About Star Wars: Uprising

Star Wars: Uprising, a new mobile game by Kabam, is set in the days after Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi and continues the story of the rebellion against the Galactic Empire. Join the Uprising with other Star Wars superfans to chronicle these pivotal events from the galaxy far, far away on Wookieepedia.

The Lore of Star Wars: Uprising

The Battle of Endor is over. Rumors of the Emperor's death spread throughout the galaxy, and footage of the Death Star's destruction is shown across the stars. To prevent the chaos that could grip the Imperial regime in the wake of the Emperor's demise, Governor Adelhard locks down the Anoat sector in the Iron Blockade. With the Rebel Alliance on the other side of the blockade, a resistance movement made up of civilians, criminals, and freedom fighters arises to create an uprising of their own.

Essential Tips

Looking for tips and strategies for your Star Wars: Uprising missions? Our Star Wars superfans have you covered with these Essential Tips videos!

Your hero is defined by the gear you collect. Collect full sets for added bonuses, level items to their max level for blueprints and wear your favorite gear at any time. Track it all in the Armory.

Uprising Icon SlotCrew A scoundrel is only as good as his crew. Recruit crew members throughout missions and send them to conduct Crew missions to gain Reputation, Credits, and Gear.

Uprising-BlueprintIcon Level up your gear to receive blueprints. Use blueprints collected from completing sets to upgrade your crew, letting them take on more challenging crew missions.

The Abilities you acquire also define your hero. Faction trainers supply you with abilities in the five categories below.
Pull back on your character to fire a Directional Ability
Roll, sprint, or attack a specific area with a Targeted Ability
Clear some room or buff your character with a Self Ability
Boost your character's strength with a Passive Ability
Unleash your Ultimate Ability to turn the tide of the battle

Components allow you to upgrade your gear to its fullest potential. The better your gear, the stronger your character becomes.

Components can found throughout the Anoat sector on Assault Missions, Daily Mission and Crew Runs, and can also be obtained by salvaging equipment.


Factions are organized groups united by a common interest. They are unlocked as you earn their trust in story missions.