Wookieepedia administrators can raise and lower protection levels at will to prevent vandalism.

The requests for protection page is where pages that have been requested protection are listed. Additionally, users can leave comments here if they disagree with a request for protection or to request the unprotecting of articles.

Page protection is an administrative power that restricts editing access to certain types of users. Pages can be semi-protected, which means that anonymous and users who have had a registered Wookieepedia account for fewer than four days cannot edit the page or any of its sections. For more severe situations, pages can also be given full protection (aka "locked"), meaning that only the administrators can edit it. An example of a page that is permanently locked is the Main Page (so don't ask for it to be unprotected.)

In addition, users can request unconditional protection and unprotection of pages in their userspace, like user pages, signature pseudo-templates and talk page archives. Talk pages themselves, however, can only be protected in case of repetitive vandalism. For a more detailed explanation of what pages can or should be protected, see Wookieepedia:Protection policy.

Pages can be listed here by adding {{Protect|reason}} to them. A member of the administration will then review your request and make a decision. All administrative decisions on this matter are encompassed under administrative autonomy. Manual requests for protection from the old system can be found here.


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Requests for protection[]

If nothing is seen, it means there are no requests for protection. (force page update)

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