This page is about Wookieepedia's general policy regarding article notability. You may be looking for the policy on notability of fan projects.
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It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone must follow. Please use the Consensus track to propose changes to this policy.

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This notability policy describes criteria for determining the notability of articles on Wookieepedia, as accepted and approved by community consensus. Except for fan projects, which are covered on their own page at Wookieepedia:Notability of fan projects, any type of article not discussed below does not have fixed rules for determining notability; in such cases, notability is determined on a case-by-case basis.

In-universe articles

Battle droids, clone troopers, and stormtroopers

Articles may only be granted to unidentified battle droids, clone troopers, and stormtroopers who play a significant plot role or who have significant dialogue. Simple exclamations (example: "Run for it!") and affirmations (examples: "Roger, roger."; "Yes, sir.") are not considered significant, whereas having more than one line of dialogue is considered notable.

See Wookieepedia:Mofferences/March 6, 2016 and Forum:CT:"Unidentified" Notability policy amendment

Information from future products

In-universe articles on topics from future Star Wars products may only be created once the information is released through official outlets, such as press releases or exclusive feature stories in outlets like Entertainment Weekly and Vanity Fair, where Lucasfilm or an official licensee is expressly providing the information. This specifically disallows information that has been leaked through unofficial channels.

See Forum:CT:In-universe information from future products#Vote 1

New canon subjects

New canon subjects that share a name with a Star Wars Legends counterpart may be assumed to be the same as that Legends counterpart, particularly if the canon subject is not visually identified in canon source material. For example: Mosep Binneed, who appears in the canon short story "The Ride" but is not pictured, may be assumed to be the same Mosep Binneed visually identified by Legends source material.

See Forum:CT:Legends names in Canon


Planet articles may only be created based on maps from The Essential Atlas if the Atlas or another source explicitly identifies the article subject as a planet. According to author Jason Fry, The Essential Atlas lists star systems rather than planets, so galactic locations highlighted on Atlas maps are not to be interpreted as planet names without aforementioned source confirmation.

See Forum:CT:Notability policy: Atlas planets

Sentient species

If an individual is of a unique and unnamed sentient species that does not appear elsewhere, that species should not receive an article; instead, the character's physical appearance should be described in the individual's article. Generic background characters should not receive species articles. However, if two or more characters are of the same unidentified species, that species may receive an article. Exceptions can be made for single-member species that are particularly notable.

A species must have one of the following to necessitate an article:

  • A canonical name.
  • Multiple members. For example: Yoda's species or Eero Iridian's species.
  • Significant development/behind the scenes information, such as inspiration. For example: Red pachydermoid species.
    • A species may only receive an article based on this clause if no corresponding character article exists for that species.
  • A homeworld that has been specifically mentioned or appeared, and has been specifically identified as the species' homeworld.
  • Significant backstory or accomplishments that have been directly attributed to the species. For example: Those who came before.
  • Significant description and identification as a unique species in dialogue. For example: Nuso Esva's species.
See Wookieepedia:Mofferences/January 26, 2014
See Wookieepedia:Mofferences/March 6, 2016

Star systems

Star systems that The Essential Atlas and/or the Star Wars: The Essential Atlas Online Companion have named after nebulae; star clusters; rogue planets; or any other non-standard, non-planetary astronomical location shall not have articles. Exceptions to this rule are systems named after space stations (example: Azzameen Station system) and any star system that is clearly shown to exist in a source outside of Atlas material (example: Red Nebula system).

See Forum:CT:Atlas Star Systems: Deviating from our Present Course

Real-world articles

Future and canceled products

With the exception of films and television series, articles about future Star Wars products may only be created once an official title has been provided for said product. Title confirmation must come via either an official source, such as Lucasfilm or a publisher, or from mainstream media sources. Internet marketplaces and listing sites, such as and Edelweiss, may only be used as independent confirmation of a future product if the listing specifies an official title.

Canceled products may only receive articles if they are confirmed through official sources, such as Lucasfilm or authorial comments, or through mainstream media (example: Battle of the Sith Lords). Internet marketplace and listing sites, such as and Edelweiss, may not be used as independent confirmation of canceled products.

See Forum:CT:Amending the notability policy for future and canceled products

Toys and toy lines

Toys such as action figures and LEGOs should not receive articles for individual figures or sets but should instead be documented in articles for individual toy lines. These toy lines should be listed in the Sources section of in-universe articles. Toy lines should be listed in the Sources list using their respective citation templates, with each toy or set listed as a separate entry.

See Forum:CT:LEGOs and Forum:CT:LEGOs, redux


Wookieepedia does not maintain articles for general merchandise, which is defined as any officially-licensed Lucasfilm Star Wars product that has no canonical value with respect to the franchise's in-universe continuities. Merchandise items may be more appropriate for the Star Wars Merchandise Wiki.

See Wookieepedia:Mofferences/March 4, 2018
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