toprawa>  Done
19:39:29<@Toprawa>  Moving on
19:39:32<@Supreme_Emperor>  "ecks"tended
19:39:32<@Toprawa>  Other template issues
19:39:40<+Tommy-Macaroni>  lol
19:40:06-!- exiledjedi (~exiledjed@wookieepedia/administrator/Exiledjedi) has joined #wookieepedia-inquisitorius (acc: Exiledjedi)
19:40:06* ChanServ sets modes [#wookieepedia-inquisitorius +o exiledjedi]
19:40:13<@Supreme_Emperor>  Hey EJ
19:40:18<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Yo EJ
19:40:20<@exiledjedi>  Hey SE.
19:40:24<@exiledjedi>  I was delayed, my apologies.
19:40:31<@Toprawa>  hi EJ
19:40:37<@exiledjedi>  Hey guys
19:40:39<@Toprawa>  We're on the last discussion item about
19:40:41<+Tommy-Macaroni>  We're on the last discussion item now
19:40:58<@Toprawa>  Please compare FAredux to this template
19:41:26<@Toprawa>  I'm considering whether it's worth having these two templates match
19:41:47<@Toprawa>  All of our "themed" templates like this were created 10+ years ago based on Legends subjects that were mainstream and familiar to people
19:41:57<@Toprawa>  I can't even tell you what the FAredux template quote is about
19:42:07<@Toprawa>  I know what the image is about, but the quote eludes me and seems meaningless 
19:42:13<@Supreme_Emperor>  I'm all for modernizing 
19:42:14<@Toprawa>  Whereas the GAredux template is unmistakable in its message
19:42:22<@Supreme_Emperor>  Pretty sure the FA one isn't even a legit quote
19:42:39<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Yup I like the sound of a new one
19:42:44<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Any ideas?
19:42:52<@exiledjedi>  Yeah, I've always wondered what the old one was.
19:42:57<@Toprawa>  I mean to say we make the FAredux template match the GAredux
19:43:06<@Toprawa>  Just have it say Inq instead of AC
19:43:11<+Tommy-Macaroni>  With the Bobo theme you mean?
19:43:13<@Toprawa>  Yes
19:43:14<+Tommy-Macaroni>  *boba
19:43:24<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Hmm, I like them all being different tbh
19:43:36<@Supreme_Emperor>  I'd propose something with Thrawn personally
19:43:38<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Then you instantly know which body it's under
19:43:39<@Supreme_Emperor>  What I don't know
19:43:56<@Toprawa>  I was rather in favor of uniformity, and I don't have any alternative theming suggestions 
19:44:09<@Toprawa>  I thought the quote would be clear enough
19:44:16<@Toprawa>  "The Inquisitorius found this article somewhat indigestible."
19:44:38<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Hmm, if we have these two the same, I think I'd want all of the templates of the 3 bodies to be the same
19:44:44<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Like the redux ones
19:44:51<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Ahem, *Redux
19:45:00<@Toprawa>  Well, if we did an Inq-unique one, I suppose we could theme it to the Grand Inquisitor from Rebels
19:45:13<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Okay that's fun
19:45:17<@Toprawa>  The first thing that comes to mind is his quote about "There are some things far worse than death." or whatever it was
19:45:34<+Tommy-Macaroni>  One second
19:45:43<@Toprawa>  And certainly probation is worse than death, no? :P
19:46:01<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Okay I really like that actually
19:46:11<@ecks> completely unrelated, I got the automated /Legends thing working, at least:
19:46:18<@Toprawa>  Cool
19:46:27<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Nice
19:46:48<@Supreme_Emperor>  Sweet
19:47:15<@Toprawa>  Thoughts on the GAredux template redesign?
19:47:16<+Tommy-Macaroni>  "Do you really think you can save the article? For its sake, surrender!" ?
19:47:19<@Toprawa>  FAredux*
19:47:30<+Tommy-Macaroni>  I would like a new design, and I like the rebels ones
19:47:38<@Toprawa>  I like the "death" quote, to be honest
19:47:41<@Supreme_Emperor>  Gives it a nice modern feel
19:47:48<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Yeah I think that is better
19:47:48<@Supreme_Emperor>  Something recognizable 
19:47:50<@Toprawa>  Or we could change it to fit our needs
19:47:55<@Toprawa>  "There are some things far worse than probation."
19:48:03<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Heh
19:48:06<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Yes I like it
19:48:13<@exiledjedi>  Yeah, that works for me.
19:48:19<@Supreme_Emperor>  I like it
19:48:40<@Toprawa>  I support as well
19:48:48<@ecks> sounds good
19:48:49<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Support
19:48:52<@Supreme_Emperor>  Support
19:49:01<@exiledjedi>  Support
19:49:03<@Toprawa>  Support
19:49:26<@Toprawa>  Motion passes to redesign Template:FAredux
19:49:35<@Toprawa>  Ok, there was actually one more thing I wanted to look at...
19:49:56<@Supreme_Emperor>  Fire away
19:50:28<@Toprawa>  Please see the Redux review template here
19:50:32<@Toprawa>  Just using Zygerrian as an example
19:50:45<@Toprawa>  Specifically the "Changes since last review: diff" field
19:50:57<@Toprawa>  I know this is really minor, but do we really care about this?
19:51:04<@Toprawa>  I don't ever use it, personally
19:51:27<@Supreme_Emperor>  It's somewhat useless tbh
19:51:30<+Tommy-Macaroni>  No I just review the article from scratch
19:51:32<@exiledjedi>  Yeah, I don't use it either.
19:51:36<@Supreme_Emperor>  We can just pull the history if we need to
19:51:38<@Toprawa>  per Tommy
19:51:40<@Toprawa>  and SE
19:51:42<@ecks> it's useful... in theory
19:51:47<@ecks> can't say I've ever used it
19:52:01<@Toprawa>  I'm very ok with removing it
19:52:08<@Supreme_Emperor>  Kill
19:52:08<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Support
19:52:24<@Toprawa>  Support
19:52:25<@exiledjedi>  Support
19:52:26<@ecks> support
19:52:27<@Supreme_Emperor>  Support
19:52:38<@Toprawa>  Motion passes to remove Changes since last review: diff field from that template
19:53:01<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Awesome
19:53:02<@Toprawa>  Ok, are there any other clown questions?
19:53:12<+Tommy-Macaroni>  Not from me
19:53:16<@Supreme_Emperor>  I propose sleep
19:53:25<+Tommy-Macaroni>  If we're done I'll just grab my dinner
19:53:25<@Supreme_Emperor>  So I can kill this sickness
19:53:27<@Toprawa>  Let us examine the meeting duties, then
19:53:31<+Tommy-Macaroni>  I'll be back in half an hour
19:53:35<@ecks> pleae not me
19:53:41<@ecks> please*
19:53:42<@Toprawa>  For Meeting 101...
19:53:48<@Toprawa>  SE is still on penalty paperwork :P
19:53:53<@ecks> \o/
19:53:54<@Toprawa>  ecks schedules Meeting 102
19:53:58<@Supreme_Emperor>  fml
19:54:07<@Toprawa>  Tommy, we're going to slide you in to schedule Meeting 104 and paperwork for Meeting 107 
19:54:11<@Supreme_Emperor>  Though I brought it on myself lol
19:54:26<@Toprawa>  That concludes Inqmoot 101
19:54:29<@Toprawa>  Thank you all for coming
19:54:35<@ecks> thanks for hosting
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