Re: The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide image
From: Francis Tsai
Sent: 23 October 2008 17:05:15
To: AdmirableAckbar

Hi [AdmirableAckbar]

I found the original art order from WotC:

Two bounty hunters stand back-to-back against the backdrop of a window looking out into space. One of the bounty hunters, CRADOSSK, is a Trandoshan bounty hunter and the father of famed bounty hunter Bossk. The other bounty hunter, BOUSSH, was impersonated by Princess Leia when she infiltrated Jabba’s palace. Each of them is clearly armed to the teeth, and CRADOSSK bears many scars of battle. CRADOSSK should also look like an older, more worn version of Bossk, the Trandoshan bounty hunter seen in The Empire Strikes Back.

The setting for the image should be a window looking out into space, perhaps from a capital ship or a space station.

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From: AdmirableAckbar
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2008 1:20 PM
To: Francis Tsai
Subject: The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide image

Hello Francis, I am a fan of your Star Wars work and an editor at Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki. I have a question for you about an image from The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide. There is an image of yours on page 72, in the Bounty Hunters Guild section, of two bounty hunters: a Trandoshan and an Ubese. The image isn't captioned but I'm wondering if the Trandoshan is intended to be Cradossk, the leader of the Bounty Hunters Guild, who's mentioned in that section. I ask because there haven't been any images of Cradossk to date, and I'd love to add it to his article on Wookieepedia if it is intended to be him.

Cheers, AdmirableAckbar

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