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It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone must follow. Please use the Consensus track to propose changes to this policy.

Wookieepedia's primary focus is documenting Lucasfilm Ltd.'s officially licensed in-universe Star Wars stories, including both canon and Star Wars Legends, and other subjects that play a role in creating the fictional Star Wars universe. Therefore, fan-related Star Wars articles, such as fan websites, fan clubs, or other mainstream Star Wars parody projects, may only exist on Wookieepedia on a limited basis, as determined by Wookieepedia's notability rules for fan projects. Any fan-related article that does not meet Wookieepedia's notability rules for fan projects will either a) be deleted by an administrator after being tagged with {{Notability}} for seven days or b) undergo a community discussion in Forum:Trash compactor to determine whether it will be deleted. Fan topics that are not suitable for Wookieepedia may be more appropriate for the Star Wars Fanpedia.


For a fan-related subject to have an article on Wookieepedia, one of the following requirements must be met. Note that regardless of these requirements, the existence of any fan-related article on Wookieepedia is ultimately contingent on Wookieepedia community consensus. That means even if a subject meets these requirements, the Wookieepedia community may still determine via consensus vote that it does not want to host a given article, in which case consensus trumps this site policy.

  1. Official recognition. Fan-related subjects that receive extensive recognition or official endorsement from Lucasfilm Ltd. or its licensees may be suitable for an article. Since Lucasfilm places a growing emphasis on fans and fan topics, particularly through StarWars.com, not everything Lucasfilm recognizes or covers will be suitable for Wookieepedia.
    • Fan websites and organizations. Articles may be created for fan organizations that are or have been in official partnerships with Lucasfilm, such as hosting a panel at Star Wars Celebration. Interviewing Lucasfilm-affiliated creators and staff by itself does not qualify, nor does being mentioned by a Lucasfilm source, such as StarWars.com. The existence of such partnerships must have been officially recognized by Lucasfilm, rather than the organization's own claim, in accordance with the attribution policy. A fan organization that does not qualify for a Wookieepedia article may have a {{Softredirect}} page linking to a corresponding article on Fanpedia.
    • Fan organization articles should only document officially recognized work along with basic information about the organization, such as their main work and key members. The article may link to the organization's website and social media accounts, if applicable, and avoid linking directly to their work, such as a podcast list on Spotify or YouTube. Their work and members are not notable for articles of their own by virtue of association with the organization and may simply be redirected to the article.
    See Forum:CT:Fan organization notability
  2. Mainstream recognition. Fan-related subjects or real-world individuals that receive extensive and, most importantly, mainstream media recognition may be suitable for an article on Wookieepedia. Note that this is the most difficult form of recognition to substantiate. Media coverage must be both substantial (in number and size) and from a major mainstream outlet that is not specifically devoted to Star Wars news, including but not limited to news media, entertainment trades, or entertainment websites. Any single mention or a few mentions from a mainstream media outlet(s) does not automatically qualify.
    • Fan recognition. Even the most widely recognized fan topics in the Star Wars fan community are not necessarily deserving of articles on Wookieepedia. Fan recognition, no matter how significant, is not a factor for determining whether a fan subject will have a Wookieepedia article.
See Forum:CT:Fan notability tweak

What is not deserving of a fan article?

The following lists topics that are specifically not suitable for fan articles on Wookieepedia. These types of articles will automatically be deleted by an administrator upon creation.

  1. Fan films. Wookieepedia does not cover fan films, even those recognized by Lucasfilm. This includes anything associated with the Star Wars Fan Film Awards, including the award system itself. Fan films may be more appropriate for the Star Wars Fanpedia.
  2. People or persons recognized as being responsible for creating a Star Wars fan site or organization. No matter how significant a Star Wars fan site or organization may be, its individual creators may not have articles on Wookieepedia, even if Wookieepedia maintains an article on the project itself. Exceptions apply to anyone who has been formally credited in an officially licensed canon or Star Wars Legends project, such as a film or print work. This does not apply to fans who are listed in a book's or other project's acknowledgments.

Additional notes

  • Fan subjects should typically receive only one article. For example, an author's blogs should simply be covered in the author article with appropriate external links as needed. As explained in the preceding section, people credited with the creation of a fan website or project may not have individual articles.
    • In rare cases, a very large website may have more than one article, not because the website itself is more notable, but because the website hosts projects or sections that may individually be deserving of an article. A prime example is TheForce.net's Jedi Council Forums, where Star Wars authors regularly contribute information relevant to Wookieepedia's coverage of a given subject.
  • As stated, fan topics that are not suitable for articles on Wookieepedia may be more appropriate for the Star Wars Fanpedia.