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This page or section is considered an official policy on Wookieepedia.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone must follow. Please use the Consensus track to propose changes to this policy.

Wookieepedia's Signature policy is as follows. In order to identify users and attribute comments and votes on talk pages, forum threads, and other discussion pages on Wookieepedia, user comments must be signed. This is particularly important on pages where voting is involved: votes which are unsigned and undated may be considered invalid.

The standard signature on Fandom (produced via ~~~~ or ~~~ to provide a signature without the date) consists of a simple link to your user page. This can be customized in your preferences under "user profile." You can create a custom signature by checking the "Custom signature" box, and entering the MediaWiki code for your new signature in the "Nickname" field.

There are several restrictions you must follow when creating a customized signature:

  1. You may only have one picture in your signature. This picture may not:
    1. Be an animated .gif file.
    2. Be more than 20 pixels in height (this limit exists for a reason)
    3. Violate Wookieepedia:User image policy (meaning, for example, that the image must be appropriate for general viewing, must have a proper copyright tag, and will count towards your personal image upload limit if not in general use on Wookieepedia.)
  2. You must have a link back to your userpage in your signature.
  3. You must include your actual, full username. Administrators may use abbreviations of their usernames, provided they are clearly recognizable to the community at large.
  4. You may have one default color and one defined color or two defined colors. The timestamp and date must remain black.
  5. You may include only one relevant link in your signature. You may use it to link to your talk page, contributions, etc.
  6. Your signature must include the default timestamp in all public usage. Additionally, the timestamp must include the following:
    1. The timestamp must be in UTC format.
    2. The timestamp must be displayed in its default timestamp form with all information present.
    3. The timestamp month must be displayed as text, not numbers (to avoid confusion over MM/DD/YY and DD/MM/YY formats).
  7. If you are using a template for your custom signature (such as {{User:Username/Sig}}), you must enter {{Subst:User:Username/Sig}} in your preferences.
  8. You may not enlarge or decrease the font size of any part of your signature beyond the standard wiki text size (this does not apply to natural text size changes caused by different fonts or the use of non-nested <sup> or <sub> for the talk page portion of the signature). However, you may format your signature using bold or italics, but underlining is prohibited.

The following are specifically prohibited:

  1. Magic words, such as {{PAGENAME}}.
  2. Line-breaks (<br />).
  3. Superscript and/or subscript nesting likethis.
  4. Background and/or border colors.
  5. Randomization scripts for color and/or font.
  6. HTML tables and/or Wiki tables
  7. Categories.

See here for specific instructions on how to create a signature. And please remember to follow these guidelines once you do create your signature.

How do I bring my signature into compliance here without having to change it across all of Fandom?

As Fandom uses a single user database for all of its wikis, you only have a single set of preferences shared across all wikis. This can create a problem if you establish yourself with a fancy sig on a few other wikis, only to try to become active here and be told that your signature does not comply with the above rules. Instead of simply changing your signature in your preferences and sacrificing your fancy signature across all of Fandom, there is a way to maintain your fancy signature elsewhere while complying with this policy here.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to w:c:community:Special:MyPage/defaultsig, which probably does not exist. Click "create page", copy your existing signature code into that page, and click "publish".
  2. Next, go to Special:MyPage/sig (here on Wookieepedia), place a policy-compliant signature in that page, and click "save page".
  3. Finally, go to Special:Preferences delete the contents of signature field, and paste the following code in:
    Be sure to replace all three instances of USERNAME with your actual username (else it won't work). Then, at the bottom of the page, click "save".

If you're confused as to what this code does, it is a parser function that checks whether you have a /sig subpage of your user page here or not, and changes its behavior accordingly. If it does find a /sig subpage on the local wiki you are signing on, then it will use the contents of that page as your signature. This means that you can create /sig subpages on other wikis as well to customize your signature for individual wikis, or to comply with local signature policies on those wikis. However, if your user page on the wiki you are signing on does not have a /sig subpage, then the parser function will fall back to w:c:community:Special:MyPage/defaultsig and use it instead. This eliminates the need to create a /sig subpage on every single wiki you edit.