Lord Vader wants YOU to join the review boards.

If you're interested in membership on one of the review boards and wish to take part in the various duties associated with the role, add your name to the list below in order to formally express your interest. Once your name is on the list, review board members will discuss your current suitability for the role and what growth or improvements they'd like to see before your admittance to the board. A member of the board will then reach out to you to discuss what areas of improvement to focus on and offer guidance in those areas where possible. While your name remains on the list, the boards will work with you to help you excel in the desired skills for a review board member and periodically reassess your progress. Once a majority of current board members are satisfied that you're ready to join their ranks, a member of the relevant board will nominate you for membership on the Request for user rights page where the community will be able to vote on your admittance.

Other than meeting the requirements to actually vote on an article nomination, there are no quantitative requirements for being eligible to join a review board. Instead, there are a range of areas that current review board members will consider when judging your suitability. A list of the major areas is given below.

  1. Review quality – The most important area of consideration for new candidates is of course the quality of the reviews they have given on previous nominations. While it is often perfectly valid to support a nomination with no objections, the reviews that will provide the most information on your abilities are those where you've provided a list of clear objections to the nominator and worked through with them to resolution and a support vote. Try to avoid only making objections in one area, such as grammar, and make sure you're covering all the different facets of an article when reviewing. A good guide to common objections can be found here. It's also advised to regularly try and get in to review new nominations early, rather than only reviewing after several other reviewers have already supported, as this is when you're most likely to be able to give a lengthy review and demonstrate the level of review quality you're at.
  2. Commitment – Being a review board member requires you to be regularly active on Wookieepedia, and so evidence of frequent availability and activity here is definitely something that will be taken into consideration. It is also strongly recommended that you wait until you've taken some time to establish yourself on the site and get to know the community as well, as ideally any new review board member will be on the board for the foreseeable future rather than only editing here briefly. As such, it's recommended that you wait until you've been active in the status article process for at least six months before expressing your interest here.
  3. Review activity levels – Current review board members will be acutely aware of which users are regularly active on the Comprehensive article nominations page, with the expectation for current EduCorps or AgriCorps review board members to complete at least one review a week, and for current Inq members to review one article every two weeks, with all three allowing for periods where a user has said they are on a break or otherwise unavailable. Responding to replies on your objections in a timely manner will also be an important quality to aim for. Make sure not to burn yourself out or rush reviews in order to get as many done as possible just to try and impress current review board members. Doing twenty reviews in a week won't necessarily make you look better then someone doing seven or eight if the quality of the reviews are not consistent.
  4. Quality of nominations – Nominating articles yourself is not a requirement to join a review board, but having already completed several successful nominations is strongly recommended. Board members may look at the quality of these nominations to see what objections you are regularly receiving in order to judge what you might be missing on others' articles in your own reviews. Strive to apply whatever you learn from your nominations to your reviewing and vice versa.
  5. Attitude when dealing with others – As well as the quality of your work, how you interact with other users in both your reviewing and elsewhere will be taken into consideration when considering you as a candidate. Review board members hold a leadership position within the community and are expected to act in a civil and helpful manner when dealing with others in any capacity, especially newer users who may require more guidance. Avoid being passive-aggressive or rude during any interactions, and try to work with nominators during reviews to make sure they understand clearly what your objection is and how it can be resolved. This includes knowing when it is appropriate to fix minor objections yourself and clear concise objections like "Ref 4 doesn't currently provide a source for this date, you could try using X source instead." rather than something vague like "Refs expansion needed."
  6. Progression — It is highly recommended that users join the EduCorps as their first review board before expressing interest in the AgriCorps or Inquisitorius. This is the path that has been followed by almost all current review board members, and allows a natural progression from what are generally the easiest articles to review and carry out other duties on to the hardest. Membership on the AgriCorps or Inquisitorius also supercedes membership on the EduCorps in some areas. Attending EduCorps meetings is no longer mandatory for ECs that are also ACs or Inqs, although it is still recommended. Quotas for reviewing comprehensive article nominations also no longer apply. Being a member of the Inquisitorius does not supersede being a member of the AgriCorps in any capacity. Please avoid expressing interest in multiple review boards at once, as we do not want the process to overwhelm either you or the current review board members.

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