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On Wookieepedia, a spoiler is considered a spoiler up to and until one month after the official U.S. (or country of origin's) release date of the particular product. Therefore, any new information from said source must contain a spoiler tag until one month has passed since the product's release. Also, Quotes of the Day may not appear on the Main Page until at least one month after the United States release of the quote's source.

Available templates


To use, type {{Majorspoiler|name of source's article|formatted name of source}}.

This template should be used for major spoilers, those that consist of a major portion of the plot from the product in question.


To use, type {{Moviespoiler}}.

This template should be used on articles for subjects original to major movie releases such as the sequel trilogy or the Star Wars Anthology Series as well as their directly related material, such as novelizations. Articles about subjects not original to major movie releases but contain spoilers from them will continue to use {{Majorspoiler}}.

Unlike other sources, the spoiler period for major movie releases is two months.

→See Wookieepedia:Mofferences/March 6, 2016


To use, type {{Spoilerstart}}.

This template should be used for general spoilers—any spoiler whose source material does not have a more specific template. More precise guidelines will be determined in the future.

Adding new information to articles

In-universe information from future Star Wars products may only be added to articles once the information is released through official outlets, such as press releases or exclusive feature stories in outlets like Entertainment Weekly and Vanity Fair, where Lucasfilm or an official licensee is expressly providing the information. This specifically disallows information that has been leaked through unofficial channels.

Plot details from new Star Wars releases like films, television series, and novels may only be added to articles upon a product's U.S. wide-release date. Exceptions include information released through official preview promotional material, such as film trailers and book previews. The following specifics apply:

  • Films. Information may be added upon midnight Hawaii–Aleutian Standard Time, the latest U.S. time zone, on the day of the U.S. release
  • Television series. Information may be added upon a television episode's initial Eastern Time Zone airtime
  • Other material. Information for other products like novels and video games may be added upon their day of release
See Forum:CT Archive/In-universe information from future products