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I bid you all Dark Greetings!
Mofference Times
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All Wookieepedians are invited to attend the occasional Wookieepedia Mofference. Kindly don't be scared away by the name; we like to have all opinions at the meetings.

How to join the meeting

The Mofferences take place in our IRC channel, #wookieepedia on chat freenode.net. Only IRC can be used to participate in Mofferences. When a meeting is occurring, the #irc channel on Discord will be read-only. This means that the Mofference can be observed from Discord, but IRC must be used for active participation.

For a list of IRC clients, see Wookieepedia:IRC. Freenode provides web access to our IRC channel via the Freenode webchat gateway.

Users who use the webchat gateway to attend the Mofference may experience considerable lag during the meeting when there is more activity than usual in the channel. We recommend using a chat client like HexChat if you wish to participate effectively.

How it works

The Mofference acts like a series of real-time Consensus track forums. Before the meeting, users may add agenda items that will be discussed. The process during the meeting is as follows:

  1. The proposer of the agenda item is voiced while the rest of the channel is muted. This allows the proposer to present their item without getting interrupted.
  2. The channel is unmuted and a discussion about the proposal ensues.
  3. After a short discussion about the proposal, a vote is started by an administrator. The vote is managed by an IRC bot written by Green tentacle, and voting is simple:
    1. ~support — supports the proposal
    2. ~oppose — opposes the proposal
    3. ~withdraw — withdraws your vote
  4. When the vote has been open for a small while, an administrator closes it and checks if consensus has been reached.

Note that while anyone may attend the Mofference, only users who are eligible to vote will be allowed to contribute a vote during the meeting.

Discussion of agenda items is to be held at the Mofference itself, with the exception of procedural comments by administrators and affected users. Comments added to agenda items will likely be reverted by the administration.

Next meeting

The next Mofference has not been scheduled yet.


This is the agenda for topic discussions at the Mofference. Everyone is welcome to add a topic to the list, which will be discussed and potentially voted on by those present. Should this list grow too long, some topics at the end may be removed in the interest of time. Everyone is reminded that agenda items should be reserved for the meeting and not discussed here.


Meeting transcripts

  1. January 7, 2006 (PDF)
  2. January 16, 2006 (PDF)
  3. February 2, 2006 (PDF)
  4. February 28, 2006 (PDF)
  5. April 16, 2006 (Text)
  6. May 14, 2006 (PDF)
  7. August 19, 2006 (Text)
  8. November 10, 2006 (Text) (PDF)
  9. December 8, 2006 (Text) (PDF)
  10. February 23, 2007 (Text) (PDF)
  11. June 2, 2007 (Text)
  12. September 9, 2007 (Text) (PDF)
  13. January 5, 2008 (Text)
  14. August 23, 2008 (Text) (Minutes)
  15. January 25, 2009 (Text) (Minutes)
  16. July 26, 2009 (Text) (Minutes)
  17. April 2, 2011 (Text) (Minutes)
  18. February 12, 2012 (Text) (Minutes)
  19. November 11, 2012 (Text) (Minutes)
  20. June 23, 2013 (Text) (Minutes)
  21. January 26, 2014 (Text) (Minutes)
  22. June 29, 2014 (Text) (Minutes)
  23. May 17, 2015 (Text) (Minutes)
  24. December 7, 2015 (Text) (Minutes)
  25. March 6, 2016 (Text) (Minutes)
  26. September 10, 2016 (Text) (Minutes)
  27. March 4, 2018 (Text) (Minutes)
  28. January 6, 2019 (Text) (Minutes)
  29. May 25, 2019 (Text) (Minutes)
  30. August 30, 2019 (Text) (Minutes)
  31. March 7, 2020 (Text) (Minutes)
  32. July 25, 2020 (Text) (Minutes)
  33. November 7, 2020 (Text) (Minutes)
  34. February 27, 2021 (Text) (Minutes)
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