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Captain: "What's the job?"
Lamalla: "Think of it as an adventure. Wait—no, don't do that. You'll wander off aimlessly. Think of it as a job."
Lamalla Rann, hiring a smuggler at Mannett Point[src]
Bowdaar: «He smells like bad luck.»
Captain: "If you smell anything else, let me know."
Bowdaar: «Everything here smells like bad luck – and bantha sausage.»
Bowdaar and his smuggler captain[src]
Zare: "Hello again. I was afraid you might have forgotten our agreement, so I sent some friends to jog your memory."
Captain: "I just shot a few of your pals. Hope you don't mind."
Zare: "They weren't that good friends."
Vaverone Zare, after sending Imperial commandos after a smuggler captain[src]
Captain: "You lied to me!"
Guss: "Uh, yes, and I would love to discuss that, but I—I was just on my way out. See, there's a, uh, a disturbance, uh, in the Force, uh…"
Guss Tuno, after the Smuggler Captain discovers he was not a Jedi[src]
Rogun: "You lost a blaster shipment of mine some time back. And I don't remember ever getting an apology. How about it, Captain, you know how to say 'I'm sorry'?"
Captain: "I'm s... I'm sor... I am... incredibly good-looking! Nope. Can't."
Rogun the Butcher and the Smuggler Captain[src]
Risha: "All we need are the right sensors to locate it. The catch is, the only person I know with access to those sensors is someone who hates me."
Captain: "Someone hates you? But you're so... likeable."
Risha: "Try not to slip on your own sarcasm. I wouldn't want you to break anything—yet."
Risha and the Smuggler Captain, searching for a hidden astrogation chart on Taris[src]
"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, you're a dead man."
―The Smuggler Captain, to Guss Tuno[src]
Bowdaar: «On Kashyyyk, we spoke of 'life-debts.' A Wookiee whose life was saved, owed his service for life.»
Captain: "That sounds like slavery. Or, worse, marriage. No thanks."
Bowdaar and the Smuggler Captain[src]
Captain: "You get me in to free Numen, I can set you up with a lot of stims. Free."
Wicke: "I-I couldn't. They'd kill me if they found out. Of course, they'd already kill me for talking to you. And buying stims. And sometimes saying 'fail to the Empire' under my breath when we renew our oaths of service..."
―The Smuggler Captain tries to enlist the help of Private Wicke[src]
Captain: "That's quite a stench you've got going, crazy old man."
Trymbo: "Stench? Impossible. I bathe eight times a day. It's the only way to keep that invisible Kowakian monkey-lizard from drinking all my blood."
Trymbo, confusing a smuggler captain[src]
"If you hear anyone shooting or yelling, it's just a drill. Oh, and if anyone tells you it's not a drill, that's a drill, too."
Captain Voidhound, reprogramming a battle droid as part of an infiltration on Makeb[src]
Miel: «Wait, upstanding citizen! Under Article 11607 of the Emergency Service Laws, I hereby deputize you. These men are interfering in a criminal investigation.»
Captain: "Do I look like a deputy to you?"
Miel: «Yes, of course. The planet of Sullust values all sentient life-forms. I am proud to serve with you. Please, upstanding citizen. It is your duty to assist a designated peace officer requesting aid.»
Captain: "I don't stick my neck out for free."
Miel: «You will be paid appropriately for your duties as authorized by Amendment 102167 of the Sullustan Good Neighbor Act.»
Constable Miel Muwn, enlisting the aid of the Smuggler Captain[src]
Corso: "My first and last goal of every day will be to bring a smile to your face. Like that one."
Captain: "I swear to drive you crazy with jealousy, risk your life regularly, make fun of you in public and ensure you never have a boring day again."
Corso: "Well, there's an honest vow."
Corso Riggs and a female smuggler captain exchanging vows[src]
Ecklin: "I'll meet you in the archive room."
Voidhound: "I was hoping you'd say there's a secret passage that'll take us right where we need to go."
Ecklin: "Any passage wide enough for the Hutts wouldn't be very secret."
Captain Voidhound and Representative Ecklin, infiltrating the Hutt Cartel on Makeb[src]
Captain: "Why does everyone always believe the worst of me?"
Corso: "I've been trying to figure that out. I think it's got something to do with the hair."
―The Smuggler Captain and Corso Riggs[src]
Captain: "Tell me someone's head is going to roll for this."
Sumalee: "This may shock you, but the Jedi Order doesn't generally encourage decapitation."
Guss Tuno: "Then why all the lightsabers?"
―A Republic privateer and crewmember Guss Tuno react to the Jedi Master Sumalee's failure to stop fugitive Bevera Dodonna[src]
Scorch: "Hold it right there, Captain!"
Captain: "Is that a hairstyle, or did a womp rat die on your head?"
Scorch: "Did you just... what... who do.... shut up!"
The Smuggler Captain, mocking Scorch[src]

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