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From: Abel G. Peña
Sent: 25 April 2008 20:24:48
To: AdmirableAckbar

Hi Admirable Ackbar,

I'm glad you liked Xamuel's bio from the Empire's Finest. It was one of the few things that didn't take too bad a beating during the the editing process for my contributions to Insider 96.

Dan and I wrote Who's Who in the Imperial Military back in 2002, tacking it onto the revised version of an article on the Imperial Grand Admirals for Star Wars Gamer magazine, in order to boost the appeal of that largely EU-centric subject to a wider audience and, by default, to Star Wars Insider's editor in chief at the time. To our chagrin, the Insider editor decided to only run the Imperial Grand Admirals portion, leaving the movie-centric portion high and dry.

At the time I first wrote Lennox's bio, I'd given him a different first name: Corazon. This is Spanish for "heart," since Lennox's fundamentally good nature and his conflicted feelings about the Empire and Rebellion are at the core of his character. However, by the time Dan and I dusted the piece off for publication five years later, I felt the "Name-Means-Something-Cool-In-A-Foreign-Language" motif had been used quite enough, not least of all by me. So I scractched Corazon and tried Samuel, after Samuel Adams, then I switched out the S for an X to make it a little spacey.

The rub? I wasn't thinking about the Founding Father of the United States. I was thinking about a cold beer.

Wish that could've gone in the behind the scenes section of the Empire's Finest, eh? I may still reuse the name Corazon one day.

In any case, I did write the BTS part of Lennox's section, and the Piett/Needa gaffe is indeed mine. Phooey. I am quite happy with what got through approvals of Xamuel's character. Like Grand Admiral Osvald Teshik and Maarek Stele, I think of him as one of my "good" Imperials, making the best of ethically impossible circumstances. I'd very much like to revisit the character, though I have no current plans.

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