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«This bounty hunter is my kind of scum. Fearless and inventive.»
Jabba the Hutt, being threatened with a thermal detonator[src]
Jabba: «Solo was the best. I even find myself missing the fellow.»
Jiliac: «Jabba, you are talking about a human. And a human male at that. Have your tastes changed? I thought you had a penchant for those tiresome scantily clad dancers you fancy. It is hard for me to picture Solo in a dancing costume, cavorting with that great hairy brute of a Wookiee before your throne.»
Jabba, discussing Han Solo with Jiliac[src]
Luke: "You will bring Captain Solo and the Wookiee to me."
Jabba: «Ho, ho, ho. Your mind powers will not work on me, boy.»
Luke Skywalker, failing to mind-trick Jabba the Hutt[src]
Han Solo: "Look, Jabba, I was just on my way to pay you back, and I got a little sidetracked. It's not my fault."
Jabba: «It's too late for that, Solo. You may have been a good smuggler, but now you're bantha fodder.»
Han Solo and Jabba the Hutt[src]
Jabba: «Ah, this one smells familiar! The scent reminds me of a beautiful Cerean slave— and the thief who stole her from me! Usually, I would avenge such transgressions... However, since I did not actually observe this thief, I cannot be certain of his true identity! Do you see my meaning, Jedi?»
Ki-Adi-Mundi: "I see only a festering, mountainous pustule which fancies itself to be a high lord of merchants and criminals."
Jabba the Hutt and Ki-Adi-Mundi[src]
Jabba: «I told you not to admit him.»
Luke: "I must be allowed to speak."
Fortuna: «He must be allowed to speak.»
Jabba: «You weak-minded fool! He's using an old Jedi mind trick.»
Jabba the Hutt, frustrated with Bib Fortuna for being influenced by Luke Skywalker[src]
«You have stolen something very valuable from me so I in turn have taken everything from you.»
Jabba the Hutt, to Tyber Zann[src]
«I will not give up my favorite decoration.»
Jabba the Hutt, revealing Han Solo frozen in carbonite[src]
Jabba: "You're deluded, Embra!"
Embra: "Deluded, beloved, and rich!"
Jabba the Hutt, to Embra[src]

«I am surprised. Usually academics are too dry to be funny, or even digestible. I know: I never forget a taste.»
Jabba Desilijic Tiure, amused by Professor Melvosh Bloor[src]

Jabba: «I shall reward each of you greatly. One of you shall become my new majordomo, my right-hand man to assist me and to run the palace while I'm away. The other... shall have an even greater reward, one that history will remember.»
Fortuna: «Master, I shall be satisfied with the majordomo position. As Bidlo Kwerve has pointed out, he performed the greatest service to you. Please allow him to have the greater honor.»
Jabba: «Good.»
Kwerve: "What did he say?"
Jabba: «You shall be the first victim I feed to my rancor. I will watch your struggles and remember them for all time.»
Jabba Desilijic Tiure, rewarding Bib Fortuna and Bidlo Kwerve for their efforts in acquiring him a pet rancor[src]

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