Rank 1
Uprising Icon Self ArmorPiercing
Grants 25% Armor Penetration for a moderate duration
Rank 2
Uprising Icon Self ArmorPiercing 02
Increased duration
Rank 3
Uprising Icon Self ArmorPiercing 03
Increases by an additional 25%
TrainerKitomag (Guerilla)
LocationKonn-Nevos Spaceport
Rebel Alliance
PriceUprising Icon Credits22250Uprising Icon Currency FactionRebel 0160Uprising Icon Currency FactionRebel 0220
Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Example Edit

-->|get                  ={{{get|}}}<!--
-->|style                ={{{style|}}}<!--
-->|heading              ={{{heading|}}}<!--
-->|headingLevel         ={{{headingLevel|}}}<!--
-->|noHeadingBorder      ={{{noHeadingBorder|}}}<!--
-->|ranksOnly            ={{{ranksOnly|}}}<!--
-->|noRankText           ={{{noRankText|}}}<!--
-->|right                ={{{right|}}}<!--
-->|width                ={{{width|{{{WIDTH|}}}}}}<!--
-->|name                 =Snipe<!--
-->|pageLink             =Wookieepedia:Star_Wars:_Uprising_Super_Walkthrough/Abilities/Snipe<!--

-->|slot                 =Directional<!--
-->|trainerName          =Kitomag<!--
-->|trainerClass         =Guerilla<!--
-->|locationName         =Konn-Nevos Spaceport<!--
-->|element              =Disruption<!--
-->|faction              =Rebel Alliance<!--
-->|price                ={{CurrencyIcon|icon=credits|size=sm}}?<!--
-->|price2               ={{CurrencyIcon|icon=RebelHonor|size=sm|top=-2px|level=1}}?<!--
-->|price3               ={{CurrencyIcon|icon=RebelHonor|size=sm|top=-2px|level=2}}?<!--

-->|rank1                =Charges up a power shot that Pierces, dealing up to %200dx damage<!--
-->|rank1Icon            =Uprising_Icon_Directional_Snipe.png<!--
-->|rank2                =Stuns the first enemy hit for a short duration<!--
-->|rank2Icon            =Uprising_Icon_Directional_Snipe_02.png<!--
-->|rank3                =Imperils all enemies hit<!--
-->|rank3Icon            =Uprising_Icon_Directional_Snipe_03.png<!--



  • get
  • style
  • heading
  • headingLevel
  • noHeadingBorder
  • ranksOnly
  • noRankText
  • right
  • width


Looking at the example above, you will see every line ends with a <!-- and begins with a --> (except for the beginning and end). This eliminates all unwanted white-space from the template so the wiki engine doesn't add additional line-breaks. This is incredibly important! Make sure you preview your changes before saving!

Parameters Edit

Param  *  Example Description
name RIn DemandAbility Name
displayName ON/ANo longer used
pageName ON/ANo longer used
abilityLink RN/ANo longer used
pageLink RWookieepedia:Star_Wars:_Uprising_Super_Walkthrough/Abilities/In_DemandFull wiki path to ability's page
slot RPassiveSlot type (used for category name so it MUST be entered)
trainer ON/AOverrides the display value for "Trainer"
trainerName STsskoatTrainer Name
trainerLink STsskoatPath to trainer's page if different than name
trainerClass SBounty HunterTrainer's class (Bodyguard, smuggler, etc...)
location ON/AOverrides the display value for "Location"
locationName NLongstar MarketplaceLocation of trainer
locationLink NLongstar MarketplacePath to location's page if different than name
element NChemicalElemental effect of ability
faction NIvax SyndicateName of trainer's faction
price ON/AN/A
price1 N{{CurrencyIcon|icon=credits|size=sm}}800Price to acquire ability at level 1 (should include currency icon)
price2 N{{CurrencyIcon|icon=SyndicateToken|size=sm|top=-2px|level=1}}10Price to upgrade ability to level 2 (should include currency icon)
price3 N{{CurrencyIcon|icon=SyndicateToken|size=sm|top=-2px|level=1}}15Price to upgrade ability to level 3 (should include currency icon)
description ON/AN/A
rank1 RN/ADescription of ability at level 1
rank1Icon RN/AAbility's level 1 icon
rank2 RN/ADescription of ability at level 2
rank2Icon RN/AAbility's level 3 icon
rank3 RN/ADescription of ability at level 3
rank3Icon RN/AAbility's level 3 icon
heading ON/AN/A
headingLevel ON/AN/A
noHeadingBorder ON/AN/A
noRankText ON/AN/A
ranksOnly ON/AN/A
right ON/AFloat box to the right
  • Not all parameters are required for the template to function properly. However, the ability box will be incomplete without some parameters.
  • REQUIRED - Must be given a value
  • SEMI-REQUIRED - Can be missing or have a null value, but it may have adverse effects. (usually has another parameter that takes over when the value is missing)
  • NOT-REQUIRED - Can be missing or have a null value, but the ability box will be incomplete
  • OPTIONAL - Can be missing or have a null value with no repercussions.