This page is a centralized collection of comments from users who disagree with certain speedy deletions (archive, talk page archive).

See also: Contested candidates for speedy deletion.

A polite note: When CSDing images on the basis of having a better version, please provide a link to the better version in the reason.

Comments[edit source]

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List of candidates for speedy deletion[edit source]

If nothing is seen, it means there are no pending deletions. (force page update)

PageLast EditLast Contributor
Gor Koresh14:11, 30 October 2020LordMominutiae
File:NippetStories.png11:44, 30 October 2020TOM-E Macaron.ii
Vanguard Five's Astromech Droid04:21, 30 October 2020Lewisr
File:Mando Season 2 logo cropped.jpeg00:38, 30 October 2020JMAS
Talk:Unidentified ferry droid23:26, 29 October 2020Lewisr
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